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  2. New Project

    Needs some cleaning up with sandpaper and maybe a touch of filler but this is my first shot at making the molding using curved veneer. Not Sobol quality but it is a start. I went with concave molding instead of convex like in the drawing. A bit rough but I learned a lot from it
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  4. Curtains, arg!

    The important lesson I learned with mini curtains is that polyester and other synthetic fabrics won't hang or drape in mini like natural fibers.  Old polyester neckties work da bomb for mini upholstery, but cotton and silk are best for drapes & bedding.
  5. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Thanks for the views and encouragements every one. It will be a few days for another update. More soon though.
  6. Curtains, arg!

    So, I used to own a seamstress business. "Curtains will be an easy thing", I told myself.  I figured I'd need a lightweight fabric, that hung well. Put my hand on every bolt of fabric at Joann. I decided on some high end lining. Super thin, tight weave, but enough weight to hang. Grrr. So I think I've got window in 2 rooms figured out. And now I think the others will just get swags or valances.  And for the attic, since its Addams Family inspired, boards across the windows! There, problem solved. 
  7. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Looks plenty good to me it has that 1950’s vibe going
  8. building for low income children

    Thanks for the pictures.  Do you still have the furry assistant builder?
  9. Spring Fling Addition - Room to Grow!

    This was nice.
  10. building for low income children

    I am in spokane Washington. 
  11. building for low income children

    wish I had better pictures but I never thought I would enjoy building them so much. It is....for the most part....very relaxing. Also the little girls that have recieved them have so much fun. These kiddos would never had one otherwise.    When I first started I was doing pretty well financially. Due to ending up divorced I just don't have the means to buy the kits....even in the rare instance I find one on Craigslist. If anyone has one that has missing pieces I coulf make that work for the little girl I plan on building it for. 
  12. Mail wagon interior

    Thanks!    I hope I can do it justice.
  13. Mail wagon - front and back mockups

    Thank you!    It's been a challenge but fun to recreate.
  14. Wagon wheel - primed

    Thank you!    The primer coat actually bonds to the fuzzies and makes it easier to sand them away. 
  15. Birds on a Branch - 14.5 hours

    Thank you! 
  16. New stovepipe

    Thank you!    I wonder if someone makes one in 3D printing for 1:6 scale. 
  17. Stop chain and spring

    Thank you! 
  18. Front door - almost complete

    Thank you! 
  19. Post teller progress

    From the album Creatin' Contest 2019

    Continuing to revamp a vintage Realife Miniatures post teller. I've always liked these kits, but this one in particular is more challenging and not in the best condition. I've remade parts and continue to alter to fit my small post office interior.

    © brae oktober

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  21. Out front 28.JPG

    Very neat compact facade. 
  22. Out Sophia.JPG

    Lovely detail
  23. Orchid -- Bedroom

    The bed is really adorable.
  24. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    I'm from Singapore, went to high school and university in the United Kingdom but now back in Singapore for the next few years. :)
  25. Bathroom with dressing area

    Wow, this is  pretty posh bathroom. The rug is really detailed! 
  26. Adding accessories to the San Fran kitchen.jpeg

    This is really neat and modern. I love how clean it looks and how you've thought about the colour coordination in every bit :) 
  27. Chemical lab miniature

    This is super cool 
  28. Front facing view

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