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  2. I kept photo records. I always do test strips too and keep them around during the project, but I find the photos help a lot, especially when I can look at a photo progression of each step.
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  4. On the picture you posted to me , what is the name of house that says "tea for two" with the balcony?

  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Just tootlin' around, I found these. A little pricey, but hey, it's only money: There's a few upper cabinets to this set floating around eBay somewhere, too.    Has this been put up before?   Table set, anyone?
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    My brother was in the Navy - that's why he's living in San Diego now. I went to visit him about 25 years ago and if I'm not mistaken, he doesn't live too far from the miniature shop. I was lucky enough to go see it when I was there. Anybody remember the Dollhouses to Dreamhouses Spanish house made out of two Coventry cottages? Someone made one and it was in the shop when I was there.
  7. But it is the do-not-do-it-that-way lessons that force us to think outside the box and generate the most wonderful Aha! moments. I see failures as building blocks of the future ... but call me a c***-eyed optimist.   Edit: LOL ... apparently the built-in censor would prefer I simply be an optimist. 
  8. Question about Chicago International
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  10. What is it?

    I wish I could help, but that is definitely either a child's dollhouse or a UK dollhouse and my knowledge of dollhouses in those areas is abysmal. Isn't there a way to do a photo search on Google?
  11. Mistakes on The Orchid #9301

    The transparent plastic report covers also make nice window material.
  12. Dollhouse Newbie

    Thank you, Holly. I'm trying to set up an album in the gallery now for the Kellogg house. Having a little trouble, but I'll get the hang of it eventually! LOL!  
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  14. Once in a Lifetime Splurge!

    Congrats Janet! What a great Christmas delivery! 
  15. Harry Potter Gingerbread House

    We went to the Harry Potter in Uni Studios in LA last year on our way over to the UK.  Was so good!!  Even had frozen Butter Beer!  Jack is off to Europe next week (UGH) and reckon's he's going to save his spending money to spend it all at the Harry Potter Studio tour in London!  
  16. What's everyone working on?

    How exciting Carrie! Those trees are fun to make, hope her interest continues! 
  17. 1/144 Northeastern scale kits collection

    Here is one on eBay.
  18. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Robert, so sorry for your loss.  I, myself, came back to miniatures when my Mom passed almost 3 years ago - it's helped me.  I hope it will do the same for you once you begin to restore and complete the houses.  I know we will all have more suggestions once we know what houses you're trying to complete.
  19. Dolls, dolls, dolls!

    Well, I for one think your toddler is absolutely beautiful Karin. I'm not worried about types of make-up in my make believe dollhouse world.  
  20. Andi Mini Bricks

    Sorry I was confused.  I didn't know that they made stone, too.
  21. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Au contrair!  I appreciate your advice, thank you.   In my excitement to see the test light go on I hadn't noticed how much wire was exposed. I've wrapped it tighter around the eyelet. Tragedy averted!   Edit: the BH has been in the back of my mind as I do other things today. Suddenly the thought occurred to me that I have not been protecting the eyelet joins with a bit of clear tape as described in the video. I guess I was more excited/distracted than I thought when the test light came on!  Will do that when I have a chance to get back to work on it, hopefully over the weekend.
  22. Bargain Idea for Workbench Light

    I hadn't had my coffee yet.
  23. Greetings

     Thanks again!
  24. I'd suggest mounting it with the back flush to the edge of the table and leaving 3 to 4" of tabletop on each side and 4 to 5" in front (a place for setting items while playing). The child may want landscaping when she is older. It can be made removable by mounting it on a base so it can be moved out of the way when the house walls are opened.
  25. New From Arizona DuraCraft VH-600

    Hi, Rosemary, it's OK to post your own introduction.  I use wood glue to attach wood to wood.  Unbuilt kits and unrehabbed houses are in the workshop along with whatever is under construction.  I have a 1:24 hacienda on my desk in our bedroom and the Fairfields Bar Harbor summer cottage and a Magnolia FL Cracker house in our living room.  Our garage, which doubles as our playroom, holds my pub, farmhouse and White Orchid Christmas house.  
  26. @genieDOLL  Trash to Treasure!!   Love it!
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  28. Hello from Akron, Ohio

    Hi Wayne, what a great history for the house you built!  I hope you'lll share pictures along the way and like Jackie @jbnmini said, there's lot of great people here to help and support you along the way!
  29. how do you post things

    1. Sable

      Pick a Forum. Start a New Topic or join in an existing one.

    2. Cheryl1229

      Thank you, Sable~

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