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  1. Asking for your prayers . . .

    I started my vacation today, and was looking very forward to a visit from my brother. However, several things happened today to put a screeching halt to my original vacation plans. First of all, my mother (who has very precarious health due to kidney disease) is very, very ill and I think should be in the hospital. With recent changes to Medicare, she doesn't feel she can afford it, and I am terrified for her. Secondly, my nephew went to an eye doctor today for a routine visit, and after an exam, was sent immediately to a hospital where an MRI was done, and it was found that he has a brain tumor. He is only in his 20's, and we are all terrified because we don't know whether the tumor is benign or malignant, and whether the surgery will be dangerous. From what I understand, this tumor is located about in the middle of the brain. Third, the cat I've been nursing back to health (Liam) for the past few months had a relapse today, and while he back on treatment, I can clearly see that he isn't looking good and I may lose him. As many of you know, I had an absolutely horrible year last year, and I was (literally) praying that 2011 would be a kinder year. I could sure use any prayers that any of you may have to spare. I thought about canceling my week of vacation, but then realized I might be needed to help my family, so I will remain off work . . . but, that will be all my vacation for the year, and it sure wasn't what I had in mind. I won't mind that, though, if all comes out all right.
  2. I am so ashamed.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! I've always heard "it takes all kinds" in regard to humanity. Really? I honestly think that if all the rapists, murderers, thieves, arsonists, druggies, etc. . . decided to leave, I wouldn't miss them. It always seems to me that the people who try to live moral, fair lives are the ones who are censored, put down, and ridiculed. Everybody is always going all out to try to defend the criminals and their acts . . . to find or create excuses for the vile things they do. I am just sick of it!
  3. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Hi, Chris: thank you so much for your kind reply and your suggestion. I don't know if they can prescribe that, but I will ask my brother about it. I just want him to have this behind him, and be healthy again. I still remember when he was born - they lived in Vicksburg, Mississippi at the time - I went all the way down there to meet him, and he was the most beautiful, angelic baby: blonde ringlets and enormous blue eyes! He is 29 now, but I still remember those first days and it just tears me up to see him going through this. He's a good fellow, and my brother is an outstanding man, so watching such good people (especially ones I care so much about) go through this is a truly heart-wrenching situation. Thanks again . . . your well wishes and prayers bring me comfort.
  4. I am so ashamed.

    I feel that way, too. I am disgusted with HBS because of the facebook thing, and because they had set a precedent for many years of giving the entrants the next year's kit and then stopped it cold turkey, with no notice. I mainly entered because of the kit gift. When I called them, they informed me they had recently offered next year's kit on sale. Well, fat lot of good that did me . . . they put it on sale before I knew I wasn't getting it. Now, it is over $120 + shipping, and there is NO way I am going to pay that! It was THEIR idea to make an overpriced kit for the contest - the least they could have done was give us a "heads-up" in time to buy it on sale! I am really starting to wonder about how these contests are handled, anyway . . . last year, I heard who was going to win a certain big contest a full month before the judges announced the winners. The people who gave me the information said they had it on good authority. I kept thinking "surely not, how would these people know?" . . . but, when all was said and done, the one that I had been told over & over was going to win . . . did. Add to it the fact that the winner had closely emulated someone else's style, and I just didn't feel very good about the overall situation. Of course, that was just my reaction . . . I am sure we all had our own individual feelings about it. It just leaves me feeling that perhaps there's no point in my even entering. I don't do gimmicks, I am nobody's pet, and I don't kiss up.
  5. I am so ashamed.

    While I am glad her intention was to educate, not to promote the use of meth, I am going to be just completely honest here: I think hers won a prize because of the gimmick, not the artistry of the piece. I saw several entries that I personally thought were much more deserving in winning a prize than that one. Do I think hers was well-done? Absolutely. Just not better than many of the other entries. I can think of three that Greenleaf members did that I think are better than that one. (I am absolutely not including mine. Mine wasn't nearly even finished, or at least not as finished as I had plans for it). It just seems like the contests have degenerated into a "who can come up with the best gimmick" situation. Before all of you jump on a soapbox, yeah - I know it's Ernie's contest and he can decide who wins. I get that, o.k.? While I realize many of you will disagree with me (that's o.k. - you are entitled to do so), I am just going to say that I believe in honesty - I don't have it in me to say what people want to hear just to appease them. I don't believe someone should be chastised for being honest (within civil boundaries, of course), and I don't think it is acceptable to have double standards. For example, why is it that it is wrong to "censor" a piece we don't like (and be accused of "bullying"), but it is completely acceptable for everybody to "censor" a person's opinion (and that's not considered bullying)??? That is what I have seen happening, and I don't care for it. I think this goes back to not seeing the forest for the trees in the way . . .
  6. Asking for your prayers . . .

