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  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    LOL  Meeces!   Thanks!
  3. I bought kits from sdk miniatures for building furniture for my 1:144 house and am wondering if there's a way to make them sturdier. The wood is sooooo thin (by necessity, I'm not saying it's an inferior product. They're beautiful little kits and well priced, but they add up and I don't want to end up having spend the time/effort in vain). I worry about the furniture being easily bent or not standing up straight. I'm brainstorming ways to add small bits of hidden wood to some of them but it won't work for most of the bendy pieces (chair backs, bed posts etc). Is there anything I can coat them with to make them sturdier? Or any really really thin material I can glue to the backs/undersides that would help? Thanks.
  4. Flooring

    I have used this floor and I don't remove the backing.  I really like the flooring, but cut it carefully as it chips easily.  When I have chipped it, I used a medium furniture pen to cover the chips, and it hides them well.  The furniture marker can also hide any seams that might show bare wood. Kathie's idea of not gluing works well with this flooring because it is heavy enough that it lays flat without being glued.
  5. Yesterday
  6. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    You guys are killin me. Sam I know right? Lol...pretty much started right after u left. I was afraid since we had such a dry, mild winter we would get a cold, wet, snowy Spring! 
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The last time that house was linked I think they were asking $14K.  I still don't think it's worth that much, especially with those sorry little bulbs in the fireplaces.
  8. Hello from the UK

    Hello Ann-Marie
  9. What's everyone working on?

    So little of it was left, that I didn't recognize the residue at first. Then I found a few dangling-drips of it and the light dawned!  I took off what I could, but to try to peel it off the strips of trim would have split the wood.  I thought of holding it for next year's show, but I think I would just like to move it out.  There is a Miniature Show in Portland, with the same Mini Acres, but I'm still traveling to these events in my little Buick so I don't have room for it. Now that I know I don't have to hurry for the show in 2 weeks, I might just take my time and beef it up a bit with more trim to stabilize the railings, and some wood putty to smooth out the tab/slot marks and the mismatched corners.  I went to HBS to see the contest entries, and now realize one stair railing is missing.  UPDATE:  I just went in and took the painter's tape off and it looks like the railings are pretty solid! That's encouraging! There was no way to weight anything to put pressure on the glue, and there was only one railing-top trim that I could clamp so I had my blue painter's tape all over the place!  Maybe there is hope for this little baby after all!
  10. Hello from Wv

    I've never been there, but heard good things. I'm in snowy Erie.
  11. Listing Many Mini Lots on Ebay

    Thanks Deb! It was a fun and rebellious project!  I am sure it just flagged something in eBay's algorithm -  no person probably ever even looked at it. But all is well because many of the fun items are going to Jacqueline's new dispensary shop where they will continue to be enjoyed and that is all that matters! 
  12. New study says we will live longer!

    Mmmmmm bourbon. I do love a good bourbon. 
  13. Gypsy Wagon Advice please

    I know right!!  That's exactly how I felt when I ordered it!  Now I'm spending hours awake at night thinking about how to do things, or what I'm going to do the next day etc.  Tonight dinner was late because I couldn't tear myself away from my gypsy wagon!  I have a pinterest page with photos galore!  Thoroughly enjoying this!
  14. I just responded to your PM. Sorry it took so long, I just noticed it.

  15. Creatin' Contest 2017

    I know I am!  I knew that Richard Leakey doll was Gina's and that she passed it on to Ann (I assume it's the same doll, I don't recall her making two).
  16. How to block and finish needlepoint rug

    Thank you for the advice. I'm going to give it a try when I have a free weekend.
  17. Last week
  18. Well like I said it would be my first and everyone seems to know more about it than me.  I just saw the dates and where it would be and assumed it would be a decent size considering the venue. 
  19. 1971 Yieldhouse Saltbox Vintage Dollhouse

    I read the obit for your father, Deborah- sounds like he was quite the interesting character.   
  20. Early Spring Dollhouse kits sale!

    Shame the distance! UPDATE: The Model Homes San Francisco Victorian is taken. The RGT Victorian Farmhouse found a new happy home! The Emerson kit is taken. The 1/2 scale Fairfield is taken The 1/4" scale Village kit is taken The DC Oregon Trail log cabin kit is taken Thanks everybody! Enjoy your kits and have fun!      
  21. Dealer Database

    Well I would be happy to gather some cards from different dealers next weekend if it will help. And I agree, a dealer list would be helpful!
  22. Hereditary

    This reminds me I saw a documentary recently that I meant to post about, called Voyeur, on Netflix. The documentary itself is about a guy who ran a motel and had an elaborate system of spying on the guests through the air vents and the reporter who wrote a book about him. A scale model of the motel is used throughout the documentary for reenactments. Based on the doors and some of the accessories I think they were half scale models. I guess this is another example of miniatures being used to depict something creepy, but I thought it was cool! Every time one of those scenes came on I wanted to pause it to get a better look. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find many pictures of the model online, but this article has a couple: Here's another one:
  23. This is what i was going to say, in lieu of furniture & dolls. You could print out pictures, make sure to add tabs on the bottoms of the pictures, & then glue them down so the figures were upright. The bonus would be that you could find pictures of the actual Addams family (TV, movies or even the original cartoons), & not have to drive yourself crazy looking for replicas!
  24. When I'm old, I'll build dollhouses...

    Wow what a fantastic read!  Seriously...have you ever thought of being an author?  I could visualise it all as you were talking (well, writing) - the image of this wee child being so good in the presence of a very broken Dad (who really did not want to be broken and would have struggled so much with that), made me teary.  Like Jackie, I have Fibromyalgia and have had since at least 1997 (first diagnosis).  My almost 18yr old daughter was diagnosed formally on Monday with fibro as's a genetic thing but pretty darn sad for one so young - especially as she's seen me suffer over the years.  While I can certainly sympathise with CFS, thankfully as Jackie states: I love Washington State - we spent a fair bit of time in Bellingham and Lynden - despite living and being from New Zealand.  My hubby (who has muscular dystrophy) works in the dairy industry.  I am totally fascinated by your story and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing your photos.  I'm pretty new to the miniature world - I got my Pierce about 3-4 yrs ago I think and did a few 1:24 scale kits before that which really got me hooked.  Welcome!  And I do hope that your health is getting better all the time.  Sometimes these restrictions come out of nowhere but end up having silver linings we would never have seen otherwise.  Ie ....miniatures. xx
  25. As I await the arrival of the Queen Anne and Franklin, I keep thinking about the RGT Victorian Farmhouse, so I just have to ask. How much to ship it,  same as before, 98383?


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    2. minilover62

      Gorgeous! I will ship it tomorrow and will get back to you with the tracking #. You're welcome and I truly hope that the kit is complete!

    3. minilover62

      Hi John, the kit is on your way. 2 boxes via Fedex. The tracking #s are: 789829251608 and 789829251619.

      Have fun!

    4. PapaJKK

      OK,  many thanks! I checked today on the first two,  one is in Nevada, the other is in Wyoming. They're getting closer each day. If the weather doesn't hold them up, they should arrive by this weekend.  I hope. 


  26. Is this a Greenleaf?

    I asked on the auction if it's a Greenleaf and she came back with "Yes it is, it was the Pierce, but I cut the 'L' off the end to make it flat. Good spotting!"  I guess it's the more traditional form of dollhouse.... 
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