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  2. Long Journey Back

    Welcome to the little family, Jess.  I just finished replying to your question about cleaning your plywood Pierce.  The Arthur was the first dollhouse the forum's building team built & blogged; I let my middle daughter-in-law have it for her niece and built a McKinley for her.  I joined the forum fourteen years ago, so you're right about there being a lot of information.  I think after the last few updates the search feature only retrieves information within the preceding year.  The question about the digital camera is from back before so many people had phones with photo-taking functions.  Once you have made five posts you can start making albums to put your photos in; after 50 posts you can make a blog. I do needlework all over the house, but I build dollhouses in the workshop.  Before we moved I built them in the little sunroom off our bedroom  So long as you have room for a table you're OK.
  3. Cleaning unfinished, musty, dusty MDF board

    Jess, if it's a Pierce it's plywood, not MDF.  Give it a once over with a rag dampened in bleach solution and whilst it dries set a saucer of activated charcoal with it and you ought to be rid of the musties (the damp rag should take care of the dusties).  A heat gun or even a hair dryer set on "high" should take care of the hot glue, with an old table knife from the thrift store or a putty knife to scrape it off the wood will take it apart.  If you lose the plastic inserts along the way you can use any source of clear flat acetate to make replacements.  I had a hot glue-built Pierce I was rebuilding with wood glue and making new doors and windows from bass wood and new acetate when it got destroyed in our last move (the hubs decided the half-built house could hold stacks of books; a rough railroad crossing proved him wrong; I now have a Garfield NIB waiting its turn).
  4. Autumn roombox

    I like your roombox so far.  Will there be any leaves scattered on the near side of the fence?  I  understand your blurring the children's faces for public consumption, but the cute shows through nevertheless.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Needlepoint rug

    It's your posts and your gorgeous flowers I miss!
  7. Mine is that I bought a lovely little house on ebay - micro scale, so it was completely shippable in a small box. And please know that I have had mostly (97%) greate experiences online.  But this experience made me so mad. Well, 1. the seller sent it Book Rate despite charging me first class shipping. Ok, that's cheap but ok...I didn't know it was sent book rate, thought it was first class regular mail due to shipping and handling costs. I guess it was mostly handling costs. 2. They put the tiny house with all its tiny details and delicate trim in a box. Without ANY packing material. Zero. Huge mistake on their part. Box was too big for house.  3. Since they cheaped out and sent it book rate, it took forever to arrive, had ZERO insurance  (the item cost me over $100), and...the tiny box arrived completely squashed. A huge dent almost halving the box. OMG. I'm sure it had been squashed by numerous heavy boxes that actually belonged in the book rate batch. Inside, the house was smashed to smithereens. The little box was rattling like a jigsaw puzzle box when I picked it up. My stomach sank. And it had been such a great house at the start of the journey. BUT WAIT... 4. Seller said it wasn't her fault, and she would not refund or offer any solution. Told me to go to the post office and make a claim. You know how that goes - they want the shipper to do that - she had no intention of doing that since when she shipped the item, it was fine (of course, she sent it book rate and didn't pack it well at all so technically her fault, but I get what she was saying). Until I said "that's fine and I'll go through ebay or paypal to resolve this" and she wouldn't have to do a thing. I said that only after appealing to her 3 times to offer a resolution - explaining each time why I felt she should.  We reached a fair solution after I said that. I realized she had no idea about how to pack or value miniatures...she had no idea what she was doing. I gave her some credit for being completely clueless, and we reached a fair deal. And now I definitely shy away from buying smaller-scale houses online unless I know the seller very well and know they pack well.  
  8. Winchester

    Nothing was installed on the inside doors.  The house shipped taped shut.
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  10. Bookcases II

    Love the veneer. The diamonds add a nice bit of elegance.
  11. Last week
  12. Just sent you a pm


  13. Questions about smell

    You can also use posterboard or other sturdy card stock cut into strips for siding; once it's glued down & painted (or painted and then glued), who will know?
  14. New Exciting Remote control for Lighting Doll’s Houses The Remote control we are now selling has taken 2 year to be developed This is an extremely versatile and sophisticated lighting controller but exceptionally easy to operate using the remote control handset. The unit has 8 independent outputs which can be expanded up to 24 outputs by adding additional units. Each of the outputs can be programmed to behave differently with a choice of 5 different modes. 1.    Mode 1 Normal adjustable brightness 2.    Mode  2 Simulated candle 3.    Mode  3 Simulated fire By using the mode above you can use more than one at a time      4   .Mode  4 Flashing output                  i.e. If you have a shop you can use this for the shop sign so it goes on / off                         5     Mode  5 Static output                      Use this to turn on something outside the Doll’s House  i.e. if you have a music room and you found something to play music which you could turn on / off you could also look at using this if you have your Doll’s House with a garden around it you could look at having a water feature that you could turn on / off You can found out more from Dolls House wiring specialist Small world Products @
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The bottom of the box appears to have some damage from dampness. I'd steer way clear of this one.
  16. Beautiful Crissy

    What a sweet surprise . I didn't have Crissy 
  17. What's everyone working on?

    I clicked on your avatar, went to your profile page, clicked on your albums, picked the one Kathie mentioned and copied the url and pasted it in my post.
  18. Dollhouses on TV and Movies

    Did anyone catch the first episode of Creepshow? The second part is about something creepy in a dollhouse. It might put you off getting your kids a dollhouse and certainly you will look twice at picking up any dollhouse you want to buy from Craig's List. LOL But the dollhouse in Creepshow is absolutely gorgeous. It opened on both sides and looked enormous. Creepy thing in the dollhouse and all, I'd have taken it. I saved some pics from the show:    
  19. New here

    Welcome to the forum Dani. Shannon here from Red Cottage Miniatures. Hope you get help with your wood question.
  20. Any Little House fans here?

    Laura herself seemed to be somewhat snide about people taking handouts during the depression from what I've heard. She compIained once about getting a "begging letter" from Carrie. I guess it was because she and Almanzo basically did it all on their own and so she thought that everyone should be able to. What the Little House books left out was when they lived in Burr Oak, Iowa, and that may be because they left in the middle of the night so her Pa could avoid paying a large debt he had no money for. The books are just children's stories after all, and are located under the Fiction category in the library. I'm sure many of us wouldn't want the darker side of our lives coming out in print, either.
  21. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    Love the dome. I had sketched one out as a garden tea house one time I wanted to do the dome as a lithophane with the twelve Olympians. I could envision it on a large estate as almost a folly
  22. Cape House RGT 1287 and 1288

    I will be selling some of my kits still in kit form ;) 
  23. decisions, decisions...

    i do like that website but i prefer my dollhouses to be front opening rather than the back being open. not sure how easy that would be to change them. but thanks for the idea
  24. can anyone help

    Reported as spam
  25. Hungry for Pizza?!

    Brilliant! Made me smile - thanks for sharing this!  
  26. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    So very happy for you!
  27. Too much stuff???

    Perfect!  I was asked the other day to give some ideas for what I wanted for Christmas!  I don't know why I haven't seen this tool before!  Added to my list! PS - you can never have too much stuff!  I look at my stash of boxes in the attic and I think I have OD on windows, doors, lights/chandeliers, and wallpaper.  They will EVENTUALLY make it into future projects.  
  28. Granville Kit

    Thanks!  Maybe I'll dip my toe in the ebay waters!  
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