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  2. What's everyone working on?

    Just opened the box for the Glencroft and I have a question for Holly. Holly I seem to remember you writing that you had some problem with this one, I think it was the roof, do you have any suggestions before I start, this house will be wallpapered, some paint and some stain. I am not planning on changing it at all unless I come across something during the build or dry build.
  3. Bashing two houses together

    I shall try and portray Grandma encouraging RRH to be creative  
  4. Today
  5. My new project

    Nicely done.  I wasn’t as gaga over the blue as everyone else until I saw it with the black I like it. Also the new shingles look fab, are they just painted?
  6. Greetings from Chicago

    Hi Keith! Another Chicago area person here! Im near west suburbs. Welcome to the group!!
  7. A dollhouse for the dollhouse maker... Made in 1:144 for a dear niece who creates full sized dollhouses






  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh Colleen, congrats, I can't wait to see what you do 
  9. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Gorgeous! Looks expensive. 
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    What about a roombox?
  11. Help! This is Boring!

    Thanks Beulah! It makes me happy that it makes you happy too! 
  12. Southern California Miniature show by Tom Bishop
  13. Shingling a Gazebo or Tower

    I split leftover shingles vertically and glue them over the "seams", lapping them to match the rows on each section.  Mine aren't wonderful:
  14. Gingerbread house

    Emily, when the Snow Tex shrinks as it dries, does it leave any sort of residue on the painted surface?
  15. Has anyone ordered from Bespaq Direct?

    There is a seller on e bay who is notorious for posting Bespaq  stuff then cancels later, her feedback shows this. I think that is exactly what she does grazhina
  16. Red Riding Hood etc

    Just logging a few changes . Joe's house is almost finished , just furnishing it as I make or find stuff for it, his violin has arrived and I have started to make his bedding and his best going to church suit. I am  stuck waiting for grout which is lost  in the mail somewhere. I am changing the other two houses. I have changed Grandmas to the Glencroft as the Aster I think would be too small and so the parents are getting the  larger Tudor one that Greenleaf make , the Harrison, so now I am focusing on building a picture of Grandma. She hasn't got a name yet, I have a few floating around in my head but not sure yet. She will be a sewer, a seamstress actually. mostly retired but still dabbling a bit, she can be coached out of retirement for special occasion clothes  and has been known to help her only daughter with wedding dresses. It was Grandma who taught RRH Mum to sew and Mrs Hood   is carrying on the skill. Grandma is a crafter, a knitter, she knits and sews toys that are sold in her SIL shop mostly now, she also makes baby layettes and is known as the local shawl maker .She plays a couple of musical instruments, one is the banjo. She always wears a pair of  dangly earings which were a wedding gift from her late  husband   She is a dedicated DIY enthusiast .She is not a delicate Grandma, quite feisty but she is very proper, so high tea is served to guests in the very formal way. She has a male friend, she had had him for many years, he idolizes her but she has remained a widow most of her life, her husband was killed in a war, and she proudly has a picture of him on display alongside his flute which she treasures, she has also remained faithful to his memory but her friend  lives in hopes!! He does all her maintenance . She is good friends with Joe the woodcutter and keeps a motherly eye on him ,Joe provides her with all her wood and in return she knits his socks, mends his clothes,makes his shirts, his bedding and his curtains, Joe wasn't bothered about curtains but Grandma insisted it was proper so he gave in. So today I am opening up the box to begin Grandmas house.... story to be continued
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  18. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Chimichangas, Mexican rice and refried beans with salad.
  19. Interesting Miniature Tidbits

    Joanne I remember you mentioning that when I first joined, I do hope you get to go, I don't know a lot about Quarriers, just a bit . I do  it was considered a excellent place  and a great many children left there for Canada.
  20. Qucik question about bricking

    Joanne they are real bricks
  21. Chip and Joanna Gaines dollhouse

    You can contact The Child Life Specialist at any hospital and he/she should be able to tell you what the clean the toys with.
  22. Heirlooms Dollhouse Miniatures shop!

    There is a 92 year old sweetheart that owns a little miniature shop in our area- the last of its kind.  Her inventory is sparse and dwindling- slowly getting sold down as she is not buying any re-stock. As I am aging and getting tired of my current office job, I often daydream about buying the business from her and moving it to my town.    I wouldn't care it I made money or not- it would just be a wonderful way to spend my retirement years! I wouldn't have a clue about doing classes....I would have to invite other miniaturists in to do them!  I would have an idea of how to set them up, price them and advertise - -when I had my cake shop I gave classes all of the time - - but consider myself still a "newbie" with miniatures so I would have to rely on paying a guest teacher.  When I was doing wedding cakes I was part of an international cake club and there was an official traveling teachers list: wonder if NAME has such a list? Anyway- sounds like you have a magical childhood!    And a Grandmother that was very encouraging!  When I was trying to start my cake business and had dreams of opening a cake decorating supply shop, I had very little support and encouragement on the endeavor.  I managed only to have an in-home cake business with a tiny bit of retail (mostly just supplies for my classes).  Your shop looks adorable!  Keep us informed!     
  23. Hi from Indiana

    I’m similar- rediscovered my love of doll houses just recently. Welcome :)
  24. Hi I'm Brenda

    Hi Brenda :)
  25. Hope You All Have A Great Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! So grateful for all of the friendship and support here. I haven't posted much in the past year, but hope to have some things to show soon. Hugs to you all!!  
  26. Has anyone used the Greenleaf furniture kits?

    If it's for display you can do all sorts of embellishments to make it spectacular.
  27. Beacon Hill Dolls House first introduced?

    I have copies of nutshell news magazine (miniatures magazine) dating back to the early 1980s and the Beacon Hill is pictured in the ads Greenleaf put in the magazine.  Also hi Sue, welcome to the forum, I have a Beacon Hill too, love it  
  28. Bamboo skewers also work well. The dowels or skewers work best when the two walls meet all the way up and there is a need to fill in the opening created by the thickness of the wall sections. I noticed that for the joint in question, The sections meet at the bottom but then spread apart farther up the wall. I think with such an irregular space, the Spackle would be the better choice for a smooth transition. (And when using a dowel or skewer, it's still necessary to smooth the joint with Spackle.)
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