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  2. McKinley

    Thank you.  They were smaller than I realized when I ordered them but I fell in love with how cute they are.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Nearly everything is boxed or wrapped or tied. Trash has been removed but for one last bag. Car is packed. Movers said they'd be here between 8 and 10 am. It is now 9 am. Relaxing with a nice cup of water.  
  4. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Very elegant.
  5. Bouquet in pitcher

    Thanks Koko, Golden and Samantha that's very kind!  The ferns are from laser cut sheets. I bought these a long time ago and don't see them very often anymore, they're made by Dale/Jeanette Kendall. But there's a seller on eBay who does her version, Mary Kinloch, I've shared her videos here before. I think her seller name is Mary.kinlo. on eBay.   
  6. Hydrangea

    It is amazing how you do such detailed work for such tiny little flowers.
  7. Bouquet in pitcher

    So beautiful and elegant.
  8. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    This is such a Beautiful room! Fantabulous job!! 
  9. Well fiddle faddle

    OMG, you'll have to PM me play dates when you get moved in!
  10. Today
  11. What's everyone working on?

    My husband had to make a quick trip up to Washington state and said it rained the entire time. I hear ya about winter blues...autumn is all too short in the mountains and there is already snow up on the peaks.  What are your plans for the Storybook? 
  12. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Just amazingly gorgeous! 
  13. Well fiddle faddle

    Well, if you need help unpacking - I'm organized and got a boxcutter with spare blades. - Gimme a ring, I'll pm you my phone number. Can't help you packing, but unpacking is no problem.
  14. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Wonderful job
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hofco Southern Dynasty kit
  16. "Mini Acres" Sale Houses At Portland OR Miniature Dollhouse Show

    Ye gods! Isn't that a Lawbre house for only $75? What time does that place open? Even I might go there and stand in line overnight. And I don't recognize the Clell Boyce kit either. But I like it.
  17. Bouquet in pitcher

    Love the fern fronds.. are they a punch?
  18. Hydrangea

  19. Bouquet in pitcher

    So lovely!.. And perfect colours for displaying beside the glass.  
  20. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Bestill my heart! It's gorgeous!.. 
  21. "Mini Acres" Sale Houses At Portland OR Miniature Dollhouse Show

    Isn't that a Thornhill for $150? Wow! And a Clell Boyce!!
  22. What are you up to today? This week?

    @KathieB I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, so proud of the brave new world you are creating for yourself! You inspire me, and I hope all goes so that you can enjoy the wonderful emotion of a new and exciting journey!
  23. What's everyone working on?

    Hello all! Hope this finds you all happy or at least favorably managing life's big and little challenges! I've been lurking, cheering for the successes and praying for the troubles of our wonderful little community. Seasonal depression is already rearing it's ugly head here in the Northwest, so I did what I always do to cheer me up: Bought a new dollhouse kit! This time, something small and maybe, with a little will power, complete-able - The Storybook Cottage. I saw some really cute wallpaper and that's all it took to start full speed dreaming, planning and buying. That makes three in progress, two waiting for me to get inspired again and finish them off, and god knows how many other unopened kits getting more and more p*$$ed that their turn in the queue just got pushed back again. Oh well, that's the life of a mini addict, and if not for the dreams of projects yet to do, I may never get out of bed, lol! Love to you all, and prayers we all keep on keepin' on!
  24. Thought some may be interested to see what houses and kits are up for sale at the Portland Miniature Show: Main show page here: Happy browsing!
  25. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Lots o rooms in this house:
  26. McKinley

    Very cute owls, I like the branch!
  27. Oh sometimes you get that :dam it feeling

    You are going to be very busy!
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