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  2. Buttecup/ full size

    I used mat board for my wainscoting.  It is thick as the plywood, and it didn't swell when I glued and then primed it.  I ended up learning that my self-healing cutting board won't heal from box cutter marks, so I used a scrap piece of wood under the mat board.  I was happy with it.  Oh, and I did learn that there are 2 kinds of mat board, and unfortunately I bought the thicker, sturdier one.  Next time I will find the thinner one, which might mean I can use the exacto knife to cut it instead of the heavy duty box cutter.
  3. Sometimes what we think is a mistake turns out to be a happy accident. I think that sometimes the house will cause us to stumble on purpose, as we are not doing what the house wants. They can be rather pushy.   The moral of the story is: go with the flow. Do what comes naturally to your way of working. If stuff happens, it has probably already happened to somebody else here who will be glad to suggest ways to fix it.  
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  5. Flip This Dollhouse

    Thanks,      After the holidays ill have to take a raod trip down to New Bedford.   BStazz
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    Rebecca, I hope no one in your family was on that island!
  7. Shingles changed colour

    We hike and paddle kayaks, so get to see a lot of how the natural world functions just fine without human interference.  I sometimes think the nastier bugs come into our houses just to exact vengeance.
  8. Looking for Country Church kit

    I love a happy ending.  
  9. Website designing

    Reported spam
  10. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Our good friend MikeUK spotted this thread and sent me the following message: Just a quick note re: Stokesay Ware on the forum…….I wonder if everyone is familiar with a small miniatures retailer in the UK who specialises in all of those bits that seldom appear under 'one roof’. This Lady seems to come up with miniatures that no other can find and better still she ships to ‘a town near you’!  Worth a Browse! Soon be Christmas! and a few minutes later he added: Re: Last mail………..and the lady’s husband also has an interesting miniatures on-line store specialising in Kitchen bits! 
  11. New Here

      Hi Havana Holly, Great suggestions.  I'll see what my daughter thinks.  (My daughter and I worked on a house long ago.)  She's pretty strict.    I like the paper I put on already.  I don't like the painted look in a dollhouse.  Might be real smart to leave the door off.  Thank you
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  13. VH600 Dura-Craft Victorian

    I found one in my basement of my new house idk what they are worth the box isn't in the best condition but I believe it's all there make an offer and i can send it your way
  14. Hello from Newfoundland!

    Welcome to the little family, Barbara.  This is a good hobby to do with physical challenges, because it puts you in The Zone and you can timelessly do whatever you want.  I love your ideas for vignettes.
  15. Help identifying a vintage house

    That is a magnificent house. It looks to be scratch built, possibly from plans. IMO. Congratulations on a great find.
  16. Showpiece or playhouse?

    Most of us have more than one dollhouse, so I only have two or three that have furniture and lamps etc that are too delicate for a lot of handling and touching. But I have a few that would definitely be fine for children to play with. 
  17. Wedgwood Jasperware

    Those are beautiful! Do you have any idea how old they are? Do you think they were meant only for display or for a very elegant child's tea party?
  18. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    In miniatures, whatever floats your boat is the general rule of thumb. There's a big difference in look and feel between installation of a regular staircase and a circular one. You need to decide what look most pleases you. I see no problem removing the wall to make it a more open plan. Again, it depends on the look you're going for. If the floor above tends to sag, it can be supported either by one or more columns below or by adding a U-channel to encapsulate and reinforce it across the entire width of thebuilding. 
  19. Article about Mark & Chris Lusink - Majestic Mansions

    Someone should invite the Lusinks to join us!
  20. Last week
  21. Dollhouses on TV and Movies

    Just came back from seeing Knives Out with my son. We both enjoyed it, and several times I noticed a large dollhouse in the living room. There's a picture of it in the background in the House Beautiful website,
  22. Oh thank you!!! It was the y that got me...I swear I tried, lol - so now I have them favorited and can watch for items! --thank you!
  23. Dura-Craft Cambridge

    Real Good Toys houses are even easier than the Greenleaf (but heavier).
  24. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    Then there's the poem by Ogden Nash: The one-l lama, He's a priest, The two-l llama, He's a beast. And I will bet A silk pajama There isn't any Three-l lllama.* (Nash appended this footnote later)*The author's attention has been called to the type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer.
  25. The McKinley House is Back Home

    Thank you all for sharing in the joy and irony of this happening!  The house has a lot of work but it’s not major damage considering all of the miles it has traveled which is great! It does seem like it’s been well loved and played with which is always my hope when I sell I house. I’ve been back doing minis for a while now, but not like I was before. Sarah is gonna graduate this year from high school and Rachel is a dental assistant. David is selling insurance now. I find myself more busy with them being older than I did while they were younger. Maybe, my energy isn’t the same since I’m older now though    
  26. Looking for Vic Newey houses or Streetscene

    Good luck! It’s always worth asking!
  27. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yeah, that part wouldn't be good.  I was kidding (although I might have been a tiny bit tempted under similar circumstances, I wouldn't have done it).  
  28. Apple Blossom window replacements

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I enlarged them - I took my time and worked as carefully as I know how. Hopefully they will be straight.

    I broke down and ordered a grab bag. It arrived today. I am really disappointed. The biggest item is a rather simplistic white dresser with a mirror above it, not very realistic. I might consider beating is up a bit and burying it under discarded items in an attic. There are two kitchen chairs painted white with blue trim that can probably be repainted and used in a kitchen or on a porch, maybe in the Pierce/Bohemian inn. The rest of the bag was a lot of printed items --- books, newspapers, over-sized (for 1:12) playing cards, a half dozen something-or-others that are printed on roughly fan-shaped thin black paper with a hard-to-see gold print of a face, and a lot of tiny items that too small or too blurred to make out what they're supposed to be. I don't think I'll take the chance again. I'd rather spend my money on something I want.
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