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  2. Mail wagon - front and back complete

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    I originally intended to build a working window for the front, but after considering that the small space would make it difficult to actually operate the window, I opted for faking the window instead. I cut a front following the cardboard template from the mock-up and then built the trim to fit. I will enclose acrylic sheet inside the window frame during final assembly. No sense in risking marring the acrylic as I continue to work. Even though the window doesn't operate, I did add the holes for the horse reins.

    © brae oktober

  3. plexi11.jpg

    This looks great!! 
  4. Desk and chair

    Thanks so much! Yes, I am definitely feeling the pressure of the deadline.
  5. Parcels

    Thank you!!   
  6. First time builder in Texas!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no dollhouse stores that I know of in Texas.   The Dallas Miniature show is held in Dallas every year and a couple of members from here and I attend that show.  They have great classes several days before the show and then the show on Saturday and Sunday.  This years dates are June  24th thru the 28th.  It's a great show. and you should definitely plan to go if you can.

    Thanks for the tip, Shannon!  I googled Minneapolis watch repair and there are quite a few so I will at least look into it further.
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  9. plexi11.jpg

    The sheer size of this house is amazing, it intrigues me.  Did you redo the stairs?  This has been fun to watch progress. 
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Knob hill Victorian
  11. plexi11.jpg

    Exactly what Nell said!!  I really love this modern build too!!!
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Walmer Firehouse Kit   Dollhouse MFG Company General Store    
  13. plexi11.jpg

    I really love your plexiglass house
  14. First time builder in Texas!

    Sophie, I googled these stores: and here is some information about NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area:
  15. we are in dallas and unfortunately do not have a local place that i know of where i can go and look and ask questions of folks who know what their talking about! thankful for you knowledgable group!  

    Tara, most jewellers will have a watch repairer either in house or that they always use. When I have had watches repaired/serviced, it has never been very costly. But I am in Australia, so not sure what America is like. 

    There seems to be 3 or 4 furniture pieces in a grab bag and then lots of smaller items.  I will post some pics of what I got this time.  The last time I got one that seemed to be mainly building items--windows and a door and a fireplace (plus smaller items.) I scored a Reutter mantle clock like this one:  It didn't work so that was why it was in the grab bag, but it is still a beautiful mini. So it seems to be scratch and dent items or individual pieces from what would normally be sold as a set.  The scratch and dent items are always salvageable by painting or fixing a hinge or, like the mantle clock I got, they can still be used in a mini setting.  I imagine if I really, really wanted to I could probably get the clock fixed but I won't since the cost would probably be prohibitive if I could even find a clock maker or watch repair person. It's always fun to see what you got when your grab bag arrives, even if some of it ends up being items you won't use yourself. 
  18. Seagull

    Almost could not see the little really is precious.  The entire project is really outstanding!!!
  19. 20191115-164712.jpg

    Awesome Ken....sure could not be easy to do
  20. plexi11.jpg

    From the album 1/6 PLEXI HOUSE

  21. Plexi.jpg

    Shareb thanks so much.  If you look through, you will see it is built...I was trying to get the house as a album photo....this shows what it took to build it THANK you for your support!!!  It means a lot to the 1:6 builder
  22. Last week
  23. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    I remember my daughter about aged 5 asking me 'If I don't believe in Santa anymore does that mean I won't get Santa presents?'  Needless to say she continued to believe for another couple of years!  Can't remember much about the tooth daughter used to create little shrines to the tooth fairy.  Lay out crepe paper, ribbons, crystals, fairy lights.  Occasionally she would receive notes from the fairy too!
  24. Seeking a book

    PS, in case someone is looking up horse tack and finds this, there was a series of four articles in "Nutshell News" by Sylvia Rountree called "The Scale Saddlery," each with instructions about making particular items -- January 1985: “Equestrian saddlery and accoutrements” (pp.112-??) February 1985: “The snaffle bridle” (pp.88-89, 107-109) March 1985: “English saddles” (pp.74-75, 78-81) April 1985: “A bit about bridles” (pp.82-88) and a "horsey" issue in January 1982 with numerous articles and profiles, including the how-to "Grooming for a photo finish” (pp.77-79) by Sandy Tomezik about customizing Breyer horse models.
  25. First time builder in Texas!

    Hi SBL,  I live in Houston.  Where are you located in Texas?  I also built the Beacon Hill.  It was my first build and I learned so much about dollhouse construction.  I put lighting in mine too and for the first one it's was a trial in patience for sure.   
  26. I have listed on eBay several years of magazines I am cleaning out.  Seller Name is MADnNOLA Dollhouse Miniatures: 2016 - 3 issues 2017 - Full Year - 6 issues 2018 - Full Year - 6 issues Miniature Collector: 2012 - Full Year -12 issues 2013 - Full Year -12 issues 2014 - Full Year -12 issues 2015 - Full Year -12 issues 2016 - Partial Year -11 issues - missing September 2017 - Full Year -12 issues 2018 - Partial Year - 9 issues - Jan to Sept NAME Miniature Gazette - 18 Assortment of Years from 1980's to 2000's I also have two  Architect's Choice Dollhouse Plans and two Braxton Payne New Orleans houses listed.  
  27. thank you holly and kathie, we are buying new and directly from greenleaf.  one thing i know she wants to do is have working lights.  any tips and tricks for running power to the dollhouse?
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