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  1. I am sad to tell you ...

    Kathie I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  Please accept my heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time and know that your Greenleaf family is holding you close in their hearts.
  2. The interior primed

    Yay!  You started an album for your house! You're right - the rooms are nice & big - lots of space to fill with mini treasures!  This house may not be as big as your other house, but I think this one is the one you were meant to build all along.  You've had one idea right after another with this house & they've all been good ideas!  I'm excited to see it all come together!
  3. The basement

    Love this view!  I can hardly wait to see the kitchen all done up!
  4. The bathroom

    Love this peek-a-boo view of the dressing room closet!
  5. I swear, I have a big problem!

    You're in great company on this forum and there's nothing wrong with you that acquiring a new kit (or three) won't fix! When I start window shopping for new kits / shells, I prefer to think of it as "research" and "inspiration" and when I find myself adding a new kit to my stash, I tell my DH that I'm planning for retirement  
  6. Introducing Isabella

    From the album A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    Isn't she wonderful? Kelly & I went to the Seattle Miniature show a few weeks back and this amazing little doll caught my eye within the first few minutes of browsing.  I must've oohed & ahhed over her for several minutes before pulling myself away from the booth to continue looking at all the wonderful miniatures for sale.   After the show, while talking with a delightful couple that was there to display some of the houses they had built, Kelly presented me with a small bag and this doll was in it.  I was speechless!    Anyhow, I wanted to share her with you all.  Of all the miniatures I have, she is my most prized miniature - and she means all the more because she was a gift from my most cherished friend.
  7. Isabella

    From the album A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    Here's another picture of the world's most adorable miniature doll - to get an idea of how tiny she is - she's posed on the upstairs window seat in Kelly's Glencroft. Once my Glencroft is finished she'll have a place of honor on the bedroom window seat.
  8. The Glencroft Project!

    From the album A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    And here we are at the end of day three of the Glencroft project.  Kelly's house is the neat one on the right  

    © K&L Construction 2016

  9. Glencroft Day 3 - Kelly's

    From the album A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    An interior shot of Kelly's house.  Nice & straight & square!

    © K&L Construction 2016

  10. Someone tp'd my house!

    From the album A Tale of Two Glencrofts

    Had the house turned around while inserting tabs into slots & gluing the basic shell together.  Kelly was in charge of tabs, slots & glue - I was in charge of tape   When we were done & turned the house around this is the sight that greeted us.  It looked like someone had toilet papered the house for a prank!  Someone should probably take my masking tape roll away from me! lol

    © K&L Construction 2016

  11. What's everyone working on?

    And here are the starts to our Glencrofts in all their glory   Mine definitely isn't much to look at yet.  Just the first floor with the back edge/stair part glued on.  Had a heck of a time getting it to glue on straight because it was a little warped, so to fix the problem (and not have to sit and hold the two pieces while the glue dried) I taped it all to the straight edge of my kitchen counter! lol!  Sounds & looks funny, but it worked   Doesn't look like I accomplished much, but not pictured is the work I did cutting the front door opening bigger (using a different door) and filling in a few things like the side bathroom window. Kelly on the other hand got quite a bit of her shell glued together before we called it a day.  I guess there's something to be said for ignoring directions & just winging it!  
  12. Just popping in with a big Thank You! to Jenn for making the Glencroft available to forum members.  Rodentraiser / Kelly (best friend ever) knew I'd been obsessing over  considering the Glencroft for awhile & she made the trip to get it to surprise me with it for Christmas (and what a surprise it was!!!). Turns out Kelly & I will both be working on Glencrofts together in 2016 - and I'm over the top excited about it! So thank you Jenn, for making it available, and thank you Kelly for knowing just what I needed to put a smile back on my face & get me excited about miniatures again!
  13. Tools that everyone should have for dollhouses?

    Glue & a roll of paper towels (to wipe up the glue that may ooze out when you join two pieces of wood together.  Congrats on the Glencroft!  I'm going to be starting one soon too!
  14.   Truer words were never spoken!
  15.   This sounds like a grand idea!  What a great way to encourage creative play!  We built a "super hero headquarters" for my sons when they were little & they spent many happy afternoons letting their imagination run wild with it.
  16. Hello from Washington State

    Another welcome from Washington (Kitsap County) here!  
  17. Hello from Washington!

    Good morning Vanessa & welcome to the mini family!  Nice to see another Washington miniaturist here!
  18. Conservatory from scratch

    This is your first house? Wow! Your work is amazing!
  19. Honey Nut Cheerios Wainscoting!

    I absolutely love your wainscoting!
  20. Beautifully done Emily, I wish I lived closer. I hope someone here is close enough to benefit from your generosity!
  21. Recipes

    (Almost) Guilt Free Cheesecake 1 quart plain greek yogurt 1 & 1/2 boxes dry instant pudding mix - cheesecake flavored fresh fruit of choice Dump yogurt in mixing bowl. Add dry pudding mix (2 boxes can be used, but that's too sweet for me so I just use 1.5 boxes - the leftover can be saved for the next time). Stir well making sure all powdered pudding mix is incorporated & yogurt is smooth. The mixture will be very thick - don't worry, this is a good thing . Spoon yogurt mix into individual serving containers & refrigerate for 3+ hours (this seems to give it more of a cheesecake flavor). Right before serving top each dish with fresh fruit. My favorite is a mix of fresh blueberries & raspberries, but sliced peaches or sliced strawberries are pretty good too! In a pinch vanilla greek yogurt can be used instead of plain. Enjoy! p.s. okay, I know the pudding mix isn't exactly healthy, but I think the 0 fat, high protein yogurt more than makes up for that... That's my story anyways, and I'm sticking to it! lol!
  22. Recipes

    Thanks for the Fried Salmon Patties recipe Kat! DH ran across a good sale & purchased several cans of salmon some time ago & I wasn't sure what to do with them - but this sounds like it would be really yummy & I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand!
  23. Stonework

    Beautiful stonework!
  24. What does your "forum name" mean?

    How cool is that??? I make homemade soap from scratch as well, although not nearly as much as I once did. It started out as a hobby about 18 years ago for me. I spent years working out formulas for soaps that I fell in love with. Made so many batches of soap & I gave so many batches of soap away that everyone I knew (including the local food banks and women's shelter that I donated to) were full up with soap & couldn't take anymore! lol! Shortly after that I went into business selling my soaps, figuring it was one way to pay for the supplies to make more soaps Unfortunately I was far better at making soap than I was at making a successful business. Broke my heart to close the business. But that's when I discovered miniatures again. So one door closed & another opened, as far as hobbies go. These days I just make soap for my immediate family so I don't make very many batches a year. I agree with you, there are a lot of ding-dongs out there these days making *soap* or their version of it, that give the craft of soap making a bad name. Edited to add: forgot to answer the original question in this topic: my forum name isn't anything original - just my first name & last initial.
  25. What does your "forum name" mean?

    Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap is one of my favorites to make.