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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You could get the Shining Twins to REALLY take it over the top!
  3. Curio cabinet, floor color

    I find the trick with foamcore is to paint BOTH sides, letting each side dry flat.
  4. Today
  5. Greetings!

    Welcome, Liz!
  6. Crysnbon

    Oh, it's beautiful, Beulah! Very nicely done! And those bottles are wonderful too!
  7. What's everyone working on?

    Yes I am talking about the Fairfield
  8. Making Flowers & Leaves with paper punches.

    I haven't tried the Little Goodies kits. I do see them on eBay often. I have done the Easy Leaves brand, they're ok. I accidently bought one in 1:24 so I know what you mean about small...yikes.  Bonnie Lavish kits were nice, she stopped making them for awhile but might have returned to it. was/is one source for her kits. 
  9. My husband is coming close to the end now

    I don't really have the right words to say for such a time as this one. Take care of yourself
  10. Time Out

    I miss that funny British wit of his. He must keep everyone around him in belly laughs every day! What a personality, and a truly talented artisan! Feel better, my friend! We just aren't the same here without you!
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    I love that you are completing your sister's final wish with an at sea burial. How wonderful that you have been able to arrange it. My Dad wanted this type of burial but it is not legal in Australia. Ironically, he died on a boat so he kind of got what he wanted in his own way. What you wear is unimportant, it's the sentiment and love that you have put into these preparations that truly honour her life. Safe travels to you and your family on Thursday.  
  12. Garfield interior wall move

    Hi I have planned to move the bathroom wall, and I am about to order the extra sheet ?? I think it may be thirty. It is the one for the lower floor stairs just below the stairs near the bathroom. If my thinking is correct, the piece of the stairs opposite the kitchen/dining room door, should be the same size and shape for the side of the stairs above. Well that is my thinking. I have not quite got to that stage yet but I removed the bathroom furniture from their boxes and sat them on some graph paper to work out the size for the bathroom as well as the hallway between the bathroom and the stairs that we are talking about. as for the shape of the upper portion of the new bathroom wall I will see more clearly when The floor is in and I can then judge with the flooring above it. I have already drilled a 2" hole near the round window which will go into the bathroom, it is a close fit but it will work as the new window does not seem to be in the road of the slanting roof just above it. Old round window is then in the new hallway. As your post is dated 24/12/2015, I can only assume that you have worked all this out. Please let us know how you got on. Did you wire your Garfield, and if so how?  This is my major problem at the moment and a problem I keep hesitating to start , because of it size and shape. Dianne A.
  13. :sad_2: Sorry you didn't get the house.

    1. Qubanqtee

      thanks, it's okay, must not of been meant for me....another will come along that will be for me =)  

  14. How do you attach lights? What glue?

    I use glue and superglue like the other ladies. However I had this one ceiling fan that I was trying to glue to a really uneven surface and it kept falling off over and over. I finally resorted to using a teeny tiny piece of loctite fun tak mounting putty and that did the trick. It hasn't fallen off since.
  15. Siding Idea

    Sorry I'm so late with my response, but I've been devoting most free time to outdoor living, and indoor hobbies like the general store on on hold until fall/winter.  I hope to post my progress then.  Thanks for your interest!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Actually if it's an old house the floors could be brick, the walls stone or stucco with maybe one wall tile or partly tile and the ceiling plastered between the beams.
  18. Hi. How long did it take you to make your dollhouse. I'm just about to begin. I'm excited but also overwhelmed. 

  19. Glencroft rehab blog

    I've entered two new posts on my Glencroft blog.  I've got plenty of tiny pebbles just in my back yard to use for the chimney, and for the fireplace.  There's lots of gravel here, some just grey stone, some various "rock" colors.  But I have to get away from my computer and work on my house, now!   
  20. Last week
  21. Help a mama out! (Newbie build on the cheap)

    There is a vendor on ebay who currently has mixed lots of New old stock lights up for sale. They are called chihudog. Trying to pick up lots is definitely a cheaper way to go as long as you are fairly flexible with style don't have specific lights in mind.    
  22. A house of your dreams

    Oh, I thought we were indulging fantasies!  I love every house I work on.
  23. Scale fabric

    I love her Christmas cookies too, I have some of the santa ones.  Going to the quilt shop today to see what I can find..I really like the kris compass settee kit I bought from but I don't want to put it together until I find just the right fabric. 
  24. Interesting Miniature Tidbits

    Carrie, thank you, no I hadn't seen it. Melanie, I had to laugh. I was thinking when aren't things on fire in Detroit? I actually considered moving there at one point, because property and houses were so cheap.
  25. Window cleaning question

    I've also used a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. 
  26. My Jefferson

    Great job! That turned out so cute!  
  27. Hi! I'm new!

    Welcome Taylor.  You will learn a lot from everyone on this forum.
  28. So happy you want to follow my work and Debra's in 1:6 scale.  Thank you.

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