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  1. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I stopped at my local Hallmark store today to scope out the ornaments for this year. There are a couple mini ornaments I have my eye on: a little beer stein, for my Santa house: a tiny margarita, for the Lilo and Stitch Surf shop: a Mickey Mouse nutcracker. I don't know what house I'd put it in, but it's adorable: and the vintage arcade game would be perfect for Pee Wee Herman's house:  
  2. Mirror of Erised

    Thank you!
  3. Mirror of Erised

    From the album Harry Potter House

    is now hidden in the attic of the bookstore
  4. mirror finish

    I used this product yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised how mirror-like it was. It's  still not as good as a glass mirror obviously, but it does reflect images rather than just appear silver and shiny
  5. stein

    From the album Santa's House

    is a mini ornament from Hallmark. It's a little larger than 1:12 scale, but I still like it
  6. modern bedroom scene

    From the album Mini Creations

    just because I wanted to try something different
  7. for Game of Thrones fans

    Was just browsing around online and spotted this
  8. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I think I'm going to end up buying it too
  9. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I love the Hallmark ornaments because they are high quality items at a much more reasonable price that hand-crafted mini's. Of course I understand why artisan items cost more $, but sometimes you're just looking for little items to 'fill in the gaps', or you have a special themed scene. They're not always perfectly to scale, but I'm not super picky and sometimes scales can be mixed if your scene/story already plays with sizes (like my Harry Potter dh), and you can also force a perspective if you put certain items in the background or foreground.
  10. Has anyone tried these miniature kits??

    I received the bookshop one as a gift and built it over the summer:   I was pleasantly surprised to see the nice quality of the materials, and I'd say it was about 1:24 scale. I've been tempted to do another.  .  .maybe next summer
  11. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    There's also a really cute Fisher-Price schoolhouse toy!
  12. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    whoops! I put the wrong link for the Mickey mouse nutcracker. here it is:   The beer stein that I saw in the store was pretty tiny, so I think it could work
  13. Hungry for Pizza?!

    Check out this article on the fun (miniature!) additions that come with a pie from Boston Pizza!
  14. light up sandworm

  15. Hagrid in his pumpkin patch

    From the album Harry Potter House

    with all his creatures and beasts
  16. What would be your dream dollhouse?

    Also one of mine!
  17. Even though that story is sad and disturbing.  .  .it became one of my favorites when I read it. I saw the movie the day it came out in theaters. And whenever I watch it, I look at the dollhouses in it.
  18. dollhouses as Fanfiction

    So, yesterday I saw the MLA Call for paper for a 2019 conference, and I had an idea.  .  .but I haven’t written a critical paper since grad school. The overall topic is FanFiction, and one of the possible topics on the flyer is "Fanfiction as a reason for adults to enjoy "childish" things".  .  .so I started thinking about my dollhouses and how I base them on stories like Beauty and the Beast or Harry Potter.  .  .but how they are my own version of fanfic.  .  .like, I don't write my fanfiction, I create it in a more tangible way.  .  .   For example, I made a Harry Potter bookstore. But I've actually had to explain to people that it's just a store I imagine would be located in Hogsmeade- there's no bookstore named the Odd Shoppe in the books by JK Rowling, and there is no witch named Bartina Bogtrotter in the books either. I made them up, as an addition to the stories I love.   Anyways, I was wondering if you had any thoughts or insight on something like this.  .  . I was thinking about maybe trying to work up a proposal but I'm not sure what type of thesis I'd set out to prove.  .  .   Have any of you used your dollhouses as works of fanfiction? There's obviously no academic journals on this specific topic I could consult, but I do think it's a valid expression of fandom.   I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  19. fan

    From the album Geisha's Home

    was a pin from a thrift store
  20. fan

    From the album Geisha's Home

    was a pin from a thrift store
  21. flamingo lights

    From the album Stitch's Surf Shack

    I found at Dollar Tree
  22. Little Women

    I've been working on Orchard House a little at a time- I would love to find a doll to put in there and inspire me more. I've been looking around online alot but I cannot seem to find one that makes me think "Oh, that's Jo!" or "She'd be a perfect Marmee!" etc.   Can any of you literature-loving dollhouse gurus point me towards some dolls that make you think of Little Women?
  23. School days, school days. . .

    Another trip home to my parents' house= another dollhouse liberated from their basement! This time I brought back the one room schoolhouse because I wanted to use it in a display at the library. This house was a free find at the Maryland flea market/auction I used to haunt. I was amazed that nobody took it. It looks as though it was made by hand from scratch. When I got it, it was not painted (I painted it red as soon as I got it home) and the front step and the bell tower had come off. I was still pretty new to building/repairing mini's, so I used Gorilla Glue to reaffix the pieces- and it made a big mess. It bubbled over the sides and dripped down the roof. Does anyone have any tips for removing Gorilla Glue? It's such a cute little structure, and it also came with all the accessories so I'd like to give it some attention and make it look nice again. Here's a link to the album- the album hasn't been updated in many years because I haven't worked on this dh in so long.
  24. Hagrid

    From the album Harry Potter House

    was very happy to be greeted by Fluffy