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  2. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    Thank you.  I am so glad that you liked it!
  3. Scratch built contemporary DH

    There’s no such thing as a bad pun ;) This definitely rocks!
  4. Dollhouse kits Sale, Vintage, rare, retired.

    The Corona Concepts Magnolia kit is sold. 1/2 scale Houseworks Model Homes kit will sell. The Shenandoah kit will sell.
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is the problem for me almost everything to my house is over $600 the smallest was over $400. Some great houses though. I'm sure the shipping includes crateing.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    No, I think Popsicle sticks describes what you are using. Sorry I sidetracked.   I used the remnants of an old piece of plywood furniture which had been covering a hole in the fence when we bought our house 20 years ago and the layers of ply, which I cut into strips, were about the same thickness as a Popsicle stick. As everyone has said you need to put weight on them as they dry - I think I used PVA glue and left the weight on for a couple of days. This was about 8 or more years ago and they are still sitting nicely (mostly)  Have you finished yours yet? 
  8. Daily Exercise Journal

    Toning up is excellent for your health including bone density, but you probably already know that. Those thera band things are really versatile too - you know those giant elastic bands? There is a lot of information online on how to use them in different ways too. FYI I have been going to the gym for about 10 years or so now and I have not bulked up. 
  9. Pennsylvania stone house

    In response to a request I put together a tutorial on how I made my stonework. It's on my blog.
  10. Littlest Gift Shoppe on Etsy

    Hello everyone,   I sell 1-inch scale dollhouse miniatures   I started making them as a hobby about 3 years ago and decided to sell them online, stop by and take look you never know what you will find.   Thank you
  11. Last week
  12. I do still have this... I'm moving to Haines City in two weeks. Perhaps we can connect once I've moved if you're still interested. 
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I’ve put a couple up but it needs some repair (the work crew is also the demolition crew ) and a good clean - this house has genuine dust, grime and cobwebs! 
  14. Newbie in Ohio

    Welcome to the little family, Denise.  Read over the instructions, read them again holding the schematics sheet in your other hand so you can see where the parts referred to in the instructions are, put the instructions beside the box and take each plywood sheet and compare it to the schematic picture for it as you put the plywood sheets into numerical order (go over the number on the plywood sheet with a Sharpie pen).  Put the transparency sheet with the window and door inserts between the pages of the Warm-Up sheet to protect them and lay the plywood sheets, the schematics, the instructions and the Warm-Up sheet back in the box and go eat a piece of chocolate or sip an adult beverage of your choice and relax.  When you feel better, arm yourself with a craft knife or utility knife with lots of new, sharp blades, a roll of masking or painter's tape, a good carpenter's wood glue and a clear-drying tacky glue (for the transparent inserts), some sandpaper, and prepare to have fun.  Some time along the way the house may begin to talk to you and tell you its back story and what it wants and how it wants to look; you are not losing your mind.
  15. Horror from the grave; old kit willowcrest

    Thank you very much!! ;_; I already mailed them, specially for the schematics (will check once I have them if there is any sheet I can't really use). Thank you very much and have a good day! (I'm going to sleep now, lol!)
  16. Winchester

    They came with the component package!
  17. WOW I am blown away I got such a fast response.  I can't thank you enough THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  18. Pre-made Door Alterations ('store bought')

    Thanks, Carrie.  Great vid!!!!!!   
  19. Australian dropping in to find her mojo

    Thank you. That was a lifetime ago! So many changes.  I’ll have to take some more pics although looking back at my amateurish efforts, it may be very polite and encouraging drool. 
  20. I used to go to the North Shore Mini club which is a fantastic club.  They do a new tutorial every meeting (they meet monthly) and there are some really lovely people in the club - it's a big club.  However it's an hour from our place and I have fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain and fatigue thing, and it was a struggle especially when going on my own.  There is a club closer to me but they meet in each other's homes and... I don't know, maybe at some stage I'll join but I'm quite happy doing my own thing.
  21. I'm not sure if this is what you meant by "send me a PM," but I am interested in both the 12 scale Fairfield kit you list for sale and the 1/4" scale house kit. How much are you asking for each and do you know the approximate shipping cost to 77379 (Texas, USA)? 



  22. Dean from Tucson

    Adam, it's quite acceptable to post your own introduction.  Are you a scratch builder, a kit builder or a collector?
  23. Do you think I have enough magazines?

    I love collecting old mini mags - I have gotten a marvelous collection of NAME journals plus Nutshell news. And now I've picked up some American Miniaturist copies at shows for them!!   I love that NAME digitizes their older copies and shares - really generous of them.
  24. Dollhouse Book Reviews

    From my public library, I checked out Dian Zillner's "Furnished Dollhouses from the 1880s to 1980s" and I LOVED it. I love how many photos and historical houses she shows off in the book. Had a lot of color photos and when my time was up I tried to renew it but there were 2 people waiting for it. SO...since I couldn't really bear to be without my new favorite book I went online and found a used copy. That says a lot. If you feel like seeing Bliss, Schoenhut, Haacker and many other old houses plus revisiting the 70s and 80s (Lundby, Smaller Homes and Gardens, etc) then this is awesome. Text is nice and helpful but it was the photos that got me.  It's  a large book too. Photos in the book I had not seen elsewhere online. love love love
  25. Repairing a Pierce. My first house

    I've not done any bashing myself yet other than adding doors into shop rear walls, but I know that Brae for one does a lot of remodeling with the kits she builds -- she has done the HBS Creatin' Contest for a number of years, and often writes up step-by-step posts of her often-extensive and impressively thorough modifications.  She blogs here -- with a very helpful organization of her posts into categories, and she is also a member of this forum.
  26. Intro

    Hi Bri, another Australian here building a tudorish house but lived in in a later era. If you are after inspiration I found ‘The Authentic Tudor and Stuart Dolls House’ by Brian Long invaluable. 
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