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  2. glossy wallpaper

    I think it is shiny because of the type of inks on a super smooth paper surface. I like the papers from Itsy Bitsy. I can’t help you with applying it. I just glue it to the walls as I am too lazy to make card templates and would have no dea now to get a neat finish.
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  4. Miniature art sculpture

    I mostly make mini-messes But your art is delightful.
  5. Troweled stucco technique

    Thank you so much for all the tips. I am already in debt to you all for solutions you offered to other people that helped me in my current project.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hand Rail

    Actually, that's a very good plan. Sometimes stepping away from a challenge for a day or so can make all the difference.
  8. Knitted Socks

    Watched the video... Aha!! I get it now. And they showed a nifty way of sewing up the toe that I don't think my loom instructions use. That doesn't look too bad, I think I can do it!
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Lawson started his new job on Wednesday afternoon, and yesterday I received the first "Lawson is the most awesome person" email. It was from the Media Specialist, whom I "know" from when I worked the help desk. She bragged on how he was helpful and did so much more than the guy he replaced. He did the library orientation for one of the 9th grade classes for her so she could eat (and she was sick). Today he ran the VR stuff for the classes that came in because she was sick. I'm so proud and glad for how fast he settled in there and got to work. And no, he's actually not the library helper... He's the guy the kids come to when their Chromebook breaks. So he really is going above his assigned duties. They love him there, and he really likes it too.
  10. Pennsylvania colonial house

    Thanks. Kelly, glad you like it even though the floor is a cherry stain blend.
  11. How to create scale wallpaper?

      Take a look at Paul Montgomery Studio.  He has some beautiful chinoiseries that could work well on a screen or room divider, and he provides nice, large images that should be easy to work with.  (My personal favorite:[BLD-150]/1)  I just noticed on a recent post by Debora (Dalesq) that she references a dressing screen tutorial by Little Architecture, and the dressing screen uses one of Paul Montgomery's designs, to spectacular effect.  Check out Debora's post ("Hermitage, Dry Fit Again") as well, as she used the design as wallpaper in her attic, and it is lovely.
  12. The first set of blanks I used were actually terra cotta plates meant to sit underneath miniature terra cotta plant pots. They were really rough and had to be sanded smooth- it was messy and time consuming! It was what I had on hand at the moment of inspiration- then I used a set of chrysnbon plain white plastic dishes - a much closer match to the real thing- thanks so much for the link! I have never heard of this shop and those blanks are much cheaper than using chrysnbon. I’ll have to try those blanks with the decal paper suggestion and the clear nail polish suggestion and see what I come up with!
  13. I only have three repro vintage Barbie’s. I got a few vintage clothing for the earlier dolls but I’m more into the 80s and 90s dolls.
  14. Last week
  15. Dollhouse Magazines

    I've really been enjoying NAME's Miniature Gazette. They allow access to their archive (for free) for issues older than 2 years.
  16. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Uugh -  a Lawbre filled with plastic fisher price furniture is hard to look at.
  17. let me know what the bathroom stuff feels like. I am thinking of ordering the same but I am worried about looking cheap and looking too light. Could you message me and let me know the details? Dona.

  18. Anna, not sure what the Adopt a Puppy thing is, but if you need someone here to get it and ship to you, I'm your man ... errr, woman! :D Just give me the details.

  19. What an exciting adventure! All the best for a fantastic trip.
  20. What's everyone working on?

    In a bit of a dither today. After going through the trouble of making a working door for my colonial era house, I now find that if I use the faux strap hinges I selected, and if I make the old iron type lock set I wanted, I won't be able to open and close the door after all. I could order a strap hinge set, but I don't think I really want to. Darn, I wish I'd just made a solid non-working door in the first place.
  21. Need a reason to laugh again?

    Life got ya down? Don't see anything funny in the world? Well, take a gander at these videos and you'll find something to laugh at again. Warning: 1) Make sure you go to the bathroom first. 2) Make sure you're sitting down. 3) Have some tissues handy for wiping up the tears of laughter. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add,: Don't be drinking anything!         And last but not least:  
  22. Anyone built Grosvenor Hall

    I have built the Grosvenor house but not with the mdf. I used the mdf panels as templates to recreate them out of plywood to make it lighter and easier to cut in additional windows. I am pretty much kit bashing the whole structure except for the basement and the attic.
  23. Flooring

    The roof looks good. Thanks for the help!
  24. Back again! This time I have completed a 1:16th diorama of Victorian-era row housing in America. I titled it "The Homecoming" inspired by the Norman Rockwell painting of a returning soldier from the war.

  25. Chrome finish nail polish ... wow!

    I have gel on my nails now it is based on curing it under a light . It's very durable it lasts around 2 weeks for me max . it can last longer for some people  I don't think the light will fit many things in it . here is a no light gel by Sally Hansen the do have a few grays but no silver and a white  Alie express has a Crome polish no light (a base and topcoat kit) Essie has a stainless steel metal polish - (thinking this is a good one to try)
  26. Winter project underway

    Another good idea!
  27. Help! I need 1/2" scale hardware!

    I was afraid whatever you used to cut the brad cap would squish it.  Folding the foil punch out seems a much better idea.  I don't see any way around making 1:24 hardware; there's just not much out there in either scale.
  28. Hi from Kerrie in Queensland, Australia 

    1. Mid-life madness

      Welcome to the group..... from another Carrie :bigwink:

  29. Help near Phila

    Not certain if this will work, but if there is anyone that lives near Malvern PA I'm looking at purchasing something -- but need someone near there that can pick it up for me and take it to FedEx for shipping. I just want furniture in a dollhouse, and whomever would pick it up is free to have the house as my gift for picking it up. It looks like a Model Homes house with a Model Homes addition on it, just not what I myself am interested in. If this isn't allowed my apologies right off!
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