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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Read something wild in the paper today. This mom put a frozen pizza in her oven for dinner, then 10 minutes later noticed an awful smell. Well, she cracked the oven open and found there had been a large snake on the bottom of the oven and it was now slow roasting. She closed the oven, told hubby to take care of it, and went out to dinner with the kids. He scooped that thing up and then set the oven on self clean. I'd want to know how it got in there in the first place, and how you could not notice it when you opened the door?!
  2. What's for dinner?

    Went with easy for the start of this week. Tonight, Italian sausage and spaghetti. Tomorrow, roast beef. Christmas, Thanksgiving on repeat.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    I think I've gotten your wild weather! Super windy and wet outside right now. Good to hear from you Kelly! I don't know if I could live with mice... Here's hoping for a good outcome with the electricity situation.
  4. What's for dinner?

    One of the ways I squeeze more veggies in is to make a meaty soup, and the meat usually overpowers their taste. Also to add more movement to my day, because I'm pretty sedentary. So, every hour or so I get up and walk around the house for 5 minutes or so. I also do some light weightlifting and careful stretching, cause I have a touchy back, and sore knees.
  5. What's for dinner?

    Well, I've been trying to add more variety to what I eat, so I get more micronutrients. Hard for me, since I hate most veggies...I think most of them taste bitter or like dirt. Eating a little less at each meal, like one and a half sandwiches instead of two. Limiting treats, but not eliminating them completely. So, if I want candy, just a few pieces, not a double handful. If I want potato chips, two small handfuls, not half the bag. You get the idea. Lean protein is my friend, particularly beef. Don't drink multiple sodas in a one day period. I've also added MCT oil, which has given me more energy and lessened my hunger a little. I drink lots of water, and have added coffee more regularly.
  6. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Just got beat out on ebay for this, was wondering if anyone has one like it in their stash they'd be willing to part with? 
  7. stokesay ware ginger jar

    More along the lines of how to install them so they look right in the room. Height, positioning, how big to make the opening to install it, etc. I bought a used one on ebay with alas no instructions. The armchair and settee I'm making will be positioned in line with the window so they get the "natural" light.
  8. What's for dinner?

    Went to the doctor yesterday and had some great news! I apparently lost 20 lbs since I saw them last, so I splurged last night with a cheeseburger, and tonight with some pepperoni pizza. Back to the small healthy changes I've been making tomorrow.
  9. stokesay ware ginger jar

    It's about 8x10" so it will take me a while to stitch. This is going to be a long-term project. Thinking of making it a pseudo roombox, with exterior finishing, like siding and putting in a bay window. Anyone have any advice on how to work with bay windows?
  10. stokesay ware ginger jar

    It's here! Had the nice surprise of my rug design in the mail today. Going for 30 count, but Janet can design even more detailed rugs than what I picked. Here's a picture of it: I'm going for a faded, sort of antique look with the colors.
  11. Lighting woes - please help!

    They are fabulous. I managed to get my hands on two pink rose lamps and a floor lamp by them through ebay this past year.
  12. Lighting woes - please help!

    I knew I recognized their touch! Looks like the tulip pattern by Tiffany was their inspiration.
  13. What's for dinner?

    Don't have an instant pot, so the crock pot is getting a workout tonight. Beef stew later.
  14. Help identifying this house?

    To me, those shutters and windows read as RGT/walmer lilliput, but beats me if I can remember the model name?
  15. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Janet finished my rug design! So excited. It looks so close to my magazine inspiration! I'll post a picture of it when I receive it. If you're a stitcher who needs a custom pattern, I totally recommend her. She's very good at interpreting what I wanted, and a pleasure to work with.
  16. What's for dinner?

    Last dinner with my oldest brother who's been visiting my parents, me and my other elder brother for the holidays. Roast beef because that's one of his favorites, and last night was spinach and cheese lasagna. Leftovers tomorrow, I think.
  17. holiday wishes

    Peace, joy and love to all my mini friends who are celebrating this season. Many wishes for inspiration, creativity, and happy hours of doing what you love best. Good health and cheer for the coming year!
  18. stokesay ware ginger jar

    It came today! So pretty in person. I love the delicacy of it and can't wait to use it.
  19. Wedgwood Jasperware

    Love that smoky green set!
  20. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Thanks Nell! I found a 4 poster bed I'm going to pretty up, as soon as I practice my wood carving on some scrap. Also found a nice marble topped nightstand with drawers, a domed trunk for under the window, some lovely toile wallpaper, some pretty silk for making plain curtains and the bed's dust ruffle, a lovely marble-look fireplace to replace the crib by the bed, and I'm currently leaning toward taking some thin "plaster" rope trim and shaping that as the framework for the chair and settee, and using carved wood balusters for the legs, carved wood for the arms. I bought some beautiful silk velvet to use as upholstery for that too. Considering a little painted drum table next to the settee that I plan to strip and refinish in wood tone and decorate with some extra furniture decals to give it an inlaid look. The ginger jar would be displayed on top of that. I also bought a bespaq oval mirror decorated with carved swags for over the bed, and a carved magazine rack to go next to it. Waiting for a good sale at hbs to buy a chandelier I plan to add some extra crystals to. Also planning to make the carved shell mirror. Thinking of using an itsy bitsy damask wallpaper to print on some fabric to make the bed cover. Still searching for the perfect bedside lamp. I saw a nice entwined dual tulip one on ebay, but it sold quickly.
  21. stokesay ware ginger jar

    This will be the perfect addition to the bedroom I've been inspired by for the past month. Saw it in a magazine, and am now gathering the bits to recreate it, with a few changes...I even contacted a very nice mini rug designer, Janet Patacca, who is recreating a similar needlepoint pattern for me to stitch for it. I am also trying to noodle a way to make bespaq style french furniture to match my picture. In the beginning stages!
  22. stokesay ware ginger jar

    I got it! Now I'm just waiting for it to ship...
  23. Need help to identify this Dollhouse

    Duracraft Vm-800, Victorian Mansion, I think.
  24. Prices -- Wow!

    Prices are usually why I save for specific items and have a weekly budget I stick to.
  25. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Thanks Mike, for the future tip, but I was searching ebay this morning and I saw the seller listed another one. So, I put a bid in and hope to win...