    My nephew is having his brain surgery (far more complicated than we originally thought) on Tuesday, February 1st. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated. It's all I can think about - I dread this ordeal for him so badly.
  7. Cellfoam 88 for the chimeny

    You did a beautiful job on it! It couldn't be prettier!
  8. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Thank you all so much . . . your well-wishes mean more to me than you could ever know. I am feeling really disheartened . . . they had to put off his surgery because my nephew had taken an aspirin a couple of days ago - he just didn't know it would be a problem. So, my brother, his wife and of course, Keith had a long, tiring weekend and now Keith is going to have to think about this until they can safely schedule it. They are having to allow an entire day for the surgery although they are hoping it will take approximately 6 hours - they have to allow extra time in case complications come up. Another thing my poor nephew has to worry about now is that they told him they will have to slice the top of his head off to operate and won't be able to re-attach it for 6 weeks (due to some kind of special thing they have to do to it). So, needless to say, he is completely afraid of the whole process, and he will have to be very, very careful to keep his bandaged head safe and out of harm's way. Also, when my brother got his family back home, all of their water pipes had frozen up, so my brother is having to try to work on those instead of getting some sleep. I'll just be glad when all of this is behind us. I would trade places with my nephew if I could . . . I am already 50 and have lived a lot of life. Since I can't do that, I will just have to keep on praying, and gratefully accepting all of your prayers as well. Once again - thank you all so much. You have got to be the kindest group of people I've ever known. 2010 (and now 2011) have been way tough, but having all of you here to help me is a beautiful gift . . . one I will always appreciate.
  9. I`m new here

    Hi, Carin! Welcome to the forum! You are in the right place here . . . we're all dollhouse addicts! After you make 5 posts, you can put photo albums up . . . I can hardly wait to see your Pierce and the rest of your minis!
  10. middle of ky

    Hi, Rob! I am so glad to see you on here. I loved hearing about your collection, and I hope that you will be able to post pictures on here soon. You are allowed to post pictures after only 5 posts, so you are on your way! Anyway, WELCOME to the forum!
  11. green newbies

    Hi, there! I am delighted you are joining in. You are going to LOVE building dollhouses . . . it is relaxing, fun, and exciting. Plus, this is a great place for a "green newbie" to get lots of helpful information. Welcome on board!!!
  12. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Thank you all so much for your kind words, well-wishes, and prayers. I got bad news this morning regarding my nephew . . . after a consultation with the surgeon, we found out that his tumor is at least 10 times bigger than they thought, and it is urgent that they get it out, so he has already been admitted and will be operated on first thing tomorrow morning. They said that if it got any bigger at all, he would go into seizures. We are all so scared for him, so please keep those prayers going! I picked Liam (my cat) up at the vet this morning, and I am literally praying that, this time, he can keep from having a relapse. With the $400+ vet bill I had today, I've already spent going on $2,000 on his medical care. And, worst of all, is that I didn't have it to spend. I don't know how I am ever going to recover or catch up financially. Anyway, I am glad to have my little fellow back and he (and his siblings) are thrilled as well. Today is the last day of my "vacation", so it will be back to my horrible job over the weekend. Sigh. How I hoped I would win the lottery while I was off. . .
  13. StepSon Killed in Accident

    Mary, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. Sending you hugs, Rhonda
  14. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Here's an update: * My nephew has been seen by a specialist this morning, and is awaiting a surgical date at the hospital. My entire family is praying for his surgery to go safely, and for the tumor to be benign. The enormity and fear of the situation has really hit him this morning (he's never had any surgery before) and he is really getting nervous. We are all, too, but are trying to be strong for him. * My cat, Liam, is an in-patient at the animal hospital, is on I.V.'s and catherization, and I am praying for his return to good health. I really can't afford another huge vet bill, but what can I do? The poor little fellow was supremely displeased at me for taking him back to "that place", but I knew he was going to need more help than I could give him. * My mother seems to be feeling some better, but I am keeping tabs on her via telephone because I know that if she gets worse again, I will need to drive up and make her go to the hospital. Did I mention that this sure wasn't the "vacation" I had planned on???
  15. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Thank you all so much for your kindness. I have been in tears all night . . . my nephew is dreading his ordeal, and he, his parents, and all the rest of my family are deeply fearful of the outcome . . . my cat (Liam) has been worsening by the moment and I fear his time on this earth is literally in the moments now . . . my Mother still feels horrible and I cannot imagine how my family could ever live without her - especially myself. She has always been. not only my caring mother, but my best friend. I feel myself sinking into despair, despite my resolve to "be strong" for my family. I am in this deep abyss, and I don't know how to climb out. I feel cursed, afraid, and weak . . . and I hate feeling this way. I thank you all so much for your caring messages, and especially for your prayers. My family is truly struggling in a quagmire of despair, and any loving prayers we can get are deeply appreciated and most certainly needed. I am 50, but I feel as if I have weathered an eternity already. There is nothing left - I must rely on faith to sustain me and those I love. I know that those of you who who have survived these hellish depths understand. Your friendship, caring, and prayers are all so deeply appreciated. I will certainly keep you posted as the resolutions to these situations are resolved . . . regardless of HOW they are resolved. So tired, but looking forward to better days . . . Rhonda
  16. flea market junkies

