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  2. Curtains, arg!

    I've seen the pleated curtains, and I just wasnt thinking I wanted anything so defined. I'll post a picture when I get them hung, so you can see what I mean. 
  3. I am looking to modify my Vermont Farmhouse Jr. and was wondering how essential the first floor room divider is to the structural integrity of the house?  I was thinking I might like to construct it with a large, open living-dining-kitchen but I know the house is heavy and I don't want the second floor sagging.  Ideas, thoughts, personal experiences? Thanks!
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  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hmmm "Turn of the 20th Century Mystery house" it says. I am thinking it is a walmer from the 70s.
  6. Winchester

    Been working on the study. Much yet to do. Single doors for house coming tomorrow so will do trims when door is installed. It keeps telling me my pictures are too big so here is the link to the album.
  7. New Project

    Needs some cleaning up with sandpaper and maybe a touch of filler but this is my first shot at making the molding using curved veneer. Not Sobol quality but it is a start. I went with concave molding instead of convex like in the drawing. A bit rough but I learned a lot from it
  8. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Thanks for the views and encouragements every one. It will be a few days for another update. More soon though.
  9. building for low income children

    Thanks for the pictures.  Do you still have the furry assistant builder?
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  11. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    I'm from Singapore, went to high school and university in the United Kingdom but now back in Singapore for the next few years. :)
  12. Shows we are at in Oct 2019

    As soon as British Airways sends my complimentary RT ticket from Atlanta ... *sigh*
  13. A recent conversation here mentioned the window upgrade for the Garfield. It reminded me that I have a full set of the Timberbrook Working Windows upgrade for the Pierce. I have decided to not use them on my Pierce because of the modifications I plan to do. So, they are available. I am including a couple of pictures of what I have. I believe that these will fit the Garfield also, but you will need a few more window for that. If you are interested, PM me for price and additional information. John
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  15. My parents built this dollhouse for my niece a few years ago and I helped them decorate it. There are pictures in my gallery: I use corner molding at the top of the roof like Holly described. If you want to use molding but don't have a piece or the roof isn't a 90-degree angle, you can glue a piece of strip wood on each edge of the roof to create your own. Here's how the corner molding looks:   Another option is a Boston lap:  
  16. Halloween contest

    How about if you drill holes and insert the lights, and then cover the inside wall with paper that has stars on it, so the lights shine through the paper? (So you'll actually see the stars lit up from behind the paper rather than seeing the bulbs.) That would be softer and might look more natural, but I don't know if it would light up the box very well.
  17. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    How did you get on with this?  I'm wanting to achieve the same effect now but on a tiny scale.  Did you try crackle effect medium?  Which worked best for you?
  18. Where is Casey?

    Tracy's taking a break from the forum. I think she still posts on Facebook.
  19. Recieved The Orchid Dollhouse today and need help putting it together.

    1. Sable

      Welcome, do you have a specific question? Don’t use hot glue. Use white Tacky glue.

  20. Grand Denver tour for miniaturists

    Thanks! Yes, both are definitely on the list. And Kells, thank you so much for all that info, so helpful. We really haven’t planned anything other than Chicago and might check back in with you re Denver when we have a better idea of our plans. I had a quick google and yes, Georgetown looked lovely and great to hear it is worth a visit too.  FYI we don’t have much in the way of mini stores here and I never get to them. They do pretty well for a small market but don’t stock anywhere near as much as you can get in the US. 
  21. Garfield Window Upgrade

    Thanks, Holly for the information!
  22. Dremel people?

    You need a Needle File Set for small detailed work:
  23. Another mini newbie

    Nice work! Yep I would think you should be able to build your own dollhouse. I have about the same load of tools that you do. My fondest memories growing up were in my dad's  (actually grandfather's --they raised and later adopted me)workshop. I have his tools and a few more of my own. Working in smaller scale is harder than real size. I think I have decided kits and thinner wood work better for me. I look forward to seeing your pics too!!
  24. Set square

    A hardware store is likeliest to have the steel ones.
  25. Barbara, are you using a computer or a phone? You shouldn't have to download Dropbox. What happens when you click the link, is there an error message? I'll download it and email it to you, but if you're having trouble viewing PDFs then I don't know if it's going to work as an email attachment either.
  26. Books II

    Fold the covers to fit - I round the spine a little over a small dowell also glue the spine, and end papers, to the inside of the cover. A bit of wax paper slipped in each end between the end paper and the first page keeps the book from getting glued shut. Make sure the book is aligned inside the cover correctly nothing worse than glueing it in upside down and backwards. Then put it in the bookcase and work on some better ones Now I have Flaxman's illustrations of the Iliad and the Odyssey in a two volume set I can read at night  I am working on slipcases for the books if they turn out at all presentable I will post them
  27. Free Book

    You cannot delete your post but you can edit it. Look below, where it says "Quote" and "Go to top" ... you should see and "Edit" option. Click on it. You will then be able to delete your personal contact information.  
  28. I have that kit by another name, The Victoria Cottage.  The name in the instructions is Ye Cozy Cottage.  I'll scan them in a little while for you and if you message me your email I'll send them to you.
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