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  1. Grandpa's new project

    I have taken to emailing before I order to ask what the exact size is, even on etsy and ebay.  
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    It was my Christmas present to myself!  and I might add one of the reasons I was again looking at the magnifying lights, it is going to be tiny work, and my right eye is no where near the same sight as my left eye since the botched cataract surgery, they still don't advise glasses because it is still changing in sight.   I love the colors in the designs, and the rug looks like it will be beautiful.  The chairs have floss, but the rug is crewel yarn, on a 18 count canvas.  I was happy to see that they cut the canvas to fit a 12" frame.
  3. Grandpa's new project

    I now exactly what you mean, I bought two hutches and they are such different sizes, the larger one will not fit at all.  I am at a loss as to what the standard is because if you follow real life furniture there are few things that are consistent.  More now then there were long time ago, like beds seem to be fairly standard, but chairs come in all sizes as do hutches coffee tables, end tables and dining tables.   There are charts online as to what some pieces measure in real life so you can miniaturize them, but I find that they often don't match any furniture I own.  Even bathtubs are in a multiple of sizes.
  4. chairs in 3 sizes

    I suspect that chairs in real life are just as varied.   I know my dining room chairs are lower then an old chair I refurnished with claw feet, it is my favorite spinning chair.  In the living room there is an obvious difference between the two recliners and the double recliner, and the glider is at an even different seat height.   I know my house is an extreme case sometimes but when we were finishing the dining room and talking about what to do above the wainscoting I noticed for the first time that the doors are all at different heights, there are an excess of doors in the dining room, 5 single doors and two french doors.  We decided it would be better to bring attention away from the differing heights.   One of the problems I have had in trying to draft parts for miniature furniture is that there are no standard sizes in my life.   I have two rocking chairs and they are vastly different, in back height, seat height, arm length , and rocker length.  I have seen many sites that make a chair to fit a person, and several of the chairs I have are very old, so that may be why they are all so different.  My best bet seems to be to buy some things and decide on what fits and then craft what I want.
  5. IMG-1042.JPG

    Can it be glued back? 
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    I was excited to get some kits I ordered from Janet Granger Designs today, the size of the chair legs in the kit is enlightening, I was thinking way too big on the legs I was fooling around with.  I got 4 of the dining room chairs with the summer roses seat kit.  I also ordered the placemats and a rug kit, excited to start them!  
  7. Bill Robertson article

    I read about his mini tool box a while ago, amazing, all the tools really work!
  8. IMG-1042.JPG

    did it arrive broken?
  9. Chandelier question

    Love it, Can I ask you what size the beads are?  That is something like what I want to make, how tall is it, they seem to come in a lot of different sizes, I saw some as big as 4.5" which would have to be a tall room, I am thinking about 2-2.5"
  10. Chandelier question

    I can't quite figure out the size in mm's of the candle holders in a chandelier, or how tall one should be never having one in real life!  Does any one have the type that has several candle arms that could measure the part that holds the candle and how tall the total chandelier is?  I can figure out about how big the candle should be and what it should fit into but most of the candle holders have a part that is wider that holds the part that secures the candle.  Thank you for your help!
  11. Hobbyist Lamp/Magnifier

    I have been thinking of getting one, We used to have ones like this at work in Microbiology very handy on a workbench.   I have been wavering about getting one, so many options, hands free, stands, or ones on retracting arms.  I just searched Amazon a couple of days ago looking for one again.
  12. Wireless Controller

    I searched the site and never found a wireless control
  13. Chandelier question

    Thank you so much for doing this!  I have a much better idea of what size to get, sometimes it is hard to picture in my mind sizes that I order but can't see or touch.  I really appreciate the time you took to help me!  I am not sure how long some of the things will take to get here, sometimes they are here in a week and sometimes a month, so I wanted to get them ordered now!
  14. IMG-8255.JPG

    You should make a tiny picture of her to hang upstairs lol
  15. Chandelier question

    Thank you, couldn't remember at all today!  I am going to attempt it, I am now just trying to design it and see what I need, I have a bunch of stuff thrown in my cart in ebay and wanted to get more exact measurements for the beads and bead caps.  There was a bead cap that would be perfect if i could shrink it lol  I may get some parts from Cir-kit, or not, depending on my final design, it would be convenient to have the bulb and candle all ready to screw in, but their candle cups are ugly and that is what it would screw into, however it may be possible to hid them with a decorative bead cap.  And getting their parts would about double the price of the project,  making each candle about $5.-$6.  Still at the design table.
  16. Framework

    Nice work!  Well finished, I love my scroll saw, I actually have two, a real one and a dremel moto.  Both are handy in their own way.  My brother makes it a point to get me tools for Christmas each year, so I have a lot!  This year when he asked me what tool I wanted I said how about some blades for the scroll saw, the jig saw, and there were 3 router bits I wanted, I did get them all!
  17. Lighthouse.JPG

    looking good, sounds like you are hooked!
  18. IMG-8255.JPG

    You can't banish the ghost, What a beautiful picture of your creations!  I love all the different poses and the story!
  19. Chandelier question

    I am having a hard time explaining what I want for the candle holder, they have two parts the part that holds the candle and the drip pan underneath, I am looking for the size of the drip pan.   I am unsure right now If I want to go with bulbs or LED's, granted the bulbs look more authentic but I haven't seen too many with lit LED's.  Below is a picture of what I want the size of, I may be able to figure that out with your suggestion of sizing it and printing.  I am on my back up computer so it is lacking in a lot of programs and tools to use in graphics.  
  20. IMG_8247.JPG

    I love the look and story you have given this doll, I took a picture of some baby chicks the other day in the barn and one of the sheep was breathing over the whole thing and made a mist over the picture.  I would love to see that kind of mist over her picture, it would be so ghostly!
  21. Surgery

    Glad to hear you are doing well, take it easy and get better!
  22. Mock up cushion

    I love the lines of this, I haven't even seen much modern furniture anywhere, great job!
  23. Ghost bride

    Oh I would have a hard time letting her go, you have put your heart into her.  She came out so beautiful, sad and exquisitely dressed.  The lace you used is just the right scale.
  24. Ghost bride

    The whole doll is amazing, the fabric for the veil worked out well, was the fine lace part of it or something you added?  I love the story behind your doll, it just brings it to life!
  25. May be away a while

    Hope you are on the road to recovery, miss seeing you here!