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  2. Is there fake rock candy?

    No, that has to do with the strangest part of this cottage. I was originally thinking of a scratch build, because I wanted space for the built-in beds, and also an upper chamber with a steep roof and a round hole like a birdhouse. (How cool that the Buttercup had both!) Because the fairy tale mentions nice little beds where the children are tucked in, but nothing about where the witch sleeps. Somehow I couldn't picture this cannibal witch with a nice cozy bedroom or even sleeping in a bed. Then I heard a song called The Jealous Crow, about an old ragged crow who's jealous of a young maiden's beauty and casts a spell to steal it from her. Instead the crow changes into an ancient woman and the girl becomes a beautiful bird. That gave me the idea of the H&G witch as sometimes taking a human form and sometimes that of a carnivorous crow. (They do eat nestlings, I've read.) So I'm giving her a nest in the top of the house, and I was going to attach pegs outside the birdholes where she alights when returning from wild night flights. But instead, I had these pendant brackets that look great on the house ... so that's what that's for. 
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The good old McLoughlin house of 1894: I want one of these, but I'm not willing to pay $400. And I wish someone would make one (hint hint Greenleaf) - as an homage to the the McLoughlin house. Plywood "pages" and cloth tape...a reproduction homage. Doorways cut and user can paper as they please. I mean I guess I could go do that, but I'd pay someone else to. Am I in a minority for loving this folding house? 12" square pages.
  4. Today
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    The bandaid finally fell off and the bits of dried blood removed with petroleum jelly on a Qtip, thank goodness, as we are due to attend a jazz function tonight and I didn't feel like being gross.
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Andrea, I love how the house has turned out and Hansel's cage just needs a bone or two from its former occupant (so he can hold it out to show the witch he's not ready to cook yet).
  7. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    I haven’t had any yellowing with the regular white glue.  Have you looked at Mod Podge? I believe there is a matte finish product available. 
  8. Hi Kathe, welcome to the forum. The original poster doesn't seem to have come back after this thread so I doubt she'll see your question. You should try contacting Lawbre and ask them. The pictures are gone, but an Old Westbury Hall sold on eBay for just over $3k in 2013: Its value may be more than that for the right buyer, but you'd have to find them. If you have a dollhouse miniatures shop near you, you might want to ask them for advice on how to approach it. Someone who knows miniatures will be in a better position to say its value than a general appraiser. Good luck!
  9. Hai from Australia

    Welcome to the little family, Alicia.  My youngest son has a mental illness to cope with, but he builds with Legos to deal with it.  Which was your little house you built?  When you have made five posts you can make an album in the gallery to share pictures of it, and another for your Beacon Hill when you start it.
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  11. 1/12th scale 2x4 Hollow Wall Construction

    Yes, but I've abandoned the metal rods, they're an eye hazard:  While you're working on the house - say you're wallpapering 2 walls & you want to align the design of the wp - you place the rod part way down (lazy) to lock the walls - if the rod is sticking out the top it's very difficult to see it! I now slide a corner molding over the grooved exterior corner of the walls & roof ridge to lock them together. The corners are screwed together & the slide-over trim hides the screws.  
  12. Frustrated, In Dire Need of Workaround

    You're talking about parchment paper from the baking aisle, right?
  13. KathieB's Garden Blog, Georgia edition :)

    Did some weeding this morning. Have ordered a bird seed feeder with a protective cage designed to keep out squirrels. I'm guessing it will also keep out the shack bully pigeons. If it does, I'll get a caged suet feeder to block the greedy starlings. Some new additions to the garden in today's blog entry. Rain, rain ... *sigh*
  14. Fairfield wiring

    Excellent video, thanks Sable. Despite having electrified a few houses, I learned a lot. I took notes and am inspired to do the electric in the Beacon Hill as the next step. For some reason, I've been shying away from doing any more construction.
  15. Last week
  16. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Thank You. My stuff comes in tomorrow and I will have some fun with it.
  17. Hello from PA

    Welcome Cindy.
  18. stucco on builders foam

    I just thought of something since we're on the subject of whitewash and stone. Here's a fireplace I did that's another old timey look, plastered over and whitewashed stone. In this case I made egg carton stones, applied a thin layer of drywall compound, then I whitewashed the chimney. If you zoom into the picture you can see the outline of the stones under the plaster and whitewash.
  19. Miter Master deal at Micro Mark

    Keep your miter box and saw for thicker stock.
  20. Hiya!

    Welcome Kristy! As others have said in the past...we love eye candy here.  So as soon as you have made 5 posts you can start an album.  Looking forward to pics of your Orchid      
  21. Little Texas Dollhouse

    Thanks for all your feedback! 
  22. What scale for automobiles for the dollhouse.

    Well it's always good to see you posting.  Do give Rosemary our very best wishes that she feel better soon.
  23. alternate lighting

    I use little leds, like in here: Also hid some in the ceiling, the wires are very thin and the led is about 2 mm in size.
  24. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    In the southern US a biscuit is a piece of quick-rise bread made with flour to which small amounts of salt, baking powder and baking soda have been added; shortening is worked into the dry mixture in a one part shortening to three parts flour ratio and sour milk/ buttermilk added to make a soft dough.  This is divided into equal portions, rolled into balls, placed on an oiled baking sheet, flattened and baked at 450F for about ten minutes/ until golden.
  25. Now here's a daft question

    Thank you  all. I figured fastening the wheels to the axles and then letting the axles spin but I looked it up on the internet and it confused me as one article said they moved  different, eg the axles moved slower than the wheels. Of course when you think about it of course they seem to but in reality if they are attached they really don't. Serves me right for looking at a science programme for kids LOL Anyway we were all right and the wheels are on and working just as they are supposed to. This project is finally getting close to be finished.
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