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  2. To seal or not to seal

    I've had success sealing all my wood parts with just a quick coat of polyurethane. I coat every single part including the little ones like window trim, steps, etc etc. I haven't had any issues with bonding, I use Gorilla Wood Glue for construction, and then I'll use Aleenes white glue for a lot of other stuff.    
  3. Tile roof using corrugated cardboard

    I love barrel tile roofs. I haven't done one yet but I've seen the method how to do it. Yours looks really good.  Are you going to keep the same color throughout? I live in So Fla and down here we have a lot of these roofs in real life and there are multi colored clay tiles, all in the same color palette still. We have lots of solid colored ones too though.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    If anyone needs any Beacon Hill parts this guy's got them.....came across 2 of his listings on eBay for "scrap wood" for dollhouse building, realized it's someone's kit that either passed away or gave up. He's got an almost full window sheet in one of the listings. Listing with the Beacon Hill windows:
  5. Help!

    What seems to be the problem?
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  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    I hear you, Kelly. I don't have to deal with a leaking abode, but cold and damp-to-wet is not my idea of great weather. 

    That is a cute one.  I've gotten the "glassware" and white "porcelain ware" sets.
  9. Hello everyone!

    Welcome Julie Your enthusiasm is contagious. I can't wait to see what dollhouse you have. I give you credit for saving it for so long.
  10. Beacon Hill assembly

    I'll paint it. I want to get some of the inside done first. Yeah, it's had a rough life. But it fit perfectly up in that "Mom's attic" on a Uhaul. It's only lost the front porch step, which is not a problem to make it myself. The underneath of it I had to re-strengthen, just from moving it around, some of the slats came loose. I really need a turntable of some kind.  The cat table I got from a shop in San Antonio, I think they closed, they still have stuff, but it's by appt only.
  11. childhood custom dollhouse

    For that matter you could build a door with transom.
  12. Hello to fellow miniature lovers.

    Welcome Carole! Enjoying seeing the pics of your Walmer. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Ashley. I have one in my stash that I started bashing years ago for a restaurant but have forgotten what I had planned and the parts don't make sense now lol!
  13. Missy and I already figured this out in PMs, but in case anyone shows up in this thread looking for an answer to the same problem, it turns out the newer Beacon Hill kits use a thinner cardboard/veneer for the dormer roofs (the schematic is outdated).
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  15. Orchid Dollhouse

    You can download them here:  
  16. Hofco Victorian farmhouse kit 192

    Awwww ... well, that just frees up some room in your house for a different house.  
  17. 1:12 scale model of Video Production Studio

    Bentley House Mini you tube channel does a lot of matboard furniture. She breaks it down really good for us newbies. Lol 
  18. Where to buy accessories

    Lee, Dawn is a member here and also carries the Bromley stencils for brick & stone.
  19. Hello!

    I remember seeing photos of that awhile back when I was looking through galleries and Google to see what others had done with their Fairfields.  It's a one-of-a-kind feature!
  20. Act of kindness

    What fun ... thank you!
  21. Clay stone technique

    I have two pasta machines; one for polymer clay and one for pasta.
  22. New to All of This

    Andi I tore the partially built Pierce apart and restarted. I was chomping at the bit to get to "exciting" stuff. Nothing more glamorous than using a heat gun and scraping off old glue. But No kept telling myself this is a process and take time to enjoy the process. I settled down and found I enjoyed it more.  Trying to rush put on unnecessary pressure. Disassembling was just as important and exciting as building.  Good luck!
  23. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I split the posts about the clay stone technique into a different thread since it went off topic from 1/2" scale. It's here if anyone's looking for it.
  24. Beacon Hill dollhouse , porch posts

    Hi, Ashlee, and welcome to the forum. Regarding the porch posts, it may take some gentle sanding and filling with Spackle or caulk to get the appearance that makes you happy. Think of the kit as the bones of the house. It is up to you to flesh it out to your liking. As for priming, Holly is correct. You don't want to prime if you plan to use stain. However, it's a good idea to prime everything else, especially walls and ceilings that will be papered or painted. There is a natural oil in wood that will, over time, leach into the wall/ceiling covering, causing brown spots. 
  25. Help! I have never constructed a dollhouse before & was given the Greenfield Garfield. Someone had this for years but only opened the box & labeled the sheets 1-40. So I have just gotten my work area fixed up for the next year or two...but cannot figure out the construction of the foundation. I am not sure I have all the instructions since I did not see any warmup instructions that were talked about & to do before starting. When the instructions say “butt A ends and B ends together & glue” I have no idea what that is. In advance thank you. 

  26. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    The small dome ceiling lights are all dim red. One thing I did notice, is the longer the system is plugged in the brighter those dome lights became. They never get what I would call bright, but they were better after about 15 minutes. Some of the plug in floor and table lamps and newer looking wall sconces are much brighter.    I agree, its probably not the connections. In some cases a bulb was simply loose, but a light is either on or off.  It must be the bulb type used in those dome lights is weaker somehow or it maybe similar to using a tiny nightlight vs a 100 W light bulb in your own livingroom. I don't really know how some lights could get less power than other ones with the same power source.  Looks like I am going to need to replace all those older dome ceiling lights. 
  27. I would be interested in the dollhouse. My day job is doing fabrication in a plastics company, so it would be just like work but actual fun. The only issue is I'm not in the US, I'm in Canada. Is it possible to find out how much shipping costs would be? If you're willing to go through the hassle with that, let me know and I'll message you my address if nobody else comes forward with wanting the orchid.
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