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  1. 20191210_171625.jpg

    From the album Gucci Store

  2. 20191210_171625.jpg

    Thank you so much! It needs to be cleaned. It has been in storage for two years. I am just glad to be back in the hobby! :-) 
  3. 20191210_171257.jpg

    From the album Gucci Store

  4. 20191210_171251.jpg

    From the album Gucci Store

  5. 20191210_171242.jpg

    From the album Gucci Store

  6. 20191210-171229.jpg

    From the album Gucci Store

  7. Day 2

    You have me SO inspired. I have a Westville that I am ready to pull out and build for my mother. She has always wanted a dollhouse.   Question: How did you hide your wiring? You have done an amazing job on this house!!! *But of course, ALL of your houses are beautifully done!! Bre
  8. The gods were with me!

    My heart stopped right along with yours!!! WHEW!!!  Thank God!
  9. Ms. Mabeline IMG-1276.JPG

    WOW!!! She looks like my Gammy (who just passed away)!  Wonderful job, just wonderful!!!!! 
  10. c.JPG

    Very nicely done! It's really hard to find ethnic dolls in 1/12th scale that are really nice looking. You've done a fantastic job!! <3
  11. I bought an RGT Queen Anne kit!

    It's on my wish list. There used to be a Facebook group for Queen Anne owners. Not sure if it's still up and running, but they had some beautiful ones!! Congrats on your buy!!!
  12. I started my Newport today.

    Very pretty color! I love the Newport; one of my favorites!!
  13. Second coat.jpg

    I agree with Emerald! This is looking fantastic and isn't even finished yet!! I guess Lawbre really is the Mercedes Benz of the dollhouse world! Love it!!
  14. Finished master bedroom

    Oh my goodness!!!!! You have done a beautiful job on your Alexandria. May I ask where you got your french doors? Seems the ones I ordered are too big. Did you have to alter them to get them to fit? Thanks in advance for ANY guidance you can give me! Bre
  15. 100_0015.JPG

  16. A fish tank by Brae/Otterine

    Stunning...yet so is ALL of her work!!! <3 
  17. Dollhouse at Oakridge Hobbies in Chicago

    It is the Elizabeth Anne. I just sold my half scale on Ebay. :-)  Cute little house, but 1/2 scale isn't for me. 
  18. Colleen's Bostonian - this kit makes one BIG house!&

    Your house is gorgeous!! The shingles...did you use grey dye?
  19. Alexandria 2

    I know, you don't really see them!!! I see one currently for sale on Ebay for $350.  I cannot believe the price!!!  I think I paid $75 for this one. It's such a great house. It was pretty easy to put the shell together too.  I just don't particularly care for MDF.  :-)   Thanks on the color choices. :-)
  20. Alexandria

    Yes, it seems there's LOTS of wasted space on this enormous house. I'm disappointed in how they designed it. I plan to cut some of the roof portions away so that there is more access to two of the rooms in the rear. I didn't think about the tower rooms. I haven't completely glued them on because I want to decorate inside of them.    Thanks for the feedback Jbnmini and Selkie!!!  Gives me some ideas!!!  :-)
  21. image

    Thanks for sharing your workroom with us. I'm still trying to figure out how to create a work room within my "family room."  -Although, I don't have a family, it's the room where I watch television and entertain company. Lol.
  22. 1 Exterior

    BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!  :-)
  23. Paper Removal

    Thanks for sharing the solution with us! :-)