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  2. Victorian lighting

    These are nice sconces:
  3. Victorian lighting

    I saw that as well, this listing is for two lights, the others were probably for only one....but it pays to shop around. I was just pointing out a possibility for Brian. Heidii Ott also has some nice Victorian style lamps, look at how similar they are.......   
  4. BookcasewithBronzes.jpg

    I love this project!   
  5. FinishedFireplace2.jpg

    Gorgeous!  I love the colors, and the fireplace is superb!   
  6. LionSkinRugs2.jpg

    Phenomenal work!  You would never know it started as a bead.   
  7. LeatherChair.jpg

  8. My Heritage really is haunted.

    The wolf's head is what Emily saw as a cat's head.  Jeannine, once you mentioned that wolf I can't unsee it now.
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    No rafting this time, but we probably Will next time as we are allready planning for another visit next year. We absolutley loved the serenity and calmneas of this place.  
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks for sharing. Jane Peterson was a new name to me. Her work is lovely.
  11. Victorian lighting

    Hmm ... I scrolled down the page a bit and found the same lamp listed for about the half price of this listing .... a different seller name but from the same city in China.
  12. Victorian lighting

    These are really nice lights They come on the slow boat from china, but they look like kerosene or gas lamps from that era.
  13. Georgian architecture/interiors etc

    Aha!  I always wondered where 'Regency' came from!  Georgian, Victorian, Elizabethen etc of course are all very self-explanatory!
  14. FinishedFloor.jpg

    Love the floor!  Looking fantastic!  Unusual shape....makes it even more interesting!
  15. LeatherChair.jpg

    What a gorgeous chair!!
  16. LeatherChair.jpg

    Love the tufting!
  17. FinishedWindows3.jpg

    Very nice!
  18. FinishedFloor.jpg

    I also say Wow!  Thank you for sharing links to inspiration and to your blog.  
  19. My Heritage really is haunted.

    I’m still trying to see the wolf! Do you see the woman Jeannine? She has her back turned to us.  I’m sure the house will be an interesting, fun journey, it’s great watching your progress!  Glad to hear you found some inspiration with the Sea Hag  
  20. What are you up to today? This week?

    Went down to Columbia, SC yesterday for the Jane Peterson exhibit. Wonderful! I do love Impressionism. This was the last week for it, so I was very glad to get in and see it, despite all the renovating they're doing at the museum. Here are some of the pretties I saw there: So many others, too. The gift shop was closed when we went, but I'm going to try to get my hands on an exhibit catalog nonetheless.
  21. My Heritage really is haunted.

    Karin the top circle is where I see the wolf face, it has stick up ears and is pointing slightly sideways so you can see the length of it's nose..I find this fascinating as I can see it as clear as a bell but I cannot see a people face
  22. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    I just finished reading Leslie Karst's Dying for a Taste (I'm a big fan of Diane Mott Davidson, so will read cooking mysteries at the drop of a spoon) and one of the recipes at the end sounded so good & simple, plus I had all the ingredients on hand, so I cooked the braised pork chops with apricot brandy sauce, and it scored major points with both the hubs & me!
  23. My Heritage really is haunted.

    Thank you all so much!! I'm going to need all of the encouragement that I can get for this one! This house is also a journey in letting go and letting things be not as "perfect" as they could be. Part of it is just the age and condition of the thing, part my time and ability to restore it, part the way the house was constructed, and's just what it is. I really don't care for the way most of these old DC houses are built, with the trim pieces being the actual framing of the house. I suppose it might make for a more sturdy finished product, but it also means there's no way to change it. If a piece was cut short, or installed a bit off level, it just has to stay that way. Forever. The floors are warped, walls are crooked, windows aren't level. But I'm just going to fix what I can and embrace the rest. It's going to be insanely hot for the next week, so no garage work for me. I'm going to start on some furniture and other bits that I can work on inside. Karin, your Sea Hag is a HUGE inspiration!! I'm not very good at aging and distressing, so I look at your photos often for ideas and inspiration. Some day I'll build an abandoned Halloween house. I have some old and decayed furniture, some dark and gloomy papers, and a handful of skeletons. Some day.  
  24. Thrift stores finds

    The Liquitex comes in a metal tube and the Van Gogh comes in a plastic tube, which is a lot friendlier for me to use, as I have osteoarthritis in my hands and fingers.  In the tube it's thick as oil paints and water color paints in their tubes, if I'm painting pictures with them I thin them on the palette with an extender (you wouldn't believe how fast they dry out!) to keep them moist and water if I want that thinness; sort of like thinning oils with linseed oil or turps, depending on the look you're going for.  You can also use the acrylics from the tubes to tint interior latex house paint to make custom colors for painting minis.
  25. almost finished

    From the album Emerson Row Renovation

    All I nee to do is paint the stairs add the address and other finishing touches. 
  26. I am not new, but...

    Hello there!! Glad to have you back!!  
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