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  1. Today
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    We saw the outlet mall as we were heading out. Unfortunately we only had about 2 hours to spend there, and the boys had never been, so I wanted to take them down to the riverfront. I wish we could have had longer. But as it is, we are going to arrive to our destination after sunset already. It was one of things where we looked around, nodded, and checked it off the list. Oh, and did I mention I got me some fudge and divinity? :)
  3. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Many of our local Greek Orthodox churches hold festivals every year, and their food is always better than what I find in the few Greek restaurants.  I'm a sucker for spinakopea and dolmades.   I'm fighting a cold (they threaten to turn into roaring respiratory infections if I don't get aggressive with them, and sometimes even if I do), so I'm eating the other half of my breakfast wrap and making pigs in blankets for the men.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Cool looking Victorian house in NJ.. Not sure what house it is or if it's custom built but the windows look like some kind of funky upgrade of classics windows with a pediment on top. And love this one.
  5. This rare dollhouse which I have painted and decorated is my pride and joy. I purchased it as an unpainted shell from the original owner in NJ about 2 years ago. As you all know, Hofco made very high-end dollhouses in the 1980s which are very sought-after now (you can search for Hofco dollhouses on Ebay to see the kind of prices they fetch - a google search turns up an auction one year ago for the same make/model that went for over $2000). Made of cabinet-grade wood, this is a sturdy house but with delicate features. The 2-story porch is one of the widest dollhouse porches in the business. All of the windows are Hofco windows, and all of the doors with the exception of the swinging door to the kitchen which is a houseworks door. All furniture is included, and I will throw in the Ikea rolling cart base free of charge. Must pick up - Miami Beach Normandy Isle, Florida location - elevator building. Created in a smoke-free apartment. You will need at least two people to get it to your vehicle, and note dimensions: approximately 4 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft (dollhouse). Rolling cart is 58" long x 35" high x 15'" wide.Ground floor: 3 rooms: Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen 1st Floor: 3 bedrooms and hallway with French doors that leads out to porch. Top Floor: 2 rooms. I've painted the interior white, and left it that way for future owners to decorate as they wish. The floors are templates that are removable in case you'd like different flooring or want to electrify the dollhouse. Will include touch-up paint. You can see many more pictures of the dollhouse on my blog: the furniture alone is approximately $900 so this is a deal. Priced to sell as I need to make room for other projects. Will consider serious best offers.
  6. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    It may be prudent to point out there is a mold company that is taking orders and not responding either. I did in fact order from this company, as luck would have it I did not pay as I had a question  and requested they contact me. I got no response from my emails and eventually I phoned them . I was told there was a problem with the server and they took the order  over the phone and said they would get back to me the next day.,To cut a very long story short I must have had a dozen or more  phone calls each with a different excuse as to why the delay. The last two were telling me the order would be ready to ship the next day, still nothing. I still have not paid  for this order but doubt I will ever see it. Something is clearly wrong at the other end. Again I will give the name to anyone who contacts me privately. The other three companies I have bought from were professional and got the orders to me quickly'
  7. Grandpa's new project

    Would the fluting be easier before or after installing them?
  8. Question about basswood

    I used walnut on this dresser, bed & chiffarobe: I used maple on the dining table & chairs:
  9. Vintage Vinyl Horsman Doll

    I have a treasured doll from that era also. The body is okay but the eyes have a film over them. I am afraid to touch them, because that pushes them back into the head, and I don't want them to stay there!  The eyes still open and shut, but it looks like she's blind. I have her displayed anyway. She is the only toy to survive my childhood, given to me on my birthday in 1953.
  10. Yesterday
  11. My New Etsy Shop!

    Very nice!  Looking forward to 1:24! 
  12. Shingles

    There seems to be, there is a mini show every February  and there are a couple of mini shops & online vendors based in the Gold Coast area.  I think there is also a mini club, but it's not local to me so I don't know much about it. Plus I work shiftwork so am not available to go to these kind of gatherings most of the time. 
  13. What's Considered Your First Dollhouse?

    My first build was the Columbian   The only houses I really consider finished are ones I've sold or given away. The ones I keep still get attention from time to time  
  14. Meet my special family

    I found that in adopting rescue beagles, I couldn't go without insurance if I wanted to be able to provide all that they needed. Our 1st, little Abbie developed a tumor in a blood vessel. That set us back! With our second, Maggie Mae, she developed renal disease after 6 mos. Every claim paid by insurance. Our third little beagle Annie was found to have thyroid cancer on routine exam. She has had all testing, surgery and starts chemo Wednesday. Again insurance covering claims. (Surgery alone $4,000). Claims were covered because they did not have these conditions as pre existing. Totally depends on one's situation. With rescue dogs, their history is generally not known.
  15. I finally got a Bostonian!

    Welcome back, Marg. I Googled Bostonian dollhouse images and got a whole range of designs. Obviously they can't all be Bostonians, so I'm still curious as to what it looks like. . Looking forward to photos of yours.
  16. Stairs, all about stairs...

    Gina/ Wolfie made a roombox from foam core, including the stairs curving off to the sides, and I recall she posted that she cut the steps and glued them as she stacked them.  If your MIL used builders' foam in the thickness she wanted for each step and clad the exposed parts with archival card or thin wood, would it not give the same appearance?  DHMS comes up with some really wowser idea; one of their early Projects issues had a foyer with a similar stair, I believe  filigree fan's ribs were used for the balusters.  The article was mostly about the "painted" (decoupaged) ceiling.
  17. Hi Weezah,  I have been looking at your photos of your Garfield , and I think that it is lovely. I love your colours as well.  Do you know anyone that electrified their Garfield?   I was all ready to go then I have had a terrible 18months. Now I seem to have lost my steam??

  18. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Congratulations Ben, Rosemary and Mike.  
  19. Chandelier Christmas Ornaments

    I thought you would enjoy these diamond chandeliers from the 2017 Christmas window at Tiffany’s. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick up their white brilliance.
  20. Last week
  21. Does anyone do soapmaking please

    Thanks for the help I will pass that on
  22. Has anyone on the forum ever made a dollhouse into an exterior garden house? There are a few of mine I would like to put outside, I would need to build a back and make them water tight, one  idea was to cover the roof and exterior walls with a cement coating  any other ideas would be helpful????

    1. Sable

      Only use pressure treated plywood or a solid wood used on your local houses which can deal with your climate. A good exterior primer and paint should work well. The problem with applying stucco directly to wood is that the wood might rot because of lack of airflow and moisture buildup. 

      I made fairy doors out of untreated plywood and used exterior paint and a year later all of the layers of wood were separating. However, I live in a very humid tropical environment. 


    2. Debora59

      Thank you Sable, Good advise, I don't know then if there is a way to accomplish this with the doll houses That are already build from kits, the Princess Anne I have might survive it [ with out a cement overlay, but using high quality exterior paint because it is heavy duty construction, It may not be worth it to risk it not sure

  23. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    Thank you!  It's one of my favorites. 
  24. Did Everyone But Me Know About Michael's?

    I always forget about the educator discount. I qualify because I work for the school system, but I wouldn't feel right using it because I'm not actually a teacher. 
  25. Here's an alternative download link:  
  26. Am I being too picky???

    I will be contacting HBS to send the staircase back.    Thank you all.
  27. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    Thank you Linda and Keith, I did finish this project a while back thankfully and had a very happy little girl. I'm back to working on my 1:12 projects.  :)
  28. What's everyone working on?

    I end up with lots of splinters from barn work, not the cleanest place in the world!  Sometimes I only realize it when it starts to get infected, al least they come out easier then lol
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