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  2. Did you guys know Walmer is still in business?

    My Walmer Old Town was a drop down until I made it into a permanent structure. There is no way 20 lbs of travertine and construction adhesive is ever coming down.
  3. New member from Maine

    I have found that the best way to get around is to go to My Activity Streams and create your own custom stream by setting your preferences. You then have to set a default to that custom stream so it's is always there for you.
  4. What If I Combined....

    Isn't someone here working on that one?
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  6. New Member from Michigan

    Thanks all! Honestly, I don't trust myself to be satisfied of my own work, so I would love to get someone else to do the interiors. Anyway, we live in mid Michigan, near Lansing. :) 
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  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I have an awesome 1910 stye four square dollhouse that doesn't fit through standard interior doorways. It can only live in a room off the front door, or the basement. Tragic! But I love that house. It is HUGE with two open sides and a hinged side hall opening.
  9. Colonial kitchen after my break

    Test it on an inconspicuous spot.
  10. Chinese copied my beach house?

    My point exactly! 
  11. Newbie from Canada

    Welcome to the little family, Cori.  There is no reason not to build a lovely dollhouse for yourself to play with, as well as one for the daughter to look at now & play with later, and there's no rule that says either one has to be small.
  12. Hello from Morocco!

    That doesnt sound crazy at all! I'll take a bunch of the house and the bathrooms and just make a gallery. I may need to make this my next miniature project anyway :)
  13. Taking my obsession too far???

    Id do it in a heartbeat, I dont mind driving and I used to take road trips by myself when I was younger. (just keep a can of pepper spray handy and maybe a nice pocket knife just in case cops cant get you for a pocket knife in the car. ) 12 hours isnt that long Ive done that going down 101 from San Rafael to Palm Springs.  ( I do have to say my butt hurt but it was at night and I was flooring it in a sports car (1996 Mazda RX7) the only thing that happened was a couple of guys wanted to race me (one in a BMW and the other in a Datsun 240Z that sounded like he had swapped out the engine) but I was in a hurry and I didnt need the headache of a ticket.
  14. Ceilings ??

    thats my favorite type of house, I dont have refined tastes as many of you might have noticed,
  15. Newbie from Florida

    I feel the same as Holly, when I first started I thought I couldnt do anything but now Im ok with what I make, I live on Ohio so during the winter months I need things to keep busy,  you can only clean a house so much before you go nuts and tv is for the birds
  16. Time Out

    Not certain how I missed this previously Mike, but do know you and Rosemary have continued thoughts and prayers from myself as well! Here's hoping you're able to get home and be comfortable soon!
  17. What are you up to today? This week?

    Holly, that is an incredibly valid point! I think where my biggest issue has been is I emptied out my 401K a few years back when they were facing issues with the inability to make their payments on the house. I was able to get that all caught up and make sure they were able to stay in it... but when I realized they were having the issues b/c they were basically being asked by my sister to make her rent payments for her and her husband -- when they both had full time jobs. That was rough for me to try and be understanding there. As it stands my sister and I unfortunately don't talk all that much as she was offended when I turned down helping her out, b/c I knew our parents needed the help, and I know her issue is she just doesn't like to live with-in her means. Thankfully, I believe my sister and brother-in-law have grown up a bit and taken better control there -- but my parents are aware that for all the help they've tried to give over the years, they'll never get any in return. Thus where it is I was going through my dollhouse kits, and finished smaller scale houses wondering just which minis/kits I'm willing to part with to try and raise the funds I know are going to be needed. Goodness  knows my folks and I have butted heads and temperaments, and will inevitably do so again -- but they are my parents, and I'll do what I can to see that they live comfortably and try to not have to worry about their roof falling in on them. Sable, I'm with Holly in hoping they're done cutting on you -- and purely getting you back to looking like you with the skin grafts etc. I know that for myself, red haired with super white skin, I tend to avoid being out in the sun all that much due to how quickly I burn. However, in the same breath I've had some really severe burns before that I've no doubt will haunt me later on as I continue to age. Just want to say thank you to those of you whom have asked in regards to the campaign I started for my folks, as well as simply said a prayer -- it is all more appreciated than you will ever know!
  18. What's everyone working on?

  19. I sent you a PM. I have the instructions 
  20. Last week
  21. First Timer - Glue

    You can also add to a discussion without quoting, and the box at the bottom says "Reply to this Topic" on my laptop, too.
  22. Anyone Know This House?

    You're welcome! Getting all those pieces must have been thrilling!
  23. Well, Michel's hasn't sold dollhouse kits since before the dinosaurs went extinct. Breanna, you don't have to build your dollhouse for some child (although we do have a member who builds dollhouse kits to donate to children with cancer).  Some of us build them and play with them ourselves.  That's what I plan to do with my Newburg, when I get to it.
  24. New from St. Marys Georgia

    We also have a number of knowledgeable gentlemen here, as well.
  25. Fantastic! Great result that sounds like it's only going to get better... Thanks for doing all that testing so that we all know what to do now.  
  26. help with wallpaper

    Is the trim attached to the windows, or to the wall? (I mean, is it built into the window which was then inserted into the wall from this direction? Or is it just pieces of trim glued to the wall around the window opening?) I wouldn't be able to wallpaper that without taking the trim off, so my approach would probably be to break it off and replace it, assuming you can do so without also destroying the windows. I know that's not what you asked for... Oh, another idea is to do a messy job papering around the trim and then add some fancy window treatments that cover up the messy parts.
  27. I need some help in finding a dollhouse

    Thanks, but I think I'll pass. My car would never make it down there and we're talking about Vegas - my air conditioner in the car isn't working either. In my next lifetime, maybe. *sigh*    
  28. HURRY.... Don't be Shy.....

    Yes, they are. They like it a lot, too. They post some beautiful pictures of the area.
  29. My next project

    Thank you.  I didn't put baseboard or crown for now. I'll live with it for awhile and see how it goes. 
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