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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That seems great for $75!
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  4. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Welcome home, Jo.  I am not the Holly who submitted this:
  5. Hello from New Joiner

    Welcome to the little family, Donna.  Martha/ MLyle built a Garfield and had gone back to wire hers using round wire, which can easily be placed behind baseboards and run up either the corners or front edges of walls just behind finishing trim. You will find building a monster big dollhouse like the Garfield less frightening if you invest in a few rolls of masking tape or blue painters' tape and dry fit things before committing to glue.  Not only will dry fitting help you by letting you fine-tune the fit of tabs and slots as you go, but you will be able to see the areas (such as stairwells) that will need to be decorated before walls go up or stairs go in, making it impossible to get your hands in there later.  Also, to see what you will want either to prime or stain first.  I find that the house often begins to speak to me and tell me its story and what it wants during the dry fit (if not before).  Finally, you can sometimes find how to noodle a facet of the construction that wasn't clear from just reading the instructions.
  6. Hi all. I’m a new member building the Garfield with my 17 yr old daughter in Sugar Land, TX

  7. Been out of touch lately

    Hi Amy. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Glad to see you back. Hope you work through to a smooth place very soon.
  8. Spanish tile staircase

    They are having their miniature show at the end of June. I highly recommend going.
  9. I am putting the Colonial room box up for sale, in case anyone here is interested: The kit included a faux door- which is weird because the doorway is cut out -which would require an actual, functioning door that could be glued shut if you don't want it to open. Anywho....Please message me if you have any questions or are interested in having it added to YOUR collection.   
  10. What's everyone working on?

    Feel better, Jeannine! fur? We'll need to see pictures, please. I'm in and out here, and working on multiple projects, AND having all sorts of full sized life issues. I have most of the wall templates done for the Yellow house but haven't installed anything yet. And I'm stuck on the kitchen.   
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  12. Hanta virus and Rat Bite Fever

    Westminster, Crufts, and the Golden Gate Kennel Club only take champions of record in their entries. I doubt I'd have a champion dog, so I would never qualify for an entry. For one thing, I'd never want to have an unaltered male or female dog. I did do obedience for 10 years. My dog got his AKC UDT title, his AD from the Schutzhund club, his WAC (working aptituide certificate) from the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and passed an all breed temperament test. He marched on a drill team and I did search and rescue with him. We had a great time. My other hobby (well, one of many) is viruses and epidemics. That's a squirrel in my avatar and I bred and raised mice for pets and for show. I also "raised" and showed model horses. All my models have a name and a pedigree. LOL
  13. Father figure

    with dollhouses being a close second.  
  14. Another one to add to the hoard. Heritage!!

    Especially things painted on both sides!
  15. Last week
  16. Help identifying holweck doll house

    Thanks! I'm going to keep it! 
  17. Beacon Hill: a Garden District Mansion

    Great solutions Kathie!! Too much thinking for me though! When I did mine, I lobbed off all the tabs, and kept it removable until I got the foyer decorated, sliding it in and out many times during the process. Once it was all done, I finished the front part. The tight was so fit, there was no need to glue. So I guess technically mine could still be removable, except for all the same obstacles you've had to overcome. I just don't have as much patience as you do!
  18. Identifying Old Dollhouses

    That's OK, I've been here almost 15 years and I'm still finding new stuff.
  19. Furniture builds

    Seconding this idea. My grandfather was a plumber by trade who also did a lot of hobby and practical woodworking. He usually signed his name, and often dated the pieces he made for us. Helped identify some things in my grandparents house as ‘grandpa made’ when we were dealing with their estate. The few dollhouse pieces he made for me as a child are some of my true treasures. 
  20. Hello from Pittsburgh!

    Sofa looks fantastic! Looking forward to more of your work. 
  21. Good morning!

    Thanks, Susie and Elisa!
  22. Hiya!

  23. Hi, my name is Tim)

    welcome Tim, that looks amazing!  I hope we will get to see more pictures soon!
  24. Hello from Texas

    Hi Faith, whereabouts in Texas are you?  I have 2 children that live in Dallas and great friends in Lubbock, Houston and San Antonio!
  25. inspiration for a porch scene

    Anna, before you try sodium hypochlorite, try using a bit of chalk to achieve that worn/ stone-washed look; bleach is so destructive to fabrics.  I have also found that cambric in a suitable denim color is more in scale for 1:12 people than pieces of real levis denim.
  26. Hi, I'm Linda from Florida! I'm new at this. Just saved a Peirce from being thrown away, it was built in 1984. It was built using hot glue. Some water damage but looks like it in decent condition. Not sure how to get into the tight places to remove old tattered wallpaper. Any advice on a remodel would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Mid-life madness

      Welcome Linda. You might have to resort to removing the staircase. Use a hot blow dryer and a drywall scrapper, ynm You might      consider removing all then hot glue and then reassemble it correctly,e it correctly,








      blade ti sh if it can be looseened.

    2. Linda Adams Randall

      Thank you. I will give that a try. I appreciate your response.


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