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  1. Garfield Complete

    From the album Building the Garfield 2006

    View of dining room with the curtain that I made
  2. Arthur

    From the album The Arthur

    Merry Christmas
  3. Corinne's dollhouse

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    This makes it all worth it
  4. Corinne's Laural

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    It made it all the way from NJ to CA in one piece. So happy!
  5. My Granddaughters Laural is finished

    Thanks can't wait til July when she comes to visit and I can give it to her
  6. Kitchen

  7. Laural side

  8. Kitchen

    Yes and made different handles. Lots of sanding and Spray paint like 4 coats!
  9. Kitchen

    I made the refrigerator from a Greenleaf Furniture kit
  10. outside complete

    Thanks all
  11. outside complete

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    Almost done. Just have a few details and some moldings to install inside
  12. Living room

    Yes! Dollar Store find!
  13. Living room

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    I don't think im going to put a railing on the staircase since its for my granddaughter. This way she can play with it easier A railing would probably just get broken
  14. Baby's room

    Yes I had made an Arthur for my daughter and her son was constantly getting Spider-Man stuck on the stairs and breaking the railings lol
  15. Baby's room

    From the album Laural with some bashing

    I've decided not to put railings on the stairs or landings because it would be harder for my 4 year old granddaughter to play with it
  16. Kitchen

    It's a scallop molding I had left over from another house I built. I didn't have to buy anything for this house. Everything I needed I already had