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  2. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Your TT is just awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. John
  3. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    It worked well. I think I want to leave some finish on but will see how red it is.
  4. Today
  5. How do you pare down a collection?

    I just returned from KY two weeks ago and saw the KSB collection and the Great American Dollhouse Museum. Maybe one of those ladies could help you? You could always try ebay for purging the accessories. I'm always on the lookout for good stuff, but I limit my buying to a certain amount per month, and that's it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I just noticed that I said this: "At least the warped side is just one big flat piece of wood." No, it's not flat, that's the problem!! LOL
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Pretty Lace House but I skipped one locally for $350. I've decided I really need to stop acquiring new projects! You're right, those windows would be worth more than the house on that one in Pomona. The singles are $37.50 apiece and the doubles are $52.75.  
  9. I was in Chicago this year and it was awesome!! I did some blog posts on 1) Tips if you're thinking of going; 2) Loot :-) and 3) Workshops I took. I also took four which was a bit much. I think if I do this again I'll stick with 2, maybe 3. (Maybe) Start here, and go forward: Jennifer Ashley
  10. Newest Addition to Our Home

    Oh my what a lucky save! Great name. My first dog as an adult’s name was Rupert. A rescue, and the most wonderful pup. Still miss her (don’t as why the boys name for a girl dog )
  11. Congrats on the beautiful house!  I guess your dh gene was just dormant after all. Glad you are back. 
  12. Granville Dollhouse

    Hi Lisa! Your best bet is to private message Heather. To do that, hover your mouse over her name and click on the message link. She should see it quicker if you do so.
  13. Hello again!  The House of Miniature kits are no longer available.
  14. Winchester

    truly beautiful
  15. Last week
  16. Grandville directions

    I just found a beautiful Granville at estate sale and so happy  its exquisite 
  17. Worthington

    Sorry I don’t have the instructions but it is a pretty basic structure. I might have a before photo of mine before I replaced all the windows. Edit: I can’t find the before photo but this is the gallery to my after:
  18. New to miniatures- Alison Jr. Dollhouse

    Hi Ashley, I've built/finished 3 RGT houses and found them relatively easy in the sense that they fit together well - I especially love their windows and doors. Two of the houses were partially built when I bought them. I have not tried to bash a kit since the MDF is very hard and I don't have tools to do so. I did prime the surfaces (I tend to use mostly gesso, but there are alternatives) and I also wallpapered the rooms without incident. I used a Benjamin Moore paint for the exterior on the colonial because I wanted it to have a more authentic color but I usually just use acrylic and haven't had issues. The house will be quite heavy when it's done. It is also pretty sturdy and will withstand a little more "love" from younger children (but I really don't recommend dh's for children younger than 7).  The Alison is a fun house and I am looking forward to seeing your project unfold. Enjoy!
  19. In this case you wouldn't need to add an extension, just to cut away part of the third floor ceiling and cut a doorway in one of the tower walls. But that would probably be hard to do in an assembled house unless you can take the roof off.   The Seaside Villa does have a staircase hole leading up to the attic, but it's in the ceiling room to the right of the hallway, which make that room unusable as a bedroom or a bathroom. I'm planning to close up that hole and add a hole right above the first one so the two staircases will be one above the other. It will come up into the tower, so I won't be able to use the tower room for anything else, but I don't have other ideas for it so I'm okay with that.  
  20. Help-with What Period Is this Couch Considered?

    such cool sofas! Thanks everyone! If I stick to the time period it won't work where I wanted it too....but I do think it's just so neat!
  21. Opening Scene Replicas

    That one and the Old House from Dark Shadows are the ones I really, really want.  I am almost at the point to just build them myself.  The other one I really wanted was Tara from Gone With the Wind, and I lucked into that a couple of years ago on eBay. Soooooooooooo  if ever you get the urge to get rid of your Collinwood Foyer, let me know! 
  22. Greetings from a newbie in WI

    Hey Leslie - great house to stat with! You'll find lots of great info here and enjoy the journey!  I was in Napa Valley this last week and spotted an all black Victorian on a hill - had never seen one in person and it was quite striking!
  23. My dollhouses are talking to me again

    Agree with jbnmini, Fluffy is awesome, I love it! My houses speak to me all the time, usually all at once. As if that weren't bad enough, the real problem is they're debating with themselves about what they want to be. "Flat roof! No, 30-degree pitch! Wait, 45! Maybe 60!" I have no idea who they get that from; I never do that. (looks up at ceiling, whistling innocently)
  24. Real Good Toys

    This is one of my favorite dollhouses too . I just love this one.
  25. Keep Your Eyes Open

    Great find   
  26. What are you up to today? This week?

    I miss Jeannine, too.  I hope she's OK. I met my "new" cardiologist (he's older than the last one and much more of a "people" person) and afterwards let the dentist's staff know I survived the biopsy.  Other than a touch of tenderness the first day after the procedure (that lasted longer after the first go-round with the root canal) this biopsy was a lot less dramatic than the last one; but things inside my mouth seem to heal lots faster than anywhere else.
  27. New member

    I used these in my Little House in the Big Woods cabin, they're great! Mine was a custom order, so the seller did the hair and faces and clothes.  
  28. Hofco kits question

    Then there's the Magnolia that I saw put together un finished in a hobby shop that called my name and wouldn't shut up, so when the Building Team was asked to blog its build I volunteered to join in.
  29. New member intro

    Thanks, Mike. I think I just fell down the rabbit hole face first. I just got a copy of the Gottschalk book that has only photos from the actual catalogue and shows houses and room boxes,etc from 1890 to to 1931. I found my house listed in 1921 and it’s a great help seeing what that model’s porch balustrades look like. It appears less difficult to replicate than I was thinking. But it’s been great getting all this feedback about sources. I had no idea. 
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