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  1. 8/10/06 Vaseline

    I've used it as a mould release, and also to protect sensitive areas on my skin from sunburn. Also with the humidity, it is a great moisturizer for lips, to prevent them from being chapped in winter or summer.
  2. Teens!

    Wow Heidi. That is a good one. Guess I'm a little harder......... :lol: NO! I have an 11 yr old stepdaughter....right now the 'thing' is wearing mis-matched clothes, and camouflage, not a biggie. My cousin had all the piercings in her ears, never her nose, but she did get her belly button done. Chris had his ear pierced years ago but let it close up because it got to be too much trouble to maintain.
  3. 3/11/06 Family Pictures

    Your families are wonderful! April, I love the pics of your dad & male members protected while playing golf! ROTFL! My hubby wears some strange outfits while playing golf also! lol! Gigi is so cute! My smallest cat Henry is bigger than her! She is adorable!
  4. 8/1/06 Too Hot to eat

    I buy alot of cold salads, like greek pasta salad, mozzarella balls in olive oil, cheese ravioli --we had those too last night Heidi! ;) What we do not eat goes in the fridge. Our tomatoes are so big when you slice them they literally are bigger than the bread slice, Chris makes tomato sandwiches for dinner for himself. I cooked rice in the morning, and we eat it a variety of ways all day, along with cukes in ranch dressing or vinegar for a snack. Also yogurt, which is good in the moring for breakfast. Heidi do you just cut up your eggplant for grilling in slices? I used to make sweet potato fries, and would slice up the sweet potatoes like french fries, then throw them on the grill after an olive oil rub with a dash of cinnamon or brown sugar. I sometimes cook alot of hamburgers in the evening, then bag them up so we use our microwave alot. The heat index reached up to 110 here today! <_<
  5. What`s been going on?

    Too funny! Melissa, I went back and re-read your post and sorry you had such an awful day. I know how upsetting it can be when the car just won't...go. I hope things turn out better and this weekend turns around for you. I have finally had time to take and look at everyone's photo albums and pics and projects! Stunning work! As I write this, I made time for me.....<grin> so that's why it's almost 6 am in the morning here!lol!
  6. What`s been going on?

    Well, things are beginning to settle down. Heidi, congrats on your daughter in art school--sounds like she is really enjoying it and learning new stuff! Don't get me started on school supplies. Bought 10 spiral notebooks for Walmart's 10 cent special for Amanda's school supplies. She goes into the middle school this year and we still haven't received her school supply list. This week we have been getting geared up for Amanda's /birthday/party cookout tomorrow. She just got back from session at Job's Daughters and did really well! I'm really proud of her, she was one of the girls in her bethel to be picked for state representative position--the other girl got Illinois, Amanda received Montana. She also received a 1 st place ribbon for her artwork that she entered in the craft competition, so she was really pleased. So some of her friends in the bethel will hopefully be coming to her cookout party this saturday. Heidi, I know exactly what you mean about haggling! Amanda needed formals for her period at session, and at two yard sales I found a beautiful Ann Taylor dress for $1 and another lace cream dress for w/ tags for less than a buck too. I also found some beautiful skirts too for her. Children's clothes are so hard to buy when they get to the teen-ager years. I rely exclusively on yard sales and it is true, you will not believe what people will sell for a quarter--new shirts with the tags still on them simply because they don't want to be bothered with taking them back. I usually am always scouting for shirts and t-shirts to buy 2nd hand since I have a tendacy to ruin them with paint, working on dollhouse kits,e tc. Heidi. My tip for saving money--raise a garden! Because Chris & I planted a garden, we now have tomatoes, green beans, butterbeans, and peppers. We are currently planning on canning alot of things later and the garden is really helping out with having this cookout--I have already prepped the tomatoes for the salad, and the peppers too. Also, save your bread when it gets old and dry--chop it up and freeze it until you can cook into croutons. In November I start buying bread if I have none left and shop for Christmas tins or bags, and make friends and family a crouton bag kit. I save alot of money doing this, since I can get the bread cheap at the bread store. That's my tip of the day!
  7. Best friends splitting up.

