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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    & I had a brain hiccup: I meant *Strombecker*.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I see why you think so.
  4. Marquetry class by Cris Malcomson

    That looks fantastic!!
  5. Long Journey Back

    Hi Holly!    It has been a long time       Things have been a bit crazy here. I am unfortunately going through a divorce at the moment. I am thankful that this is probably the most amicable divorce on record and my wife and I will remain friends! Trying to iron out the details have left me a bit less creative as of late. I really want to get back onto the trailer and hope to in a week or so. I did go to the Miniature show here and get some cool things   I will post pictures this weekend!     I'm finally starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel. I can't wait to get back at it and share my progress with you and all the other fine folks here!
  6. 20191018-140644.jpg

    OMG gorgeous!  How's about a tutorial for those stairs?  And is it my elderly eyesight, or are those treads clear plexi?
  7. What's everyone working on?

    We have a thread going in the techie subforum about the fast cgi errors; I had spates of them yesterday.
  8. Heat Gun Advice

    I use my hubs' old Black+Decker heat gun, which is electric.  You do need to turn it off and let it cool a bit before laying it down to scrape on the melted glue, unless you happen to have a stand to set it on.  Fortunately the piece of wood I accidently charred was scrap and not a kit part.
  9. Heat Gun Advice

    I have an old one that is electric/plug in so perhaps they still make them. I haven't really noticed sorry. That must be some glue! All the old hot glue I have encountered I could almost pick off. Good luck! 
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Same here...actually started for me last night getting on, then the errors and got kicked out just now. 
  11. Heat Gun Advice

    When I googled heat guns I found big ones that need to be shipped to Wal-Mart. I think they are for working on full size houses.
  12. Heat Gun Advice

    Evening! My DH lent me his BernzOMatic butane torch with a diffuser. The glue is getting tacky in one spot. But there is glue on all four sided of the tower roof. Lol. I thought I'd start with something easy to replace, small too, if I burned it. It lasted all of 5 minutes. So my question is:  Is there a heat gun you use that is electric? Does Wal-Mart carry what you have? I looked today and did not see anything in the craft section. But that is as far as I got. Hobby Lobby and similar stores 45 minutes away. Not happening tonight. Lol. Thanks for any advice! 
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  14. Bookcases II

    I use iron-on wood veneer edging I find in the hardware store to make wood floors in my  dollhouses; I cut it into "board" lengths and split it into "board widths and spot-glue the strips into place, then iron the entire floor to glue it to the subfloor before sanding and staining.
  15. Bookcases II

    Veneer is thin sheets of wood you glue over base wood. In this case it is a mahogany veneer over mahogany. Usually after gluing but before trimming I soak some oil on to reduce chipping. Normally I use linseed oil but here I used artists linseed oil that has had saffron soaking in it for a few years. Gives it a yellow-red tint and darkens the wood but not as much as alkanet root oil
  16. What's everyone working on?

    I had a heck of a time trying to get on the site today, kept getting errors, then my attempt at posting replies went amuck too. Things kept duplicating - sorry about that, not my fault!
  17. What's everyone working on?

  18. What's everyone working on?

  19. Bookcases II

    Is veneer a type of stain? I thought it was a type of wood overlay?
  20. 20191018-140711.jpg

    From the album Scratch build farm house

    On the 5 yard line, almost there.                              
  21. 20191018-140644.jpg

    From the album Scratch build farm house

    On the 5 yard line, almost there.                              
  22. 20191017-075959.jpg

    From the album Scratch build farm house

    On the 5 yard line, almost there.                              
  23. Ceiling height and Aster Cottage

    Fingers crossed you're one of those folks who can impose your vision on a kit; as Kathie mentioned, it sure doesn't seem to work for me.
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