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  2. New attic flooring

    In the process of renovating and updating my childhood house. Just covered the old painted attic floors with this golf flecked cork fabric, updated wallpaper and paint. Ordered some baseboard/skirting and a few new accessories to finish out the space. 
  3. New attic flooring

    In the process of renovating and updating my childhood house. Just covered the old painted attic floors with this golf flecked cork fabric, updated wallpaper and paint. Ordered some baseboard/skirting and a few new accessories to finish out the space. 
  4. My first dollhouse unfinished.

    Thanks for the help everyone!  I found out that its a Cherrydale #453 by Real Good Toys and Walmer.
  5. Real life miniature mouse village

    I also have had a pet mouse.  These are feral ones, complete with their parasites and diseases.  No thank you.
  6. Hand Embroidery

    I'm with Alannah in that I find any needlework by hand puts me into The Zone.  That said, I love some of the newer machine embroidered shirts and blouses, and some of the fabrics and designs seem like they would work in mini.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I like how it covers so many scenarios. It's a very sweet nostalgic build. 
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    My prayers and thoughts or with you. It is never easy to lose a loved one.
  10. Shingle preference?

    An inexpensive dehumidifier is worth the chore of schlepping the full bucket to dump every so often.
  11. Trouble with Fairfield

    I did a lot of "creative" clamping and used many, many *magic* words on those floor pieces...
  12. "Lily" Dollhouse Illustrated Instructions

    I don't do it any longer, but several people punch out the pieces and put them into labeled plastic baggies of like parts, like "dormers" and "stairs".  I also used to make masking tape labels and write the part name on the piece.  Now I lay the schematics sheet in the box lid and rummage through the stack of plywood sheets that I have previously stacked in numerical order; as I empty each plywood sheet of its pieces I move it to a separate pile.
  13. Hello all

    Lisa, it's quite acceptable to post your own separate introduction where you can discuss whatever newcomer topics you wish, rather than hijacking another's intro.  I would imagine if your machine has a small enough stitch setting it would be possible.  I embroider by hand and have simulated an applique quilt top with hand embroidery.  several of us stitch carpets and rugs in mini petit point.
  14. Hello

    Welcome to the little family, Katie and daughter.  When you have made five posts you can make albums in the Gallery here, and we can see the "before", "during" and after pictures of all the rehabbing.  Of course your little girl will want to play with it!  Please don't make the mistake my own mother did in deciding when she's "too old" for dollhouses and let the little girl that always lives inside all us older ladies to enjoy it as long as she lives.  And find your own dream dollhouse to build and play with.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Thank you all! It looks like this is my 5th post. I'll see if I can post a picture of my dollhouse in the first dollhouse section. LOL
  16. Last week
  17. Welcome Mary! The first kit I built was an Artply, albeit the very small Bobbie. I liked it so much I built it in reverse for a dress shop, the first one became a beach house. Enjoy your build!
  18. Rebecca - prayers for your Uncles comfort - I'm glad you're there for him during this time as I know what he means to you, and you to him.  Big hugs to you, I know it's hard.

    1. Shareb

      Thank you - I do appreciate it.  It's a privilege to be there with him but I do hope that he doesn't have to go through this for long.  As for me I figure that I can collapse for a week when it's all done. xx

    2. Qubanqtee

      big hugs to you

  19. Hello to fellow miniature lovers.

    Patricia King makes it easy to make really great looking minis out of the oddest assortments of "found stuff".
  20. Tile roof using corrugated cardboard

    If they ask for a pie in my house I cheat and buy a couple of cans of pie filling and a box of pie crusts at the grocery store.  I do use a rolling pin for cookies.
  21. Pierce Window Upgrade by Timberbrook

    Valerie, hover your cursor over John's avatar and at the bottom of the drop down box the first buyyon on the left saya "Message" next to the envelope icon; click on that to get the message box to send him a personal message.
  22. I inch minis by Kris

    Her tutorials are such fun, and there's nothing else like them online.
  23. Thanks Debora I don't see anything in my inbox yet but I will send you a pm as well
  24. Two very interesting mini links

    Chris Toledo is amazing, I follow him on all his social media. His style is exactly what I like, so it's super appealing to me. I look at his work over and over and somehow always notice some new detail. It's like when you watch a movie the second time and catch something you missed.
  25. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    I have sent you a PM concerning your avatar image.
  26. Help! (Laurel porch)

    I moved your post into the Greenleaf-specific forum and edited the title -- hopefully more people who have built the Laurel will see it this way. Please let us know what sort of trouble you're having and we'll try to help.
  27. Japanese Vintage Dolls - Wood, gofun

    They could queue outside to wait their turn. I can see them smiling and chattering to one another.  
  28. Info Needed for Victorian Times and Ron Clanton

    Genevieve, Congrats on your Elliot Bay!!   I was wondering where you’re getting it? (If you don’t mind).  I have a friend selling some of these Ron Clanton homes from a estate.   They are so beautiful, lucky you! Will be great to see pictures!
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