    I've always been a flea market/yard sale/Goodwill Store junkie . . . not just for the astounding deals I find, but for the rare and beautiful things I find, that I could never get at a retail store. When I moved to Lexington, I discovered that I had hit the treasure trove at my local Goodwill stores and yard sales. A LOT of people here have a TON of money (it is horse country, after all), and they seem to pitch their stuff at an amazing rate. My brother now comes to visit me 2-3 times a year so that we can hit the yard sales, Goodwills, etc. . . The first time he went with me to my local Goodwill, he was just about in shock. Even my sister that lives in Pennsylvania (a doctor's wife) has me keeping an eye out at my local Goodwills for stuff for her. She says she is better dressed by my Goodwills than she is her fanciest stores. In fact, I have quite a collection of very fancy (previously very expensive) satin nightgowns (many lined with soft flannel) that I got at the Goodwills here, and they each cost me around $2.50. I buy ALL my work clothes there, and pretty much everything else I need as well. I have managed to find a handful of dollhouse kits at the Goodwills here, now and again. In fact, this post is making me itch to run out and treasure hunt right now!
  17. Did I accidently change the settings?

    That same thing happened to me, too, and I KNOW I didn't change anything!
  18. ....2011...

    Double Amen to that! And, I sure do want to send my wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you all!
  19. so who is here, at home, this new year's eve?

    I stayed in last night, as I have for the last several New Years' Eves. There is nowhere I would rather be than at home with my cats & my minis. I did plan to stay up to watch the ball drop at midnight, but I dozed off and missed it. My 74 year old mother called me to say Happy New Year and woke me up. Pitiful, isn't it that SHE could stay awake and I couldn't! I had to chuckle. I told myself I needed to spend all day doing in-depth house cleaning today, but I think I'll celebrate the new year by working on my haunted mansion . . . it is SLOW going, but I am getting pretty excited about the progress I've made just in the last few days. I also need to put the finishing touches on another house that is almost done. I could probably actually finish that one today if I decided to work on it . . . hmmm, decisions, decisions!
  20. Greetings from the Bluegrass State

    Hi, Nicki! Even though I've PM'd you, I wanted to officially welcome you on this post as well. I am SO excited to have a new miniaturist friend right here in "my neck of the woods"! By the way, have you been to the dollhouse museum in Danville yet? I've been about a gazillion times, and it's always a super fun day. If you haven't been yet, maybe we could plan a day there together? I know you would enjoy seeing it.
  21. Liam, comandeering my "stain rag" and stopping my

    As many of you know, Liam has recently been very ill, and I almost lost him. I could tell he was feeling better when I was trying to sit on my bed, planning to stain some wood pieces but couldn't because he laid on my "stain rag" that I was going to use. As much as I wanted to work on the project, I was thrilled to see him want my attention enough to go out of his way to get it.
  22. Father passing

    Donna, my heart just breaks for you to be going through this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, and also all of you in my thoughts. I am truly so very, very sorry. I'm sending virtual hugs your way.
  23. On the warpath

    Aw, shucks That was a very sweet thing to say, but . . . I am just doing my job. That's what I am supposed to do!
  24. Greetings

    Hi, Carol! Welcome on board . . . how we love adding a new member to our much beloved little community! Your projects sound wonderful, and I love your idea about putting the little apartment above the general store. Awesome! I grinned when I saw that our much admired Jo Med told you to go for the landscaping. She is right, BUT . . . don't let her awesome pictures scare you off. Jo is just amazing, and even though I've been doing dollhouses for quite some time, I don't aspire to Jo's level. We will all thoroughly enjoy your landscaping & pictures no matter how small or how ambitious you go. We all start at the beginning, and it is a ton of fun to watch our own progress over time. You are completely right about the "addictive" part, and as Llyn so aptly put it ("to our collective relief"), that's part of the fun. Besides, I think as far as seeing the world in new eyes, this is the most wonderful hobby for doing that. I look at found objects in an all new way from non-miniaturists. To me, most things would "be perfect for . . . or that . . . ". Anyway, we look forward to hearing more from you & seeing your treasures!
  25. On the warpath

    Thanks so much, Kitty. I am always glad when people realize that some of us do care, and those of us who do, try to go "over and above" to try to improve as much as we can. I have always felt that no matter what job you do, you should give it your all. Every single job out there matters. I often watch my garbage men, out in the early morning bitter cold , and I always wonder if they know how much they are appreciated. Can you imagine life without those folks? It may not be a glamorous job, but they sure do "count" in the fabric of our society. The funny thing is, I often think that those who have the most thankless jobs matter the most. I wouldn't miss a business executive that quit his job as much as I would my garbage man! The "little guy" in a business is such an integral piece of the puzzle, yet they are often treated with disdain and I am personally sick of it.