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  1. Thanksgiving Dinner

    Cornish hens (since I apparently can't do turkey to save my life ) and Prater's sides.
  2. I inch minis by Kris

    Banjo clock is gone. At least I still have the patterns... Best wishes, Kris, and I owe you alot-alot.
  3. Off to the (red) brick road...

    I'm a bit of a fabric addict, I suppose; Joann's run (well okay, I probably spent over an hour in there ), and an online order from Etsy: Decided that I must have a chimney. (I know it's not regulation height. ) Egg-carton bricks are addictive; trying out the base color (barn red), which I think I'll try to tone down a bit with charcoal and peach: What you can't see is that I've added a battery pack (will be mounted on the base on the back side) because I decided that I must have a lit fireplace (the main battery pack didn't have long enough wires, and those lights are all used up in the house anyway). By the chimney base, I decided that I must have a lit basement window. While I was at it, I poked a hole by the porch door so that I could have a porch light too. I bashed a hole in my nice papered parlor wall, yes I did: Need to decide whether the mantel will be of brick, or painted. The brick is growing on me; I don't think I'm done cutting tiny bits of egg-carton yet.
  4. Do we have enough bricks yet??

    First some tea set and tableware pieces that I got for cheap off amazon (these are just a few of the pieces-- love that teeny bowl), and a couple pieces from the many minis that my aunt sent: This is an awfully blurry pic but it gives a notion of my brick touchups (peach and gray) over the barn red: Here we are after sealing then grout (spackle mixed with water and paints) and after wiping off grout from the brick faces: I think that I will do a little touchup with a paint wash before I seal it; I might have toned down the red too much. Fireplace mantel in dry-fit, with the lightbulbs turned on. This one definitely needs some brick touchup-- went overboard on the toning-down. That lamp shade just needs something. Maybe some copper spray paint.
  5. I hope that the little dome is not too bad to assemble? I just ordered domes for my nieces' birthdays (10 yrs, plus or minus).
  6. Inside, outside.

    Something happened to my pics in the last post: here there are: Some progress views: Detail on the front window: Figuring out how to hide the battery box wiring while working with the given length of wiring: Lights strung out into the attic space: What to do with that wire going up the side of the hallway: Playing with the roofline: Front gable with half-scale fish-shingles: Finally got my order from amazon, some small glass globes that I thought would make a good light fixture element: Inside and outside so far:
  7. Finally, the main color.

    Got the "tile floor" from miniatures marketplace installed into the powder room: I think that the bathroom fixtures will have to be white (and the window dressings monotone) in order to balance all that color going on with the wallpaper and flooring. Here's what I've been doing for the past while; always takes longer than anybody thinks, especially the way I do it (for pieces with any length, I mask-tape each layer top and bottom and let the glue set for a while- sometimes all week before I can get to it again- before proceeding with the next layer; helps ALOT with preventing warping): It's good to have that done. Was very fiddly around the small bay corners where the siding has to meet up. You can see there at the interface between the small bay and the 1st and 2nd front walls where I didn't quite make square, and the siding highlights that.  It's worse on the 1st floor, but all that will end up hiding behind a prominent porch roof. I am still thinking about what to do over that center large bay window. The original house has some sort of arch-y tableau decoration going on there, but I'm still thinking. I may end up just putting siding there, but maybe not. Got my first layer of paint on-- "Botanical Bliss" (Valspar interior satin "perfect pint"): It shows a bit more blue-y on my computer screen than it quite is. I love it! (Even though the first coat always looks terrible.)
  8. Toodling along...

    Starting to look like the photo: Here's how the hallway will look, and the third floor: Understair is lit, and stocked with a tiny apple-shaped shelf unit that I found some teeny things to fit in: Wanted some ceiling medallions, found a soft-metal variety pack on amazon: Figured out that I can't start siding until I do the framing, painted white. I am spacing the siding at 3/8" instead of my usual 1/2"; It will take more siding but will hopefully look more in-scale to the house. Having some fun with the ceilings: kitchen, and parlor (found the plastic lampshades at miniatures marketplace, spray-painted and added beadery to the edge of the one): Finally (after much fussing) have the staircase done, and installed, so could install kitchen ceiling (staircase had to come first b/c the lighting was tied to it). That "hand-rail" looking trim along the wall is actually made from matboard strips, one of which being the neat beveled edge that comes with many matboard scraps from an art store.  
  9. Hello again

    Welcome back, and love your "new" house-- that wood floor is fantastic.
  10. Linfield Progress

    I think that's a great shingle for this house-- will compliment it nicely. Had not seen shingles like that before!
  11. RD-043

    Love the colors! So fresh and clean.
  12. Laurel - powder room 2

    From the album The Laurel, by Corona Concepts

    So here is the staircase that made so much trouble; had to rip it out to fix wiring that I'd accidentally cut! The kit doesn't come with risers, railing, backing, or anything else for the stairs so that is all my addition.
  13. Laurel - attic 2

    From the album The Laurel, by Corona Concepts

    One of the little girls who will get this house apparently loves ladybugs, so- there are ladybugs! The wallpaper is scrapbook paper.
  14. A New Project - Suggestions Welcome!

