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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Probably more than a $1,000.  And both are retired.  But you might be preaching to the wrong group.
  3. Welcome neighbor.  I too am from the burbs of Chicago. 
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  5. "The Miniaturist" PBS Premiere

    I ended up watching the entire series despite my initial reluctance. I have to say that I thought it better than the book, which left a bad taste in my mouth. The filming, costumes, character development, and especially the miniatures really told the story.
  6. Hello from the natural state

    I'd love to do that!  When I was about ten I found a beautiful quartz crystal just sitting on top of the rocks at a beach we were on holiday at.  It's the gold mining area from this part of NZ and it started a lifelong love of crystals and rocks.  I'll have to see if I can wangle a visit to Arkansas when we come over next year!  
  7. I painted sandpaper that I cut to fit and glued to flat roof portions of my Rosedale.
  8. Stripping Town Square furniture

    I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve got a half scale grandfather's clock that I want to try stripping. I’ve used stripping compound on Tootsie Toy furniture and it’s worked beautifully, but I haven’t tried it on wood pieces yet. My hubby tells me the stuff he used on the TT pieces will dissolve glue too, so it might work for you.  
  9. hardwood flooring

    I use them to make wainscots and cross-buck exterior and Dutch doors, and that has been my experience with them.
  10. Depth of Houses

    @Sylvie_Sobel It all depends....there is no reason why you couldn't add depth, especially to the back. There are no rules, let your imagination go.
  11. WC    forjenn

    Good Morning,

    I just saw your post from September 1 about having scraps left over from your Beacon Hill Build.  By any chance, do you still have those scraps?  I am especially interested in the shutters.  I just bought a BH that needs some repairs and it has one missing shutter.

    Thank you,




  12. Looking for Realife Country Kitchen Instructions

    Catherine, if you hover your cursor over Carrie's username you will get a drop down box with a link to send her a Private Message (PM).
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  14. Estate Sale Find

    The Beacon Hill is gorgeous and from a New Zealander's point of view - US$60 is blooming good!  Well done and enjoy!  you get to do all the fun stuff!
  15. Beacon Hill - Interior Doors

    If you want to upgrade your doors, you can buy the premade "narrow doors".  They are closer in size than regular interior doors and require minimal cutting to fit.
  16. I think I have some old Barbie dress making patterns if anyone wants them
  17. Welcome to the group Natalie. Don't stress over posting. If you haven't ever used a message type board, it takes some getting use to. Just ask questions and someone will help you.

  18. What are you up to today? This week?

    I think the Legoland in CA is actually a bit nicer. This was fun but Josh and Maya wanted to walked around the park while I could have spent the two days just staring at all the Miniland buildings. They had soooo many cool things. Working locks, trucks that drove along winding streets, whales that sprayed water! Just so much fun to look at. It’s close to the end of the season here so the weather was typically crummy.   
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  20. My first house

    Sorry, finding it hard to navigate 
  21. Dolls, dolls, dolls!

    I humbly apologize if I offended Karin; I have a cousin who used to inflict the child beauty contests on her little girl, and I feel so sorry for those children that that just burst out.  I wasn't trying to be insensitive. I am aware that my little horrors are not in the same league.  I thought that Karin might want to know.
  22. Been out of touch lately

    New challenges are part of what make jobs fun, no?
  23. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    Yes, much easier and probably more ergonomic.
  24. No, you were right; they have everything.
  25. Decoration of front closing house

    Wow!!  I have never seen anything like these! They're really amazing!  Thank you so much Sable for thinking of me!!!  I'll message you now with my email and now I'm off to look at French stoves!
  26. Skinny Stick Flooring

    I did mine this way and when it sanded it with my sander it was much more uniform
  27. Dollhouse Instructions

    well this is awesome thanks =) Should be able to fabricate roof pieces fo rmy alexandria from these pics.
  28. Lily Roof

    Yep.  It's a biggin.   I love mine 
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