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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I thought about getting that but it would end up costing me over $300 US. 
  3. i was hoping august would be better but so far my cat has died, 5 birds have died, my dragon has gon awol somehow from a closed tank, my kids have been gone away for weeks, and now this crap with my houses. Man.. come on I need a break !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Sorry, I know these pics don't help at all. This is the staircase that goes into my Barstow Belle. Part of the handrail is curved, as are the top and bottom rails of the upper railing that goes around the stairwell opening on the second floor. They've been filled, sanded and painted/stained so you can't really see the layered build-up process used to make them. I'll post them anyway, such as they are. :/
  6. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    I like those colors. It's such a pretty house, you should do it in miniature!
  7. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    Yep wet worked, I painted the base coat let it dry, then put the layer of glue immediately followed by the layer of top coat. Cracked when it dried. I'm still gonna pick up some crackle medium tomorrow though and see which works best. Trying to make a mini Halloween village.
  8. Last week
  9. Hi from the UK!

    ...or years.  You aren't in a race.  I have been coming up with all sorts of uses for the iron-on wood veneer the hardware stores sell for counter edging.  A steel ruler with a cork back and a utility knife with retractable blades are my besties.
  10. I started my Newport today.

    i'm dumb and realised that it's the tower piece that's too big. If i can get it apart I can get a new piece from rgt.
  11. Garfield kitchen door wall

    Hi Khadi - Thank you for your prompt response. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I had previously installed the Front Wall Right Section with no problem; my problem is in the kitchen door wall, which is on the left side.  I was just experimenting and I found that if I assume that the slot in the left wall is misplaced, all is well.  Greenleaf is not perfect (the diagram of the kitchen door wall has significant differences from the actual), so I think if I follow my instincts and remove one tab from the kitchen door wall, we'll be good to go.  The misplaced slot will be covered with wallpaper. Once again, thanks for your help.
  12. Colleen uploaded the catalog to a gallery, for people who just want to browse it without downloading the whole PDF: Suzi, yours looks like an expanded version of the Country Victorian Store. Can't wait to see more pictures!
  13. Artply Rutherford kit

    Hi, I am looking for an Artply Rutherford kit for a long planned project. If anyone has one that is definitely not going to build and is willing to let it go, please send me a PM.   
  14. I've never thought of it!  I guess I haven't thought anything was good enough to be signed - although I have a few pieces I could do now that I think about it.  I like the idea of the name of the kit, manufacturer etc and the paint colours.  Very good idea!  @Mid-life madness  - Looking forward to finding a 'Carrie Original' of my own at some point in the future! 
  15. My Mother's Childhood Home in 1/12th

    At least have their photos in the house!
  16. Finished 18th c Pennsylvania stone house

    The exterior is fabulous! Great job on the landscaping. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that cottage is life-size.
  17. Hello from AZ!

    Welcome Peggy and Andy
  18. Winchester

    Mine came with these. Yours are much fancier. I like yours a lot better!
  19. Any help identifying this?

    thank you guys & girls for all the info! Happy to know now a bit more than before!
  20. I have a Marquam Hill that is mostly constructed... I might be willing to sell if you are anywhere near Northeast PA and we can agree on a price.
  21. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

    Links to articles about Frances Glassner Lee's work have been posted from time to time by members.
  22. A broken bone.

    Great idea on the christmas ornament. 
  23. Dutch Gambrel Colonial Renovation

    Oh, and depending on how well I can handle angling into the various roof pitches, I may do the dormers (on either sketch) more like this. We'll see, but the other changes I mentioned are what I'm really iffy on.
  24. Dollarama has mini furniture

    Oh! That's a good idea! I've sanded everything to within an inch of its life, and took apart and reassembled the cradle into a much cuter cradle. In fact I want to grab a few more of those next time I'm there. 
  25. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Thanks Holly  
  26. 1/24 (half) scale wood dollhouse

    It is wonderfully made actually. I bought an antique Gottschalk dollhouse on Friday and I need to make some room. This house is gorgeous though.  
  27. Can I get an amen!

    Love it
  28. Priming the bare wood

    Thanks, everyone! Great pointers. I didn't think the ModPodge was a good choice but wasn't sure. I'll look for the paint pyramids. I'll try a couple of option and see which works the best.   Thanks again, Kim  
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