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  1. Lighting the house

    Hi Monica- I love this!  I love how you mixed up my pieces with vintage...and that wallpaper is awesome!
  2. Bathroom and washroom

    It's like those tiny houses that you see on HGTV.
  3. Kitchen Island front

    Very nice!  It's nice to see some modern on here!
  4. The first dry fit

    With the cute raccoon it looks like a camp lodge.
  5. Jasper - my mini helper

    Awwww, Jasper is so handsome!
  6. Reac Japan modern chairs-wholesale

    Thanks, these prices are great!
  7. I think this may be my favorite house that I have seen of yours...Stunning!

  8. Do your minis get misplaced?

    All the time...I think they grow miniature working legs and walk away and hide!
  9. ready to interior design

    It looks great!
  10. nine.jpg

    Looks great.  I love the colors!
  11. IMG 4670

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  12. Butter

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  13. IMG 4672

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  14. Undersized Urbanite Contest 2014

    From the album Contest Pics 2014

  15. DSCN1026.JPG

    From the album Mad for Mod

  16. Roland ready to climb the barrier

    Love your paint cans!
  17. Livingston

    LOL! My kids play minecraft and I would have never guessed!
  18. Mod ash tray

    You know I love this! I bought a similar one at the spring show.  I loveMichael's work and he's sooooo nice too!
  19. Another grail find - vintage table fan

    Nice find!
  20. Music Area

    Love the lighting!
  21. Livingston

    Yay!! More modern!  It's so nice to see modern!  I love this house.  Did you design it?
  22. Interior

    Love this!  Nery clean and uncluttered. Nice Job!