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  2. thrift store music box

    Hey Erin! Sorry, just saw your post asking if I had pictures. My camera doesn't take the greatest pictures. It definitely looks better in person, but here you go!      
  3. Old Farm Theme

    Holly, I took a 2 month hiatus from building during the holidays. Mainly because my building area reverted back to the dining room and kitchen table. I've been working on the lighthouse keepers house and will post pictures sometime soon. The lighthouse itself just needs a few interior lights installed and it will be finished,  maybe.  Ron, short line, narrow gauge steam logging is my area of interest also.  Geared engines and one-off, unusual logging cars especially. I love your boom truck.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    I like the gold accents.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    clearly theres a premium for "dust included" lol....gotta love how some people view things.  Just cleaning up would be a major improvement to its presentation.
  7. Winchester

    I love that peach color.
  8. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    I just took a look at,-39.31,288 and the South Pacific is just full of whirly winds!  Stay safe, Rebecca!
  9. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    So cute!!!  Another thing on my crafts bucket list--learning to needle felt.
  10. Foxhall Manor: Ultimate Find!!!

    I know you are not ready to complete the roof at this time but when you are ready please consider using Richard Stacey’s real slate roof tiles. That house deserves only the best. Unfortunately, the best is expensive but they are hand cut and you can clean the roof with a soapy damp cloth since it’s real stone.
  11. Oh, that's a beautiful house! I think that's the one with the conservatory style windows on one side and two entrances in front (one for the help).
  12. Last week
  13. Great Loss For A Small World

    Oh, no!  You know, the tiny museum where I work had a Kupjack exhibit...decades ago, at least. I came across one of the booklets when were were cleaning out spaces and snagged it, because no one else wanted it. One of the facilities staff who's worked at the museum since the 70s said Henry actually came to the exhibit, and she thinks the museum owns a Kupjack room box and that it's in our storage building across the street. I don't have keys to that building or anything, but I've been meaning to have a talk with our curator to see if it's for real, and if it is, if I can get a peek at it. I'll have to step up my efforts on that front. 
  14. Having trouble uploading photos for days now


  15. New to Doll Houses, Not to scale crafts.

    Wowsers, I just drooled all over your posted pictures in your other post, Ron.  Welcome to the little family!  If you're planning to put the finished Orchid bash in your yard, do weatherproof it!
  16. I just received my latest copy of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine and saw that the Lancaster Miniatures Show was labeled as "cancelled"!  I was quite sad until someone on a FB forum informed my that it was merely rescheduled and moved to a new location! Sunday, May 19, 2019   10am-3:30pm Scenic Village at Harvest Drive 3368 Harvest Drive, Gordonville, PA  17529 email: 215-943-3453 $6.00 Adult   $3.00 Children under 12   $1.00 discount with advertisement or (mailer) card   So, this new location is REALLY in PA Dutch Country!!  So if you love Lancaster County and seeing the Amish....this is the show for you!  C'mon and make a weekend of it!  This location is just down the road a bit from the village of Intercourse and the famous Kitchen Kettle Village and quilt shops!  Also just a short distance away is the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market, bakery and restaurant....and if you travel just past the Harvest Drive location and thru a covered bridge you will come to Route 30 and are within minutes of outlet shopping (Rockvale Square and Tanger Outlets), restaurants and hotels.   Hope to see you there!
  17. What are you up to today? This week?

    She’s lucky she has family that cares.
  18. Did I Mess Up? I sanded: Oh, NO!

    Thank you so much! I'm excited to start, but not as nervous. I did find a full scale dollhouse that I want to ask the members about though that I'm THRILLED to have found.
  19. Buying wood longer that 24"

    Thanks Carrie and Sable these should help a lot and will store for future use. 
  20. Thanks for the link!  
  21. Repairing an old Van Buren

    I’m so happy the doors are working out for you and that you can move on. Hope your niece does well. It reminds me of my sister competing in the 1969 Florida state spelling bee. I think she came in 4th place. Her losing word was “encyst”. Funny how I still remember that.
  22. 'antique' radio for roombox

    Really cute. Can’t wait to see it done. Every time I see mouse ornaments I think him maybe a house. I love how a few have made house for felt mice and at Christmas theta so many to pick from. 
  23. Dressing my 1:12 scale BJD

    I'm not certain which method (sewing or gluing) I'm going to choose, but I like the idea of both like you, Wycked! That way the clothing will deal and lay right because of the hours pieces, but also be realistic where it needs to be from the sewing. Dana Burton? I shall find her and see about learning from her. Thank you. I'm fact I want to thank everybody! I don't know where I would be without the people on this forum.
  24. Off to get wood

    Have you thought about using some thinner Lexan for furniture?
  25. About 30 years ago there was a mini store in Foley, AL, so the next time we visited this area we went looking for it and it was long gone.
  26. Celluloid was the material a lot of vacuum-molded toys were made of, early on.  I had a Shirley Temple doll; she was composition, with a cloth body.
  27. Where to buy Kummerow lamps?

    I didn't know what these lamps were. The are a big WOW .
  28. 1:12 quilt with foil for batting?

    If you shape the curtains by sticking them down to a piece of foam core or corrugated cardboard with straight pins so they form a satisfactory drape, then spray with hair spray, they will hold their shape. The hair spray holds well and is not visible when dry.
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