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  2. Grandpa's new project

    Yup Sable heading towards 5am now...I came home from work tired last night after working for 12 hours....went to bed after a bite to eat and fell asleep around 8pm now I'm awake and bright as a button lol....I didn't get any work done on the dolls house as I intended so now I mean to play catchup hahahaha
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    After two days our computer has decided to let me post again!  It was Gallery Night in Pensacola, and you made me hungry for kibbeh.  Our usual Gallery Night eatery is Jordan Valley so I got their kibbeh, which is about the only way I really like beef.
  4. I finally got a Bostonian!

    Yay!! That’s so cool you got one! You’ve been wanting that forever! I can not wait to see you bring it to life Marg! I always LOVE your houses! I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already since you’ve moved! I hope you share pictures of the houses in their new bedrooms  
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  6. Shingles

    Nell, that is very kind of you. I have sent an email to Greenleaf to see if I can get more  but f I cant I will get back to you Thank you so much for the offer. Samantha I also wondered about doing something different, I probably could on the window roof and maybe even on the gable roof but I think it may look odd on the back. I did manage to keep the main roof all the same , I had 11 good shingles left after doing it!! I still haven't go my grout yet I think it has got lost in the mail and they are reshipping it so I can shelve the house for a while. By the way did you ever get your order from...oh crikey I can't remember the name,, that company who had the great sale on from the UK on lights and door etc, we both ordered and they told me they were waiting for an order to come in mine still  hasn't been shipped yet
  7. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    This is a great blog for beginners like myself or just anyone getting interested in dolls. It was created around Thankgiving this year, by doll artist Stacy Hofman, with its aim to help us beginners with information and links to tutorials for painting, finding blanks, costuming, wigging, etc.  
  8. Best Thing I Ever Made!

    Congratulations Ben, Rosemary and Mike.  
  9. Chandelier Christmas Ornaments

    I thought you would enjoy these diamond chandeliers from the 2017 Christmas window at Tiffany’s. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick up their white brilliance.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    HOOOOOOoooooOOOOOORAY! What is it like what is it like?!?
  11. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Today I made hamburgers and a copycat Panera broccoli cheese soup.
  12. Meet my special family

    When I got my two Chihuahuas' I was wondering about dog insurance. I had had it in the past but rarely used it so it seemed like money down the drain buta t the same time I wanted some kind of back up for emergencies. I opened them a bank account and have steadfastly put $100 in their account on the first of every month. I had them spayed, shots etc but paid for that as the insurance doesn't cover it anyway .I haven't had to use any of it so far so they have $4000 and something in their account now so I have a bit of a back up now.
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  14. Does anyone do soapmaking please

    Thanks for the help I will pass that on
  15. Stairs, all about stairs...

    Anna, I would think if she can find some foam or gator board she could make the stairs, and perhaps just a thin slice of bass wood for the actual treads? That way the stairs are lightweight but still have that substantial look that they do on the cover... An additional thought, if this is for a roombox and the upstairs isn't going to be seen so much, she may be able to cut the top baluster and railing and perhaps glue that top stair/railing etc to the actual ceiling of the roombox. I'm not phrasing that so well, but I can picture it in my head. lol
  16. My New Etsy Shop!

    Looks great, Mike! Keep the pretties coming.
  17. Question about basswood

    Thanks everyone, I knew I would get some good answers from the group.  Being a softer wood I thought it might soak up the stain quite a bit.  Optional....if somebody wanted to give me a quick pros/cons list for basswood, that would be cool. 
  18. Has anyone on the forum ever made a dollhouse into an exterior garden house? There are a few of mine I would like to put outside, I would need to build a back and make them water tight, one  idea was to cover the roof and exterior walls with a cement coating  any other ideas would be helpful????

    1. Sable

      Only use pressure treated plywood or a solid wood used on your local houses which can deal with your climate. A good exterior primer and paint should work well. The problem with applying stucco directly to wood is that the wood might rot because of lack of airflow and moisture buildup. 

      I made fairy doors out of untreated plywood and used exterior paint and a year later all of the layers of wood were separating. However, I live in a very humid tropical environment. 


  19. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    Thank you!  It's one of my favorites. 
  20. What's Considered Your First Dollhouse?

    For me...I'm new to the dollshouse scene...My first dolls house will be for my grand daughter...good enough reason I suppose lol.. A Georgian Town House is keeping all my creative juices flowing at the moment.... :)
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  22. Did Everyone But Me Know About Michael's?

    I always forget about the educator discount. I qualify because I work for the school system, but I wouldn't feel right using it because I'm not actually a teacher. 
  23. Here's an alternative download link:  
  24. Am I being too picky???

    I will be contacting HBS to send the staircase back.    Thank you all.
  25. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    Thank you Linda and Keith, I did finish this project a while back thankfully and had a very happy little girl. I'm back to working on my 1:12 projects.  :)
  26. What's everyone working on?

    I end up with lots of splinters from barn work, not the cleanest place in the world!  Sometimes I only realize it when it starts to get infected, al least they come out easier then lol
  27. First Room Box

    My first project was a room box I bought from Hobby Lobby I recommend that you cut out any doors or windows before it is assembled....I had some Opps and boo boo's so to speak while cutting, but you can fix a lot things with filler and spackle.    
  28. Never-fail fudge recipe -- got one?

    Thanks Kathie for the tip to read the comments. I'll definitely do that!
  29. Another Feel Good Article

    Sarah, how about a bowl of biscuits and sausage gravy to go with those grits?
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