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  1. Today
  2. Victorian lighting

    These are nice sconces:
  3. My Heritage really is haunted.

    The wolf's head is what Emily saw as a cat's head.  Jeannine, once you mentioned that wolf I can't unsee it now.
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    No rafting this time, but we probably Will next time as we are allready planning for another visit next year. We absolutley loved the serenity and calmneas of this place.  
  5. Georgian architecture/interiors etc

    Aha!  I always wondered where 'Regency' came from!  Georgian, Victorian, Elizabethen etc of course are all very self-explanatory!
  6. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    I just finished reading Leslie Karst's Dying for a Taste (I'm a big fan of Diane Mott Davidson, so will read cooking mysteries at the drop of a spoon) and one of the recipes at the end sounded so good & simple, plus I had all the ingredients on hand, so I cooked the braised pork chops with apricot brandy sauce, and it scored major points with both the hubs & me!
  7. Thrift stores finds

    The Liquitex comes in a metal tube and the Van Gogh comes in a plastic tube, which is a lot friendlier for me to use, as I have osteoarthritis in my hands and fingers.  In the tube it's thick as oil paints and water color paints in their tubes, if I'm painting pictures with them I thin them on the palette with an extender (you wouldn't believe how fast they dry out!) to keep them moist and water if I want that thinness; sort of like thinning oils with linseed oil or turps, depending on the look you're going for.  You can also use the acrylics from the tubes to tint interior latex house paint to make custom colors for painting minis.
  8. I am not new, but...

    Hello there!! Glad to have you back!!  
  9. Yesterday
  10. Gingerbread Orchid House

    Very well done!   And you say this is your first dollhouse?  You are quite the natural miniaturist.   I look forward to your future endeavors. 
  11. Lost Instructions

    Click on this link: to get to the company website's contact info page and you can order the sheet of instructions from Greenleaf.
  12. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Miracle Gro! Who'd a thunk it? This is great information, Denise. Thank you. I think with all the messing about I've done already with the tower roof, any modifications will have to be color brushed on. The roof is sitting over to one side while the electrification happens.
  13. Who has Jarrell Manor?

    Yep, I got it! I'll email when I get home this evening.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Seems like a good deal for all that.
  15. I have an entire set of Key West facades but they are displayed on top of the upper window frame at the Vero house. 
  16. Last week
  17. Does anyone know anything about weight watchers online

    Thank you, I need to make a trip over the line to Bellingham, I have been trying to go for weeks with no luck.I have things to pick up and stuff to mail I can try the US Walmart while there. I think I will buy some cook books from e bay.  They turn up in Value Village a lot but I guess they will be different from the current eating plans so don't know if they will work in. Yesterday I was at the Dr. and he ordered a CT scan for my spine, there is a chance I can get some surgery which could help my mobility so fingers crossed for that. He has also arranged for me to get iron via IV, apparently I have to go to the hospital  for it a few days a week until the numbers are up, that should help a lot as my iron numbers are very low. Another reason why I need to get a very balanced diet.
  18. What's everyone working on?

    Recently bought a McKinley Dollhouse Kit so have started looking at McKinleys here and on Pinterest (which often leads back to here).  It is exciting to plan a new build, but won't be able to start at least until after the Beacon Hill is finished. But so far the plan for the McKinley is to raise the attic roof like MinisOnTheEdge, Alamom and Gleise have done (and probably others).  Have a disappearing fold down stairway in my stash to put in hallway ceiling for access to the attic. Wonder if anyone has added inches to the depth of the house.  I realize that somewhat defeats the purpose of the space saving nature of this house.  But once I get the pieces out of the box, I am going to see how feasible and practical it will be to add between 1" to 3" to the depth. Plan to use Miele appliances since I have quite a few in my stash.  Like the idea I saw (can't remember who) of putting the sink in the bay.  I do plan to remove the lower living room bay to hopefully make room for seating on the porch -- love a good porch. After learning the name of the dollhouse is the McKinley, husband would like to see it as a four season lodge or cabin.  We have good memories of staying in lodges and cabins in Alaska and Montana.  Husband said he would help me with electrical (I don't think I will ever get anywhere near proficient to do that myself).  I think he is getting more and more hooked on this hobby. Now off to finish the Beacon Hill.  Will continue to search out ideas for the McKinley while paint and glue on all those Beacon Hill trim pieces dry.
  19. In A Nutshell Closing

    On recent drive down I-5, was looking forward to shopping at brick and mortar store, Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures and More, in Aurora, OR.  Looks like Wendy (tinystuff4me) closed the store around April 2018.  She might be selling some stuff online. Felt like I was shopping at a miniature show NAME booth when we stopped at Reggie & Renee's Trading Post in Roseburg, OR.  Husband asked if they had dollhouse miniatures and owner pulled out three small bins -- all they had left from a larger purchase which included flat boxes of dollhouse kits and shingles.  Picked through the small items and came home with a small bin full of miniatures.  Especially glad to get many different pillows as I have yet to master making good looking pillows. Now with so many Goodwill Stores selling their best miniatures online decided to check out this other type of used merchandise shop and glad we did.
  20. She Sleeps in a Piano!?!

    Google "antique murphy beds" images for some nifty examples
  21. Question about lights

    Finished?  We're supposed to finish them?  Who says?
  22. Winter project underway

    Yep thanks I'll refer to this for my next build I like that they are the same length .   
  23. FH 505 Farmhouse newbie

    Kathie, thank you for the idea. I did find some pins on a doll house parts website, hopefully they work. If not I will try your idea. Holly, The missing parts are a bummer, definitely learned a lesson about trusting people when they say everything is in the box.. I can't start much until the parts I ordered come in. I have to measure out and cut out a whole bunch of little pieces too. I am so impatient I want to get cracking! Haha. I am able to start some of the foundation and little things but I can already tell that I will have more questions for the doll house veterans on here.
  24. First dollhouse

    I did consider cutting holes in the roof, but a friend with some experience in dollhouse building warned me away from that. Still, I would love to have more light coming in on that level. As I mentioned, I am pretty new at this and cutting into that heavy roof is a little scary. I did find a great site that spells it out pretty well. But then, I don't really have major tools, except for a dremel and hand saws. Any ideas on how to plan for this would help and I do have a helpful son I could ask for guidance!
  25. Hello! So happy to be here!

    Welcome, Terry!
  26. My Introduction

    Welcome, Jen! 
  27. Making molds and casting minis

    Anna has posted several times that she boils her polymer clay items.  I believe she has one pot that is ONLY used to boil the clay.  The trick is to get your items to cure at high heat.  You can make molds for polymer clay items, talcum powder is the releasing agent; that will get them all the same sizes.
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