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  3. Hint for choosing color schemes

    In my case it's a matter of what the house suggests.  Sometimes I have done paper and paint: Or I've done the accent wall thing: I have a bad habit of decorating my little houses as if I were decorating a house I'd live in.
  4. Hint for choosing color schemes

    More like personal taste, I think. No reason why it couldn't be done.
  5. Hint for choosing color schemes

    I noticed almost everyone wallpapers all three walls in a room. I haven't seen one wall papered and the others painted or vice versa.  Is that because of the scale?
  6. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    I feel like I'm looking at a real home, full size! Awesome!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    Oh I love the two together to make it larger. That’s a great idea! It turned out beautifully 
  9. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    Lol! It shouldn’t be so nerve wracking but I’m feeling unsure. I love how yours turned out. I just saw your nutcote on IG. I’ll add you on there. I’m jggypsyheartminis 
  10. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    I love the double decker addition, it turned out great 
  11. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    I didn’t know they were links you know sometimes it just underlined things that aren’t really clickable links lol! I’ll learn the ways around here. So neat I love that and I love the look of the laurel. 
  12. Hint for choosing color schemes

    Lol. Cause im a noob with big plans. Untested so to speak. But I'm still doing it! 
  13. Hint for choosing color schemes

    Why are you embarrassed?  Several of our members build and sell dollhouses professionally.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I had a Keystone; the windows opened & closed (no "glass" in them), the roof stayed put, there were stairs, not a hole in the floors and the interior was also decorated.  And nowhere did it have "Ideal Home".
  15. Hint for choosing color schemes

    I'm embarrassed to admit this but I'm hoping to sell and do build to order. Whether it's fully done with furniture, just a completed house that's been decorated or one that's just been primed. I like the process but dont want to keep it. I made my own wedding dress and gave it away. I like creating but not necessarily collecting.  But I know I will want to keep at least one. 
  16. Red Christmas Tamales

    A yearly tradition I look forward to.  Those look great!
  17. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

      I was thinking it might be an early Keystone.
  18. Red Christmas Tamales

    These are so awesome 
  19. tree exterior finished (3).jpg

    This is looking so cool 
  20. Maleficent 3/4 Cake

    I love this design. Your a talented baker. 
  21. So glad to find this thread since I’ve wondered if other miniaturists use a Maker. As a scrapbooker, I’ve owned various Cricut machines since they first came out. I wasn’t excited about learning to use Cricut Design Space, but it was easy to learn & I absolutely love using it! Just a few days ago I told my hubby that I’d like to upgrade to the Maker now that I’m doing mini’s! We’re going to keep an eye out for the best Black Friday deal next month! 
  22. Hint for choosing color schemes

    Like Lony's Pepto Palace?
  23. Hint for choosing color schemes

    I find that it depends on where it is going to be displayed. If you are planning on placing it in a prominent room in your house, I believe it should compliment the room with similar colors. It should be an accessory to the room, not a “pink elephant”. 
  24. Hint for choosing color schemes

    Ive been agonizing over this and found home depot has a computer where you scan the bar code of pain samples and it lets you try different pains on house, trim, door, etc. I recently spent about half an hour playing with it (ahem, maybe a little longer) and still not sure i found right combo. I am going back after i prime current project.....
  25. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    This is more than a "slight" bash, but I put two Rosedale kits together to make a bigger house:  
  26. Maleficent 3/4 Cake

    Oh, wow!  That's amazing!
  27. Maleficent 3/4 Cake

    Yum! Got milk? 
  28. Cleaning unfinished, musty, dusty MDF board

    When I mention reassembly using the tape before gluing, I also do this with new kits before gluing anything.  Sometimes I have problems with the instructions, being a mostly visual and tactile learner, so this "dry" fit helps me find a way to assemble the kit and once it's mostly together and begins to talk to me I can see what it wants (or doesn't).
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