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  1. Adding accessories to the San Fran kitchen.jpeg

    I love your attention to detail!
  2. Newest Addition to Our Home

    Rescue cats are wonderful!  I have three of them- each with their own story.
  3. Doors and hinges

    I have used Houseworks doors on my Garfield.  They work for most of the interior doorways.  They also sell narrow doors that work for some of the smaller doorways.  I moved my front door to the side where the bay is and filled in around it with foam board.  The only opening I have not been able to fit a door into is the room with the step down because the doorway opening is so close the ceiling.  
  4. I have gotten people via the phone number, but I did it by leaving a message and then they called me back.
  5. "Destroying" a couple Lawbre houses?

    I love thinking of my houses as empty shells that I can turn into whatever I want them to be.  None of my houses look like what the manufacturers intended and when I've attempted to make houses look like the pictures on the boxes, I've lost interest.  I think you should do whatever makes you happy while building them since your not in it for the money.  Someone out there will find them interesting and unique.  And, if not, they'll buy them and redecorate them to their own tastes.  And you'll never have to know about it. ;)
  6. the work crew. Always eager to help

    I know this scene quite well.  Kitties are such good helpers. 
  7. In my other hobby life, I run a Facebook page dedicated to photography of a lion family, and I post a lot of other zoo photography.  Stealing other's work is a frequent problem on social media.  One thing that I've learned from photography friends is to put a watermark including a copyright symbol on all my valued photos that I post.  I would suggest to anyone who has editing software to do this.  If you don't have editing software but have Microsoft, you can copy your photo onto a Powerpoint slide and then use the text tool to put a copyright on it.  When you save the photo, there is an option to save it as a .jpg in the "Save at type:" box under where you type the file name.  
  8. IMG-2850.JPG

    I love the stone walls.  I need to learn how to do that.
  9. I used stain on the siding on my abandoned cabin and my Old West general store.  The trick is to experiment with different gray stains.  Some of them look great, but others just look like gray paint or barely show up at all.  I found Varathane gray stains worked best.
  10. I had to deconstruct a partially finished Garfield when I put my condo on the market a few years back and couldn't have it sitting around.  I used a hair dryer and a knife just as Kathie described, and it worked fine.  The key is to get off all of the old glue off so that the pieces fit together correctly when you remake it.  
  11. Bathroom floor

    I've used the same wood strips often on floors.  The trick is to put something heavy on them to flatten them as the glue dries.  I haven't tried painting them, but I usually stain after I glue them down which helps them to flatten also.  If I see a glue spot appear when I stain, I sand it, and then apply another coat of stain. 
  12. Lets talk carpet.

    I like felt because it's cheap and easy to use.  I also like it for stair runners because it is flexible and easy to glue to the stairs.  I cut it on a paper cutter because it can be accidentally stretched when being cut with scissors.
  13. 5c7affb09faf4-IMG-1517(450x338).jpg

    Very impressive!  I can never keep my lines that straight- even with the ruler.
  14. third attept at scrolled railing with 3D pen.jpg

    I am amazed by your stair railings.  Do you use a template with your 3D pen or are you doing them freehand?
  15. Ageing wood

    I have had some luck with some of the gray stains.  I would recommend testing them first as some look really good and others not so much.
  16. Anyone recognize this?

    It is gorgeous!  
  17. Dollhouse Disaster

    Thanks everyone for your "sympathy".  Ironically, hot glue probably saved the day in this case.  I had forgotten that I had glued the roof on with hot glue when I was moving to protect it- the goal being that I would later remove the hot glue and replace it with better glue.  The roof broke apart on the hot glue seams probably preventing it from breaking elsewhere.
  18. Dollhouse Disaster

    One of my favorite dollhouses fell victim to the cold last night.  I woke up at 3:45 this morning to a loud crash in my basement.  The top shelf of my bookcase had collapsed sending all of my heavy photo albums down onto my Tudor kitchen knocking it to the floor and breaking it to pieces.  I think the shelf had contracted due the cold in my basement causing it to fall off the pins.  Fortunately, the house can be repaired after I remove the old glue, but it was quite a mess to clean up and not what I wanted to be doing in the wee hours of the morning.  This picture is after the big cleanup.  Kitty Number Two was inspecting the damage.  I think the kitties were surprised to see such a disaster that was not of their making.
  19. Prihting

    I know how you feel.  I used to have a personalized card-making operation and make dozens of cards a week until the software stopped working.  Now, I haven't made one in years. As for dollhouse prints, I do a lot of resizing and cropping in Powerpoint.  The ruler and grid features make it easy to create one inch scale images.  Then I save it as a jpeg and open it in Paintshop Pro to do editing and to make larger size images by copying and pasting the original image on a larger "canvas" to make floors and ceilings.  I use Paintshop Pro mostly for photo editing in my other hobby of photography, but it works well for dollhouse prints too.  I find it much more user-friendly than Photoshop, and if you buy the previous-year's version it is usually very affordable.
  20. Cabinet Hardware added.JPG

    It looks great.  That askew thing is probably why my top cabinets are still sitting in the basement of my Emerson Row dollhouse.
  21. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thank you.
  22. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I saw this house on Ebay.  It looks like an inverted Pierce or perhaps Garfield, but yet it is different from both and there are no dimensions listed so hard to know the size.  The post says it's a 1970s dollhouse.  I'm not planning on buying it, but I am curious if anyone knows if this is an early version of either of the houses or just a creative bash.  Thanks  
  23. More eye candy

    She does a great job of detailing how she does each step.  She's been added to my bookmarks.
  24. Shingle painting tips

    I used dark gray stain to make a "slate look" on a house.  It's much easier to stain than paint shingles, especially, if the house is already shingled because you can get stain into all of the little spaces.  I just wouldn't put on a lot so that it doesn't soak all the through to the wood of the roof.  There are a variety of shades of gray and black stains.
  25. Corona magnolia instructions

    In spite of having built several Greenleafs, I still have a horrible time understanding their directions.  I use the directions and the schematics to find the pieces needed for each section I'm working on and then treat it like a puzzle- never gluing until I'm sure that I got it right.