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  2. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, but where the heck the posies is?  All y'all up north are really getting hammered this winter.
  3. Atlanta folks

    I hope our northern AL members are all OK.  We had some bodacious wind gusts here, but nothing like!
  4. What's everyone working on?

    That wee corset is lovely!
  5. Full scale tips...

    Li'l Bratz dolls work in 1:12 scale and back in the 1970s there were 1:12 Barbies; I used some in my farmhouse build that I found in a doll hospital that I redressed.
  6. Hello - a complete newbie!

    Welcome to the little family, Skye.  The Arthur was the very first house that the Building Team built and blogged.  I had a damaged window insert and wrote about how I made do.
  7. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Another big storm hitting this afternoon and evening. 12-18 inches of snow expected. Happy Spring?
  8. The Country DollHouse kits are Almost Gone Again!

    Or dress her like one of the Strawberry Patch dolls with the dress, apron and sunbonnet.  I seem to recall they were very colorful.
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  10. Houses and rooms of the ancient world

    Thanks for this link, Karen. The Czechoslovakian classroom has given me some inspiration for décor in my languishing Bohemian Inn.  
  11. What's everyone working on?

  12. What's everyone working on?

    Sounds good Karin!!! I wish that days were more than 24 hours too !!!!  I've finished my samples for my workshop at the Miniature show. Now time to go to something else, time is running out !!  
  13. You don't want to




    How interesting. I've always wondered about what kind of houses people of other civilizations lived in but I hadn't thought of doing them in miniature. Are you planning or working on one?

  16. Hello - a complete newbie!

    Welcome Skye! I remember how excited I was when I got my first kit  Glad you found us.
  17. Hello everyone!  I've been eyeing and reading about miniatures and dollhouses for a couple years now. I already love fairy gardens and am finally getting my very first kit tomorrow. It's the Arthur Dollhouse and I'm getting it from someone who bought it but never used it. I'm so very excited to start this new project and I hope to get to know this community along the way.     
  18. Houses and rooms of the ancient world

    I think I've only done one house or roombox that wasn't from another historic period. I just remembered I had these pictures saved on my extra hard drive. I've had them about 14 years or so, never did get around to building a Roman house, so maybe they'll help you on your project. I don't even remember how I got them, they're from a museum display.  The forum was acting goofy again, wouldn't let me post any of the pix in this text so I uploaded them to gallery   


    From the album museum Roman house model

    I did not build this, it's a model from a museum. I've had the pictures for years, don't remember where they came from.
  21. Atlanta folks

    I can breathe now.  All safe
  22. Yes I think it will be fun. I can see every room having it's own color But we'll see I'd like her to have a lot of input on her house.  I'm trying to find a rainbow doll too but no luck yet . So far to big or way to much money . How perfect would a Rainbow Brite doll be but I guess they are collectors items now. May make a rainbow dress for a little doll I have .
  23. Atlanta folks

    Yep! I'm still alive  It was wild!
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