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  1. Doll's House lighting we have just upgraded our information to help you wire your doll's house all the information you need don’t need white plugs      
  2. Sorry autumn is coming in England

    Sorry autumn is coming Autumn Miniatura 22nd -23rd September@ NEC Birmingham England A few questions for you Are you coming? Are you looking to buy a Dolls House and putting in lights & fires Are you thinking of wiring a dolls house this winter Little Houses Plus & Small World Products Will be doing a talk on Wiring Dolls Houses & Question time Hall 10   Stand W19 If you are not coming you can found out more about wiring Dolls Houses  @      
  3. More Wiring information on our YouTube channel

    Thank you havanaholly  
  4. Little Houses Plus and Small World Products have added some more to our YouTube channel about Wiring Dolls Houses Help can anyone help me please I am looking for a picture of a dolls house open with only some of the lights on that I can use Thank you
  5. Hope you come and talk to us in Sept David

    1. Anna

      Me too David! Planning is ongoing, step one is Preparing for taking the days of from work...

  6. Shows we attending 2018

    Hi everybody Will you be coming to? Miniatura NEC Birmingham England March 24th - 25th York Dolls House Fair Sunday 3rd June 2018 Miniatura NEC Birmingham England Sept 22 – 23rd I will be talking to people about wiring Dolls House and how not to use white plugs and extending wire with Heatshrink sleeving or anything people want to know about their Dolls Houses Wiring If you can’t get to any of these shows all the information is on our YouTube channel Little Houses Plus or all the links are on our website
  7. No more white Plugs

    Hi Barbara Thank you for your question yes we do ship around the world but we have to work out the shipping cost   You send us an email with what product you wish to purchase and where it has to be ship to full address and then we will tell you the cost David
  8. No more white Plugs

    Buying or just want to wire the Doll's House you have don't like the white plugs on the lights have a look at
  9. Extending Wires in your Dolls House

    We have added a video outlining how to extend a wire through your dolls house from various minature appliances. Including lights, fires etc. To our YouTube channel .  
  10. Come and find us at Miniatura 2017 @ the NEC Birmingham March 25- 26th We will be talking about Wiring Dolls Houses
  11. Little House Plus brought Small World Products

    Thank you The links are on our website under wiring your dolls house YouTube link is or you could put in Little Houses Plus David Bishop that will take you to our YouTube channel Please let us know if we can be any more help David Carol & Fred Little Houses Plus and Small World Products 52 Kipling Way Stowmarket,Suffok IP14 1TR Phone 01449 771523 Skype:David.littlehousesplus Facebook Little Houses Plus Twitter       Littlehouses125  
  12.   Little Houses Plus and Small World Products                                 We have some great news here at Little Houses Plus.   After long negotiations, Little House Plus is proud to announce we have just taken over SWP (Small World Products). SWP specialises in doll’s house wiring.   Small World Products was run by Martian Butter who sadly passed away last year. You might have known or talked to him at Dolls House Fairs.   Martin spent a lot of time looking for good quality products to sell through Small World Products, these came from a lot of different places. Because the quality was so good Martin was able to develop what he called the ‘Easy Wiring System’.   I spent a lot of time with Martin, who taught me the ‘Easy wiring System’. We used this system to wire customers dolls houses at our shop and help people with their projects. We have also sold Small World Products through our shop and website for 10 years plus.   As you may know the shop has now closed and we are now just selling via our website where you can continue to buy this quality wiring system and other products that were sold by Small World Products.   If you need any help or advice wiring your dolls house, you can watch me on our YouTube channel explaining the Easy Wire System or you could phone our offices where we can talk through any part of wiring your Dolls House one to one.   We hope we can continue to bring the same professional services that you got from Martin.
  13. Thank you for looking

    Cir-kit has them in 1/ 24 only  and they tell me they have near hear of one that takes 1/12 plug

    1. Sable

      According to their website they have the 1/12. Are you asking them about CK1023-6 Spring-Loaded Eyelets (2 Pak)

  14. Can you help please

    Can you help me I not even sure if I am posting this in the right area? I am trying to find the company that makes something that could be called Grip Contact 1/12 scale a plug from a light will fit into the contact they have little grips inside them to hold the plug the weight they will hold up is 150g I have tried Cir-Kit they only do ones that fit 1/24th plugs
  15. Dolls House Wiring

    Wiring or updating your wiring of your Dolls House We have now done 5 different ways and put them on our YouTube account We have a link on our website If you would like any more information look on our website for the ways you can contact us