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  1. Whole house interior

    From the album Italian Villa

  2. tent w/ light on

    You used ribbons to create rugs and the weaving in progress - right?  Creative idea. . .
  3. signs

    I'd like to make a gypsy caravan for my little gypsy doll.  Your idea for a tent though is a thought.  Really is very charming and fun. . .
  4. millie

    So cute!!!
  5. Lantern arrived!

    Just love looking at the details of your miniature work. . .
  6. Blackbird Bar bottles

    Fantastic details!!!
  7. window frames

    Beautiful exterior - elegant.  
  8. Individual steam pot thingies in the makings

    Looking forward to seeing  the end results.  Great bits. . .
  9. wheel.jpg

    I have a single metal wheel.  This is a great idea of how to use it!!!
  10. Wife's Bedroom

    From the album Italian Villa

  11. Kitchen

    From the album Italian Villa

    I enjoy decorating the kitchens most of all.  This ample kitchen is conducive to bringing out many of my collected utensils and a few of my  handmade foods.  
  12. Living Room

    From the album Italian Villa

  13. Husband's Study/Bedroom

    From the album Italian Villa

  14. Art Deco Bath

    This is a great Deco room!!!
  15. Plexi2ndA.jpg

    Great shot of construction in progress! 
  16. Apothecary cabinet

    I love it too!!!!
  17. Steam Punk Time Traveler Lantern

    What a clever steampunk idea and wonderful details!
  18. Pierce dragon fairy Castle

    WOW!  I just can't get over the great transformation of a traditional house into a castle!!!
  19. canal house

    Have you seen the movie 'The Dollhouse'?  It is a period piece that takes place in a Dutch canal house and there is an exquisite cabinet dollhouse that is at the heart of the story.  The author of this story saw this dollhouse in a Dutch museum and created a whole story around the owner of the dollhouse.  The furnishings are .wonderful.
  20. We've had some overlap in themes of  builds -  but our interpretations are so different - which is great.  Your Shabby Chic lighthouse wine cellar is still an inspiration to me for a wine cellar in a Tuscan Villa that is still just in my head.  I enjoy seeing your work. 

    1. Anna

      Thank you, the wine cellar is really a build of Love for me, or rather a build of necessity as the lighthouse demanded a cellar. :) It must have been from the time of smuggling and the lighthouse keepers were sort of in the middle e smuggling route

    2. sage minis

      Interesting explanation that makes perfect sense.  I live in a coastal town that has a long history of smuggling. 

      Just love that wine cellar!

  21. Shelves loosley in place

    I love your interpretation of steampunk.  The use of gear and Mr. Crow esp. are so clever. . .
  22. Fairy beds

  23. Pierce bedroom

    Love the hydrangea ceiling and bejeweled bed. 
  24. tiger rug

    Great detail. . .
  25. The downstairs curtains

    Love the idea of wrapping station - so clever.