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  2. An eager newbie is asking for help!

    Someone suggested " The House of Miniatures", which looks great.  Wondering if there's anything around with the same idea, but maybe a different style of furniture/objects? Please and Thanks!
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  4. Beacon Hill - Dollhouse Noob

    Ok I have officially finished the stairs in my Beacon Hill, it could be better and I ended up just punching out all the peices and just putting them wherever they appeared to fit. Really, I don’t know if anyone from Greanleaf monitors these forums but the instructions for the stairs, particularly the last finishing steps, really needs help!  anyways onward and upward!
  5. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    My Birkenstocks, I wear them all the time even in the winter and I have done so for many years, they are a very important part of ME. I hate other shoes and resent sometimes putting them on when I have to.
  6. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    It sounds very yummy and I love apricots .but right now that lovely recipe will have to go on hold., Today I made a crustless quiche, all the eggs, cheese, mushrooms , ham and broc went in the dish and it turned out very well. I chucked the leftover meat in the freeze for another day. Tomorrow I may make a veggie and chicken curry but no rice LOL it sounds crazy. I think if I have cauli on my plate with two other veggies I kid myself that the cauli is the potato as it is white so the curry may be a no and I will go for lamb chops with veggies.. I think the folks on this low to zero carb diet must be fantastic cooks as I have very few ideas. I may have to invest in a book  I think.  I have never used spaghetti squash but I may give that a try if I can find it, it is too late to grow it.
  7. Nell, I don't know your location but  the greenhouse may come in handy through the winter. I can keep a salad patch, carrots and some perennial veggies and kale leaves  growing right through, tomatoes I can usually keep till the start of November if I put the effort in, the pepper plants sometimes will winter over and pick up in the Spring. My greenhouse is very hot right now, my cucumbers are really struggling. I have a bet with myself every year that I will eat a home grown salad  with tomatoes from the greenhouse on Christmas day and most years I manage , but it is usually just maybe three of four tiny tomatoes that make it once it gets I like my greenhouse for tomatoes because it avoids the dreaded blight which is so prevalent in m y area .My fave tomato is a hybrid sadly one of the few I ever grow , it is Sungold. I have a few dehybridised versions of it but they are not as sweet..I used to grow miniature peppers and tomatoes under lights but this  year I sold my 3 tier light fixture so I shall try on the window sill with some micro toms/micro peppers this year .  My choices this year are pathetic as I was ill when I would usually start seeding so I missed the chance for tomatoes and bought plants. I have some of the Bumble Bee ones which are pretty but not very tasty but some of my Sungolds from last year self seeded so it will be interesting to see what they produce .
  8. Hofco Americana

    I bought one today for $40!  I'm so excited.  
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Hi..I'm pretty new to the group...I getting ready to build the Beacon Hill.  Ive only builtbone, the Duracraft farmhouse #505.  Im terrified and I'm surebi will need to ask questions...I'm waiting to get the Warm up sheet...I downloaded the reader but what now...?  Any advice us appreciated.  I'm in a wheelchair and may have some specific problems but I am very stubborn so we shall see!  Thank you so much!!
  10. Hi everyone, so happy to be here!  I'm a total newbie with miniatures, as in %100 passion and %0 husband has been talking alot about the authentic looking tiny furniture he's been making as a kid, stuff that took actual building with tiny nails etc etc. I would love to find something like that for both of us to work on, possibly with the kid joining in for a good family time.  Miniatures are pretty much the only thing that all three of us are equally passionate about...the problem is, all I seem to find online is very generic DIY kits, which, though detailed and cute, don't actually have the authentic feel to them. They are mostly plastic, and if it's wood, it requires a very simple assembly with glue. I would really appreciate any advice about where to find more realistic DIY options, especially in the medieval/ fantazy style. My husband is passionate about cooking and kitchen equitment, so something to do with a medieval kitchen would be a holy grail to me! Any advice would be most welcomed. Thank you! 
  11. David, I have reported your post to request your asking price for the Tennyson be removed.  If you read the instructions for posting in this forum you will see that prices are NOT to be posted.  We have an internal messaging function that people can use to contact you for prices.
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  13. Making molds and casting minis

