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  2. Celeste, if you need instructions or schematics sheets you can contact Greenleaf:
  3. New here though I signed up in 2016!

    Welcome to the little family, Cyn.  You can contact Greenleaf to replace the instructions and schematics sheets.
  4. Catching up in Wisconsin

    Welcome to the little family, Celeste.  I have built the Orchid twice already, once in wood and once in plastic, and I have another that was built with hot glue (recommended in the instructions, NOT by builders of these kits!) to rehab one of these days.  If your clear acetate door & window inserts have yellowed over time you can use flat clear acetate packaging or transparency film instead; clear report covers will also work well.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Lamps from scratch

    Thanks for the link, Janet and Deborah.
  7. Seeking a book

    Hi, Kayla - I replied to your PM.  
  8. Decorating your houses for the holidays?

    Thanks you so much Sable . I love making the ones I keep to fit into my house . Every time I walk in my front door I see this house and I just have to smile. Well this and my two unconditionally loving dogs.  This is the second house I made and it will forever stay with me.
  9. Introduction

    Hi, Olivia.  We have a sub forum where newcomers can introduce themselves:
  10. Last week
  11. First time builder in Texas!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are no dollhouse stores that I know of in Texas.   The Dallas Miniature show is held in Dallas every year and a couple of members from here and I attend that show.  They have great classes several days before the show and then the show on Saturday and Sunday.  This years dates are June  24th thru the 28th.  It's a great show. and you should definitely plan to go if you can.

    Thanks for the tip, Shannon!  I googled Minneapolis watch repair and there are quite a few so I will at least look into it further.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Knob hill Victorian
  14. I have listed on eBay several years of magazines I am cleaning out.  Seller Name is MADnNOLA Dollhouse Miniatures: 2016 - 3 issues 2017 - Full Year - 6 issues 2018 - Full Year - 6 issues Miniature Collector: 2012 - Full Year -12 issues 2013 - Full Year -12 issues 2014 - Full Year -12 issues 2015 - Full Year -12 issues 2016 - Partial Year -11 issues - missing September 2017 - Full Year -12 issues 2018 - Partial Year - 9 issues - Jan to Sept NAME Miniature Gazette - 18 Assortment of Years from 1980's to 2000's I also have two  Architect's Choice Dollhouse Plans and two Braxton Payne New Orleans houses listed.  
  15. New Member Intro

    Hi Nicole Have fun I can't wait to see what you and your daughter do. 
  16. First Time Builder in NYC

    Hi Michael, Welcome I'm so glad you tried the scribing. I learned that type right here from Kathie too. I works great I have now used it on furniture too. I made a wood table top from leftovers and did it. I think my table looks great. Thanks Kathie for the tip I use it often.
  17. I lost all of my miniatures and miniature-making supplies too! Welcome!
  18. Total Newbie

    I build out of foam core for almost everything (furniture, whole structures, etc). I highly recommend it.
  19. hello from philadelphia

    As a former South-Jersey resident, welcome!
  20. hardwood flooring

    I've seen people use vinyl, peel-and-stick flooring that they cut into strips. I'm currently planning to use that technique, and I paid about $1 per "plank."
  21. VH 600 Victorian  
  22. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Anastasia Your doll is fabulous. I have seen the patterns on Esty and have been tempted to give them a try.
  23. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    I've definitely sided once the house is built, but I've never had the courage to wallpaper after building. Kudos!
  24. Hello From Colorado!

    Welcome....What a cute log cabin....
  25. Refurbishing Old Harrison Dollhouse

    I've made dollhouse kits more stable by gluing blocks of wood in the corners of the base (under the first floor).  I've put corner trim on vertical outside corners of the house and glued horizontal pieces of trim on the outside walls to cover up the places where the tab/slots are.  Another thing that helps is to put baseboard and cornice molding in the interior rooms making sure walls get glued to floors in the process.  Good luck with your project.
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