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  2. Kathie, try to use a credit card to get the tapewire tight in the corners between the floor and the wall. 
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  4. Andi Mini Bricks

    Thank you, Brae and Holly 
  5. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Hi Robert and welcome!  I'm sorry for your sounds like you had an amazing Dad!  Reading between the lines, especially given the fact that you're far from an only child, I reckon that your Mum has chosen for these to go to you because she knows that you'll respect them and the memories attached to them.  Have confidence in your mum's choice - she knows you all as no one else does.  You can only do one thing at a time and sometimes when it's all a little overwhelming, we do need to focus on one thing rather than trying to think of it as a whole.  I would also really enlist the help of your girls - let it be a family project and encourage them to have a say.  By the sounds of it, your father would appreciate his grandbabies having a say in his beloved houses.
  6. Bargain Idea for Workbench Light

    I hadn't had my coffee yet.
  7. What's everyone working on?

    I couldn't stand it any longer.  I opened the Canterbury box yesterday and it looks to be in perfect condition.  Does anyone know when The Canterbury house was actually produced?  The wood looks pretty dry but no damage that I can see.  I can't wait to get started after Christmas.  Then again maybe
  8. Greetings

     Thanks again!
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Be safe and enjoy your visit.
  10. I'd suggest mounting it with the back flush to the edge of the table and leaving 3 to 4" of tabletop on each side and 4 to 5" in front (a place for setting items while playing). The child may want landscaping when she is older. It can be made removable by mounting it on a base so it can be moved out of the way when the house walls are opened.
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  12. New From Arizona DuraCraft VH-600

    Hi, Rosemary, it's OK to post your own introduction.  I use wood glue to attach wood to wood.  Unbuilt kits and unrehabbed houses are in the workshop along with whatever is under construction.  I have a 1:24 hacienda on my desk in our bedroom and the Fairfields Bar Harbor summer cottage and a Magnolia FL Cracker house in our living room.  Our garage, which doubles as our playroom, holds my pub, farmhouse and White Orchid Christmas house.  
  13. @genieDOLL  Trash to Treasure!!   Love it!
  14. Hello from Akron, Ohio

    Hi Wayne, what a great history for the house you built!  I hope you'lll share pictures along the way and like Jackie @jbnmini said, there's lot of great people here to help and support you along the way!
  15. how do you post things

    1. Sable

      Pick a Forum. Start a New Topic or join in an existing one.

    2. Cheryl1229

      Thank you, Sable~

  16. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I didn’t see this Etsy shop on a search of the forum so I hope this is useful. This vendor on Etsy, miniarthouse, has some beautiful embroidered pillows and many other items. I tried to post a link but it didn’t work for Etsy. Here is a pillow that caught my eye. A bit pricey but I think the artist deserves every penny for this quality. I have no connection to the artist.
  17. Repaing Railings on Vh600

    Absolutely!  You won't be happy with it if it's slap-dash.
  18. 34 year old Pierce restoration

    If you are going to replace the roof, please remember this tip: Notice how the second row of shingles doesn’t lay properly on the first row? That’s because the first row didn’t account for the slope of the roof. So when you replace the first row do this—take a board of strip wood about a quarter of the width of the shingle and lay that down first. Then attach the first row on top of the board. Then the second row should lay flat against the first row. Also, If you are going to replace the shingles with the same fish scale type shingles, turn the first row upside down even with the roof’s edge (see photo). When they hang over the edge they can be easily broken.
  19. New Mother-Daughter Renovation

    Welcome and I loved the story. I got in to this hobby after buying a dollhouse for my daughter. Have fun, Karin 
  20. 3D printer

    One can get fairly smooth lines when the ratio between how fast one moves and how fast the Plastic is red into the pen. Still, the sporter the distance the better so to speak, then again one can run over the first "line" to fill it out to
  21. Beacon Hill - Dollhouse Noob

    I suggest you “scribe” the siding with a scribe/compass. See this video but I’m sure there are better video out there:
  22. Scratch built contemporary DH

    I have the opposite issue with my garage. It’s way too hot and humid in the summer but perfect to use in the winter. Time to finish my white house.
  23. Searching for duracraft farmhouse 505

    Latolya, why not post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum?
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  25. Porcelain doll blanks available

    Hi Karin...I won the doll body that Dana cast and she has no arms lol....I literally won the body and of course I'd like her to have arms...can you PM me about the possibility of purchasing arms and legs from you? lol....sounds so weird trying to buy parts.
  26. Skilcraft Victorian manor with coach house

    Yes, it was you lol....glad you saw this Matt!
  27. If it's not, it's pretty darn close.  The shape is right, and the configuration (including the wall between the two rooms) looks right.  Persistence pays off!  This should be so much fun.
  28. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    It never rains in California - yet here we are with rain (don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for it) but my heart goes out to all the fire victims who are now looking at mudslides .....  it seems this happens so very often here.
  29. This is the Pierce Dollhouse I built 34 years ago for my mother-in-law. Many years of abuse by the grandchildren and great grandchildren. The biggest issue other than the missing pieces is that my 89 year old father-in-law tried to repair it over the years.

    Now looking to make or buy the missing gingerbread parts for the roof and the porch railings. 




    1. waynec

      The tower top only had 3 original pieces had to make the rest. 


    2. waynec

      Going to attempt to remove the shingles this week and smooth out the walls and porch. I think he used a gallon of glue on the shingles and painted over dirt, glue drops and paint.

      Was trying to finish before Christmas but I don't think I can pull that off. 

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