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  3. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Anastasia! Welcome love the little doll!
  4. Living life and taking it one Dollhouses at a time!!!

  5. Hi Holly


  6. Latest update with tree

    your creation is looking wonderful
  7. Mirror of Erised

    everything you have done is uniquely awesome
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  9. Pepperwood Farm free in LA area

    Erin, if you have a place to store it, your kids will grow up eventually and you can refurbish YOUR dollhouse to suit yourself.
  10. Laser Cut Addition Ceiling Height

    What a good idea!  Remember that laser cutting chars the edges of the wood, so there will be soot to rub off or get into your paint/ primer, so you might want to invest in a pack of cheap emery boards to lightly sand it off.
  11. Pepperwood Farm free in LA area

    @Elsbeth: thank you so much for giving it a name!  I’ve always wondered how he did it. I started working on it when I was a kid, but several cross-country moves, years of storage, and three kids just make me want to pass it to someone who will appreciate it and make it beautiful. :)
  12. Yesterday
  13. Laser Cut Addition Ceiling Height

    I was thinking of using the laser cut contest addition you can get in the greenleaf shop here I know it was meant for the ski shop, but I thought it might work for the Orchid too?
  14. Pepperwood Farm free in LA area

    Awww that's a Pepperwood Farm dollhouse - from plans authored by Jackie Kerr Dieber. No one ever seems to put in the stairs. Ah well. Those are great - and yes HUGE. Good luck!
  15. Laser Cut Addition Ceiling Height

    What are you using for the addition?
  16. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you I preferred embroidered faces as well, but I find it a bit easier to use watercolour pencils and fine tip pens for faces nowadays. Thank you!
  17. Laser Cut Addition Ceiling Height

    That's what I'm thinking, cutting it out would be the easiest. I was planning to put it against the side with the bay window, cutting it lower to the ground level and giving the kitchen a bigger opening, and then cutting out the window on the second floor as well that's the size for a proper door to the bathroom.
  18. Mirror of Erised

    From the album Harry Potter House

    is now hidden in the attic of the bookstore
  19.   condition: good  My grandfather built this HUGE custom (no kit) dollhouse for me and he never finished it. My kids love to paint and got ahold of it recently when I wasn’t looking, but the bones are there for someone who wants to put the love effort into this. It’s solid wood, huge, and heavy...more for show once it’s been decorated.  Measurements are 36 Wide x 30 Depth x 40 Height (without wheels...the wheels add an additional couple inches). Let me know if you’re interested. FREE for pick up only in Southern California.
  20. hardwood flooring

    I'm sure someone has already said this but I have found a good pair of sharp scissors does the job nicely.
  21. Laser Cut Addition Ceiling Height

    The trick to adding a door to the second floor on the Orchid I would think would be to cut the window to door height from the floor level.  Are you going to put your addition on the flat side, or will you eliminate the bay and put it there?
  22. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the little family, Rose.  I am also a doll maker, although I have usually gone for embroidered faces; but that was before I discovered acrylics, so when I get back to my fabric folks I'm thinking of painting their faces.  Your little person looks a lot like one of my friends!
  23. Latest update with tree

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Making another tree this year.  I like how the tall tree forces the perspective. Jebediah looks more in scale with the tree in place.

    © brae oktober

  24. Galloway House - great mini inspiration

    I'm not sure of the reference you mean. This house is an historic property in Wisconsin.
  25. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you so much! Yes, I plan to do another Orchid. This time I'm spicing things up though with hopefully an addition and a small greenhouse.
  26. Hello Everyone!

    Hi, Rose, and welcome to the forum! Your doll is adorable. Will you be building another Orchid or something else?
  27. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew the ceiling height of the laser cut addition that they sell on the greenleaf store. I'm trying to kitbash my new orchid build by adding on the addition and a greenhouse, but I need to know if the second floors could at all line up so I can make it a nice big bathroom off the upstairs bedroom. I was thinking even if the first floors don't line up perfectly I could either put in a step in the doorway or possibly cut off the tabs and move the floor, but on the second floor there's more of a limitation for that because of the height of the angled roof, right? Is there even enough room on the second floor for a doorway on the addtion? ahhhhhhh! Sorry I'm so full of questions haha.   Thank you for your time!
  28. Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I'm a long time lurker and finally decided to make an account and join the fun and conversation My name is Anastasia (Rose is okay too!) and I've been into dollhouses for a few years, and miniatures for much much longer. My first and only finished build was an Orchid, and I'm not at all happy with it so now two years later I'm going to start over from scratch and build my little dream house! I have a chronic pain disorder so I work really slow, but I really want to make a house for my little doll I made that has the same health problems as me. I've attached a picture of her down below! I've always been a doll maker and went ultra tiny trying to make a dollhouse doll. I got the pattern for her off Etsy, and she actually has an armature so she's poseable! I can't wait to see her in her new house! Anyway, I hope to post often and get to know everyone
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