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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Yesterday I turned a funky looking defective white triple dresser into a kitchen hutch. The other one, the one I was trying to match up to the Reutter sink cabinet now looks greener and the Reutter one looks bluer. I'm looking at the photo, and in it, the one I painted looks blue, and the Reutter one looks green, in spite of the fact that I mixed the paint for the hutch using a green as a base color. Just goes to show you can't trust what colors you see on a screen. In real eye view, though, with one on one wall and the other on the other wall, it's not really noticeable, so I'm happy with it.  
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  4. I have a lead on a partially built RGT Victorian Townhouse - opens on the back and partially on the front. It's a very good price. The contact at RGT today said the kit was discontinued some time ago and that I might be able to "bash" another model's addition kit onto it. Before I do that, does anyone have something like this that they would like to sell?  Has anyone had any experience with this kit?  Thanks, Rosemary 
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Welcome home, CJ.
  6. "come hail or high water"

    You do realize that this website is devoted to dollhouses and miniatures, don't you?
  7. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the little family, Kelly.  Hobby Builder's Supply/ is based in the US in Atlanta, GA and The Dollshouse Emporium/ is in the UK; I have dealt with both and found their service to be excellent.I have a Lily kit, but mine wants to become a Tuscan villa.
  8. Hagrid

    From the album Harry Potter House

    was very happy to be greeted by Fluffy
  9. "come hail or high water"

    I need someone to recommend the best product among those listed on this site?
  10. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    What an insightful Doctor! I can see how beneficial that would be to a patient! There are professions out there where having OCD could be useful such as nursing. I'm now in a position at work where having the "gift" can be used more effectively! (I work for Metro, St. Louis's public transportation system rebuilding bus transmissions) 
  11. Headboard - first attempt

    thank you @Mineejv and @Shareb  I am indeed pretty stoked about how it's coming out!
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    CJ, that must be so frustrating! But keep taking deep breaths, remind yourself your mother can't help it, and always keep your love for her in mind. Much luck in your hope for a move.
  13. Hi everyone!

    Hi all, I am brand new to this and have so many questions!! I just got my first dollhouse kit (The Lily by Greenleaf) and am on my way to fulfilling my dream of building a Victorian dollhouse.  Firstly, I would like to know if there is an online supplier that is recommended? I can find several, but don’t know which is most reputable and has good prices and selection. I am in Alberta, Canada and we don’t have any supply stores in Alberta.
  14. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    OK, I have to share a story.  Back when I worked at a state mental hospital part of my promotion to a supervisory position had me taking a class with an  area clinical psychologist; there were about two dozen of us in the class.  About halfway through he invited any of us who wanted to avail ourselves of his services to feel free to do so (I think almost all of us did, I know I did!), and that he never hired anyone to go into practice with him who had not already received some kind of psychological assistance.  His theory was that you cannot really understand a client's situation if you haven't been there yourself.  The following year I was in Nursing School, and the standing joke amongst all of our professors was that you had to be OCD to become a nurse.  That was also about the time I got started building dollhouses...
  15. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Holly I am finally starting to understand that. Being both OCD and ADHD really slows down getting anything done. If I build something following an explicit set of instructions I had no problems. With building the trailer the kit is so much more basic with decisions having to be made on almost every aspect of the build I basically froze up! I could not make a decision and if I did I was worried it was the wrong one. This was affecting other areas in my life beyond the Miniature world.     I'm not ashamed to admit I had to seek professional help.  Seeing my counselor along with drug therapy I am learning to make decisions and not obsess over the "little things" I'm seeing positive change not only on this project but in other areas as well. Being creative has become FUN! I really think that finding this hobby has given me benefits I would never have imagined!     
  16. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I have been trying to figure that out must be huge....but i like it. That watch tower on the roof is sooo cool..
  17. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Fortunately over the years I have learned that my OCD isn't going to show a lot in 1:12 and I don't have to wonder how I'm going to subdivide a tiny drawer and line it in a scale fabric to hold mini flatware; heck, the drawer doesn't really have to "work" (although most of the drawers do, even in the 1:24 pieces I built).
  18. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Holly you have no idea the struggle I've had with my OCD on this project One part of me wants to build this trailer as exact to an original as possible. Another part argues that if the feature (like the frame) will have limited visibility at the end of the project do you really need it? A third part tries to balance the two. When I discovered the issues with the frame being out of square, I actually thought about making another one! I did talk myself out of that however and have gotten a bit more control of myself. I am coming up on year one of this project. I still feel I have a long way to go.
  19. Headboard - first attempt

    That’s beautiful........
  20. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    That’s amazing.......  I can’t figure out how the TV gets a picture threw the wire>>>>
  21. Headboard - first attempt

    This looks fantastic!  You must be happy with it!
  22. IMG-1043.jpMist has a queen

    She's beautiful!!  Love the dragon too!
  23. Added a queen to my Castle

    That dress is incredible!!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    wow...that is great! How do you get into the other rooms, tho - I can't tell. Whew that 2 story staircase! What fun!
  26. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I just found this house at the FB Marketplace but I can't ID it at all....
  27. What are you up to today? This week?

    I know I've been gone too long when I have to put in my login information again! Life has been totally crazy for me lately. Still trying to get my mini-business producing enough to support us through retirement - having trouble mastering the laser cutter. But the biggest news is that we are, once again, attempting to move to Nebraska. We have a very good realtor this time, and the market is better than it was a few years ago. However, my mother (96) is now suffering from dementia and all this is pretty hard on her.  (Why do they say the patient is "suffering"?  The caregivers are the ones who suffer!)  Trying to keep her on an even keel, and keep the house looking like an empty hotel room for show-and-tell, and packing behind the scenes -- it is all very stressful. I much prefer moving and building a dollhouse! And through all this I'm trying to build my business. I told our realtor that my workroom is off limits for "cleaning" - prospective buyers can see it like it is but I don't dare remove or rearrange things or they will never be found again!  When I get an online order I need to know exactly where the merchandise is!  We thought the house was sold a week ago, but the buyer's financing fell through so we're back to square one. Dear, sweet Mother - every day it's "Oh, are we selling the house?  I didn't know that! Am I moving with you?"  (Yes, Mother, for the 399th time - we're selling, moving, and you're going, too!   Can't say that last sentence out loud, though - only think it.)  
  28. What are you up to today? This week?

    Once had a small raccoon come in through a slightly raised 2nd floor window. Ended up trapping it under a small wastebasket, sliding my drawing board under to close it off, and carrying it downstairs to release it in the yard. When I went to close the window, I realized the tree just outside was a perfect entrance ramp for it. No more open window. lol FYI, whoever dubbed pigeons flying rats was spot on in my estimation. Glad it left without leaving a souvenir.
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