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  2. Cutting board vignettes

    Well welcome home, Tillie, and what a terrific way to introduce your lucky friends to miniatures!
  3. UK newbie

    Welcome to the little family, Dawn.  I've made mini crocheted and knitted goodies for my houses; I made this wee granny square afghan using candle wicking yarn: and the hook shown; it was a tad heavier than I liked for 1:12.  I prefer using a single strand of DMC cotton floss to simulate worsted in 1:12, and cotton sewing thread for crochet cotton.  I no longer have the link to the online source I got my extra-itty knitting needles and crochet hooks from, long enough ago I no longer remember the name.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    that rug is adorable! i am currently working is getting the basement sorted out, so i have room to do the renovations to my Ikea dollhouse, and then start my Magnolia.
  5. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    Thank you for telling me that Sable, I will do that! I'll give the window and the siding a second coat as well and see how it looks later in the day. I'll post pics of it under good light after the second coat has had time to dry well. I was unsure of that blue. The sample pic on looks perfect. The pic of it in the bottle, eek, scary dark. You may have saved me a trip to the craft store.
  6. Seeking a book

    I can't wait to see what you make.
  7. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    Thank you, Kelly and Holly!  I'm just starting a rug for my build.  
  8. Siding needed for Heritage dollhouse

    I built a Heritage where I changed one wall. I made the replacement wall from plywood and 1/2" lap clapboard siding sheets. It was a pretty close match.
  9. I have a passion for creating miniature vignettes such as room boxes, shadow boxes, lamp bases with miniature room settings, and my latest projects have been real, wooden kitchen cutting or chopping boards with kitchen settings with kitchen-related mini all which I give as gifts to friends & acquaintances: 





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  11. Not so new but kinda... :-)

    Thanks for the link! Great to see how someone else put this together!   
  12. 1/12 Scale Farmhouse Kitchen Sink (Single Bowl)

    Well it certainly looks far better than my polymer clay molded around a mustard tin!
  13. Axminster or Wilton loom carpeting

    I was also going to suggest printing on flocked paper. Axminster carpet is on my future projects list too.
  14. Thanks Kelly and Holly for all the useful advice. I will keep the tonal values and seeing everything at once in mind and go for the Americana rather than house paints. There is a sale in the main art & craft shop here in August so I can stock up.  Exciting! I plan to paint the outside a sunny yellow with a matte acrylic and will go from there. 
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  17. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Well this interesting. Tempting but I know nothing about it.
  18. Buying the assembled Queen Anne

    so I talked to the shop. they want $2000 to deliver the house... yikes. I appreciate they tried to find thecheapest option but that's a lot.
  19. Glad I saw this. I've only given minor thought what to use for a wrought iron gate next to my French Quarter house. That's a ways down the road but they're such an integral part of the architecture, I really wanted one. And then I saw this, and 40% off even. Thanks, you enablers! lol
  20. Magazine Need To Go!

    I also have listed on eBay a couple of vintage doll  house plans from Stanley Tools and Elmer's Glue. Stanley Colonial Saltbox: Elmer's Victorian:
  21. Still working on Linfield...created some cool “stained glass” windows with Sakura gelly glaze pens, but now I’m trying to install the frame and slider assemblies. Do I just glue the trim of the windows to the house so both top and bottom of assembly move? Or does the top need to be glued to the trim? The directions just say “install the assembly”. I assume the bottom section of the window has to open. Right?

  22. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Thank you so much!
  23. wall covering

    The uTube video looks excellent - I’m downloading it. 
  24. Hello from Florida

    Hey Mike Thanks for the message.
  25. Shingles changed colour

    Thanks Kelly, I will experiment a bit as you suggest. Lots of useful ideas for me to try. I first have to finish quite a bit of shingling. 
  26. Flying...

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  27. Pennsylvania stone house

    You did a bang-up job with the door hardware!
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