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  2. Bath room

    it is adorable. Love the bathtub space!
  3. Anyone Know This House?

    Beautiful house  
  4. 5950ae7995b21-condo7.jpg

    I love the bay window.
  5. Today
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Isn't Dave Norm's son?  For some reason I thought I read that somewhere.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I wonder how Steve arrived at the selling price for this one: $700!?! On a different but related note, why is the base of the Newberg so high? I feel like with just a few more inches they could have simply included a basement. It is a seriously tall foundation for not having any access. 
  8. Realistic doll faces

  9. Anyone Know This House?

    What a deal. It's adorable. 
  10. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Love your space Anna! So neat and organized.
  11. barn bathvanity.jpg

  12. 5950ae7995b21-condo7.jpg

    Looking great Linda, I know you have put a lot of work into this build.
  13. 594baadb0cf52-condo3.jpg

    Oh how wonderful a mini toolbox full of tools also!
  14. 594bac7b54090-condo5.jpg

    I also love the hardhats Linda!
  15. help with wallpaper

    For a wall with windows with fiddly trim cut scrap paper into strips and small pieces to fit in sections and tape the sections together as you fit them to the wall and around the windows (or doors, should you ever have that issue) and write "front" on the paper patchwork.  When you have covered the wall and have a precise fit, remove your paper patchwork and you will have a pattern to cut your wallpaper to fit.  Lightly mark the "up" of the wallpaper pattern on the back in pencil.  Lay the pattern "front" side down on the back of your wallpaper piece (making sure to check that the top of the pattern is in the same direction as the "up"  mark) and you are good to cut.
  16. I need some help in finding a dollhouse

    OMG I hope someone gets one, it's gorgeous. 
  17. Anyone Know This House?

    You are a wealth of knowledge!  Thank you! The house came unfurnished.  I have prob over 60 Bespaq pieces now cause I hit the motherlode of estate sales about a month ago.  I was a kid in a candy store. I will post some of my buys in a gallery / album as soon as I figure how it works. 
  18. Anyone Know This House?

    It was empty when I bought it.  About a month ago, I went to an estate sale and purchased about 95% of the miniatures  you see in this image. The bed is a Bespaq piece I got for $10. It was dark mahogany but I painted it white.  It is my fav bed!
  19. help with wallpaper

    I just finished wallpapering my Jefferson... The most important thing I learned... Do it before the walls are glued together.  I did the very best I was able. I noticed your windows have angled wood above, Mine didn't, they just had square trim. I took a piece of computer paper and just pressed it against the wall and ran my fingers around the edges to make a crease. I did my best to measure what I could and then *eyeballed* the rest. It was a slow and long project but I finished it up this evening. I used mini wall paper prints I found on line and printed them from my printer on Card Stock paper and used just plan Kids Glue Sticks to glue it.... It dries quickly and seemed to work very well. I wish you good luck, Just be very patient..... (((HUGZ)))    
  20. Cornflowers

    So pretty. What have you used to frost the glass?
  21. Living room floor and lights

    Excellent work on the floor.  I like your wallpaper choice too. 
  22. Bath room

    What a great room! Love the bath alcove.  
  23. barn foundation

    This looks great! I'm looking for a concrete look finishes for my San Franciscan. I think I'll give this technique a try too.  Thanks for sharing.  
  24. 5950ae7995b21-condo7.jpg

    From the album 1/6 scale Bay Window house

    2 floors done, ceiling shots there, 2nd floor ceiling is in place.  on to the 3rd floor.
  25. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Teriann -I think I have the house in your picture, the one with the doors, I very much enjoyed renovating it.   So,  cleaning suspended, room is a wreck, I bought a tiny glass terrarium and of course, had to create a little scene in it ...  back to cleaning tomorrow.  I moved all my molding strips onto a cart I found in the trash, I use clear tubes to sort them, and it all moved over as though the cart was meant to hold them.  I want the wood "planks" off the floor so I'm going to try a back of the door rack I found at target - we will see.  I saw the box and thought, hmmmm -that might work ...  
  26. barn living.jpg

    I would have a difficult time covering that floor!!!  Everything is working for this beautiful build.  
  27. barn bar.jpg

    Everything you have chosen is working well
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