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  1. Maybe addition?

    From the album My Glencroft

  2. addition

    From the album My Glencroft

  3. addition other angle

    From the album My Glencroft

  4. Another Front view

    From the album My Glencroft

  5. Front View

    From the album My Glencroft

  6. Bathroom

    From the album My Glencroft

  7. Just saying HI

    Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone! I havent been mini-ing much the past year, because Ive been doing it full size with my new house. Hopefully, I will get around to finishing my Glencroft soon though!
  8. Just saying HI

    The reading room is the same color as the outside of the house...the whole neighborhood is designed to mimic Charleston, SC's rainbow row. Id love to do a Charleston style mini house. Does anyone know of a kit thats available? I recall one a few years back...but it was a pricey one.
  9. Just saying HI

    Thanks to all! It would make a nice mini house! Y'all dont go giving me any ideas now! Ive had it for a little over a year...and have slowly but surely been making some improvements. The downstairs is "done" for now...Id like to extend the hardwoods in my foyer throughout and replace the countertops in the kitchen...but all in time I guess! The reading room is my favorite space...its tucked under the eaves, always feels warm, and the "colonial blue" color keeps it cozy. I spend most of my time there! I might freshen it up some this spring--that sofa is the first piece of furniture I ever bought and it needs to be recovered...and I have a chair from my great grandparents farmhouse that will go in one corner... I dont have any construction pictures...At one time I did, but I had a computer crash and lost them before I could get them uploaded.
  10. Just saying HI

    Well it took me several months, but as I promised a while back, here are some pictures of my REAL house that has taken all of my time lately! I wish I had befores...these are the rooms that are painted so far (save for the bathrooms, which are also painted) The house was a box when I bought it...all the trimwork and the fireplace detail are new "adds". After the holidays are behind me, the next project is tiling the bathrooms upstairs with travertine--which someone told me was the hardest thing to lay!
  11. Just saying HI

    Thanks guys! Theres a big project going on in the REAL house for the next month or so, but after that I will get some photos up!
  12. Hi From Brandon

    Hey all! The new forum looks great!! Can't wait to make use of all the new gadgets! hey, how do I get a picture up on here like some of you guys have?
  13. Hi From Brandon

    I think it worked! In non-mini news, I just got off the phone with my mortgage broker, and am now all set to close on my new house!