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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Look at what it could be:
  3. Grandt Line closing down

    Crossing my fingers as well... Grandt Line, Phoenix Models and Houseworks were my top 'go to' when it comes to components, specially doors and hardware. I hope the others remain in business for a while or I will really miss those accessories...
  4. I thought they looked about the same!  I just got the email today.  
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    My fingers (and toes) are crossed for you, Lawanda.
  6. Today
  7. New to Miniatures

     I used lighter fluid to soften the glue. I use it for a lot of things. I use it instead of goo- be-gone (if that’s what you call it) .  It dry very fast.
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Oh, no!  I hope it doesn't take too long for you to be able to unpack and start in again.  I know it will be wonderful once you get to Denmark, but I'm sure the time between now and then will not be a lot of fun.   By any chance, do you do cross-stitch?  When I am out of town and can't work on my minis, I always have a cross-stitch rug I am working on for one of my houses.  That helps keep me from going through withdrawal.  
  9. Hello from Idaho!

    @jbnmini I sure do! I tried the hair dryer, hoping to reheat the glue, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I've been slowly chipping away at the house trying to make sure I don't damage the pieces I want to keep. I'm also working on wiring it for electricity. I'm thinking of doing all wire and no tape so I don't have to take it completely apart. I'm trying to figure out how to get in and drill a small hole in a corner with no room to twist a hand. Any tricks?
  10. Wiring for Harrison remodel

    I am currently renovating one I purchased second hand.  It has already been wired with tape wine & unfortunately 1. didn't work & 2 the grommets went right through the walls appearing on exterior.  You might be successful if you tape over each connection. 
  11. Winter project underway

    I like that you would take off the time. You have children and time with them is always for the best . As you can never get that time /age back. I learned the hard way working to much doesn't really pay off for a family if you can take the time off do it.
  12. Your dream house

    My dream house would have to be a recreation of Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey fame. I just LOVE the staircase and main hall area. All that gorgeous wood work and the beautiful multi story atrium. Divine!
  13. The Harrison, second hand

    Thank you.  We already tested & needed to remove wiring.
  14. Yesterday
  15. How to tie a mini bow around a fork

    My book on making & dressing dollshouse dolls by Sue Atkinson shows how to do this; the video shows someone actually doing it.
  16. Furniture builds

    could move to the bedroom as a nightstand and another one that mirrors it . I's still a nice piece   
  17. You can measure and cut wallpaper, etc. before you glue the house (but wait to install until glued) because measuring can be tricky once the house is together.  It also makes it easier to cut out windows.  Leave the paper a little longer on the side walls where you are going to attach them to the back wall.  That way you won't have seams visible in the corners.  If you do wait to measure and cut wallpaper until after you have glued, cut a template first with scratch paper so that if you make any mistakes measuring or cutting, you have not wasted a piece of wallpaper.
  18. Glueing jig

    In addition to mini furniture and stairs I used mine to put together a rabbit hutch for my last build and awning frames for the one I'm picking at now.
  19. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Well, Kelly, I think the paper looks lovely with the set, but instead of an accent wall, I'd do paper up top and white beadboard or wainscoting on the bottom of the walls. Full on paper over the whole wall would be too dark, I think. As to tiles, I like the idea of mixing in blue accented on white with plain white tiles. I think it'll look very elegant when done, whichever direction you choose. Looking forward to seeing the finished room!
  20. Help! Real life mini furniture kit 200

      I'll have to dig them out and scan them. I'll message you when I have them ready so I can email them to you.
  21. Last week
  22. The Bar Room Box

    I opt for an el cheapo clear nail polish that might yellow over time, since it's beer in the glasses.
  23. Newbie

    Thank you All for the wonderful welcome. I’m in Vacaville,CA. I found a post last night (2am ish) saved it & now something went wrong with the save. So now I’m trying to find it again. 
  24. Lost trying to build orchid

    I'm horrible at understanding directions so I treat each dollhouse as a puzzle.  I do lots of dry-fitting and taping to make sure the pieces are correctly placed before I glue.  I will say that I have built/bashed two Orchids, and I do find it to be more challenging than it appears.  As Emily mentioned, make sure you know what you're doing with the windows before you install them.  I had already stuccoed the outside with a paint-sand mix and had wallpapered the inside when I started the windows.  It was not fun sanding/removing & painting over wallpaper to make the windows look correct when I installed them.  
  25. Hi Holly,

    I'm getting ready to stain my shingles and this sounds like a fantastic idea. I have two questions, though. First of all, do you need to rinse or wipe the shingles once you remove them? Also, what kind of stain do you use? The only small cans of stain I can find are oil based, is it ok to use that? I've been experimenting all morning with mixing latex paint with water and can't seem to get the right consistency. Is there a magic formula?



    Laurie (Nolephan)


    What she said.  To stain loose shingles in batches, invest in two of the disposable heavy aluminum foil roasting pans and a large-ish nail with which to poke holes all over the bottom of ONE of the pans.  Spread out some old newspapers.  Scatter your shingles over the bottom of the pan with the holes in its bottom, and set that pan into the one you left intact and pour in your mixed stain (you always want to stir & mix your stain really well before using it).  Gently swish the shingles around in the stain, give them a stir with a paint-stirring stick or piece of scrap wood,, Carefully lift the panful of shingles straight up out of the intact pan, letting all the stain drain out of the pan with the holes.  When no more stain drips out, dump the shingles onto the newspapers, using the stick to spread them out to dry so they don't stick together.  Pour the stain back into its can and if you need to, you're ready to go again until all your shingles are stained.

  26. inspiration for a porch scene

    Stellar job, anna!
  27. Half scale speed shingle coverage

    I always buy more than I think I'll need because math and I are not friends
  28. Feedback on constructing an Apartment

    Not really confusion for us, just hopefully letting you see that you might want to adjust some floor placements and walls to accommodate the smaller scale.  I gave up on 1:12 dolls that I could afford and began to make my own.
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