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  1. Optimistic Newbie from Las Vegas

    Yu should have a great time with that house.
  2. Good to see old friends are still here.

    Missed you all and wondered how the minis were going.  Such nice work!  I'm finally healthy and retired now.  Hope to find time to complete the house that had to wait.  
  3. Hi to all old friends and looking forward to meeting the new ones since I've been gone.  Lots of little projects have been done--can't wait to see them all.    
  4. Funny how things can change.

    Yes to both, and be prepared to get distracted.  
  5. Pebble foundation sample

    I did this with the Orchid, and it lasts better if you prime the base.  Live and learn after picking little stones off the floor after 6 months.
  6. 1/2 Scale RTG Craftman Bungalow

    So do I! (Love the photo.)
  7. Mat board buffet

    Well done!
  8. Odd scale differences - side view

    The rocker looks big to me.
  9. Cat & Dog

    Another triumph!
  10. Trimming the walls

    Eye-catching trim.
  11. They've gotten so big and darling, too!
  12. Dear Abby letter

    I read that letter today, too, and feel for the grandmother. Some kids are so insecure they have to have expensive (not necessarily good) things to show off. The daughter missed a chance to teach her little girl about manners, creativity, and limited means. Such an omission. I hope the daughter never hits hard times. She won't know how to cope. On a better note, I never knew if my kids appreciated the things I'd made for them until my daughter's baby shower 18 months ago. I gave her a bear, a giraffe, a small soft Nessie (Lochness monster) all home made. One of the guests kind of gushed about where the toys were purchased, and my daughter said "Oh, my mom makes them. She's the bomb with toys." My (indifferent) son has made scale houses/car garages for all of his kids because he still has the barn we made together when he was little. Warmed me top to toe.
  13. Plz help newbie with a trade :(

    Have you contacted your 4-H group for a member(s) to help you assemble the kit? Lots of the kids need projects and do not have the funds to obtain materials.
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Why can't you have a computer at work?
  15. Picnic basket open

    Oh, is that ever cleverly done.
  16. What are you up to today? This week?

    The dining room is DONE! The wall cracks repaired, wood work painted, walls a pale sage green. Got the floor polished and pictures today, and it all took much less time than stripping the wallpaper. Next stop the bathroom. (small, wallpaper already gone.)
  17. Maus Haus

    Too cute!
  18. It's Anna's Special Day!

    I knew we had a common thread--Happy Birthday to you (mine was Friday). It's a capricorn thing to make things.
  19. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thanks everyone for the kind words.  It was a big load off. I see the GP tomorrow, cardio guy next week, and hope I'm done with doctors for a while!   The wallpaper was probably lovely in 1974, but needed to be gone.  The room gets a lot of sun, so I'm going with a cool color, but haven't decided  between Delft blue or a very pale mossy green.  This happens with the minis, too.  Decisions, decisions, and I'll see a color that is totally different--choice made!
  20. What are you up to today? This week?

    The biopsy from last week's colonoscopy came back benign!!  I don't have to have another for 3 whole years.   I'm down to the last wall in the dining room wallpaper fiasco.  Never have had such a hard slog with wall paper before.   The boiler had an issue again after the $895 repair and no heat over Thanksgiving.  The tech came yesterday juggled  some stuff and the funky noise quit, but I used another vacation day.  Got up to an 8-9" snowfall and a below zero wind chill blowing the stuff across the road.  Called in chicken--everything in the county was closed except our university.  (sigh.)  You may have seen the 125 car fatal pileup complete with fireworks on I-94 this morning.  That was about 5 miles from my house, so I'm glad I stayed home.
  21. Findings at local antique sale

    Possibilities galore.
  22. Coheeries Mansion

  23. Building The Allison by Artply

    Take a deep breath.  Look at the instructions; put them aside; get a cuupa something; look at the parts; and re-read the instructions. You are bigger than that box, and it's nothing but a box of wood until YOU start assembling it.   You don't need real wallpaper paste.  Glue works.  Look at the postings here and gather some background--like most of us don't use a hot melt glue as it doesn't hold up real well.  If you make a mistake, either redo it or cover it up, or make it a part of your design.   Most of all, feel free to ask questions here, and have fun.
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