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  1. Daily Exercise Journal

    Two days ago, Shy Spirit and I decided that we would try and go for a walk around the same time everyday in order to improve our lives. Not major exercise right now, just a simple walk around the block. Now, because we live in different cities, we decided to encourage each other on this forum <_< (it started in another topic - I feel so sad right now). We started yesterday morning, and both succeeded, despite the not so nice weather. So, I decided to start a new topic here so that anyone can record their triumphs or tribulations of any type of daily exercise, or just encourage those of us trying to make our lives a little bit better through exercise. Please feel free to join in - the more the better. And for those of you not able/wanting to take part, we would still appreciate any words of encouragement you might have !
  2. Renal Diet - can anyone help?

    Hi there! Sorry that I have not been around for quite a while. The time from September to now has been very challenging medically for myself and two of my kids - between us, someone has been to the emergency room at least once every month since September. And life has been almost a total right-off for me since about mid-March when I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. As you may or may not know, I have an inherited illness called polycystic kidney disease (PKD) as well as the added bonus of liver involvement so I also have polycystic liver disease (PLD) - people have been asking me for almost 12 years if I am pregnant due to the size of my liver. Anyway, further to my stay in the hospital, I was put on a renal diet just over a week ago as my function is now down to about 20-22% and am having a lot of trouble with it. I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with these restrictions and how they have managed. Basically, it consists of very limited protein (4 oz a day for me), low sodium, low potassium, low phosphorous, but enough calories to prevent further weight loss. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Renal Diet - can anyone help?

    It is being a difficult journey, and a diificult diet to comply with. Still not in complete compliance, but working on it. Going to see the entire care team at the hospital tomorrow for the first time. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Renal Diet - can anyone help?

    Thanks. I've been needing lots of those lately.
  5. I want a kitten!

    Hope to hear that everything works out well and that Socks comes to live and thrive in her new home! Good for you, Jeffrey! And good for Mom!
  6. Braided Rug Tutorial

    By request, I have been asked to create a tutorial for how to make a braided dh rug. The basis of the rug is from a book by Reader's Digest called "Complete Guide to Needlework", I just adapted it to what I thought would be dh proportions. First of all, decide what shape of rug you would like and the approximate dimensions. What follows is for an oval rug, but I'll add a note about circular rugs at the bottom. Start with three colours of embroidery thread, the usual 6 strands each that it comes in. Cut a piece of each colour to about the length from fingertip to fingertip. Don't worry if this turns out to not be enough, because it is easy to add more. Make a knot at the end of the threads. Attach ends to a firm surface in order to provide some tension. Start braiding (left over centre, right over centre, left over centre, etc.), trying to maintain an even tension. Continue braiding until you have a lenght of braid just longer than (lenght-width) of the final size. Then do three 'round turns' as shown in the attached diagram. Note that the turn may not be very visible since the thread is so thin. Continue braiding until you are back to the location of the knot, then do 3 more round turns. Then continue braiding until you have at least 6" of braid done. At this point, you can start to sew the braid into a rug, or just continue braiding until you reach the ends of the threads. To start sewing the rug together, start from the knot, then gently bend the braid where you did your 3 turns. Taking a needle and thread, start sewing the two sides together with small stitches, making sure to keep the braid flat. (If done properly, you will not see the thread from the front side.) Before going very far, we will have to deal with the knot. I put a small amount of white glue on my finger and rub it over the knot and the beginning of the braid, then leave it to dry. Once dry, cut the knot off and the end threads should remain together. If you are worried about the ends unravelling, you can always add another dot of white glue once you have sewn more of the rug together. Continue sewing the sides together, bending around the end where you did your second set of 3 turns. Then just continue sewing around and around, making sure to keep the braid flat. The right side will look like the next photo (note that the yellow thread should not show - I was doing this quickly and didn't notice it until after I had taken the picture.) Continue braiding and sewing until you have a rug of the desired size. When finished, just make a knot, add some glue, and cut off the knot once the glue dries, then sew in or tuck the ends under the rug. Here are pictures of the front and back of the first rug I did. Note that the shape may not be perfect, but you can get it to the right shape with a bit of tugging. If you run out of thread before you reach the size you want, or just want to change to another colour, just use a dab of white glue to join the two ends together, making the smallest bump possible. If you have to add more thread to all three strands, just stagger them so that the bumps are not all at the same place. They will not be very noticable anyway. Note, if you want a thicker rug, just use three strands of something a bit thicker than 6-thread embroidery thread. For a circular rug, although I have not done one myself yet, start the same way with the knot, then do enough 'round turns' so that the braid turns in on itself to form a small circle (the book suggests 6-12, depending on the thickness of the strands). Glue and cut at the knot, then continue with the normal straight braid until the desired size is achieved, sewing in a circular form instead of an oval. Good luck and happy braiding! ;)
  7. What I had for dinner