    Peanuts, I still can't get over that 'dh' came clean, told the marriage counselor he didn't want --how was it he referred to it? 'cheap, meaningless sex' and the counselor said--don't tell your wife! 1- your friend needs to fire the marriage counselor, or stop going. With advice from 'experts' like that--might as well save your money and use the money for a really good divorce attorney. 2- sounds like hubby is a wuss. out and out. he's 30 and hasn't figured out life isn't a cakewalk. Doogster, I laughed myself silly at your answer! Way to go! 3- I would show 'dh' who's wasted his life the door and tell him to experience life as it really is, not with wife available to wash his clothes, cook his meals. Then let's see if there is time to flirt, send illicit emails, because of that extra part time job he will need to make ends meet. I know I'm being hard on this guy here folks, but I agree with Holly.....and Doogster...anyone who has time to waste on a pity party worrying about how he's wasted his life isn't a positive influence on adults, much less kids. My first ex was the same way....I too would ask for a list of his friends, since she will be available and will need to build up her social calendar--which will be free now that she no longer has to pick up and cleanup after this overgrown kid! ;) **Doogster, I have a Grand Prix, pretty old-- but they do rock! Didn't realize it was a midlifecrisis car! But she rolls on rails even though she is pretty old! I call mine Betty Boop (don't know why, she just "biddy-boops" down the highway................ B)
  8. Best friends splitting up.

    Rachel, though you don't know what to say to Sally, I think you already do from your post. This is an example of how divorce affects not just the two people involved splitting up, but their friends, and family. If I were you, I would just go over and visit Sally and give her some encouragement and support, let her know you will still be there for her and your children will still play together, etc. The best thing you and hubby can do is to be there as a support and not take sides, but listen and show you care. There is no winner in a divorce situation, and sad to say but the person who usually 'feels that way for a long time,' doesn't realize the impact of their actions. Just show you care, which I can tell you do. And it's normal to have thoughts such as those, I have had friends that split and it was painful to watch.
  9. 07/12/06 Name That Tune Game

    Fernando Hank Williams, Jr.
  10. Childhood summers

    When I was quite small, mom & daddy would take us to see & visit his family in Shelby, & Rutherford NC. We'd visit both of my great-grandmothers(daddy was one of the oldest grandchildren, I was one of the oldest great-grandchildren) which was alot of fun. He'd also take us to Grandfather mountain and Chimney Rock--I still love to visit there, it is one of my favorite places on earth. Also Tweetsie railroad, but that's changed a bit. After Daddy died, Mom remarried my stepfather, and we would all go camping alot. They had an RV and I went camping every summer with them and another family, sort of a mini convoy you might say. My stepdad had a CB radio and so did his best friend. My dad was known as 'Slowpoke' (after his black and tan hound Pokey) and his friend's handle was the Toolman, because Mr. Norwood sold tools. I grew up with his kids, and we still get together. It's funny now we all have our own kids, stepkids, and we still carry on the old traditions together. Some thiings you don't get away from. One of the kids, Jearl, who is my age, his wife recently had a baby and I gave her a finished roombox for her nursery, and they loved it since there was a pic of them all at their wedding in it. I also used to go camping when I was older with my grandparents in Tappahannock, they had an RV. They were true river people, would go down for a week or a weekend stay at a certain same site, plow their garden on their land they had down there, fish, it was fun. Gramps (my grandfather--mother's dad) would teach me how to fresh water fish, and tell me stories. quite fun. I didn't play much outside during ho hum summers at home--I used to read ALOT as a kid, and also play dollhouse! :lol: Summer I really looked forward to because I could get so much done with my dollhouse back then. Looking back now, I guess summers really prepared me for all the traveling I love to do now--so it's a good thing I guess. :lol:
  11. 06/24/06 My Space

    I definitely feel that children should be monitored closely online. As to whether or not My Space should even be on line, I think they need to upgrade their security considerably. I didn't even know that colleges looked at what kids were posting online--seems kind of stupid when you think it's their grades and school & extra curricular activities & clubs they belong to that they should be interested in--so I rather doubt I would have my child apply to that sort of college. We have about three computers. Amanda loves to play games on mine or Chris' and that is it...nada. no online chatting, no discussion. Her mother allows her to go online but the parental controls are so tight on her mom's computer she has to ask to go to any sites not on the approval list. It's all about knowing what you kids are doing--and responsibility. We are thinking of letting her have the Mac in her room just to play games on--(I hate computer games and would love to delete them from my computer-- I think they are simply a waste of time--) but no internet access.
  12. It`s raining, It`s pouring!

    I live in Va. and we have had flash flood warnings all day yesterday and last night and this morning. last week the heat was so unbearable that it was hard to breathe--it weakens me considerably since I am so prone to migraines. The rain is good for the garden and my flowers, but it is really a pain in the patootie as far as getting anything done.. especially with the flash flood warnings so close. We live in what is referred to as flat land, just hope we don't loose our electricity. What was so strange yesterday is all of a sudden it would be clear and then five feet away it would pour rain! :o was really weird. We have had alot of heat here last week--I did not go out at all! It was so hot that I would go to the grocery store or run errands EARLY in the morning before heat took over. I had some Bond 527 glue dry up in that heat, so I transported glues into a cooler place to be on the safe side.
  13. I need your help

