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  2. I'm recreating this photo

    Thanks, Kelly.  While researching paper clay I came across Rik Pierce, I was familiar with his work many years ago, but since had forgotten. All his stucco work appears to be done with paper clay. That may be what I use for the stone on the steps and up the walls as well. 
  3. Pennsylvania stone house

    Clever you!
  4. Today
  5. Shingles changed colour

    Yes, and smack me for not touching on that. You may want to try a darker gray first, less watered down. At least on the lighter colored areas. You don't need to (and probably never could anyway!) get them all the exact shade. A wash will help blend everything together. I used three different shades of gray and just applied it haphazardly for a blended look. My shingles were all random from various lots I'd acquired over the years. Some were very dark, just like yours, and some were light. HOWEVER, I was applying mine randomly, and I just realized that (DUH!), I did not have to deal with that clear dividing line like you have. Can you remove some of the darker ones, say from the rear of the roof, and try out some different wash techniques to see how they blend? If you try the wash and it doesn't blend them together well, you can always try painting them first. I know you don't want a painted look and I don't blame you. However, if you do some light sanding afterward to tone down the paint and give variations in the shading, a wash should then work wonders to blend things together. I'd experiment off the house if I were you, even if that means having to re-do a small area of shingling. Easily removed, easily replaced.
  6. Scratch built contemporary DH

    You are absolutely right.  Good memory!  Bummer that they don't have a coffee maker right now.
  7. Hello from South Africa

    Hello Frances
  8. Not so new but kinda... :-)

    Welcome back Kim
  9. Hello Everyone!

    Hey Lisa
  10. Cleaning of Stash - Dollhouse Kits

    One McKinley has sold
  11. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself to the community! I'm Megan and I'm obsessed with miniatures. My obsession started with my ex-boyfriend got me an iPad for Christmas and the first thing I installed was Pinterest. I started collecting miniatures on Pinterest and huge boards full of these little creations. It was a few years later when I got the chance (time, space and money) to start making my own little creations. Since then, I've build 2 dollhouses, made polymer food and wooden furniture. I have much, much more to learn and am excited to share my experiences with everyone. Here are some links on where to find me...




  12. Thanks for the link, I haven't seen that site before! I don't see the right kind of bottles but there's a lot of interesting things to look at. I'm collecting my supplies for the water cooler and will post again when I make some progress. Thanks again for all the great suggestions.
  13. wall covering

    You can use card stock or even a heavier weight of scrapbook paper.     Make sure the lights still work? They can be finicky.
  14. And if you are very lucky you can find some older fencing, house bits, etc, they are usually in wood.  I’ve also bought street lights! and small scale tunnel entrances and used them for larger scale house fireplaces.!    Just never know what what you’ll find.  I found some N scale animals to use in my 1:144 houses
  15. How do you pare down a collection?

    It's funny - I also thought it was a sheep and I thought it was a lovely touch - very pastoral portrait. lol - it is a dog! It's really nice.
  16. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    That's the problem isn't it? I run into that issue too but more of a problem for me are the years of the cars. He's got a '57 Chevy, '59 Cadillac, '64 Mustang, etc., etc., I don't know what all. I got him this 1:12th scale kit a couple years ago and he just recently got started on it. He's about 1/3 of the way through and has appropriated a good chunk of my workspace. At least it's an older model. I could make the landlady of my 1930s apartment building Cruella de Vil, but then I'd need a hundred and one tiny Dalmatians.
  17. Yesterday
  18. oh thanks - I didn't think about chalk!
  19. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Did you try Aliexpress?
  20. Question on procedure/steps...

    That came out great....
  21. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hey thanks for checking Carrie. I wasn't sure if maybe I had done something wrong lol. Getting old and with the new x's n checks and quote this or drag that I get confused LOL I appreciate you checking. It was probably because she was on her phone.......I know I can't see everything on my phone either but I had to immediately think I did something wrong lol
  22. Buying the assembled

    PM a moderator.
  23. 2nd Cleaning of Stash - Dollhouse Kits

    The  Oakridge Elizabeth Anne is sold.
  24. What's everyone working on?

    What Kathie said.  I see that the cat has claimed it.
  25. Last week
  26. Custom dollhouse lights

    I did some more research and the quick answer is NO. 
  27. Itsy Bitsy Wallpaper

    I know this is an older post, but I did speak to Nhu last week. No pattern is ever discontinued. She sells catalogs of the wallpapers, but all you need to do is put the wallpaper number into the quick order and she will print them up for you. I just ordered paper for six rooms.
  28. My next rehab project

    The heat gun is da bomb, both for removing latex paint and hot glue.  There is a gooey product that removes paint, but I'd wear latex or nitrile gloves whilst working with it.
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