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  1. How do I Ship My House Across Country

    Thank you so much, Minis on the Edge.  First of all, I am so sorry I sent you a message in the wrong way.  I am not a tech super star.  I thought I messaged you on your page privately.  I think a lady replied to me to use and envelope sign somewhere.  anyway, I have been seriously thinking of declining myself due to my lack of experience, the weight of the house and the  bulk, plus the distance.  I told her I would do my investigation of the total price of shipping and let her know.  I am selling it for 1500 plus the shipping.  I am guessing the shipping will be at least 600.  I don't think she is willing to pay that.  I will ask a couple of shipping stores as well as Fed Ex to at least give her the estimate.  But I would still like to decline.  Thank you for your reply and help.   Thanks everyone else for all your advice.  IF you were to look up the RGT Victorian Farmhouse, it is a monster.  And it is MDF, not plywood.    Take care all
  2. Hello Minis On The Edge.  I wonder if you could help me.  I started a post called "How Can I Ship My House Across Country?"  It is in the General Mini Talk forum.  Havanholly replied that you ship and buy doll houses all the time.  Would you mind very much reading my post and helping me with this?  It would be a tremendous help to me.  I am Lady Grey. 


    Thanks so much!

    1. Sable

      You might try a private message too. Look for an envelope icon.

  3. How do I Ship My House Across Country

    Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion so quickly.  I will try to email or message Tracy Topps.     
  4. Any help would be appreciated.  So I put my RGT Victorian Farmhouse (fully built, electrified, decorated, etc.) on ebay to sell.  I stated that I preferred local pick up only.  However, a woman in CA really loves my house and how I designed it.  She would like me to ship it to her.  I live in Alabama.  I know the house would have to be special crated, packed, and such.  How would I do this?  I do NOT trust UPS.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I can do the general research, but if you have any experience from when you actually did this, that would help a great deal and I appreciate it.  I know some of you experts in the business must have great advice.  About how much is this going to cost?  I have the chandeliers to protect as well.  Nothing is on the walls and there is no furniture going.  I really appreciate this from the community!
  5. bathroom

    I love this bathroom. I love the frosty green color. The shower/bath is just great. So much detail. The trash can is pretty and so is that lovely rug.
  6. Growing kittens in my garden

    So very cute!!!
  7. Rainbow Bridge receives another

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your BEAUTIFUL baby.
  8. Surprise....

    This is lovely. What scale is this? What will you do with it? I cannot wait to see!
  9. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    That is why I will never be without a Greyhound - or two, or three.............
  10. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    Thank you for that. I hope my Bella is happy with Sophie. The good news is that Greyhound adoption is so visual now that almost all dogs that retire are transitioned into foster homes, adoption group kennels that bring them to foster homes, or adopted right into homes. We are everywhere and people are continually responding all the time.
  11. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    Thank you, Mary. There was a little guilt feeling, but I think that was just me grieving for my girls - especially Bella. She was my heart dog. An amazing girl. But I think Bella would be OK with my little Sophie. Funny thing is, Sophie has some traits of both Angel and Bella. It is wonderful. I am so blessed to have her.
  12. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    It was a little bit of a struggle because Bella was my real heart dog. She was taken way before her time - only 8 and a half years old. I still felt her presence in the house - or maybe it was just my terrible longing to have her back. But I feel that my wonderful Bella would have me love my Sophie. Thanks for sharing that.
  13. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    THank you everyone for your wonderful congrats. to Sophie and me.
  14. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    Oh yes, she is retired. I have always adopted the retired ones. Now she is a queen.
  15. Meet My New Babygirl - Sophie

    Thank you. What a sweet and beautiful baby you have!!! Thanks for sharing.