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  2. Wedgwood Jasperware

    Very nice!
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  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Congrats, Jackie!!!!    We had some snow here about 5 or 6 nights ago. It was about half an inch and gave me a heart attack when I saw it, but it all melted by about 2pm. Sure was pretty while it lasted, though. It's been really warm. I made a grocery list for foods I could put in the cooler. Now I have to change it because the ice in the cooler is melting too fast.
  5. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    Then there's the poem by Ogden Nash: The one-l lama, He's a priest, The two-l llama, He's a beast. And I will bet A silk pajama There isn't any Three-l lllama.* (Nash appended this footnote later)*The author's attention has been called to the type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer.
  6. Here you go...  
  7. Last week
  8. The McKinley House is Back Home

    Thank you all for sharing in the joy and irony of this happening!  The house has a lot of work but it’s not major damage considering all of the miles it has traveled which is great! It does seem like it’s been well loved and played with which is always my hope when I sell I house. I’ve been back doing minis for a while now, but not like I was before. Sarah is gonna graduate this year from high school and Rachel is a dental assistant. David is selling insurance now. I find myself more busy with them being older than I did while they were younger. Maybe, my energy isn’t the same since I’m older now though    
  9. Looking for Vic Newey houses or Streetscene

    Good luck! It’s always worth asking!
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yeah, that part wouldn't be good.  I was kidding (although I might have been a tiny bit tempted under similar circumstances, I wouldn't have done it).  
  11. Looking for Country Church kit

    I can't help you with the RGT church.  But, if you can't find one and you still want to make a church, the Vineyard Cottage makes a nice one.  I just cut back the second floor and left the stairs out to make a smaller balcony for my organ (or you could leave that floor out all together.  The windows have a nice "church look" to them, and I am hanging a bell from the eaves of the overhang in the front.
  12. Apple Blossom window replacements

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I enlarged them - I took my time and worked as carefully as I know how. Hopefully they will be straight.

    I broke down and ordered a grab bag. It arrived today. I am really disappointed. The biggest item is a rather simplistic white dresser with a mirror above it, not very realistic. I might consider beating is up a bit and burying it under discarded items in an attic. There are two kitchen chairs painted white with blue trim that can probably be repainted and used in a kitchen or on a porch, maybe in the Pierce/Bohemian inn. The rest of the bag was a lot of printed items --- books, newspapers, over-sized (for 1:12) playing cards, a half dozen something-or-others that are printed on roughly fan-shaped thin black paper with a hard-to-see gold print of a face, and a lot of tiny items that too small or too blurred to make out what they're supposed to be. I don't think I'll take the chance again. I'd rather spend my money on something I want.
  14. Shingles changed colour

    From your picture, I would never have guessed the roof was painted.  It looks natural and GREAT!
  15. Hello!

    Welcome to the little family, Rebecca.  When you have made five posts you can share pictures of your renovation in a Gallery album.  Beware, though; renovation can be your first steps down the primrose path of full miniature addiction!
  16. Hello from Saugerties,NY

    Would love to see some pics Pantheropia, I'm also working on a Thornhill but doing  a modern interior that reflects our various family homes over the years.
  17. AC Moore closing all its stores

    I'm a fan of Hobby Lobby now even though I've only been there twice and you can also order from them online.  They have good stuff for all kinds of crafting and DYI. And I see that their miniatures are better in-store than the ones they show online.  A better choice/variety of minis. Truth-be told, I will shop at any store that has what I want or need for mini as well as non-mini projects; be it  Michael's, Jo-Ann's, Hobby Lobby, etc. and all the (exclusively online) stores as well.
  18. I've built the Dura-Craft Shenandoah kit - unless you REALLY, REALLY want a log cabin for some reason, my advice is to try a Greenleaf or RGT kit first.  They are much easier and faster to put together.  The Shenandoah with its 700 or so individual pieces is quite difficult and not the best choice for a first build.  Just saying...….
  19. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Gotta love those tufted banquettes.  The food on their website looks right tasty, too.
  20. Hallmark ornament stove - dollhouse size?

    Sorry Elsbeth. Got my threads mixed up! Still would like to see it please!
  21. Good Evening - I just found this string when I was looking to retire a Gottschslk dollhouse - ironically, I just purchased one from an auction near St Louis. It is also a red roof Gottschalk and I am vascillating about rehab or restore 

  22. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    Wormwoodz, love alterations on the BH staircase.  On this picture you have quite a bit of the wall between the staircase entry and the Living Room  removed.  I am really liking the opened look. Do you think it would  be possible to fully remove that wall and install some decorative columns to support that end of the staircase instead?
  23. Still on Autumn theme

    Very cute. I haven't built that kit yet. 
  24. Seeking a book

    Do you happen to have copies of these? I'd be willing to purchase or pdf.. just the articles  :)
  25. Hello from Argentina!

    Welcome Angelina!
  26. Amazon Alexa

    Nope, sorry. Between all the noises my appliances make, I don't need another thing to talk to me.
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  28. I inch minis by Kris

    has it realty been 10 years? I remember the first day I saw her blog and how much it helped me. Im going to miss her
  29. The Death of Seneca

    i cant wait to see it
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