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  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Mine came as an assembled shell, so I don't know. (I also have a kit still in the box, that I paid about the same price for as the one currently on eBay.) But it seems pretty straightforward, it's really just a rectangle with a triangle on top of it, so I wouldn't expect it to be too tricky.
  3. Minimum World

    Ive enjoyed every order placed with Minimum World...easy to get to free shipping!
  4. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    Has anyone attended a 3 Blind Mice Show? Opinions?
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  6. New From San Francisco Bay Area in California!

    Where are you from?  I am in Livermore.
  7. Nectar for a hummingbird feeder

    We're talking about a bird family whose members weigh anything from 2 to 20 grams; they are so small that their metabolism is so fast they have to eat all day long.
  8. New from East TN

    Check eBay for 'Dollhouse Dolls'. There are all sorts of dolls listed and you might find the exact or very similar dolls listed.
  9. Looking for Realife Country Kitchen Instructions

    @Momof2boys I sent them. Edit out your email don't want a spammer to get it.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I'm sorry I missed this when you first posted.  What a beautiful rug!  And what persistence, sticking with it for 3 1/2 years!   It is absolutely beautiful and perfect in the room. (Those chairs are gorgeous, too.)  Kitty obviously finds it very comfortable.   
  11. I figured out the windows...just plain old double hung. Here's some progress pics.



  12. UK newbie

    Hey Dawn
  13. Axminster or Wilton loom carpeting

    The only time I don't use my white Elmer's all-purpose glue is when I need wood glue or E6000 or model cement.
  14. Project Updates - PROGRESS!

    You can always use it for other builds, lighten it with white or whatever.
  15. Cutting board vignettes

    Thanks so much Bobbie for you kind compliment.
  16. Such beautiful workmanship! I love all the details. Nice!
  17. Last week
  18. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Thank you Keith!     Much of this build I feel like I'm "winging it" so to speak. I've never had this level of scratch building in a project before. Some ideas end up being dead ends requiring one to back up and start again. I wanted this to be a learning experience before the Glencroft and I am definitely getting that. I don't think regular folks realize how much brain power is expended on these projects! A miniaturist has to be his/her's general contractor, all the various sub contractors, interior/exterior designers landscaper etc. Every decision falls to you. And, if you are like me and hate making decisions, this process can lead you to cowering in a closet somewhere afraid to come out      This is why I'm blown away looking at your scratch built house posts! Watching your kitchen take shape I honestly don't know if my jaw can hang any lower! I would have no idea on where to begin. I would love to achieve a fraction of that level of skill. To be able to transform what is in your head, onto paper and ultimately in the finished form would be amazing! No longer would one be held to whats available commercially. I want to say....I can make that! Much appreciated!
  19. Lights / No Lights

    Use eyelets not brads for your connections then apply shipping tape on top so they don’t move or tarnish in high humidity or salty air.
  20. Hello from South Africa

    Hello Emily (Fov) I saw in another thread you had a Thornhill and was hoping you were working on it so I could get some advice! But I see you haven't got to it yet. 
  21. Seeking a book

    I can't wait to see what you make.
  22. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    Thank you, Kelly and Holly!  I'm just starting a rug for my build.  
  23. Siding needed for Heritage dollhouse

    I built a Heritage where I changed one wall. I made the replacement wall from plywood and 1/2" lap clapboard siding sheets. It was a pretty close match.
  24. I have a passion for creating miniature vignettes such as room boxes, shadow boxes, lamp bases with miniature room settings, and my latest projects have been real, wooden kitchen cutting or chopping boards with kitchen settings with kitchen-related mini all which I give as gifts to friends & acquaintances: 





  25. Not so new but kinda... :-)

    Thanks for the link! Great to see how someone else put this together!   
  26. 1/12 Scale Farmhouse Kitchen Sink (Single Bowl)

    Well it certainly looks far better than my polymer clay molded around a mustard tin!
  27. Thanks Kelly and Holly for all the useful advice. I will keep the tonal values and seeing everything at once in mind and go for the Americana rather than house paints. There is a sale in the main art & craft shop here in August so I can stock up.  Exciting! I plan to paint the outside a sunny yellow with a matte acrylic and will go from there. 
  28. Buying the assembled Queen Anne

    so I talked to the shop. they want $2000 to deliver the house... yikes. I appreciate they tried to find thecheapest option but that's a lot.
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