    You might be able to get mini glass jars at dollar stores (or whatever they are called in New Zealand) or at places where nail art supplies are sold.  Look for something like this:    or like this:   You can dump the glitter out and paint the bottles white.  There is a vendor here in the US that sells very inexpensive pewter minis, including apothocary jars.  Ironically, I have a few I am painting to look like glass.  If I can find her info I will send it to you.     
  14. New here from the UK

    Welcome lisha
  15. The Garfield project

    Hi Louis, Havana Holly is quite right your photos would be a great inspiration to the rest of us. I was looking at this photo and I was imagining all of the things I need to do to my house. It is a really clear photo of the inside. Thank You. Di
  16. Dollhouse Identification

    Thanks so much for the responses, everyone. I thought the window box and the little diamond-shaped window on the front (it's hard to see in the picture, but it's a yellow "stained glass" window) looked pretty unique. Looks like I have a one-of-a-kind dollhouse, which is good to know!
  17. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    There’s a NIB Duracraft Lindfield in listed as “Linfield Mansion Miniature A Dura-Craft Dollhouse” id 55200092. Auction at $21.50 + shipping.  Ends On: 7/28/2018 5:00:00 PM Pacific Time  
  18. One Thing You Won't Spend Your Money on. 7/9/08

    I snorted my coffee on that one!  Missed the keyboard, fortunately.
  19. windows

    Ow!  I assume it's those !!*#!! double hung windows.  Who on God's green earth would build those windows and install them and then turn the house over to little children to play with unsupervised had to have rocks for brains!  (The SF555 was my first kit build and the granddaughter I built it for had the issue with the oval window on the gable; THAT was an easy fix because I built the house with tacky glue and it popped right off for repair.)  I would suggest purchasing Houseworks windows as close to the size as possible (even a tad larger; you can always shave the window opening larger to fit) and chip off the damaged windows.
  20. doll wigs??

    Hi, reading between the lines I sense this is  a play doll rather than a dollhouse doll If I am correct  I have trunk full of doll wigs left over from my doll making shop and I may have something for you. The way to get the size is to  measure her head all around immediately  above her ears. that is her size. If you can post a picture of the doll I can see how the old wig is and see what I have ( have many of the Monique wigs then some others in real hair and all styles.
  21. Wooden Peg People

    several years ago i embarked on a challenge to make 100 peg dolls, They all have legs and arms etc. I made the mistake of painting the heads with undercoat. I am thinking of taking them out and finishing them but i would love to be able to remove the paint without spoiling them. Any ideas ?
  22. 3D Papercrafts

    I have a close freind and fellow miniature artisan, Someone that i learn a lot from, who has made entire dolls houses and displays using just card and paper and they are amazing to see.I have permission to show you this wedding store scene. she made it all and calls it 4 dimentional because there are removable parts. All in 12th scale miniature
  23. Needle felting

    As a base for needle felting I use poly fibres, the stuff that pillows are filled with. It makes a great solid base and then I add marino wool. It takes to it really well. x I am making a needle felt doll at the moment, she is hardley a miniature at life size but it is working out quite well. I am halfway through the head right now.  
  24. Does anyone do soapmaking please

    Have alook on Amazon. they sell lots of craft books
  25. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Hi Jodi - If you are not sure what to ask for them why not put them up for auction , that way you may be surprized. There is a miniature auction group on facebook that may intererest you. x
  26. 11/3/07 When were you 1st exposed to Minis?

    I had visited one of the few parks in England that had a miniature village in it, from then I was hooked. age just 7.  I am now building my own here in the UK but it is more to do with Christmas, I am building a Christmas Village. I will show pictures after it is launched publicly in 2019, until then I am unable to show pictures, But I may show works in progress on the contents from time to time. I have gone on in life now to be a designer of all things miniature and i would not have it any other way. x
  27. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    It seems I am following you round the forum.  I used to live near Nottingham many years ago,my RAF  husband was posted there
  28. Newbie & happy to be here!

    Hi and welcome from Canada XX Jeannine
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