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  1. Wow, haven't been on in forever, been very busy! I will be answering everyone's messages today, sorry I haven't responded. I've missed everyone! Have lots of pics to upload, too. The fairy house is almost done!

    1. Digithead

      Hehehe!! Can't wait to see the new "eye candy"!

  2. Still sick!This is crappy. I haven't got to work on anything in a few days and I NEED to, you know? LOL!

    1. Little Jupiter

      I hope you feel better soon. :)

    2. stefanib123

      Thank you! I went to the dr. so hopefully this medicine will kick in.

  3. Still sick!This is crappy. I haven't got to work on anything in a few days and I NEED to, you know? LOL!

  4. I've been sick, haven't worked on anything. I did pick up some great things from the thrift store, though. I got a great book, McCalls Decorating Book from 1964 and its amazing! It has so many pics for inspiration and the back of it has tons of sketches, etc for the different styles and time periods of furniture. I've already found about 50 I want to copy. If you come across this book, get it!

  5. some odd n ends for trade

    I looked in your gallery and can't find a "trading post" or anything. Can you post a link?
  6. Hello from Central Kentucky

    Another Kentuckian here! Welcome to the forum, can't wait to see some of your work.
  7. Hi, David, another Kentuckian here! I'm in Eastern Ky, Pikeville, you've probably never heard of it, LOL! Welcome to the forum!

  8. Your bears are adorable! Have you thought about branching out to other items, such as mini rugs, doilies, etc? I'm trying to teach myself to crochet and its not going very well, LOL!
  9. Says listing is expired.
  10. I've been checking out your crochet, it is amazing! I'd love to learn how to crochet, do you think it'd be too hard to start with mini stuff?

  11. Working on furniture for the fairy house today. Its so tiny, the 1:24 scale! I like it better than I thought I would, a little bit goes a looooooong way!

  12. Hi, Patricia! Another Ky. girl here, welcome to the forum!

  13. Ok, the fairy house is together! Working on furniture and landscaping now. This little house has been so much fun!

  14. Okay, fairy house has taken over. It's made me push all projects to the side and me up at all hours of the night working feverishly!!! Maybe "fairy magic" is real? LOL!

    1. LindaC

      album or blog?? LoVe photos.

    2. stefanib123

      I will post some photos today. I've been thinking of making a blog, too. Mostly for people like me, that have no idea what I'm doing and learning as I go, LOL!

  15. Okay, fairy house has taken over. It's made me push all projects to the side and me up at all hours of the night working feverishly!!! Maybe "fairy magic" is real? LOL!

  16. Half scale nonworking light fixture from a fish hook

    Commenting so I can find this again! Great idea!
  17. Country Manor by Avery No 70

    Hi, Alex and welcome to the forums! You should post them somewhere besides trade and sell section, you'll get more answers. General Mini Talk is usually a good place to start. Everyone is always on that one. Sorry I can't help you, don't know anything about that house. I'm still a "newbie" myself, and don't know a lot of the houses. I''m sure someone on here can, just post it in a different forum.
  18. My Allison came today!!! I love her! Trying to decide what to do with her. I'm thinking a dress shop downstairs with the propreitor living upstairs? It really lends itself to double space like that where it has the up and downstairs porches. Any other suggestions?

    1. Kabrina

      I like it! Go for it!

    2. chapchap73

      Lovely idea!

  19. Waiting on my new houses to arrive! Its like waiting on Christmas, LOL! Designing my craft stick gazebo, like I really need to start a NEW project, LOL! But, I can't help it, its so darn cute and easy, I have to!

  20. Strawberry Shortcakes anyone?

    Those prices are usually for in the box, never opened. Little things like that can make a big difference. But, you never know, some may be worth big bucks, they are highly collectable. I'd go on ebay, if I were you, and do a "completed listings" search. That way you can see exactly what people have paid for them over the last few months on there. I love Strawberry Shortcake, and I would bet that you have some of the exact dolls I had as kid! Too bad I've spent all my "spending" money. I may pm you in a week or so,though, if you have any left.
  21. Thank-You

    Wow, your heart is really hurting, I can feel it in your writing. I'm so very sorry. Do you have any good donation links? Ones that the money goes directly to the people that were affected? I've already donated to the Red Cross fund that's set up for them and the Salvation Army, but would like to do a direct one,you know? Maybe a link I can post on Facebook? I have a lot of friends who'd like to help, too. I've never really went through anything like that, except a flood, and I can't imagine how hard it is to rebuild from. Dealing with the flood we had last year was bad, but this is such a huge magnitude, you know?
  22. Newcomer

    Hi, Mandi! Welcome to the forum. Its a great place! Lots of very talented and knowledgeable people here. I've not done that one, but I know lots on here have. Have you done a search for it yet? You can search the gallery for pics and the forum for postings. I'm sure there's tons on here.
  23. Working on the Cambridge, sanding, sanding, priming, priming...I'm almost ready to start glueing!

  24. Just wanted to say I love your boxers! I have 2 also, they are just big babies, huh?

  25. 4/11/06, finishing the fridge, furniture

    Marking my place, so I can find this again, LOL. I am going to try this, so I will need your pics and directions!