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  1. Christmas Eve

    I work till noon today. Then my brother and I will be having movie day. You know the movies you been meaning to watch but never seem to have time lol. Seems like this is the perfect time JR is out of school for the holidays and we will both be home at the same time. Tomorrow we will open the presents and just hang out. Bec
  2. Male chauvinist oinkers

    Ok I have one for you all, My husband at the time went with me to look at my truck. Yes I wanted his opinion cause he is good with vehicles. I was asking questions and the guy would look at Cal to answer, Cal kept pointing to me and saying speak to her. I knew this wasnt going to go well. Well I decided to take it for a test drive. The salesman gave Cal the keys said your wife can sit in front I will be in the back. Cal handed me the keys told the guy she is the one buying it she will test drive it. So fine we test drove it and talk about a back seat driver. I knew I was going to get pissed in the end. So I like the truck it ran good and I was comfortable in it which is good for a smaller person lol. Went in and the idiot kept talking to Cal and Cal god love him kept saying you need to talk to her she is the one buying. He would for like a second or two then turn back to Cal. Came time for financing again handed Cal the papers not me. Cal turned them over to me. He ran my credit said oh the little misses credit isnt good enough. Now mind you I work in a bank I know what my credit rating is. And I exploded literally. I said number 1 you do not ever ever refer to me or any woman as the little misses. Number 2 run that report again I know what my credit is and number 3 I want a new sales person! I got all 3. The new salesman was respectful and lo and behold my credit was good. I came to pick up the truck after they did their detailing and stuff the same salesman was there and said out loud that you know I got into trouble because you exploded! I just looked at him and said you had it coming. Dont never ever treat a woman like she is a meek second class person, cause buddy I could wipe the floor with you, yes I was pissed. Come to find out a few months later he was gone. So that is my story. Bec
  3. Welcome Yuko

    Welcome Yuko, Kat has told me sooooooo many nice things about you and your family. Bec
  4. PICT0410.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  5. PICT0409.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  6. PICT0407.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  7. My Ruby

    From the album Just Pics

    Went to put more laundry in the washer and there was my Ruby. Thank goodness I looked. She was sleeping but guess I woke her up
  8. PICT0142.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  9. Paneling Prototype

    From the album Beacon Hill

    This is my paneling idea. It will be on all the walls.
  10. bayoutside.jpg

    From the album Beacon Hill

  11. With Flash

    From the album Beacon Hill

    Still need to put the door knob on glue in the door and do the railings. Wont do any of that till I finish building.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Bec
  13. PICT0405.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  14. PICT0404.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  15. PICT0403.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

  16. PICT0160.JPG

    From the album Beacon Hill

    This is the wall that will have all the wainscotting on it. Just a mock up for now
  17. We Have Lights

    From the album Beacon Hill

  18. Tile Attempt

    From the album Beacon Hill

    ok here is the blue and white I am thinking about just playing around right now.
  19. Congratulations Bobbi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Bec
  20. Taps is back!

    YES YES YES YES I taped it so I can watch it tomorrow when I get home!!!!!! I love my taps guys!!!!! Bec
  21. Baby miter saw!!!

    I have that mini chop saw from harbor freight. I like it. sure helps cut my angles! Bec
  22. My cat chews and licks plastic bags

    Chase does the plastic and well Ruby licks tape, she dont eat it but she sure licks it gets this far off look on her face when she does it lol. Bec
  23. It`s a Greenleaf mini Anniversary!!

    Peachie, Let me add my Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Hugs, Bec
  24. Starting down a new path

    Mel, Just remember us for chat once in a while. And just think chatting with us will give you practice typing :lol: Congrats! Bec
  25. Animal Companion Stories

    Well here is my story. Several years ago Monti chose me at the humane shelter. We had a great life together. Then Monti got sick and had to be put down. I was so heartbroken. So very heart broken. Susan at work called me out of the blue and said Bec I am coming to visit you. So she came and in her purse was too baby kittens. She said just hold them for a while they will help you feel better but the kittens had their own design lol. She said why not keep them? I said nooooo no one can replace my Monti. She said ok and went to the bathroom before she left. Didnt think anything of it at the time. I then I kept hearing mewings and finally went and checked and there was Chaser and Ruby Boy was I mad at her but I couldnt fault the kittens. And now they been with me for 5 years and I love them just as much as Monti. Chaser was so named cause he chased anythign and everything. Ruby named cause she was kind of sickly with her heart and when she got tired her eyse turned a Ruby red lol. So that is my story. Bec