    I always prefer my coleslaw what is called the 'traditional' way here - with a vinegar/oil based dressing - as opposed to the 'creamy' way with the mayonnaise based dressing. Last night we had ribs simmered in a pot on top of the stove in a jar of medium honey-garlic sauce and a bit of water, with home-made potato salade as a side.
  8. Do you ever get a hankering for something....

    My kids now play the board games Life, Battleship (sometimes), Mouse Trap, and the oldest (17) will sometimes stay up really late with friends to play Risk or Monopoly. I remember always wanting to play Operation and Perfection.
  9. Daily Exercise Journal

    I have not been very good for many months, but I have started walking again.
  10. Do you ever get a hankering for something....

    How about things that I would prefer not to remember...like creamed peas and tuna fish on toast? Yuck. Things I loved: - home-made french-fries and onion sandsich - halibut fish and fries from this one fish and chip store, along with a can of pop - fresh raspberries - getting a bag full of candy from the corner store - home-made fruit smoothies that I still make on occasion - Tiny Tom donuts from the exibition - candy floss - Wunderbars - home-made spiced donuts - home-made bread every Sunday Shall I go on?
  11. Surrogate Father Figure Dieing

    Sorry to hear the news. :lol:
  12. Getting my throat cut

    Congrats on all the good news, Deb!
  13. I need some thoughts sent out.

    It is amazing what you can find on here - I lost my father when I was 12 and now cut all ties with my mother a few months ago for complicated reasons (although our relationship has been somewhat of a strained one at least since my father died). Almost two years ago, I innocently sent a parcel of fabric to a dollmaker on her because she needed some and I had the time and inclination to do it. Now, we are the best of friends and she is my Mama whom I love so very much more than I ever did my real one!
  14. I need some thoughts sent out.

    Here's hoping that there is a good outcome to all of this...and soon!
  15. I Knew Something Was Wrong!

    So happy for you!
  16. Awesome!!!!

    Good for you, Heidi, to be able to see some awesome things when life tries it's hardest (it seems) to get you down! Fresh made strawberry jam - yum!
  17. Awesome!!!!

    Well, she doesn't exactly bounce off the walls, but bedtime for us seems to be playtime for her. For such a tiny kitten, she is so full of energy that it sometimes seems as if she rarely stops being on the go! Also, she seems to purr pretty much at the drop of a hat, and her motor is quite loud! However, she is still an awesome kitten. P.S. My DH started calling her Bean Sprout a day or two ago because she is so small. I just call her Baby Beans.
  18. Awesome!!!!

    And now we also have a little girl named Beans who is about 10 weeks old - who must be full of Mexican Jumping Beans for all the energy she has!
  19. Why they call them the Rocky Mts

    I just loved being in part of the Rockies when I went to see Wolfie earlier this year. Their house is at about 5000 ft. Majestic views!
  20. Awesome!!!!

    We recently adopted a male 4-1/2 month old kitten from the Humane Society here, and will be getting a second one soon. Chester is the most awesome little cat I have ever met - he felt right at home within a few hours and has done wonders with how my daughter is feeling. I am so happy that we decided to return to being a cat family!
  21. Awesome!!!!

    Don't be jealous, Holly. It took me all day, two planes and a passport to get to Seeley Lake, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. Once a year is nowhere near enough for seeing my Mama!
  22. Awesome!!!!

    And awesome for me is my new Mama Wolfie! I love her so much! Not a day goes by without us IM'ing! My 14 year old daughter has even started to talk to her and call her Gramma. I bless the day we first connected and thank Holly very much for starting the process along. I don't know where I'd be without my Mama, and I can't wait to go back and see her again!
  23. today is the day

    My DH was right about the first (boy) and the second (girl), but missed on #3 (boy). Hope everything goes well. A healthy baby is what is most important!
  24. Hello... From Quebec, Canada

    Bonjour! I live even closer to you than Kingston, as I am in the Ottawa area! Nous sommes presque des voisins! (We are almost neighbours!) Lucky you for having a store close to you, as there are none in Ottawa.
  25. Getting my throat cut

    any news yet?