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  2. Lighting

    I know a lot of people swear by the tapewire system.. but I just couldn't get my head around it... I've decided to go with round wire because that's what makes sense to me... you just need to have a look at all the options and then decide on the what you think is the easiest for you. Don't be afraid of it, the worst that can happen is it won't work first time... and you can always try try again. :D  
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  4. Porch Ideas

    Hope this helps.   
  5. Chicago show April 21

    Nice stuff Heide. That girls room bed is so darling. 
  6. Carrie, thanks for the offer! I'll send you a PM. I usually paint my countertops. I want to do something different this time, and since I have the countertop plus two surrounds (shower and tub) to do, I thought paper would be easiest.
  7. Is the beacon hill sturdy?

    Hi Mia, I am currently building one so lemme give you my two cents.  As with other Greenleaf dollhouses the structure is made out of thin plywood sheets (around 4mm in thickness). This might not seam very sturdy for a 1:12 scale build... however, the way the parts fit and connect together make the structure very stable and it feels sturdy enough to me. I would however still advise caution when assembling it, specially some parts like the mid section long wall may be a bit hard to put in place so be careful when applying pressure on the plywood as it might break! After it's in place you can hammer the walls into the slots, sand and cut with no problems. Don't use nails, only glue. I haven't glued the siding yet but I imagine that will also help to reinforce the walls, and if you still don't feel it's sturdy enough you can cut templates for the interior walls out of wood and thicken them up a bit.  These structures can feel a bit lightweight but I think that is a plus, overal they are very sturdy (after assembled) as long as you don't sit on them or anything like that. The pieces aren't very 'sturdy' on their own and require a bit of care during assembly, some might even come damaged out of the box (it happened to me) but it's not expensive to repair/replace them. They are probably better suited for adults or older children (many sharp edges), but as long as the house is well kept it will last long. The Beacon Hill is not a very easy build and it might take you a long time to finish, but I do think it's a lovelly house and really worth the effort! I think you won't be disapointed with the choice ;)
  8. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    I've replied to so many "how do I get started?" posts that it goes quick.  Whilst dry-fitting I whittle tabs & slots for a more perfect fit, so that when it's time to glue it goes together nicely.  I also use the tape to hold the edges together until the glue dries, although I have also been known to pop a few heavy-duty staples along the edges to help hold them together.
  9. What's everyone working on?

    I'm Happy for you. You'll probably have yours done way before me,I'm a very slow worker. I know you will make it look amazing!!
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  11. French Country Manor Update

    Good question Sam! I was considering this and decided to stop the crown at the opening of the hole. I will have to fill the indent above the wallpaper, which is the thickness of the 2nd floor, but it will probably just be white. 
  12. My first dollhouse is built!

    How beautiful! Great details!
  13. (Almost) Between Weddings

    Oh, Debra, I am so very sorry for your loss!  {hug}
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Smart!  Along the coast things are overcast but quiet; north of I-10 it gets "interesting"...
  15. Stained Glass

    Rosalind, thanks for the suggestion to clean up the lines with the Exacto knife.  I'm sure my lines will not be perfect!
  16. Chateau de Champlain progress

  17. Last week
  18. Reading Room - roombox

    This is coming along Wonderfully!! What a great inspiration room! I can't wait to see your rendition of the room   
  19. Minneapolis dollhouse store

    I have no idea how that posted twice, but I guess that's OK!
  20. Hi. I saw you mention in a message about the classic and beachside bungalows.  You had done them. Did your little triangle roof fit on the classic.  Mine seems to short for the pitch of the roof over it.  Gosh I hope you can even understand this lol.  Ty. 


    1. chapchap73

      It does fit. but I had to mess around with it a LOT before I could see how it went together. Remember it's not supposed to be flush with the edge of the roof...there's quite a bit of overhang.Relax and have fun :)

    2. Beulah

      Hmmm lol. Ok I'll keep diddling around with it lol ty 

  21. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I think I have one of those hiding in my treasure room.
  22. Adhesive for egg carton bricks

    I have used plain old Elmer's for over 30 years and have never lost a brick or stone yet.
  23. Putting on the shakes?

    I have 5 different sections to do,I'll try a few different way to see what works best for me... Thanks for all the input !!!!
  24. Jackie, please tell Karen from Mini Estates that I send my love. She knows me as Denise from the Boca Club.
  25. I liked looking at your albums. They are a great documentation for each step of the process. Very helpful for newbies. You do great detailed work!

    1. jbnmini

      Why thank you- you are very kind.  :)


  26. Who occupies your houses?

    Ive never considered dolls in my houses before (I feel like I'm the occupant) but I've been looking at the old vintage doll houses and they were usually full of dolls going about their daily just struck me as charming all of a sudden, and now I'm planning on adding a few to the MHM...completely possible it was the mansions idea. 
  27. Hi, Marcy! Welcome to the forum. This is the place for our obsessions. I am a teacher, also, and look forward to every vacation to spend "catching up" with my latest project. Enjoy!
  28. Newby Hall and Gardens has an exhibit of a private collection of approx 70 houses:
  29. Favorite power tools?

    Because we take them for granted.
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