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  2. Anyone Know This House?

    Beautiful house  
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  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Isn't Dave Norm's son?  For some reason I thought I read that somewhere.
  5. Realistic doll faces

  6. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Love your space Anna! So neat and organized.
  7. help with wallpaper

    For a wall with windows with fiddly trim cut scrap paper into strips and small pieces to fit in sections and tape the sections together as you fit them to the wall and around the windows (or doors, should you ever have that issue) and write "front" on the paper patchwork.  When you have covered the wall and have a precise fit, remove your paper patchwork and you will have a pattern to cut your wallpaper to fit.  Lightly mark the "up" of the wallpaper pattern on the back in pencil.  Lay the pattern "front" side down on the back of your wallpaper piece (making sure to check that the top of the pattern is in the same direction as the "up"  mark) and you are good to cut.
  8. I need some help in finding a dollhouse

    OMG I hope someone gets one, it's gorgeous. 
  9. Victoria's farmhouse

    I love foamcore for adding walls, making closets, etc., because I can cut it with my utility knife!
  10. Mary Engelbreit

    I like what you did with the house. Fun and whimsical! 
  11. Yesterday
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Although I'm still working on the Tudor, I'm also currently in the planning stage for my DW's DH project - a modern Kubo house.  This is our inspiration:
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks Holly.  I'm still trying to catch up with everyone on here.  It's been a while.
  14. Hi, all - I don't know if anything I listed will interest the seasoned veteran, but here's a link: I've been meaning to list these things for months, and got inspired when I found this discussion area - so thank you!  If anyone has an interest in any part/s of any lots just let me know, i grouped them randomly.
  15. Hi, all - Richmond VA

    Thank you, Holly!  The one, new shop we have now is quite nice, there are several houses fully decorated and she displays the items for sale beautifully.  She consults/teaches too, wish I had the time to take advantage of it. Ugh, sorry you had the mouse ordeal, too.  I have birds and dogs, and couldn't find a killing method I was comfortable with... I also thought I had 'a' mouse in the beginning, and I've since learned there's no such thing.   I've had such a nice time popping around the site today - and am so impressed with its longevity, through changes or otherwise!  I'd looked before and never found you all, glad I did.
  16. Will ask for a ID

    Kelly, you are the best Lisa, that is gorgeous house.
  17. The link shows a more reasonable price, as that's what I paid for mine when Dura-Craft went out of business.  Actually if you read the rules before posting you would know not to list prices in your post.
  18. VF first dollhouse build

    Jeremy's back!  I guess you have a computer, now?
  19. Hard day for my family

    I am so sorry you and your family is getting hit with so much loss at once. 
  20. Thanks Brae! That's a lot of great information. I think I saw the foam bricks on a site where someone was making war-game castles out of it... I'm not sure it's going to be the best option so I'm keeping egg carton in my back pocket.  But looking at your Aero Squadron gives me confidence. Your brick & stone work turned out fantastic.   I'm definitely going to see if I can source the Cellfoam 88 here.  
  21. Can You Name this Little 1/2 Size Gem

    Some are screaming right now... I had to close up the garage and come inside...... 
  22. Last week
  23. My first dollhouse is built!

    Liola, please post n introduction in he Newcomers' Forum.
  24. Jefferson House

    I have a picture of real life stairs done like that and Lisa did her stairs in her Glencroft the same way. I agree, though, Holly, I love that the wallpaper on the stairs goes with the regular wallpaper. I'm thinking about if for the Arthur.   And oh, is my face red! The Jefferson stairs DO go on the left hand side of the hall. I remember now why I thought they went on the right. That's where I put them in my Jefferson. I also remember facing them forward so they were going front to back. The way things are going I might not even remember I had a Jefferson if this memory loss keeps up. LOL Cyndy, to answer your first questions, though, the Jefferson appears in my 6th catalog dated 1983. I didn't see it in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th catalogs and I don't have the 5th, so I have no idea if it appeared sooner than that. I have a hunch it did. I can't remember when I got mine, but I know I had it in 1989 (I think) because that was when I got my storage locker and it was in that. Greenleaf originally named their houses after presidents and I don't know if they went in order or not. One of these days I'm going to get a list of all the names together just to check them all out. Anyway, one way to see other Jefferson's is to just put "Jefferson dollhouse" in Google and then select images. You can also do the same for "colonial houses". A lot of colonials have been around since the mid 1700s, so like Amy and Jenn said, you can pick your time period from then all the way up to the present. Are you watching "We Bought the Farm"? I don't know what channel it's on, but couples go hunting for farms in the Eastern states. Some of those houses they look at are beautiful and full of old details. One thing you might want to remember is that floors at that time were made from trees that had been growing a long, long time. So the floor planks were really wide. In older houses the windows were fairly small, too. And chimneys were in the middle of the house to heat the whole place. That's about all I know of that architecture, but there should be a ton of historical pics on the internet. You might even want to see if your library has a section on houses and there might be some nice pictorial books on Colonial houses.    
  25. Hi, Everyone!  I'm new to the forum and relatively new to miniatures.  My first project was redecorating a bohemoth 9 room dollhouse my sister-in-law gave me.  She didn't build it, bought at a yard sale.  I have no idea what the house is called, could find nothing on it.  I redid floors, wallpaper, paint, bought and built some furniture and before I could fully accessorize, my granddaughter became impatient to get it home.  So I let it go, unfinished to my mind. I've bought a Westville to start from scratch and start small.  I'll post a picture of the previous house once I figure out how to pull it from my phone gallery.

    1. Beulah

      Welcome Anna, My first one I did was for my granddaughter also. :) 

  26. Painting the exterior

    Wow, thanks for all the great advice. Will check w/ DH to see if he has any drywall compound. I do have gesso, so I may go that route. Thanks again!    
  27. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    I expect people who make such insensitive remarks have no imaginations or creativity in their lives.  How sad.
  28. The Linfield

    Hi Sue welcome to the little gang   
  29. My next project

    What a sweet house.  I especially like the elf's bedroom.
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