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  1. Rons Miniatures

    Great finds. Did he still have his castle house on display? Always wanted to see it in person. 
  2. Backdrop

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    You can hardly see it because the sun is shinning so brightly today, maybe will try this shot again when the sun changes direction.
  3. fairy house

    It does look very cool!
  4. Sunlight in the room

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    This is the reason I love this hobby, Light and color!
  5. 5c08ea69cb5af-plexi10.jpg

    Moving right along, cant wait to see the stone fireplace you are planning!
  6. Another view into next room

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Ok so that's where I left off with the base boards! Lol.
  7. Perfect night for a fire

    I think that's a pilot lower in rank, just stopping by to discuss an upcoming mission. Lol  
  8. Perfect night for a fire

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Decided to cut the baseboards for the adjoining room But had to light the fireplace first. lol.
  9. Another view into next room

    Thank you both, the next room over is James Bonds man cave
  10. Shot with Samsung S9+ phone

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    First shot of the manor house with new phone.
  11. Manor house long view

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Needs a plant or a side table with lamp next to the sofa maybe
  12. sign

    Ooooh I like it!
  13. From the album 1/6 scale house design

    Found this 4 x 6 frame at T Maxx, I thought about changing the color but it doesn't look too bad.
  14. Chenonceau print from giftshop

    If I build anything else it would be in G scale for the Garden . The closet to G scale is 1:24th But yes have considered Chenonceau and Big Ben tower and or Parliament for the garden. The challenge is building materials for outside. My husband found a German website that sells molds for casting in cement. and they have some very nice molds for exterior stone block windows surrounds , doors etc.
  15. Chenonceau print from giftshop

    From the album 1/6 scale house design

    We packed light 1 carry on for 2 weeks so I only brought back postcards and small prints from the trip. This is a small print from Chateau Chenonceau. is about 4 x 6 or maybe 5 x 7 in size
  16. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Yes I did! What a coincidence.
  17. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Just like mine from the giftshop at Chenonceau.
  18. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    I keep my eyes open to things that would be perfect to add to my mini projects. I came back with a wonderful print of Chateau Chenonceau, which was the right size for my 1/6 scale Castle. But somehow I dropped the ball ion the last night in France in the giftshop at Chateau Vaux Le Vitcompte,.while oooking at postcards there were 2 fabulous Architectual postcards of the front and backside of the chateau we were visiting. the were elongated postcards and I thought I really like these but where would I use them? Must have been focused on my very sore foot. 30 min down the road it hit me they were perfect for the dinning room of my 1/6 scale castle. [ I have emailed the Chateau gift shop but no response. maybe they don't send to other countries ] 
  19. Taking a brave step

    From the album Found Treasure

    I have been waiting 2 years to take the cathedral off its base and remove the giant dusty old speaker blocking my view of the interior! Today I had 2 new bases made, one for me to work on and the other for it to set on while I map out a floor plan, my husband has some ideas for pillars and arches inside so this should be exciting! Here you see I took off the 2 spires and another section as well, it was not attached to its base except with a few dowels that it sat on. And so all this time I thought it would take 4 people to remove it. Its actually light and it took only 2.
  20. nearly 100 years of dust

    From the album Found Treasure

    The interior walls are not finished, the velum covering some of the windows is loose or falling down, I have plans to add interesting mouldings where I can. Am debating on a few pillars on each side of the isle. I had some very cool mouldings to attach to the square dowel frame holding up the chandelier. But I had to wait hours for the glue to dry, then spray painted it to look old, I could not wait any longet to see if it fit, and actually it did not fit, I had to take it back out and cut off an inch at the bottom. At least now you can see the lighting from the doors. I need to get rid of some of the 100 year dust as it was causing me trouble last night as I was trying to get more lighting installed above the walkway! And again looking forward to the second base with cheery happy colors.
  21. another view

    From the album Found Treasure

  22. Antique Cathedral

    From the album Found Treasure

    This structure still captivates me. I am pretty certain its 1:24 scale , but since its a structure with many stories. it appears to be as big or bigger than most of my 1:12 houses
  23. Flying...

    I can relate to this. I had not been on a vacation for 12 years. Fear of world events was my main issue, feeling its not safe anywhere. We went to UK then took Eurostar under the English Channel to France. There was a 3 terrorist incidents with in a few months prior to our trip.  London Parliment bldgs., London bridge and right out in front of the Hotel we were to stay at in Paris near the Paris Opera house ,we could have cancelled and got our money back. I asked my husband, '' so do you think we should go???'' He replied , let me know if your not going and I will ask Ian [ out youngest son ] to go with me. So your still going? I said Something changed in me that day and I said if your still going I am going! No more fears of the Chunnel, no more fears of London and Paris or the Flights, I was completely ready to take on this adventure. I really surprised myself, I was ready to live my life and take the dream vacation come what may. And had the time of my life.  I did pray a lot about my fears though and did not have them while on the trip. Remember to breath on take off!