    Looking forward to seeing your creation, Jackie. I am doing my own bash of the Artply Allison; it lends itself very easily to bashing.
  15. Walls going up.

    Carefully gluing floors and walls, one joint at a time: Working on the stairs: had to bump out the bottom stair so that the front door would open fully:
  16. Greetings from Alabama!

    Welcome, Dawn! I just finished a Newberg and am looking forward to seeing pics of your build.
  17. Closing the windows.

    Whew! More hours and hours, from Kris' window tutorial: And door tutorial: Added some height to the bottom and put things together in a really rough dry fit: figured out where the hallway will be (love hallways): I am going to have to glue the structure together very carefully to keep everything square; those tall bays in particular are getting pretty curvy. Need to put a little sealer on those windows and start mapping out my lighting; found a battery pack with separate lights on etsy: I guess these aren't made anymore? I better order some more from this shop! What to do about light shades?? Looking for interesting ideas.
  18. This is what hours and hours look like! From Kris' tutorials for windows and doors. Got my paper order in from happy scrappin; very pleased: Here are some colors starting to come together: I was going to do the sashes in white, but noticed that my inspiration house has very dark green sashes, so here we go. (I am not good at keeping square...) Got my holiday coupon savings from miniatures.com and Greenleaf for hardware and siding, so that will keep me busy for a while.
  19. Down the rabbit hole...

    I've been foraying into stairs-- these are the kit stair sides: With steps an inch high, this simply wasn't going to work for the mice. I started putting together a winding staircase based on 1/2"-high steps and 5/8"-treads, from foam board and matboard, to see how it would look in the space: Those pieces that extend into the room are just base pieces that would get cut off, but regardless as much as I liked how they turned out, this staircase simply took up too much space in the room. Back to the drawing board-- tried 1/2"-tall steps along the wall and they ended up at the front door, so compromised with 5/8"-tall steps: Relocated the doorway (4" tall!), and I think this will work. The card on the floor shows how wide they'll be. I would prefer the steps to be 1/2"-tall, but I think this is minimally intrusive on the rest of the room. Anyway, I had to do this so I could figure out where the stairwell hole would be in the second floor. Here is everything back in rough dry-fit: The reason that the front door opening is so tall is that it will have a transom window. The bay walls are two layers of matboard glued together; I cut out the windows in each layer separately b/c cutting two layers together would've been too tough! I am deviating from the original house's roofline by keeping that right-hand-side roof tall-- it may look a little funny but I want a third floor, and if I lower it to the left-hand-side roof height, there won't be room enough for a third floor. Now that everything's cut, including doors and windows, I've taken it apart and primed. Last weekend I went to get paints and papers: The paint at the top is Valspar perfect pint interior latex satin in "Botanical Bliss", and I even found square "diamonds" at Michael's for the left gable. I was disappointed with the cardstock selection at HL and Michael's-- the florals are in paper, whereas I am thinking that some of these rooms will do better with a thicker cardstock wallpaper due to the amount of wall patching that I've done (therefore increasing the surface roughness of the walls). I am looking at this site to see if there are some printed cardstocks that catch my eye.
  20. Lilly siding

    I would not only wait to install railings until the siding is on, but also painted. Looking forward to seeing your build!
  21. The Mouse House takes shape...

    Got this house for a new niece-- it is not much to look at: I got it because it has similar basic structure to this house, which is actually a place of business in California; I found it while googling "victorian houses" or some such: Isn't it a beaut! Anyway, here what the Artply house looks like in rough dry-fit: Not much to it: So I got to whacking and hacking. Took the 2nd floor down by an inch, widened the front door, added matboard and scrap wood to extend walls and floors. That front wall roof pitch will get reduced, and will have to figure out what the rest of the roof looks like; will extend the base by a couple-few inches, and may extend the porch a bit. Need to get the windows measured and cut out. Need to start looking for colors and papers, and get my siding and shingles ordered-- looks like small fish-scale shingles on that front gable. I like the greens in the original house, so I think I'll do a green palette.
  22. Newberg front closeup

    From the album Duracraft Newberg

    I made the windows and door using Kris' tutorials as a basis.
  23. Newberg is done!

    Well, I might add some sealer here and there, but it's ready to box up and put in the mail. (Aunt J, I need an address!) Sourcing: Inspiration: Robin Carey's "The Darling House" [Chantilly] , the color purple, and the desire to make a Newberg like nobody ever saw before "Duval" railing, "Barbados" and "CiCi" porch grills, "Cumbria" brackets, "Marissa" gables (3 lg, 1 sm): Heritage Laserworks Corbels and "Victorian picket roof ridge cap": Manchester Woodworks Papers, fabrics, "greenery": Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann's How to do the windows, door, 1st floor ceiling moulding, furniture, banjo clock: Kris' tutorials Window treatments: my own
  24. Newberg front

    From the album Duracraft Newberg

    The gable trim is "Marissa" from Heritage Laserworks. The exterior paint is Valspar Interior Satin "Moraine".
  25. Newberg parlor closeup

    From the album Duracraft Newberg

    I love the clock-- it's from Kris' banjo clock tutorial. The chairs and end table are also from her tutorials. The window treatments are my own design.