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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This has been on Craigslist for a few months:
  3. How do you know when it's time to let one go?

    Well, I know others who have gone one direction with a house, not liked it or kept it for some reason, and then re-do the house in a whole new way.  .  .I'd hate to get rid of it and then come up with a new idea for it.  .  .right now I don't have any other ideas for it b/c it's always been Snow White's house, but it just doesn't do anything for me anymore.  .  .    
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  5. Help identifying this house?

    Here are a few of the other treasures that were inside this house. The fireplace was built and signed in 1981. Pretty neat!
  6. Best Dolls

    The Pottery Barn Kids set reminds me of Calico Critters, which I also like for its chunkiness. :-) I had no idea the Dollar Tree had furniture! That is awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!!
  7. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Bought a doll house from the 80’s from the original owner, and she gave me a box of her old furniture and knick-knacks! :-)
  8. I'm going to start building my Aster Cottage soon. This will be my first Greenleaf build. If you've built this house before, do you have any general tips that might be helpful for me to know? Thanks in advance! 
  9. Hi friends! Question for y'all. . .when it comes to doing faux brick work (grouted, etc.) do you prefer paper egg carton material, or styrofoam cup material? I've seen really impressive results with both, and have found great tutorials online and on youTube. . . one big question I have is how acrylic paint can be used on the styrofoam. I was under the impression that paint just dissolved it. . . but I watched a lady on youTube make the most incredible mini bricks out of a fast food cup. Is the styrofoam used in fast food cups different than other styrofoam I'm thinking of that can't handle paint? Please share your wisdom on this topic and weigh the pros and cons in your experience. Many thanks! 
  10. Flower boxes?

    With very small children you might want to leave off the flower boxes for now.
  11. Hobby lobby coupon

    Plastic is not good for very little kids, as it can break or present a choking hazard when they put little pieces in their mouths.  As I posted in reply to another of Kay's posts, Melissa and Doug make the furniture and dolls most suitable for very little children to play with.  Kay, there are two different team building blogs for the Orchid, so you can see some of this kit's versatility.
  12. Table as base? Wheels?

    If your children are very young you might think about putting the dollhouse on the floor or a surface it cannot be tipped off of and fall.  I would also leave the doors and window openings open/ unfinished because little ones love to stick their hands through the openings to move their dolls around whilst they play.
  13. Wow, what a great story! And thanks for including the link to your blog post— the house has a really neat, easy-play design. I love the paint colors. Fun!
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  15. New to miniatures and doll houses

    Unfortunately none of them are interested or would appreciate the Minis. She's been collecting for years and it's time to let a few of them go.
  16. Help - Help - Help Please

    I love Thomas! He is so darned cute. 
  17. Last week
  18. Glue Suggestions

    Maree - here in NZ the Gorilla Wood glue I have found is the best.  I use it for pretty much everything - except I'll sometimes use some sort of white glue or superglue depending upon materials. I can't remember if I get it from Bunnings or Mitre 10...
  19. Tile roof using corrugated cardboard

    It's a sweet little house!  Perhaps an elderly couple live there with an adult son who helps in the olive grove and collects the grapes from the vines that grow on the pergola (which could be added).
  20. Greenleaf Garfield Measurments

    Hannah, did you check in the Greenleaf store here, as it shows the dimensions? I just measured mine which is not easy due to the porch and my landscaping.  You will have to look at pictures so you know which measurements I took. I hope this helps: left side of the house (looking from the front it's left side), is 37 inches to the porch and add 2 1/2" for the front steps. The front measures 29 inches. The right side is in an "L" shape, left side is 14 inches and the right side is 17 inches. The back is 17 inches. I hope these are close enough to help you out.
  21. You will probably want to lay your floors on a removable template like posterboard for later troubleshooting the electrical system.
  22. I replaced the chipboard "timbering" on one of the Sugarplums I built and used 1/4" stripwood (if your kit's 1:24 you could use 1/8" stripwood) instead; since it looks like all the Aster's timbering is straight cuts & no curves this would be easy-peasy.
  23. Any body coming to England March 2020

    I think that is the same date as the Tom Bishop Atlanta show. That is on this side of the pond anyway 
  24. My First Club Day

    Thanks! The photos uploaded the right way but posted the wrong way... I’ll try  Thank you all for your replies and support! I’m thinking of adding a facade to the front of the roof so I can add a large sign as well a hanging sign that protrudes from the front of the shop or above the door. I’m very keen to try my hand at making LPs, a record player, headphones, wall racks, record bins, posters of bands/artists/tours (perhaps some of these would dress the front window and be a little sun faded). The counter will be a simple bar type structure that has bits and bobs scattered on it such as freebie stickers, postcards, guitar picks etc. My partner Joe and I visited Ameoba Records in San Francisco last year where there is an amazing colourful vinyl record ‘mobile’ for want of a better word, hanging from the ceiling. Maybe my little store will sport one of these too hehe  
  25. Hi from NZ!

    Welcome Maree!
  26. New Member

    Welcome Jesus and Frances!
  27. Hello from another newbie!

    Welcome Cyndi It's Saturday how's the dry fit going?
  28. Need help on old dollhouse!

    Great house! Have fun and good for you for planning on restoring/updating it. 
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