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  1. Advice with an online seller

    Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing how it all come together!
  2. Dressing screen

    Fabulous work, Now I want one in real life just because  
  3. What's everyone working on?

    I have always been fascinated by them too but never had spot/place for one and Now that I have I can not for the life of me find a source for them around here. I am Hoping I Will  be able to find something at the show in Farum/Denmark first weekend in May, but being the person I am I would have liked getting hold of some like today LOL.  Glad to here that the Curved window worked out too!
  4. What's everyone working on?

    So, as spring arrives sloooooowly over here My mini muse is showing herslef more often with New ideas and latley it has involved building a Table and add a mosaic top, sort of Like the one in the picture. i really Love the irregular shapes like these
  5. On the way to Boston ...

    Hmmm, I do know of a few Miniature sellers in Netherlands that come to the Farum show just outside Copenhague. Will check that list. then in Denmark  the Louisiana art center ((?) is a lovley place to spend time. I am checking with hubby too 
  6. IMG_2449.JPG

    From the album Southwestern porch

  7. IMG_2449.JPG

    LOL, well, I am sort of one roll with this one, and I have made myself a promise, ie atleast one thing creative every day be it sketching for something I am planning, organizing and going through stash or actually creating and also this is My "Happy-place" and what makes me zone out everyday work related  stuff and as a principle/head master I need to do that or I wo't be able to refocus energy for next day and the day after.... then it helps that I absolutley Love creating and have a very supportive and encouraging husband who also help with adding his point of view of evolving a project  
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Ouch, big Times!!! Know the feeling a bit to well if I say so, last time it was a knife and,y Left thunb though. Hope it heads well!,
  9. So, while at the work shop over the weekend we came toy all about a setting we'd like to build and endes up brain stormning about a type of scene, where a taco Done Raouls be set on. It Will only be a kind of diorama/room Box kind,  I have been looking for inspirations pictures but am probably using the wrong search termos as I want it to be A bit rustik, yet cozy. Adobe strukturer with some stained details, so I am Hoping some of you might help me out in finding more inspiration. 
  10. inspiration for a porch scene

    Sooo, built another one for practise and in a different colour scheme just for the fun of ot
  11. IMG_2450.JPG

    From the album Southwestern porch

  12. IMG_2448.JPG

    From the album Southwestern porch

  13. IMG-2447.JPG

    From the album Southwestern porch

  14. What a great way to start a Sunday morning reqding these news! So Happy for you Mike and keep up all the good mini work as well. 
  15. Lobster pots & a fishing creel.jpeg

    Stunning details! A bit envious too , in the best kind of ways though
  16. What are you up to today? This week?

    Read about it and am so sorry for anyone and all involved. Wish it would never happen
  17. The flowers I Will add to themit

    Thank you all!!! never Done a mini-work shop before, or rather I have Done mini-ing with pupils earlier   but this Will be different, have almost got all the materials gathered by Now. It Will be for a maximum of 8 persons so it Will be a small gathering to start with I Think.  
  18. The flowers I Will add to themit

    From the album Southwestern porch

    I Willl hold a two day work shop in late June where we Will build the hacienda and these are the flowers I Will add to the kit itself, the rosens are "ready purchased" the succulents and Sunflower are made by me and then we Will do the Daisy flowers in class. 
  19. Raymond finished (18).jpg

    He is absolutley fantastic! Amazing job
  20. Two more versions

    Thank you! I have had so much fun fiddling with making flowers latley. Promise I Will share