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  2. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    Oh Matt it's perfect!  The color choice is just wonderful and I love that all of the little details are back in focus.  And who'd have imagined bi-fold shutters!? Never realized there was such a thing!  I always love when someone takes the effort to restore old houses to their original glory!!  
  3. 07bc469461ce9ef1d4ac542b9633fbef.jpg

    Love the Dora Kuhn (or similar artist) pieces. I love bauernmalerei furniture. Or whatever the style is officially. I remember seeing photos of sets like this in the Enchanted Dollhouse catalog.
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  5. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    That looks like a well-made kit.  You've got a nice start on it.  Looking forward to seeing more (and I love your little helper).
  6. Hi from the UK!

    Hello Sabrina  
  7. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    I think my copy of Dorie Krusz's book went to another member, so long ago I've forgotten who it was.
  8. New member

    No, it isn't; it's considered hijacking.
  9. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Dangit, I can't find the books from which I learned to do staircases. I'll link to them below. I prefer building my stairs out of long blocks of 3/4" thick wood stacked atop one another. I learned that from Christopher Cole's book. It enables a much greater variety of stairs than can be accomplished using traditional stair stringers, which I find very limiting. If I could find that book, I'd post his schematics! Maybe someone else has it. That stacked method was used to create my stairs that I pictured above. I believe that method was also used to create this dollhouse staircase: The built-up method for curved railings is from Dorie Krusz's book: The spiral end cap instead of a newel post at the base of this staircase below is from that book. This method also works for full railings for circular staircases, as well as the landings around stairwell openings (again, as pictured in my post above). For the actual staircase railings, you have to lay the finished staircase down onto matboard or sheetwood (I prefer sheetwood) to get a template. You have to use the finished stairs and not just a schematic of how it looks from above, or else once you tip the railing up at a 45-degree angle, the length will fall short. Again, I can't find my copy of that book for no love nor money. Maybe someone else has it. It doesn't give specific instructions for doing railings for a circular staircase but the method is adaptable.
  10. Dollhouse Identification

    I'm just curious, did you ever decide to put the dormers on? I think they give the house a nice balance. I've only ever seen it with the dormers so maybe I'm just not used to seeing it without them.
  11. Hi from the UK!

    Hi Sabrina!  I love your enthusiasm!  Reminds me of me a few years back!  First thing - I LOVE Bromley's - I have their 1:12 brick, stone and quoin stencils and use them with either spackle or paint thickened with a thickening compound that artists use.  Second thing is probably something you'll need to learn yourself.  So many of my projects I've planned down to the 'enth' degree and bought everything I figured I'd need for it.  Very rarely have I used all the things I've bought!  I did a Gypsy wagon from McQueenie Miniatures (another UK shop and they have amazing kits) and bought all this trim etc and then didn't use a single bit of it!  For my latest - a mid 18thC Parisian Apothecary based on an actual tv series set - I studied all the pics I had and ordered everything I figured I'd need for it.  Again - I used very little of what I bought and ended up buying more on and off of what I DID want to use throughout the year it took me to complete.  I know you do need stuff to get started, but also understand that everything tends to take longer than you think it will.  After all, paint has to dry, glue has to set.  You will have time throughout the build to purchase what you need for the next step and as you go your thoughts and opinions may change.  And bear in mind that I'm in NZ and most of what I order takes at least a fortnight to get to me!    Good luck - so looking forward to seeing how you get on!
  12. Quilt Yo-yos?

    Here are my yo-yo's ready to sew together.  I'm not great at sewing so this may take awhile!  Kathie, how did you sew yours together?  Does anyone else that was making one of these have a finished picture to share?  
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  14. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Totally ADORBZ! Will be so neat modern.
  15. 07bc469461ce9ef1d4ac542b9633fbef.jpg

    That is a nice collection.
  16. Thanks, everyone. just seems like everything happens at once ya know. I will contact Greenleaf and see what they say.
  17. I would try contacting Greenleaf.  I had a kit that was missing an entire wood sheet, and they sent me a new one free of cost- no questions asked.
  18. Glencroft didn't come with window sheets

    Keep your chin up Amanda! It is always onward and upward! Sorry to hear about your babies.
  19. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    That is an adorable cottage. Thanks for sharing pictures.
  20. Hi from the UK!

    I like your plan for the modern exterior! Egg carton bricks can look very realistic but they're also tiny in half scale and take a long time. But you're not planning to brick the whole house, so maybe it won't be so bad. Here's a good post about egg carton bricks: (keep in mind that's 1:12 scale, so you'll want to make bricks half that size) Here's a post on my blog about 1:24 egg carton brick, to help you visualize the size: For the paneling you could use either a veneer or strip wood, depending on how much you want it to stand out from the side of the house. Micro veneer is essentially flat and you can cut it into whatever width strips you want. I've used it a lot for hardwood floors: If you don't want to cut and lay down the strips individually, another option would be to buy one of the veneer hardwood flooring sheets (like this) and cut your paneling out of that. Since you're only planning to panel one vertical strip and not the whole house, that might work for you.    
  21. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    That's a cute little house! I found this interior picture on Bromley's website: The little triangles look like they're meant to attach the second floor ceiling to the peaked roof. Oh, I just read in your introduction thread that this is 1:24 scale. My favorite scale.
  22. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Yeah, that's what it looks like but the roof doesn't need the supports and there's loads of them.
  23. Glencroft didn't come with window sheets

    Window and door inserts are easily replaced with flat clear acetate from almost any source.  My personal favorite is packaging, but clear report covers and transparency sheets are suitable.  I'm sorry to hear about your fur, feather and scaly babies.
  24. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Those triangular pieces look like maybe roof supports.
  25. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Now getting into it a little bit. I've already started to prime and paint the walls. Here's a dry fit of the cottage: It fit together great, although there were some random extras included in the box that I'm not sure what to do with? Basically little triangles, I don't have a pic right now but I'll upload one later. Here's some pics of me priming the cottage: I used a wood primer/undercoat to prime the MDF pieces and I put it on with a roller.    Before using the white primer I used a grey auto spray primer which gave really good smooth coverage, I had it left over from some uni work. But since it's summer and my uni paint shop isn't open I couldn't find the same primer easily so I had to switch to another type ( the white).   Today I've done a few more coats: G2g but I'll explain these pics later.
  26. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    Hi, I've introduced myself in the newcomers forum. I received my Hurstwood Cottage kit from Bromley yesterday and I've already started on it. Here's an album of me unpacking it: https//   This is an intro post basically. This is my first dollhouse build so I thought I'd go for a small one and my plan for this also includes doing three different types of exterior finish; brick, panelling and render.   I'm going to turn this into a nice modern home.
  27. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I thought about getting that but it would end up costing me over $300 US. 
  28. i was hoping august would be better but so far my cat has died, 5 birds have died, my dragon has gon awol somehow from a closed tank, my kids have been gone away for weeks, and now this crap with my houses. Man.. come on I need a break !
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