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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Cute house and kitty!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    I love the colors and the bathroom! Go with the pink instead of fighting against it. The best older homes have the quirkiest details that make it fun. The shower will be an adorable quirk. BTW... PM me your address Kelly - I have a Nikon Coolpix camera that has been sitting untouched in my cabinet for over two years. I'd love for it to have a good home...
  4. Hello From West Michigan

    Welcome, yes, want to see how it all works out 
  5. What's everyone working on?

    It is a nice pink,  I agree with Holly about about grey cabinets. Something with a complimentary contrast will really look pretty. Plus, it is your house and you can decorate it however you like;) That's one of the many perks of miniatures. I have been working on my real house today, as miniatures have taken over my life, my laundry and other chores are not getting done. I worked on the outside of my room box yesterday and the building inspector came by for a peek.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    I think dark green would be fun!  
  7. Yesterday
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Kelly, green (or gray) cabinets plus white appliances will mitigate some of that pink in the kitchen.
  9. Hello from California

    Welcome Anntoinette! Tons of friendly and helpful people here.
  10. Mermaid Garden

    Oh, how cool is that!  Thanks for sharing.
  11. Bed

    I think we are building the same house... I've been stalking vintage hankerchiefs on ebay for weeks.. lol Your bedding is gorgeous by the way.  I love the crystal bead idea for the knobs on the bed ends.
  12. Hello from California

    Welcome. Some days are overwhelming. Take a breath (maybe drink some wine) and remember that our brains work out problems subconsciously...  in the meantime, people here will help and listen.
  13. Bed

    Beautiful, what a great idea for the handkerchief.
  14. Welcome. I love the Glencroft (it is on my "hope to build one day" list) and am looking forward to seeing yours. 
  15. Hello From West Michigan

    Welcome! You are brave to put an addition on your first house - I am still working up to that - but what fun you will have and you will learn so much. Sometimes, you just have to plunge in!
  16. Kitchen sink

    That would look really nice, and would pop against the gray.  You can always spray paint with bronze spray paint, or I have had good luck mixing a little copper in with flat black Testors to produce a dark, rubbed bronze.
  17. Bed

    Very pretty!  Your pillows look fine, and they are hard to make.  I also really like your rug.
  18. Bed

    From the album First Dollhouse

    Re-purposed vintage hankie for bedspread and pillow cases.  Still need to work on my pillow making skills.
  19. Mermaid Garden

    Cute as a button.  Thanks for sharing.   
  20. New member

    Hi Kathleen, Welcome to the forum.  The Glencroft is a great house.. looking forward to seeing your progress.
  21. Mermaid Garden

    I brought the Show's auction piece to the winner's home today. She lives a block from Ft Lauderdale beach.  Her front yard is adorable! She has a Mermaid Garden set up in a lovely xeriscaped yard.  Her inhabitants are little retired looking people baking in the sun (at least they won't get skin cancer).  The sun was so bright today that I couldn't see my phone well enough to focus on what I was taking pictures of so I missed the mermaid lounging in her wave-fed pool.
  22. New Builder from Maine

    Welcome Mark.  How cute your daughter keeps you company in the basement while you are working... You guys are going to have a lot of fun when it comes time to pick wallpapers, flooring and interior furnishings.  
  23. Hello From West Michigan

    Hi and welcome! I too would love to see how the addition comes along. 
  24. Hi Liz, welcome. I have a Glencroft waiting in the wings, it's such a great little house.... I can't wait to get to it, but need to purchase another one first... I want to bash two of them together in mirror image... we'll see what becomes of that little project! .  
  25. Hello From West Michigan

    Preach! I swear I wouldn't have started this hobby if I'd known where it would lead... but by then it was too late... addicted.  Welcome to the help group Gayle.
  26. What's everyone working on?

    Well I like the pink kitchen. It is a small kitchen, so why not go bold and make it pink? can have fun with all the cake plates and cute accessories...what is your theme? Obviously pink plays a role. Well I like it. I'd have frilly fluted cake plates, white painted floral breadboxes, teapots, biscuit boxes, pink hydrangeas near the sink, cakes and tarts and boxes of tea. I guess i'd go little-old-lady crazy with it. In fact, now I want a pink kitchen. 
  27. Hello from California

    Hi Anntoinette. Welcome to the forums.
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