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  2. Bathroom floor

    I liked the tile because I'm not a fan of wood bathroom floors in RL.
  3. Hi!!!

    Hi Dàmaris, I'm on the other side of the world in New Zealand!  I purchased a new Pierce kit (another large Greenleaf house) off Ebay a few years back which they happily shipped to me here.  Have you checked online auction sites???
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Anna, here's another method that I've seen done for tile/mosaic tabletops. I can't wait to see what method you come up with! I have thought about doing a tile or mosaic table for my greenhouse.
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I know a few members are looking for these discontinued Houseworks windows.  The same seller has the single and double sets for sale and with "make an offer" option.  
  6. Advice with an online seller

    I would also ask; that's a heck of a difference, and you came to their shop based on the quoted price.
  7. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

  8. Last week
  9. Quick hello

    But then there are those who, after getting their feet wet, discover the joy of creating little worlds for their own sake.  Scott, my hubs plays with N-scale trains, so any building that gets done, I do.
  10. wallpaper experiment

    I wouldn't think so. 
  11. UK member request

    Unfortunately, Mr. Guest is unable to post new messages or reply to current ones.
  12. Wooden clapboard siding

    Thank you for this advice!!! I really like Minimum World. The prices are good, the website is very convenient to use and the shipping is free to Australia when you order over a certain amount (which is easy to do). I will give the shiplap siding a go.   
  13. Full scale Diana dimensions

    Thank you!    
  14. New Member - Beacon Hill

    Welcome to the little family, Mikki.  I've requested that your post be moved to the Newcomers' Forum, where introductions are likelier to get noticed.  You picked a very pretty house to begin with.
  15. Grandville directions

    Paula, if you hover your cursor over Coleen's avatar you will get a drop down box; click on the envelope icon next to "message" and you will be able to send her a Private Message.  This is a public website, so spammers and webbots can harvest any  personal info you post.
  16. On the way to Boston ...

    Thanks, Miranda -- good to know!
  17. Hello, I misplaced the instructions to my dollhouse. Is there anyone who can direct me or knows of a PDF versions that I can easily access to successfully start and finish my dollhouse?
  18. The Newport

    Susan, I hope you'll post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.
  19. Walmer dollhouses

    Here is an old thread that might be helpful
  20. Hi, I am a newbie also.  Just started on the Newport also.  I plan to add the addition to one side and a conservatory to the other.  
  21. Hi.  I recently retired and so finally have time to do a dolls house.  I bought the Newport model & am currently in the painting things stage-looking forward to beginning assembly soon.


    1. Mid-life madness

      Welcome Susan,

      How nice is it to be retired? Congratulations!

      You can post a new member introduction in this area

      Just click the link above.


  22. Fabric flooring

    I would get a piece of thin acrylic or even just a sheet of acetate and then modpodge the fabric to the back of that. That would give it the look of a tile that has a layer of glaze over it.
  23. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    This is such wonderful news!  I am so happy to hear this.
  24. Inge    mcamp

    Hi Melissa: You were asking about where to buy the Primrose and someone sent you a link to "Quality Toys". I was just wondering if you were able to order from them.  I sent a friend of mine the link as she is trying to buy the Greenleaf Lily and they had a good price. She is snowbirding in Seattle and tried the link but it wouldn't let her order and she couldn't get thru on the phone. Just wondering if you had tried them.

    Thanks, Inge

    1. mcamp

      Hi Inge,

      Unfortunately, I couldn't place an order through Quality Toys. I kept getting error messages. Hopefully, Greenleaf will have the Primrose soon... fingers crossed! I hope your friend eventually gets her Lily.

      Have a great day!


    2. Inge

      Hey Melissa: Thanks for your response.  Now we know my friend wasn't doing anything wrong.  Weird though.


  25. It looks like a 90 degree angle but if you could take a photo of a gable-end laying flat on a table I will confirm it.   Otherwise take a gable-end and place it on its side on the floor. Place the other side against a wall, if it touches the wall it’s 90 degrees. 
  26. I've listed some items I won't end up using - some vintage Hofco Colonial windows and a Miniature House screen door.  
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