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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    I finally have something new to report: I bought myself a car - no more old clunker for me. What a relief to get into a car not having to worry if it is going to make it to where you want to go.
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Matt, seeing as I will inherit your houses, just say: That one is only stored temporarily for Christina. Because Christina wants this one, but Christina's car is on the fritz, so it will not drive to Metairie at this time. I'll sign off on it. I think the coast needs to unite and not let that one get away. I can totally paypal you if you think that works....   Can you see the same grand staircase that I see in this house?
  3. How do you pare down a collection?

    So, Kelly.......... if any of your houses are seeking political asylum - there might be a way all of us can help out........? I'm aware that it is an involved process, but I'm willing to house a few.... Jokes aside. This might be a more unconventional suggestion, but: for the built houses - contact local charities that might plan fundraisers. It's kinda what I do with the houses I don't like much (you know the ones you buy because they are such a good deal you can't walk away from? The ones you look at later and think: Was I drunk when buying that one?) I finish them as play houses and donate them - usually they involve food in fundraisers, so I get to eat for free and peddle the house as the one thing everybody needs. Because what is house without a dollhouse? Right? You could attach small plaques to the house with your mom's name as the donor. I think that would be a nice thought. Charities usually do not get high ticket items that are unique. Place a dollhouse for $200 next to a generic giftbasket for the same price - it always comes out: Dollhouse: 1 - Giftbasket: 0. I have yet to see one of them go for less than 200. No furniture unless I got some that I want to get rid off as well.  Just a thought.  
  4. Removing the paint finish from furniture

    Hey Shannon, I used paint stripper I bought from Home Depot on a Mahogany daybed from Bespaq and it worked well.  I covered the complete piece in paint stripper - I had a hard time keeping up with removing the finish before the stripper dried. I believe doing it in sections will work better. Or taking the piece apart with help of a hair dryer. The glue gets dissolved by the paint stripper, so the piece comes apart anyways. I cut an old gift card into thin stripes to use as scrapers. That worked really well.  Problems I ran into: Because the wood pieces are so small, the individual parts soak up liquid and become soft and bendable. I had a tiny piece break off and had to replace it. I would recommend being extremely careful when drying the pieces so they do not warp.  If you use paint stripper you will still have to sand the whole piece. Any form of liquid will raise the grain and sanding is a must for a finished look. I made sanding sticks from 600 and 1000 sanding paper to use - could not have done it without it. In this picture I used the old upholstery which came off rather easy. I have not glued it down yet, so it looks 
  5. I believe they have been sold as "Heartland" Doll House Furniture. There are quite a few around and I think they have been originally manufactured in Taiwan.  
  6. I bought a trailer!

    So good to hear, Kelly. I am glad things are looking up and I love to see that enthusiasm in your post. You go!
  7. Henry Kupjack died last night at age 67. His talent will be greatly missed.
  8. I am using matboard as templates for some of the rooms I am wallpapering. The sturdy base helps prevent curling, occasionally I have a slight warp. I use rubber cement to glue the matboard in place and it works great. 
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Well, I have no volunteers for the dollhouse kit, but a lot of people willing to drive a truck across the state line...... hahaha.  No worries though right now, I won't be going for this one this time around. We might consider a storage unit in Slidell - that way no one will know.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    If I buy this it will be your fault, Matt..... And if I die before you, you will inherit all my dollhouse stuff. My family decided two years ago I had too much. So: Tag! You're it...... LOL
  11. Stained Floors, Wallpaper and the Bespaq

    No, I liked the original upholstery - my problem is the red mahogany Bespaq seems so fond of. It completely covers the grain, it is lacquered to the extreme and the color is just off. 
  12. From the album Colonial Room Box

    The daybed was that ugly red mahogany, so I stripped it and restained it. While it is possible to do, I will think long and hard before I do that again. It took me several days to get the original finish off. 
  13. Hello Everyone, thought I share what I got myself for Christmas. I was looking for a workbench light and they were all way too expensive. SO I went online googled a bit and found a tutorial for an Arch Light - total cost: $30. I went to HD and bought an aluminium bar for $8, ordered LEDs and an adapter for $22. I had 2 metal angle thingies and attached them with some bolts and used 2 clamps. And it is bright....... no shadows on the work pieces.
  14. Modified Fireplace

    From the album Colonial Room Box

    The fireplace was too small for the dimensions of the room. The windows are very big, so currently I am working on the door (not in the picture) to make it higher and instead of using the original door, I'm making French doors.
  15. The "For Sale" picture.

    From the album Colonial Room Box

  16. The second "For Sale" picture

    From the album Colonial Room Box

  17. Happy Christmas

    Have a happy Christmas all of you! I wish you joy and wonders for the coming year and all the good things that can happen!
  18. IMG_1972.JPG

    From the album Stuff I make....

  19. Bargain Idea for Workbench Light

    Thought I post the links: LEDs Adapter Flat bar - sorry, got the price wrong. It's $18  
  20. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Robert, I just went through a major 'organizing; phase and here is what helped me with the miniatures: Bins, plenty of bins. Sort furniture and accessories by room: living room in one, bathroom in the next, and so on. next for building parts, then electrical, glues, etc - stackable bins with lids - I found cheap ones at Home Depot. Get clear ones so you can see what's in them. Once you have the majority of it together, set it up so you know where everything is, get your tools ready, get a comfy chair (lots of sitting....) and a nice work table and go for it. None of it is miracle work, on occasion it only takes creative problem solving - and you have plenty of skilled people here who are happy to help.  When you have your inventory sorted let us know. We have incredibly talented interior designers here, carpentry specialists and Jacks of all trades. We know where to buy, how to do and who to ask.  Having been through the same as you are going through right now, try taking it one day at a time. It's been over a year now and there are things us kids cannot touch yet, and other times where we have to stop my dad from throwing out everything without looking through. It might not feel like it right now, but you will get used to it. My thoughts are with you. Chris
  21. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Welcome, Robert. As none of know which houses you have, as well as not knowing what kind of progress has been made on them, it is somewhat difficult to give you good advice. Also, it would help to know what exactly you plan on doing. Finishing is one thing, the question here is "how": Are they wallpapered? Do you want wood floors? What time period should the interior be? Do you have furniture already? Do you know which room is going to be what?   Are they wired already? Do you want them wired? Do you want to go with battery lights? The options to finish a house are almost endless.  You might want to think about either starting an online album here (you need 5 posts to do so) or post links to an online album. It helps us to see where you are at and help you working on it. Do you need to buy a small one for 'training'? I personally don't think so, but that is a matter of preference.
  22. IMG_1971.JPG

    From the album Stuff I make....

  23. IMG_1969.JPG

    From the album Stuff I make....

  24. IMG_1968.JPG

    From the album Stuff I make....