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  2. Look closer at the table holding the white’s a disaster.
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  4. Kilauea Eruption 2018

    I miss the roar.
  5. What's everyone working on?

    Yeah, I noticed :)
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    I jinxed myself when I stated everything was going smoothly with the new floors. A truck showed up two hours late and deposited two pallets of flooring in the driveway. “Wait”, I said, “They need to come into the house”. “Sorry, that’s a different crew” replied the driver. Mind you this is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, you think anyone is going to pick up a phone? Also, leaving $3k of wood flooring outside as tropical storm rains are headed our way for the entire weekend, had me a bit concerned.  Finally at 4:30 a man I’ll call The Ox shows up all by himself to begin carrying in each 50lb box of flooring, one by one, all 50 boxes. So 63 year old 123 lbs of me felt that he needed help. So I carried in about 30% of them. I wish someone had taken a picture of the two of us, The Ox and The Stick.  While waiting for The Ox to arrive, I scraped all of the caulk where the old quarter rounds were on the baseboard, patched up the significant damage to the drywall from where the countertop backsplash had been attached to the wall. Meanwhile, the song, “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” kept popping in my head. Finally, at 6 I battled the rains and Memorial weekend traffic to make it home to take a well needed bath. Luckily, everyone was headed in the opposite direction toward Orlando so I made it home in just under 2 hours.
  7. Lathes!

    An instructional video that might help a bit with minimizing waste while practicing turning: Holly, nice job on the chair!
  8. Room boxes that slip into a dollhouse?

    I love that period, and your project sounds amazing. I can't wait to see how you bring it into being. 
  9. Hi, my name is Tim)

    Hi Tim. I love your idea of a working fireplace! Your house looks wonderful. 
  10. 1/12th scale 2x4 Hollow Wall Construction

    Just as an FYI, balloon framing would be “period”, not today’s stick framing. 
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The bay windows on this are similar to the Superlative Dollhouse Victorians, but I don't think it's one of those:
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  13. Return after 25 years...

    Hey Genevra
  14. I turned off the maps on your photos. There should be a small green link that says "map privacy" under the map, that you can click to hide the map. It may display differently if you're viewing the forum on a tablet or phone rather than on a computer, I'm not sure about that. This happens because the device you used to take the picture has Location Services turned on. This article has details for disabling it on an iPhone or iPad: Also, sorry you didn't get a response when you tried to contact someone. For any questions like this, you can send a PM to me or Minis on the Edge (Tracy). Some of the other admins are Greenleaf employees who don't check the forum regularly.    
  15. Hai from Australia

    Hi Alicia! Welcome! I use miniatures as a form of relaxation and as something to switch of that critical inner voice that likes to show up right when you don't need it. I also like to have the radio on or the TV in the background so it's not so quiet in the craft room.  The Beacon Hill is a lovely house. I hope it brings you lots of fun and enchantment.  
  16. Last week
  17. KathieB's Garden Blog, Georgia edition :)

    I remember an early Ford commercial was an animated figure saying a long, drawn-out "F O R D" while the mouth made the shape of the letters, and one night the ol' pea-picker said the following punchline:  "Here comes F o r d in a D o d g e."
  18. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Love delft tiles! When I travelled on KLM recently I kept the box containing cookies they gave out as it had delft pictures on it. I thought maybe I could use it in my dollhouse one day  
  19. What are your pipe dreams?

    I’ve got a number, but a longstanding obsession has been to create a 19th century large house with ALL the proper servants’ offices, as they were called. About 50% of the square footage of such a house should have been service areas. No one ever does them. I would want ALL the associated servants, too. How amazing would that be???
  20. how to install eaves on the Orchid

    Cassidy, I hope you will post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.  I have built the Orchid in both wood and plastic.  Here are pictures showing the "eaves" on the front gable and dormers: They help to hold the roof in shape.
  21. Minis from ancient civilizations

    It was a roombox kit featured in that year's HBS Creatin' Contest; no frescos or mosaics, just simple square tiles (paint chip card) on the impluvium and a couple of arched niches with family death masks.  I did make a 1/8" plywood roof with central hole that fit over the tops of four columns in the hall.  I used to have a couple of photos posted in my old "Dolls" album in the gallery here; but several of my albums got purged in one of the upgrades and when I restored the ones I had photo CDs for, those photos weren't on any of them. My favorite exhibits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC was in their Egyptian collection; amongst the funerary goods was an entire village complete with little houses and shops that were open to show the little people inside at their work.
  22. non-yellowing matte finish glue?

    For the fabric stiffener you may want to try Api's Crafter's Pick. I have used it with some laces that I wanted to stiffen. It dries clear. I have something in m y craftbroom as we speak that is about 7 years old and so far it has not is as much as I can help
  23. Here are some items I’ve made for my ancient Roman roombox




    1. NellBell

      Great job on everything

    2. EmilyCraig

      Thank you! I’m equally obsessed with Ancient Rome and miniatures- apparently they are very niche interests!

  24. Laura did you get your Cobblestone Snicket houses yet
  25. And don't forget Bonnie Broel's version for 98k:  
  26. Is there fake rock candy?

    No, that has to do with the strangest part of this cottage. I was originally thinking of a scratch build, because I wanted space for the built-in beds, and also an upper chamber with a steep roof and a round hole like a birdhouse. (How cool that the Buttercup had both!) Because the fairy tale mentions nice little beds where the children are tucked in, but nothing about where the witch sleeps. Somehow I couldn't picture this cannibal witch with a nice cozy bedroom or even sleeping in a bed. Then I heard a song called The Jealous Crow, about an old ragged crow who's jealous of a young maiden's beauty and casts a spell to steal it from her. Instead the crow changes into an ancient woman and the girl becomes a beautiful bird. That gave me the idea of the H&G witch as sometimes taking a human form and sometimes that of a carnivorous crow. (They do eat nestlings, I've read.) So I'm giving her a nest in the top of the house, and I was going to attach pegs outside the birdholes where she alights when returning from wild night flights. But instead, I had these pendant brackets that look great on the house ... so that's what that's for. 
  27. Frustrated, In Dire Need of Workaround

    You're talking about parchment paper from the baking aisle, right?
  28. Hello from North Central Indiana

    Hey Tamra
  29. Fairfield wiring

    Excellent video, thanks Sable. Despite having electrified a few houses, I learned a lot. I took notes and am inspired to do the electric in the Beacon Hill as the next step. For some reason, I've been shying away from doing any more construction.
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