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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Brimble's roof simply does not want to stay together.  I have gone on with shingling, on the off chance it decided to get with the program.  It was an awfully old kit with some warping issues, so it may lose it battle; but I've been fighting with the darned thing for well over a year!
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Tracy, if the "babies" make it for the next week to ten days you can dig I all up, separate out the "babies" and replant everybody where you want them.  Bulb flowers were about the only kind that didn't just shrivel up and die on me (except for catnip; I couldn't kill it, even when I pulled it all up year after year; it's like hydrilla and kudzu!). DH  finally found a carrier that would hold both his bicycle AND my tricycle, so today we loaded them up and went over to Robertsdale to ride their bike trail that runs through town between US90 and SR104.  We met an awful lot of nice people using the trail for walking and one granddad and grandson and dog in their ATV; grandson took one look at my trike and said, "I want on of those!" and another couple asked us lots of technical questions because she also is having balance issues and can't ride a two-wheeler.  You're never too old to play with a dollhouse or to ride a tricycle!
  4. Hi I’m new :)

    Welcome to the little family, Kelly.  We would all like to see your house you grandpa made you.  When you have made five posts you can put your photos in an album here in the Gallery.
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  6. Your dream house

    I have a dream to recreate William Wilberforce's house in  my old town ,.He was the  UK MP  largely responsible for getting the anti slavery abolishment through parliament It is now a museum with all the artifacts of slavery which I have studied since I was a young person and I would love to replicate it, There is a small study with a fullsize wax figure of him sitting there. He was also the founder of the RSPCA, .
  7. Beacon Hill bedroom closet

    I ended up using this "closet" to hide my wiring strip. Initially I thought about hiding it under the foundation, but then I realized it would be much easier to replace a fuse or do repairs if I had the main circuit in a more accessible place. I am curious if anyone else has used this space for hiding circuits, it's a great spot right in the 'middle' of the house.
  8. Mamaw Patty

    Hey Patty
  9. Greetings and Salutations!

    Hi Bill! What an interesting story, sound like this is a great time to get started on it! It took me over 10 years since the time I decided I'd like to build a dollhouse until I finally got started. Now I can't stop hehe, it takes time but it's a very relaxing activity  Have fun!
  10. inspiration for a porch scene

    Trying something ner for me adding a little video of the scene as it was yesterday, today I am fiddling with a kind of a bead Wall decorations, Will see how that turns out...  
  11. Half scale speed shingle coverage

    Coverage matched my half scale rosedale overlapping 50% 
  12. Realife Queen Anne kits

    Jeri, would you happen to have the instructions for the realife Victorian bedroom kit #200? 
  13. Yesterday
  14. Winter project underway

    Some progress being made.  I got the 2 nd floor frame finished.  Next I’ve got to figure out some wiring and decide on a floor material.   
  15. I want to cover my tape wire on the back of my dollhouse for permanent protection . what would you suggest?

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    2. Bob Hood

      Thanks for the idea.  Is their a special brand.  I will probably keep it clear since it is on the back.  I ran all my connections to each room on the back so i wouldn't have any connects under the wallpaper.

    3. Sable

      No particular brand, any roll of clear packing/shipping tape will do. Don’t use regular Scotch tape, though.

    4. Bob Hood

      Do you have an idea if this will be OK for really long term use.  Since this will be on the back of my dollhouse it shouldn't get much sun.  I probably wouldn't paint it incase i had to add another intersection at a later date.  Thank you for your help. Bob

  16. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I'd love to know the name of that company 
  17. Hi! Another newbie here!

    In the comments section of the page, someone describes the house as 1:24 with high ceilings. 
  18. Adams Dollhouse

    Thank You!!! 
  19. Appreciate your imput on paint

     Thank you all. I think I will go back to my  craft acrylics and remove some paint off my caravan first so I can repaint it
  20. The theft has been well known about on other forums since it first happened.  What is really sad is that Grover and Mary Ann had decided to retire and had a buyer for the business and were working through the details of the sale.   In October when they made the trip to San Jose for The Good Sam Show their vehicle was broken into along the way and a computer was stolen.  Luck has not been on their side lately.  Them and their huge inventory of minis will be missed at the shows.
  21. Last week
  22. Pierce Staircase

    There’s one on page 2 looking down... it looks like how I put mine together so I think I’m O.K. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t glue up right.  Thank you  for that picture helped.
  23. miniature shops in Chicago area?

    Maybe since I go over there often, they know me by my name and some kind of trust have been built. Elaine is very nice, and Kathie is much better lately, after she took care of some health problems, so hopefully the next time that you go, you will enjoy better your visit!. What I don't like much is the fact that the store is in a locked basement (if anybody has problems with stairs or is claustrophobic then you can't go there, no windows or elevator). 
  24. The Country DollHouse kits are Almost Gone Again!

    Or have a solid color for the house but do each shingle in different colors  I think that’ll be lovely!
  25. Yay Spring! Boooo Snow!

  26. Hello from the UK

    Hello, not a brit but live in Oxford during uni term time~!! Nice to meet you! 
  27. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    I’m here in Newburyport,Ma and it’s snowing again are 4th nor’easter in the last 2 weeks. This one is supposed to only give us another 2-3 inches of course we still have a foot of snow that’s still there from the last storm. I hope this melts soon and we can start Spring and see a little hint of flowers  trying to push through the dirt . I just started following this site and so far I like what I see . The tutorial on the blinds was so good they did a great job showing how to do it if this is anything like this tutorial I’m loving this site. Well I’ve talked enough. Bye for know Marie 
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