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  2. Making Flowers & Leaves with paper punches.

    I bought a kit of wisteria after looking at the price of the punches, I wanted wisteria on the bed instead of a canopy in the stump fairy house.  I haven't started it yet but looked over the instructions and decided it would take a lot of patience and a magnifying glass, but it doesn't look difficult.  I figure that after hollowing out a rock maple stump I have the patience part down!  I of course haven't got the bed made or designed yet, but when I saw the wisteria kit I knew that is what I wanted it to look like!  If I like making the flowers I may invest in some punches, I can see window boxes with lots of flowers in the windows, or maybe sone ivy growing here and there!  Lots to do before I get there anyway!  Trying to decide on a roof design for a round opening now before I cut the hinged opening.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You could get the Shining Twins to REALLY take it over the top!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The finest house on the 1970s Haunted House block. lol!
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'd do it in splatters and probably some blacklight ink pentagrams. And voila - Amityville type horror. It could be fantastically scary!
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh, my, that is one UGLY monstrosity!
  7. Curio cabinet, floor color

    I find the trick with foamcore is to paint BOTH sides, letting each side dry flat.
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  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

  10. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    Ah yes I told them they could use any picture from my Fairfield if they'd like, not sure if they did. Some of their tiles work for small scale too, the quarter inch squares and triangles and the half inch squares look nice too (like my porch and kitchen). They are very nice and I definitely recomend! If you can't find what you are looking for you can send them a picture and explain what you have in mind, they'll cut them for you as long as it's not weird shapes and angles
  11. Manor house overall shot

    I love the gun room idea  Looking gorgeous, I love the chandeliers did you make them as well?
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That brown and yellow wallpaper in the attic is scary awesome. It could be a great 70-80s era haunted house!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I hope someone gets it and brings it back to life.
  14. BeaconHill-kitchen-floor.jpg

    oh I know who you're talking about, they make amazing floor tiles and such a large selection and very easy to work with!
  15. Greetings!

    Welcome, Liz!
  16. Crysnbon

    Oh, it's beautiful, Beulah! Very nicely done! And those bottles are wonderful too!
  17. Crysnbon

    It took a lot of coats of white paint lol thanks   
  18. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    If anyone is looking for a haunted doll house I think I found it  
  19. What's everyone working on?

    Yes I am talking about the Fairfield
  20. Crysnbon

    Oh, my, that stove is pretty. I've never seen a white one before. And I like the perfume bottles, too.
  21. Curio cabinet, floor color

    After you paint it, put some wax paper over it and then weight it down with a pile of magazines or books. Leave it over night to thoroughly dry. Also, maybe paint it first and then cut so that it doesn't change shape?.. I haven't tried that so just an idea. I don't actually paint directly onto my foamcore. I glue cardstock onto it and paint that.
  22. What's everyone working on?

    I finally have pictures of the doors for the casetta. This is the front door as it originally looked. It's hinged on the right side (facing the door). My front door opening is between the bay window and the side wall, and the top trim on this door made it too large to fit in this space, even if I had cut the door opening the correct size!     This is the front door (the front of it) after I got my grimy little hands on it. It now hinges on the left side. I still need a small piece of wood to cover the spot where the door panels meet. It obviously needs some trim put back on, too. On the bottom of the sill, you can see the hole for the rod that goes through both door panels. Originally, that was on the right side.When I flipped the sill over, I had to make a new hole for the rod.     And I got this plank door for the back. This one fits a 3/8" offset, so I don't know if I'm going to take the trim off of this one.  
  23. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Adorable Batrie dollhouse. Scroll down on the listing to see better pictures. Holy Guacamole that is a long link!
  24. Mattress is done. Sort of.

    Thank you all! Yes, the bed is really nice. It comes in mahogany, white, black, and walnut. And it looks great underneath and when you lift the mattress up as well. I was expecting something cheap and I was surprised by how nice it was. I had to hunt a little on eBay to get the color and price I wanted (there's like a $10 spread on the prices!), but I was happy I got it in the end. I almost was afraid to take it apart, it looks so nice. There's also the same version of this bed by Reutter, but it has a color patterned mattress and seems to cost more. If I'm going to leave that Kleenex on that bed for a while, maybe I should cut it straight. LOL
  25. The lamp

    You're right - I keep seeing this wallpaper in shabby chic houses and rooms, and it always seems to be with white furniture. I had a hunch that walnut might make it a old lady/grandmother room. It's nice to know my hunches are right once in a while. By the way, the person who makes these lamps sells them on eBay. They're really nice and also not expensive - I think they run $10 - $15.
  26. What's everyone working on?

    Are you talking about the Fairfield ?
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