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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Creative Marketing, lol  
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  4. The Orchid Tea Room

    As a beginner I am using scrapbook paper. I like the more thick cardstock types so far, and am lucky to have a recycled craft store with stacks of the stuff. But even buying a book of pages that have the style you are looking for might work :)
  5. How to....arthritis and other issues

    Have you ever tried Physical therapy? My issue wasnt the same, it was more muscle related to repetitive motion at work, but it has made a major difference. What I was most surprised about is how much it helped an unrelated issue, a trigger finger I have that causes pain after holding anything for long periods. It is my pinky finger and because I rest my hand on it so much I had a lot of problems before with needing breaks and time to stretch. Its so interesting to me how them teaching me ways to use other parts of my body to compensate for my hand and wrist made such improvements.  I also have started finding tools that put less stress on said finger so I dont get the tendon pain. My current favorite is a xacto that you use with just your pointer finger and some balance from the thumb. So for sure I agree on the finding tools that are more ergonomic or have softer grips.
  6. Please help ID this Dollhouse

    Here is the interior. Can everyone see it now? @Dollhouse4
  7. Good day! This is my first post in the forum - go easy on me! I'm an absolute beginner, currently building a 1:18 scale recreation of a local heritage house that was torn down 4 years ago. So far things are going well, but like MANY miniature newbies, I am absolutely confused by the wiring aspect of the build. I have done as much internet research and forum reading as I can, but I'm still not sure if I'm doing the correct thing. So, here it goes. These are my supplies: Cir-Kit Basic Wiring Kit Transformer (FIFODR® 12V 5A 60W DC Power Supply Adapter(Input 110V-220V,Output 12 Volt 5 Amp 60 Watt) DC Converter LED Driver Lighting Transformer for 12V 5A Flexible/Rigid 5050/3528/2835/5630/5730 LED Tape Strip Light FD-ADP60W) Lights (Pre Wired DC 9-12V 3mm Water Clear LED Diodes White Light) First question: Will the lights I purchased work with the tape wire kit? Second question: I will obviously need to purchase extension wire for the lights - what type of wire am I looking for? Third question: My house is mostly foam core on the inside, but the outside walls will be wood. I'm thinking of only installing the tape wire to the wood outer structure and laying/hiding the wire through the house, linking to the outside tape wire (does that make sense?). Will that work? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!! Cheers Jen
  8. Using Photoshop for Dollhouse Mock-ups

    Once the spackle is dry you sand it smooth & flat.  Even that perfect wood needs at least a coat or two of primer or sealer.
  9. Dura-Craft Cambridge

    They open & shut a whole lot better than the ones on the SF555.  That sliding door, on the other hand...
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  11. What's everyone working on?

    When the houses start talking, they always have the best ideas!
  12. Rag Rug Tutorial

    I found this in Pinterest  
  13. Hook or latch for front opening

    I googled "jewelry box hook latch" and found all sorts of small, flat hook latches.
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  15. nanaroma

  16. Woah, this looks just how I fridge to look. Thank you for sharing!
  17. Winchester

    Thanks!! I got this on e bay. It is a laminated paper by World and Market. The top half of the kitchen actually is a brighter yellow to go with the yellows in the tile..
  18. Hi from Michigan

    Welcome!!  I'm in the Grand Rapids area.
  19. Dan, spoken like a true miniaturist!  If I have ever built a dollhouse kit so it turns out like a cookie-cutter of the box picture, I don't remember it.  And if you don't like the stairs, put them in the invisible back half of the house!
  20. Half scale magnets

    These have been taken
  21. Id do what @fov suggested as that's how I found my kit for this same house.  It's a beauty so I completely understand your desire to locate it!
  22. Changing a stair opening -tool suggestions?

    If the floor can be removed I'd be tempted to go that way; or else save the stairs for another build, fill the hole and let the stairs for this house be in the invisible rear half.
  23. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Yes - Shellie from MiniEtchers. I think if you email her she can put 1:24 together. If I remember correctly, I got them in an online mini show that she was doing. It is also possible to order just the 3D printed lamp and shade if you have LED lights. I have a bunch of LED supplies from Evan Designs that I forgot I had already. I used them for ambient lighting on the Lisa since is gets pretty dark inside. Anyone else have any cool half scale projects going on?
  24. A bit of eye candy

    Thanks for posting these Kelly!  I had never seen Moseley Hall.  Love all of those Colonial details.
  25. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    You're welcome! Although I have to admit, no detective skills were needed. I just have a bunch of catalogs that have dollhouses listed in them. Thank you for the pictures. I'd say that was definitely the Batrie Heritage. And those look like two of the columns in front. The smoke alarm is on the opposite wall across from the oven, maybe about 5 feet diagonally. I hope I'm only going to be here another month, though, so I'm not going to stress about it too much.
  26. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    Yes if it just sat on the base and could be lifted off then the house would still fit through the door, The table could fold, and you could turn the base sideways or something to get it to fit through the door also. Hmmm might work. I will have to think more on this. A dramatic seaside setting might be a possibility.  Thanks Kelly
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  28. I have acquired a Pierce dollhouse and would like to sell it near columbus ohio, Does anyone know a good place to start. A few pieces need repaired,
  29. Beacon Hill Front Porch Roof

    The porch trim assembly was put together using Titebond II Premium. A mixture of equal amounts of water, vinegar, and acetone dissolved the glue without damaging the wood.. Just put a little bit along the joint. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then scrape the glue with a very thin object like one of those screwdrivers used to tighten the screws in a pair of eyeglasses, and gently pull the soffit out of the assembly.
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