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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Currently working on: RGT's jr front opening conservatory, the St. Charles by majestic mtn, and the Bostonian 
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  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Fingers crossed for you! Thats a goegeous set!
  5. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Stephanie, why not post us an intro in the Newcomers' Forum and let us know which house you're building?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Really looking forward to this.  More potential inspiration:  (in French, but can be translated).  Sue Cook has some truly lovely plaster work.  She is in the UK, but does a good job of packing for shipping overseas. (Not sure where you are located.)  Also try searching Etsy for "dollhouse wall panel" for more plaster work and some lovely wallpapers. Have fun!
  8. Sugarplum Dollhouse second floor

    You're welcome, Danease.  I love it too!  I look forward to your build.
  9. Hi from Upstate New York

    Hello!   I also live in up-state NY in Dutchess county. I have never made a Dollhouse but I want to try.
  10. Hofco House, Inc. Homestead House KW142

    Thank you, Cathy and Heidi! I learned something new and hopefully, I won't forget it in my old age (although I wouldn't bank on that).

    Thank you, Carrie @Mid-life madness for letting us know about these grab bags!   The temptation was too great.... I had to order a couple lol    
  12. Flooring Question

  13. Glencroft Dry Fit

    Thanks Holly,   That's very helpful. Marcia
  14. Hi from Australia

    I like battery LEDs  and have done them in a whole house with the wires running in the fireplace. You can add  up to 10 LEDs  on one switch. The same house has 10 more going to a swith in the attic .  I have some new LEDs and they have a clicker to turn them on and off. Haven’t used them yet they’ll go in the next house. 
  15. My First Dollhouse!

    It's great to meet everyone! I will definitely keep a look out for those books!
  16. Reeeally dumb question about 1/12 scale

    Check your art supply store like Utrecht's and D i c k  Blick.
  17. Really need instruction to Laurel Town Home

    Hi Mike, welcome, even though it's not a Greenleaf house please don't think we won't try to help you or you can't be here....everyone on the forum is helpful and will do their best to get you going in the right direction.  Hope you'll hang out and keep us posted on your progress!  It's a beautiful house!
  18. Maui

    Thanks Nell! That’s the book I have! Also following some very informative fb groups and good old trip advisor. There an app called Maui gypsyguide (something like that) that works offline even and it is supposed to be really helpful.  I appreciate the tips! Yes I had read the crater is very cold, I’ll prepare for that.   I actually made the mistake of asking on the fb group about ghost hunting/ haunted locations to visit and one of the locals took offense. Like serious offense. It was kind of threatening and I was thinking hmmmm...better be careful, I didn’t realize there was some serious animosity toward tourists among some locals.  I’ve been doing some research about the Hawaiian history and I think it’s fascinating. I’ve never looked in to it before. Basically the entire island is probably haunted. People told me about developers going right over ancient burial grounds. So sad what the natives have been through. 
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  20. Winchester

    Finished the foundation and started lining roof sections (on two step step stool!) l)
  21. An awwww... moment

    Oh, I am the queen of nitpicking when it comes to other parents' kids. I'm one of those who says "If those were MY kids...". LOL But if training dogs helped me in one thing, it did teach me to follow up what I tell (not ask and no "please" in sight!) any kids to do after the FIRST time I tell them, not the second, third, or tenth time. Comes in real handy for babysitting. But I did tell my mom that if she were that unhappy about how I was raising my dog, I would just let him steal the roast off the counter the next time. And there were crickets.
  22. Shadow Boxes

    You could experiment with different periods and styles - maybe that is what this sofa is meant to be- something to experiment with. Good luck!  
  23. Adams House Ideas

    After looking at that kit, I may use the Sugarplum instead! Thank you! 
  24. Congratulations Shannon!

    Thanks everyone. It is a good magazine - lots of projects!
  25. Removing Wallpaper from MDF?

    I would give the thoroughly dry, sanded & wiped MDF wall a skim coat of spackle and when it's also thoroughly dry, sand it smooth, if you're going to paint it; only I won't willingly/ knowingly mess with MDF if I can help it..
  26. Bargain Idea for Workbench Light

    so cool!  kinda lord of the rings-ish!!  love it
  27. Lighting a Foamcore Dollhouse

    I've worked with multiple foamcore thickness, to prevent warping I would suggest 1/2 or thicker.  you won't regret it!  I have used the standard foamcore and experienced loads of warping on a garage I built, however once I utilized the 1/2 thickness no worries! I'm also building a house out of gator board, although it is much sturdier at a smaller thickness, it requires sanding prior to painting and is quite expensive where I am and almost impossible to procure.   hth! and good luck in whatever material you choose to use!  I look forward to seeing some construction photos!
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