    Melanie, listen to Lony & Calamari--they are right on the ball. Be quite specific in your return, and payment policies--I only accept paypal, and I only use USPS flat rate for this very reason. Best thing about the flat rate envelopes and boxes, they free, easy to get, and you can go up to four lbs for $4.50, $8.10 is up to 70 lbs. This allows you to combine shipping on multiple auctions, which I do. Don't fall into the trap of trying to make money off of your postage like those 1 cent wonders, ebay is cracking down, just got the low down on one of my ebay groups. Definitely the way you make your money is RESEARCH. go into completed listings, and research your item. Be creative with your title--I sometimes use subtitles, but very rarely and then I usually just combine it w/ gallery & designer. You can go to my blog--ebay has become quite the hobby for me. I love it, it allows me to pay for extra expenses, and I look at ebay as a great resource. Ebay also has blogs, go to community. You can use these blogs to talk to other ebayers, or advertise what's in your listings. Take advantage of turbo lister, and your About Me! page--this really allows free word of mouth advertisement--buyers like to know who they are buying from, makes it personal. My special blogspot: I started this little blog with tips I have found that worked for me on yard sales, and ebay. Most of all, have patience. Don't pay for a 10 day auction--seven days gets you the same amount of traffic as ten--just time your listings. Ebay is on pacific time, I highly recommend Marcia Collier's book, Starting an ebay business for dummies---(the title is weird, I know, but hey, the book is gold in advice.) I have a few books on ebay that are really great, and I now shop for my hard to find items that are just really expensive in a brick and mortar store. Don't despair--it is very possible to make a living off of ebay--I know people who do it, and ebay for me is a great hobby that turned into another sideline business. ** think outside the box when dealing with ebay, and don't get caught up in the discussion board retoric--because what would go in a brick and mortar, does not always work well on ebay--that's the beauty of it.! **
  14. 6/19/06 Let's Play a Game

  15. Gas Prices

    I know what you mean Holly about Kids' activities and gas prices--Amanda just got inducted into the Jobies and session (alot like camp) is coming up--between the clothes she needs, the admission, AND gas to go about shopping for this stuff and taking her to meetings--it is a pain in the wallet. Going on vacation with the cost of gas isn't an option, at least not an extended vacation with long road miles involved.
  16. Somedays I feel like Erma Bombeck

    Heidi, had to laugh. I had ALL of Erma's books at one time and read them when I was a teenager. There were certain parts of her books that were just too, too funny. I like you getting proactive--I'm going to have to check that fix-it sight out! Here are a few of mine: Grass is growing, but can't cut it because A) hubby didn't get home in time too hot c) I'd cut it myself but the lawn mower is 'rigged' so hubby says -he doesn't like me to use his toys--go figure Dishwasher broke a glass so now we wash dishes. Hubby's job is now to wash dishes--I figure it's only fair, if I have to cook!LOL! I know how you feel about bugs--the thing we have the most problem with is ants and bees. There are wasps and bees in the old shed and I hate bees.
  17. VENTING!!! about parent from Preschool

    I think fourteen cats is overboard, even if they live out in the country where they could be 'barn' cats. Little guy down the road my husband knows who rents a house on the big farm has alot of cats, but they are 'barn' cats--it's kind of neat to see them on the woodpile, and near the barn. And yes, they are useful-they keep the vermin down. But I wouldn't have fourteen cats in a house. I have three cats and the two outdoors will 'spray' if they think another animal has come into the yard, etc. It is a way of marking their territory, so to speak. Sweetie Pie is old, I think she does not see very well and sprays certain things outside like the fence, or a bush, I think so she can simply find her way about. She never really leaves the yard. I would just quietly speak to the lady like Heidi mentioned here--though it is unhealthy, and unsafe, it is very possible the cat jumped in the car and peed on the towels, without her knowing until she got up the road. Though it is aggravating, Heidi had a point there about not throwing the towels out yourself, etc. That's the day care director's job. It's possible the mother may have fourteen cats--but I would be very careful before jumping to conclusions--she could be running a boarding kennel, be a person who is a groomer, or breeds and shows cats. Fourteen is excessive, but not if she has permits and licensing. Someone mentioned they could have just had kittens, if this is probably the case, the kittens are not yet old enough to be weaned, sold, etc.
  18. For those who commute

    I am so sorry you didn't get the house. Many older houses like that about here are nightmares as far as restoration, unless the family the house has been in has taken care of it year after year. Better safe than sorry. Actually, alot of people who live where I live in Manquin, Tappahannock, Kilmarnock, Fredericksburg, and Carolina county here in Va. commute. When I worked my former security job I communted and had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. I too sometimes ended up working 12 hour days like you, but loved where I lived and thought it well worth it. There are many commuter lots all around, since everyone here mostly commutes except those that work for the county, or nearby. If I worked in D.C. like Lily there in Atlanta I think I would shoot myself if I had to commute the traffic is horrendous. Don't be discouraged! You might find another dream house that fits right in and doesn't put so much stress on you. But I would've said the commute is worth it!
  19. Gas Prices

