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  2. Is everything okay at Bespaq?

    It looks like there are many Greenleaf buyers of Debbie's great buys. I personally like it when the seller post the price as buy it now.  I can decide if I want to pay that price or move on.  But, she definitely has some of the most reasonable prices on her pieces. I must say that @grazhina also has some great prices on her listings.  I buy a lot from her too.
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  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Miranda , I'm so sorry Hugs to you and your family.
  5. McQueenie gypsy caravan

    Jeannine, I wish you all the best on your trip. Safety first for you and lots of patience and love for your family. Keep us posted. Hugs!
  6. Dura Craft Bellingham

    Kathy- I just went thru my old pics and posted a few more of them to my Bellingham album.  You can go to my albums on my profile and see all of the pics. Unfortunately I don't seem to have an AFTER pic of the entire interior.....could take one though.   
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It's fibreboard exterior and plywood interior, but there's a $35 weight surcharge, so yes--I'm guessing it's very heavy. 
  8. Last week
  9. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Ok, life and more company got in the way of construction, but this afternoon I got back to work. I took pictures of all of the rooms as they were staged when NJ was here, put the wallpaper in a safe place, packed up the room contents, and enlarged the dining room door to accommodate the Houseworks block and trim interior door. It was a bit tedious using a utility knife/box cutter, but in the end it worked out okay. Now I need to build up the wall so the door frame doesn't stick out awkwardly. Not a big deal. Three more doorways to enlarge.  But about the electrical system. I still haven't figured out where to put the power source connector for the CR2 system. It's an ugly critter, not smooth and unobtrusive like the junction splice I've used before. Any suggestions? I thought about putting it under the overhang of the kitchen (now dining room) bay, but that would be awkward for attaching the power cord. I suppose I could put it in the open and camouflage with a bush or cellar door, but still, no likely spot comes to mind.  Hmmm ... wonder if it could hide under the house, behind the basement window. <Thinking again> But when the fuse needs to be replaced, it would mean emptying the house and tipping it up to reach the fuse. 
  10. You should set yourself up an Instagram page for this house, open to offers. There is a lot of action going on in miniatures over there and I’m always amazed at the prices ooak miniatures sell for.
  11. New and need guidance

    I would also recommend priming the interior of your house as well.  If you plan on staining the floors, mask those off first then spray or brush paint with Kilz. I use real life interior latex paint for my houses.  You can purchase those sample sizes for pretty cheap usually. Oh- and select a matte or satin because gloss paint is too overbearing in a miniature setting. For a gingerbread house I would probably go with those standard size windows with the mullions only- no "glass".  I've used them before in a house that was to be used as a "play" house rather than for a collector. They are pretty sturdy. Have fun with your rehab!
  12. And did you successfully pick his brain? :D
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Well I ordered the Shapeway figurines so that's the hardest part out of the way. I can cobble together the rest with my own supplies. Getting the Freddie and Jim were really important and I don't want to wait too long because i can't build anything until those come in. I want to make sure the house is big enough for them. She really only wants 3 rooms decorated anyway. The whole house will be closed off so you wont be able to access anything. It's really just there for a glimpse. 
  14. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    I love the armchair; you & Keith ought to get together!
  15. Just read this article, this collector is looking for a new home for her collection. A place where people can go and view them. If anyone has any ideas please contact them.  
  16. Once in a Lifetime Splurge!

    I too have searched with no success.
  17. Lawbre Glen Cove

    Thanks, Kathie - I didn't realize that was all in there!  Since the last upgrade I haven't figured out all the changes yet.  I see that we have lost a lot of emoticons also.    They were so much fun! 
  18. Miniature in magic show - Netflix

    I'll check that out. Thanks Carmen. 
  19. My router attachment for my Dremel has a fence...
  20. Making bedding sets

    I figured you would know all about starch!  I guess Deb used hairspray on my bed.
  21. Stone texture paint on wooden shingles?

    I use one of those fiber dusters on my houses, then a light vacuuming.
  22. Stand/table for Lawbre Glen Cove Villa

    Ladies, as the former president of a local dollhouse club, I can tell you about the numerous calls I’ve gotten from surviving spouses who’ve had to deal with their wive’s miniature obsessions. They are completely clueless as to how to “get rid of” the endless amounts of inventory collected over the years. They have no idea as to the actual value of the items and no way or time to figure it all out. I explain to them there is EBay, garage sales, estate sales (50% fee) or they can purchase a table at our annual show and try to sell it there. Unfortunately, they can’t be bothered and most of it ends up as donations or in a landfill. Never consider collecting as an investment. It’s an entertainment expense, like going to the movies.  
  23. Giving it a shot..Artply Alison

    Looking fw to seeing what you do for 40s- 50s decor. There seems to be quite a lot of items available for that era. I’ve thought about doing the house from A Christmas Story which would be in that time frame. Glad you’re doing a little better. Karin 
  24. Reborn babies

    This interesting. I have some of these the raw. I bought them and the equipment to do then about 3 years ago and never got around to it. As I am cleaning out things I no longer do I guess that is another thing to gather up and find a home for. There is some beautiful work shown here and one time I would have loved to explore this fabulous craft  but not now I fear. Well done to the ones shown, just lovely.well done to you.
  25. Vintage Travel Trailer

    I had a 1:1 RV travel trailer to help; also a coworker who was insulin-dependant.
  26. Yes, I did get t from Karen, lovely woman, and the entire family is so nice!   I am currently in Greece so I just talked to them on the phone but they were all super helpful.  My apologies if I haven't responded to your comment properly, I tried to find a "reply" option for I said I am brand new to this site and still learning the ropes.

  27. Thank you so much for your note!   I did manage to get my profile pic uploaded, so that was a huge accomplishment!  Your links were wonderful, and I have always said that dollhouse people are the most nicest and helpful souls in the world!  I tried to reply to your note but once again am still new to this site, much to learn, so wrote onhere instead, hopefully I will get the gst of it and wont be the new kid on the block for very long!   Thanks again!

    1. Mid-life madness

      You are welcome and thank you!

  28. I love Lawbre Houses....the ultimate house in my opinion.  I am fortunate enough to have an American Craft Products Queen Anne Row that has to be was purchased partially built from the grandson of an avid miniaturist that passed. I hope you'll share pictures with us of your Barstow Belle!

    1. Mini Loving A

      Hi Qubanqtee! Yes, I adore Lawbre as well. I will absolutely share photos soon.

      The row houses are great for saving space... which I know most of us wish we had more of to display more mini projects. That's why I chose the BB. It has some strange quirks that I'm just getting around to figuring out how to deal with but it's been part of the family for a long time now and I am really enjoying being back to it :)

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