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  2. Is there fake rock candy?

    No, that has to do with the strangest part of this cottage. I was originally thinking of a scratch build, because I wanted space for the built-in beds, and also an upper chamber with a steep roof and a round hole like a birdhouse. (How cool that the Buttercup had both!) Because the fairy tale mentions nice little beds where the children are tucked in, but nothing about where the witch sleeps. Somehow I couldn't picture this cannibal witch with a nice cozy bedroom or even sleeping in a bed. Then I heard a song called The Jealous Crow, about an old ragged crow who's jealous of a young maiden's beauty and casts a spell to steal it from her. Instead the crow changes into an ancient woman and the girl becomes a beautiful bird. That gave me the idea of the H&G witch as sometimes taking a human form and sometimes that of a carnivorous crow. (They do eat nestlings, I've read.) So I'm giving her a nest in the top of the house, and I was going to attach pegs outside the birdholes where she alights when returning from wild night flights. But instead, I had these pendant brackets that look great on the house ... so that's what that's for. 
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The good old McLoughlin house of 1894: I want one of these, but I'm not willing to pay $400. And I wish someone would make one (hint hint Greenleaf) - as an homage to the the McLoughlin house. Plywood "pages" and cloth tape...a reproduction homage. Doorways cut and user can paper as they please. I mean I guess I could go do that, but I'd pay someone else to. Am I in a minority for loving this folding house? 12" square pages.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That was some good dollhouse investigative reporting. Thank you!
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    The bandaid finally fell off and the bits of dried blood removed with petroleum jelly on a Qtip, thank goodness, as we are due to attend a jazz function tonight and I didn't feel like being gross.
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  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    priced from  $3000 - $5000
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I went to the estate sale and the dollhouse was still there! It's a unique house but frankly kind of boring. The facade doesn't have much to it and it's stained so it's all one color, and the interior rooms are painted white, just not very visually interesting. But it's definitely well made and substantial. It's open on both sides with plexiglass walls but I could only see one of the sides because it was pushed up against the wall. The furniture looks like assembled HoM and Realife kits. They were asking $3500 for it, and today was the last day and 50% off so it would have been $1750. If it were a few hundred dollars I might have been tempted (and would have been in a lot of trouble when I called and asked my sweetie to drive over and help me get it home!) I didn't think until after I'd left that I should have asked them what they would do with it if it didn't sell. I took these pictures. The top of the tower lifts off. Also there was a set of front steps sitting on the roof, that belong under the front door. The windows are opening Houseworks windows and the door is a Houseworks Victorian door. One interesting thing is the detail in the gable, those curlicues are the corner blocks that can be used at the corners of windows and doors.  
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Andrea, I love how the house has turned out and Hansel's cage just needs a bone or two from its former occupant (so he can hold it out to show the witch he's not ready to cook yet).
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    oh...we also celebrated the Baby Dedication of my little granddaughter on Sunday!    She is 11 months old now - - walking and SO busy!  LOL  She was toddling all over the house the entire afternoon! She wore us all out!  
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hofco Southern Dynasty kit at a very low buy now price and fair shipping fee on Ebay
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    This past weekend I finished up a miniature project for a cake!  I made some figures from the 1980's movie "Labyrinth" for my cousins' 40th birthday party.
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    I couldn't help looking at used trailers on Craigs list in Washington yesterday, there were quite a few, some as low as $3000, they were small though. there was a really nice one at $7000 with everything including a queen sized bed,but many cheaper than that all with stoves etc and would serve the purpose .There was even a freebie but it needed work. It might be worth a look Kelly. The R pod is similar to a small Boler we had years ago, very tiny but amazingly put together, folks used to ask if they could see inside It actually looks very interesting Anyway whatever you decide, I am right behind you pushing you on. I admire you very much for your courage. XX Jeannine
  14. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    I haven’t had any yellowing with the regular white glue.  Have you looked at Mod Podge? I believe there is a matte finish product available. 
  15. Is there fake rock candy?

    The roof looks really excellent!  Is there going to be something hanging from that support under the round window? you’ve really captured the whole essence with this build 
  16. Hi Kathe, welcome to the forum. The original poster doesn't seem to have come back after this thread so I doubt she'll see your question. You should try contacting Lawbre and ask them. The pictures are gone, but an Old Westbury Hall sold on eBay for just over $3k in 2013: Its value may be more than that for the right buyer, but you'd have to find them. If you have a dollhouse miniatures shop near you, you might want to ask them for advice on how to approach it. Someone who knows miniatures will be in a better position to say its value than a general appraiser. Good luck!
  17. Hello. I too have. Lawbre old west bury hall dollhouse that I would like to sell. Did you ever get any info regarding its value?  Thanks  kathe 
  18. What's everyone working on?

    I'm close to finishing my Hansel & Gretel Buttercup. I didn't like how the frosting roof came out, so yesterday I redid it and also made a cage for Hansel. I think all I have left to do is the chimney top, front stoop, a treasure chest, a ladder up to the trapdoor, and paint touchups. Then I can arrange the furnishings and play. :)
  19. What's everyone working on?

    Yes, photos! It sounds like such a pretty project you're working on, I'd love to see it. 
  20. Is there fake rock candy?

    Love this! The amber 'candy' looks - to me- like the real deal. I want to lick the roof!
  21. Is there fake rock candy?

    So this was the best stuff I could find for rock candy, vase filler at Michael's. There might have been enough of the clear frosted ones to make the whole chimney out of them, but I kind of liked the amber ones, so I used them, too. Is there such a thing as amber rock candy? (maybe maple sugar)? Guess there is now!  I still need to make the chimney top. 
  22. Wall hanging coming along

    Looking good!
  23. Second try on the chocolate frosting roof

    YUMMY! Great job!
  24. Wall hanging coming along

    I love that edging......nice work.....      [l’m going to teach myself to do that one of these day}
  25. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    The school glue is formulated for easy cleanup with water, even after it has dried, 'cause kids can be messy. It does not hold as well as regular white glue over the long run.
  26. What are you up to today? This week?

    Or an R Pod. I love these little guys:
  27. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    Do you know if the school glue is yellowing?  So far it dries the least shiny - the Elmer's all purpose and Lineco neutral ph adhesive come in second for non-shinyness but they are still have a sheen.  What's the different between the Elmer's all purpose and the Elmer's school glue?  Why does everyone always say not to use the school glue?  thanks!
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