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  1. If I had a idea to help with dormer windows , how would I go about it ?

    1. Al

      To make it easier to instal ?

  2.  Can you help me .I have pursure aGlencroft House and the front fence is missing could you give me ideas on how to replace it .or the size of the pick its and how many it takes .Want to give this dollhouse to my friends granddaughter for Xmas  and could use some help getting it done

    ..thank tou

    1. Sable

      Nanci, your question was posted on an open forum. The best thing to do is call (800) 253-7150 to see if they will sell you the parts for the fence. If you have the receipt they will probably give the replacement free. Good luck. Otherwise, someone who has one can give you the dimensions and you can easily make one with trim wood from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby also has picket fences in the Fairy Garden section.

  3. The Best way to navigate this blog is to select a members name from the tag that is under their post. This will give you a list of only that builders post.  As an example, please see this link:  'Follow Minis On The Edge's Orchid'.  As you can see, only Tracy's entries are visible. Please keep in mind that the order of the blog entries change as people add comments, so we recommend that you look at the dates of the different posts and start with the oldest.  As you move forward in time, you'll see the progression through the building progress. If you still have questions about the construction of your Orchid Dollhouse, don't be afraid to join our community and ask a few questions.  The Greenleaf Miniature Community has the largest collection of knowledgeable miniaturist on the internet, many who I call friends... its a great place to meet like minded people! Thank you for choosing Greenleaf Dollhouses and the Orchid Dollhouse Kit and big thanks to all that made these blogs possible! Mini Man
  4. Sup!

    Thanks Holly!  I've missed everyone too.  I'll try to stop in more often. 
  5. Sup!

    Dean like!  Clicking on the tag brings back a very narrow search results.  Try searching "tags" compared to clicking on the tag "tags" (should have thought through my choice of words before tagging).  It's also very visible from the forum view to quickly identify posts.  I'm going to dig around in the admin setting to see if there is any other setting related to this.
  6. KathieB's Garden Blog, Georgia edition :)

    Hey there KB!  I just edited this topic to see how these tags work.  Please excuse the intrusion.  Hope all is well!
  7. Sup!

    Well it looks like only a topic can be tagged and not the replies. Adding a tag afterwards requires a moderator edit.  I just added the same tags to a post by KathieB to see how it works.
  8. Sup!

    Howdy everyone!  Haven't been online in a while and thought I'd say hello.  Very moved by seeing so many familiar names.  Big thanks out to all of you for making this the go to place for enlighten miniaturist.    This tagging thing is new to me.  It seems kind of handy, but not too popular. I'm going to see if I can tag another member's post.  
  9. Hello, this my first time to build a dollhouse and boy did I get the biggest one to build....The Garfield!!

    I'm already having challenges understanding the instructions in A23 where does the square step join #13 :(

    1. Sable

      Farzana, welcome. See if this will help you through your build:

  10. Bug In My Kit?!

    Sup everyone!  Glad to see a lot of old friends in this thread!  I hope all are well and enjoying the season! Gina, very sorry about your McKinley.  Drop me an email with what sheets you need and I'll send you replacements.   As it has been explained to me by my wood suppliers, these are classified as wormholes.  They are caused by the critters burrowing into the tree that the veneer was cut from.  As they turn down a log, these anomalies can present themselves deep into the stock as the actual borrowing may have taken place decades ago.  These defects are similar to knots and other imperfections that are buried into the tree as the living wood grain grows around them.   When plywood is manufactured, the veneer is steamed/cooked which kills off any living organisms.  Gina is a good friend of Greenleaf's... I believe she saw what she saw.  I hate bugs more than your average guy, so I've looked at a bunch of these things over the years and there has never been any sign of life.  Sorry that you had the unfortunate luck to see something Gina! Again, very happy to see so many familiar names.  I thank you all for making this forum all that it is... the greatest collection of miniaturist in the world! Dean 
  11. Hello - I am looking for the first page of instructions on the Willowcrest and can't find it anywhere on this site...can you help?

    Thank you/Joanne

    1. Sable

      Call Greenleaf's customer service number and they will help you. 


    1. Minis On The Edge

      So nice to meet you Peter! Please introduce yourself in our New Member introduction forum here  I look forward to knowing you and your Dollhouses better :)

  13. Testing map thing

    From the album Testing

    Trying to get a handle on new gallery.  Will delete. 

    © 2015 Greenleaf Dollhouses

  14. Address maps in photo albums

    Shutting off Google maps integration doesn't fix the problem.  It shows the address in text form rather than the map.  I'll get with Logan and see if there is anything he can do.  There is a privacy setting just below the map where you can hide it from the public/other users.  I would suggest you use that for now. FACT: Dean hates upgrades more than anyone.  Keeping current with the latest software is the only way to stay ahead of hackers/malware/spammers, so therefore it is a necessary evil. I thank everyone for your understanding and patient as we all get use to the new software.    
  15. Address maps in photo albums

    Thanks... would defiantly creep me out.  I'll see how to turn it off. Dean