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    I found this house on Marketplace and will be picking it up next weekend.  I was hoping someone here would be able to identify it.  There are no pictures of the back of the house.  The guy I bought it from doesn't know anything about it except that he got it from his neighbor lady that passed away last year and it's old.  Both @Mid-life madness and @Qubanqtee think it looks like a Clell Boyce house, but just wondering if anyone here happens to have any information on this house.  .
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  4. Hi from Michigan

    Welcome!!  I'm in the Grand Rapids area.
  5. nanaroma

    Those kits from Melissa's MiniWereld look awesome!
  6. Dan, spoken like a true miniaturist!  If I have ever built a dollhouse kit so it turns out like a cookie-cutter of the box picture, I don't remember it.  And if you don't like the stairs, put them in the invisible back half of the house!
  7. nanaroma

    This is the photo of my Nana's house, obtained from the real estate agents who sold it in 2014.   My mock-up is 14 and a half inches by 15 inches, but the back of the house is from memory because it was demolished and rebuilt in 1970.   The plastic furniture is my own toys from the 1940s.
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  9. Half scale magnets

    These have been taken
  10. C29BD667-D47B-4CD8-A1CB-29EA3A129D6D.jpeg

    These aren't mine, but as a half-scale user, I can say that they definitely work in half scale.  I personally have and have used in my builds the modern stove, the retro stove, the dishwasher and the dryer.  Based on size comparisons, the others should work in half scale, too.  
  11. C29BD667-D47B-4CD8-A1CB-29EA3A129D6D.jpeg

    These are great!  would they be for half-scale?
  12. You do realize it's your kit? Do what ever you want with it. The placement of the stairs was the first thing that confused me about the Orchid kit. They have the staircase going right up the wall with a window in the way. I think it's a poor design. My daughter bought the Orchid for her sister but dad got the job of building it. So after I assembled the walls with upper and lower floor I hated where the stairs were going to be. So I ended up completing removing the upper floor and using it as a stencil in order to cut a new piece. So as soon as I redesign the stairway I'll try to upload a pictures of what I did... before its given to my daughter.  But all in all, there shouldn't be any limits or rules to what anyone wants or decides to do. Just go with it. You don't HAVE to build it exactly like the Instructions say. And although I enjoy looking around HobbyLobby they are overpriced so you'd be surprised what you can build yourself from looking online. 
  13. “Practice” House

    Hi Kit
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    A couple of "Bargains" are listed on eBay, if you are not scared away from possible missing parts: $25 Beacon hill with $24 shipping!   $75 starting bid on a Van Buren with $20 shipping:   And then this Van Buren at $185 and free shipping:   This Hofco keeps getting relisted:   And of course these TWO are now showing up in my area.  But after getting the Granville, I can't do it!  Of course they are both excellent buys.  
  15. nanaroma

    Yes! (both, so we can see your inspiration)  I see your 1:24 dresser drawers will open & close.  I made a kitchen cupboard and a bedroom chest with working drawers for my 1:24 hacienda (I made the kitchen stove, table & chairs from scratch, so you can do it); by the time I got to furnishing my double Fairfields and finished the few 1:24 kits I had I decided the heck with it and the dining room sideboard's drawers are just basswood strips glued into place; as one of my dear forum friends has said, it's all smoke & mirrors.
  16. nanaroma

    Wow!   Do you think so?   Will I post the real house or my mockup?
  17. Kitchen

    A beautiful little kitchen!
  18. nanaroma

    Looks great Roma. You should post a photo of the little house you are making. I am sure people would love to see it!
  19. collection2L.jpg

    I know right!!!  It's pretty cool - if a bit creepy!  
  20. Woah, this looks just how I fridge to look. Thank you for sharing!
  21. nanaroma

    Thanks so much KathieB.   All encouragement is most welcome xxx
  22. nanaroma

    So far: excellent!  
  23. nanaroma

    So far so good.
  24. nanaroma

    I just realised I posted the wrong photo.   To answer all your questions at once, I am working on the plan of my Nana's house, I have made three furniture kits, the crystal cabinet, the dressingtable with the wing mirrors, and the double bed with the slatted head and ends.   No I have two 'Art Deco Lazy Chair' kits waiting.  And I have found some fabric in my stash to cover them.   Everything will be 1930s style but not elegant, more working class.   The wing mirrors are a bit classy for my Nana, but it is so cute.   I have 1930s furniture in my own house so I hope to be able to copy a couple of pieces in basswood.   Fingers crossed.
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  26. collection2L.jpg

    I didn't know some were real!  How fabulous is that?  It just adds to how special this build is.
  27. nanaroma

    Which chairs did you get?
  28. nanaroma

    Welcome! I’m a half scale enthusiast too. Your cabinet looks good. I’m looking forward to seeing the chairs.  
  29. nanaroma

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