    I agree with you. It used to cost very little to fill up my little pontiac, and now I schedule things when I go shopping/post office/ etc. in one trip. Doe, I am sorry to hear about your back, I suffer back pain alot and really feel for you. I think alot of mine is the beginning of arthritis in the neck, (could minis cause us to hurt? ) from sitting still so long when I work on a project or my mini books. ( :lol: Corn can be fermented, I know folks who used it for their gas tanks! Old geezers in the family used to keep the 'recipe' on hand to put in their pickups! That was a big joke at the family reunions about ten or fifteen years ago. ;) ) Jennifer, I love Pigeon Forge! It has been so long since I have been there! I went to Dollywood and simply loved it--I remember finding great minis there too! Is it her sister Stella who has a doll shop or a hat shop? Can't remember! ;)
  20. And the Workshop Begins!

    Linda, it looks great! Chris has been busy marking off space for his workshop --and I love the chair! Jimmy is really talented. I have alot of work to be done to my workshop--so I know how excited you are!Great pics!
  21. just odd thoughts...

    That's funny. Now, can you chew gum while you do that? <grin>
  22. just odd thoughts...

    Why does the cat hold it in UNTIL you have just finished cleaning the litter pan? I don't know that one Melanie. Are you sure your cat & my cat Henry aren't related? Henry decides that after the litter box is 'clean' is the time to go in to his 'office' --did I mention he likes to drag socks in there with him? Why do they make it so hard to correctly fold fitted sheets? Just as bad as a roadmap. Because miniaturists hate housework as a rule. Take a tip from me, which is much quicker. ROLL the sheet up and stuff it in the closet. That way it falls out all by itself when you need it again. ;) How much does the air cost in a half filled bag of potato chips that you paid $1.49 for? HMM....let's figure this out. 1.49 for your bag of chips. (From now on only pay .99 cents, that way you get the air for free!) Maybe the air is included so you can burp better after eating chips. (I am a pro at chip eating, it's a family tradition, like Hank says!) I've got some for ya'll: Why do they call it a teacup poodle? Does it drink from a teacup, fit in a teacup, or only prefer tea to drink? Why does the dishwasher and the washing machine konk out at the same time? GRRR...... Why does the mail person who delivers the mail deliver your package of minis at the END of the day, like at 5 pm? Or tear your mini magazine but deliver the useless free advertisements in one piece??? Why are Rice Krispies so noisy? If they snap, crackle and pop, aren't they shorting out? If they are defective, shouldn't their names be: Broken, Defective, and Backfire? ;) I thought these were just funny...........
  23. How do I potty train my daughter?

    Oh, this is a subject I remember! ;) During college I majored in early childhood education, and worked in a day care center. The age group I took care of in my class were 13 two year olds! Had more stamina back then! ;) Actually, everybody here is right. Don't rush the kid. Encourage the kid. Clap your hands make a big todo over their 'success' I had parents who threw a fit when the poor child would go throw all of their potty pants and had to go home in a diaper. Turns out that the poor kid was scared to death of the toilet. So it isn't good to rush them. She's probably ready, especially if she's begun to take the diaper off. One thing I found in my experience was a set routine of putting them on the pot. If you are a working mother, this might be hard, and not feasibly possible. Imagine doing this with 13 two year olds who had different 'schedules'--some were just beginning to learn, some were pros, and some were what I called'pot-sitters' which means they knew what they were supposed to do, but weren't ready, or did not know how. Keep sitting them on the pot on a routine, and it will happen. If they have a set routine, then it will help a bit, and they might start going to sit on the potty by themselves.
  24. 5/17/06 Da Vinci Code Are ya gonna see it?

    The movie will be an entertaining piece of fiction but as far as rethinking my faith based on a movie, don't think so. And Tom Hanks needs to fire his hair dresser, if he has one! What someone said is right, the hair would distract you from any plot the movie might have! ;) I liked him better in Forest Gump & Apollo 13. Da Vinci is one of my favorite artists too, I have books with his drawings and he was a genius, but many people forget he was also ahead of his time by centuries. I wouldn't even attempt to read the book if it wasn't at least interesting. So I will probably wait for it on dvd, I'm watching my budget also.
  25. I'm your Maine man

    Colin, great to see you here! I love the LLBean catalog, it has great sportswear in it. Love the title , I have some cousins in!