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  1. These kits are premo! But no longer being made - unfortunately! The Victorian Collection consisted of: #42000 - Victorian Bedroom - Bed, mattress, bedspread pattern, night table and dresser with simulated marble tops. #44202 - Victorian Parlor Furniture - Sofa, chair, footrest and fireside rocker, table with simulated marbel top and pedestal stand. #44197 - Victorian Bathroom - bathtub, sink, toilet, cistern, towel rack, 2 rugs, 3 towels, and simulated marble sink top/back splash. #44201 - Victorian Dining Room - table, 4 chairs with upholstery materials, sideboard and simulated marble top. The Queen Anne Collection: #44203 - Bedroom - bed, mattress, canopy and fabric patterns, highboy with broken bonnet top and night table. #44204 - Dining Room - table, sideboard, 4 chairs #44205 - Living Room - lowboy tea table, kettle stand, fire screen, wing chair and side chair Heritage Collection: #44192 - Nursery Furniture - crib with mattress, dresser, rocking horse, toy box, dollhouse and blackboard. #44195 - Music room - chippendale sofa, grand piano, stool, music stand and violen. #441891 - Living Room - wing chir and sofa, coffee table, end table and secretary. #441901 - Dining Room - 4 chairs, pedestal dining table, hutch and dry sink. #44191 - Kitchen furniture - refrigerator, stove, pewter shelf, cabinets, stove hood, sink and faucet #441881 - Bedroom - Canopy bed, mattress, canopy top, dresser and night tables (2). #44193 - Library Furniture - wing chair, bookcase, desk, wastebasket and library table. The American Country Collection: #44194 - Country Kitchen, stove, pump, sink, ice box and Hoosier cabinet. #44206 - Country Living Room - settle bench and sofa, tavery table, sea chest, and shaker candle stand. #4207 - Country Bedroom - 4 poster bed, mattress, blanket chest, dower chest, wash stnd and hooded cradle. Country Store: #44198 - Country store accessories kit with loads of things to put in your country store from coffee grinder, to signs. #44199 - Country Stove Fixtures Kit - shelving, post office, counter. Fabulous kits. Also they used to carry single packages consisting of beds or chairs, or other single pieces. These were just their collections. Hope it helps if you don't know about these wonderful kits.
  2. was promised? Tonight while I was burning dinner while reading an old book - I realized that the instructions in the book for "Christmas in the Castle" would be perfect for those tubes that I bought last summer....... The book I was reading while the steak was smoking is called "The Wish Booklet Volume XXIII Fashioning Mniatures . . . One more Time" by Susan Bonsall Sirkis - Copyright 1980...... Anyway this castle roombox she puts together here is PURE Romance! Stone walls, archway after archway, circular stairway, stained glass windows, and a Unicorn tapestry combine to produce a medieval feeling. Now I ask you - why can't we take a standard roombox and cut part of that tube in half and put it in a corner, and then decorate the rest of the roombox in grey/brown stone and put a circular staircase in that tube? I ask you this because I have this picture in my mind - no not the burning steaks - but one of pure romance of a fairy tale princess wearing a fairy tale crown while sitting on a throne in this little room...... The place is decked with greens - perhaps a page has a tray of festive beverages to a couple dancing to lute music...... My mind is swimming with this idea! What do you think? Is itfeasible? Would it work? Can you see the picture? I have a blank roombox with a plexi front that lifts up..... It has a wood plank floor already, but it is nekkid! Would a castle scene fit in it?! Inquiring minds want to know! Oh I wish I was a witch and I could just conjure up this whole thing! But wait, I am a witch! At least Doug calls me one when I'm working on something and he keeps interrupting....LOL OK gang, put on your thinking caps and try to picture this scene. Would it work in a roombox? Would the tube be too big? Even cut in half? Would the stairs in the tube be viewed well through an arched doorway? Or should I just go back and finish burning the steaks? Wolfie
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  4. Thank you. I love the hats........and use them as surprise thank you gifts when I ship a doll to someone. Wolfie
  5. I'm having a very big sale on all dollhouse dolls on my website - http://www.lonewolfminiaturecreations.com All dolls $125.00 to $250.00 will be sold at $75.00 All dolls from $100.00 will be sold at $50.00. All babies and children will be $15.00 each. This is very much below what I ordinarily ask.............I am selling them as I have had a stroke in November, and have to find money to pay my hospital bills. Gina
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  7. I make my dolls from scratch. Right from a jug of slip, cast them, clean them, fire them, paint them, and yes, I make the clothes, wig them as well. I have just gone through my galleries for 2010 and 2011 to mark what is sold and what is available if you are interested.
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