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    Yes, They are for the drawers. I haven't built those yet as I am debating on how to finish the fronts. The kit comes with lattice but I don't think I will be using it.
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  4. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Holly, the gravel is only used to impress the rock shapes into an air dry clay sheet.  The tutorial shows how to make your own mold with this, and then use it on more air dry clay to create stone walls.  As you know, the air dry clay is lightweight. The tutorial shows different air dry clays ... I personally like paperclay.  I find that it's very smooth and easy to work with.  I don't care for the smell of Das clay, but some people enjoy it. Another fun way to make stones is using cardboard egg carton/drinks trays.  There are several tut links posted in threads here, I'm sure you could do a search and find all the great tips if you're interested in trying it.  
  5. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    How much will real gravel weigh down your house?  I like carving "stones" into damp spackling compound and then coloring them when the spackle's dry, like I did on my McKinley's tower; it weighs next to nothing.
  6. 5A07E774-4055-4022-AB24-39F3088D2E5C.jpeg

    No, I'm not building that yet. Was just curious. It didn't look like a foundation wall.
  7. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I need to find a pile of gravel then....thanks KathieB!
  8. 20200118-153841.jpg

    I hear you. A three-dimensional editing to essence.  
  9. Act of kindness

    It's the start of an adventure!  I'm assuming your son will help?  It'll be such an awesome project for you both to do together for someone you love!!
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  11. 20200118-153841.jpg

    Yes right now I am thinking half of what I want will be on the unseen half! I always start with too much and have to whittle down.   
  12. 20200118-153841.jpg

    Maybe a small break room/area for the employees sharing space with storage instead of a restroom? Public restrooms and the stairway might be in the unseen half of the building.  
  13. 20200118-153841.jpg

    From the album Primrose

    I wanted a take-out window but I want a long counter on one side and a long bench with a couple of tables on the other. Already decided the roof opening has to be enlarged. Upstairs will be storage and perhaps a restroom. 
  14. 20200118-152831.jpg

    From the album Primrose

    Working on something small today...this is going to be a coffee shop. Dry fitting and figuring out where things will go. Think I will lower the window some. 
  15. 5A07E774-4055-4022-AB24-39F3088D2E5C.jpeg

    Do you have the directions and schematics that come with the kit?  The space below the first floor and above the base is where you put the three drawers.  I find the drawers perfect to store small seasonal items for the house.
  16. Lighting woes - please help!

    I thought I'd share an idea for hiding LED lights in beams. If you building and using bass wood beams and want light I have use led singles and strings. Do not buy the double sided light here as it's a waste of money. This is an example of a string I had to make a Christmas tree . ( yeh thats still not done.) So I stole it for a room box I'm working on. I cut a line into the balsa and placed the sting over it and just pushed it in . so easy and you can have a little or a lot of light. I'll share an actual picture of the room box when it's complete.   Oh yeah you can get warm light or cool light   
  17. Lighting woes - please help!

    Sorry this took so long I have to work to pay for my Mini Habit ( Is there a 10 step program out there) Here is the link to the company I get my LEDs from They have what is called a Pico and Nano all around light the wire is really thin. I use this one a lot. If any wire shows I paint with acrylic enamel gold or what ever color is needed to hide it. You can wire up to 10 on a little battery cell holder with a push button switch any more you have to step up to a bigger battery source. I have put some pretty small holes in house and wired right to the bottom and to one push button switch . They even have clickers now.   
  18. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Hey, Jess. Thanks for posting this. It is a great technique. It does not really matter what scale he is demonstrating. Use stones of a size that looks right to you and you will be good to go.  
  19. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I am thinking of making a rock wall foundation for my Pierce. Maybe even the chimney. I am worried there will be too much brick and the stencil doesn't fit under the floor overhang.  So I found this video about DIY rock wall roller from Real Terrain Hobbies. It's pretty cool. But I think his example is of 1/2 scale? Could someone watch the video (if you haven't already seen it, lol) and let me know? If it is, then I think I can make one using stones twice as big. Thank you very much. I've looked at a lot of stuff about scale, but I don't think I am a good judge yet.
  20. 5A07E774-4055-4022-AB24-39F3088D2E5C.jpeg

    What is the purpose for the space below the first floor and above the base?
  21. My Garfield Arrived

    Margie, the Garfield is the largest 1:12 dollhouse kit that Greenleaf makes.  The Fairfield is a 1:24 kit with totally different configuration of rooms.
  22. 5e22159d16e36-Half-InchStripes.jpg

    What a charming house! I love the deco detailing throughout.  
  23. Half Scale Craftsman Cottage

    Thank you all!
  24. DecoHouseNoStripes.jpg

    I agree it is cool. But I was thinking Jettsons. Because of the windows. Lol
  25. I'm building the half scale Fairfield... slowly.  Its been in dry-fir for months while I accumulate wallpaper, furniture, etc.

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  27. My Garfield Arrived

    Did you just get a new Fairfield, Greenleaf dollhouse? Do you think you could scan the building instructions and post them? I’m in desperate need of the build instructions. thanks, Margie
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