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  1. First dollhouse to build in over a decade

    Hi I am new to the hobby and have so much to learn. I have redone dollhouses but have never built one from scratch. I am intimidated when I see all of the beautiful houses finished. They are gorgeous. I have picked up a Glencroft at a church sale and have a terrible feeling that I will not be able to save it. The construction on it, so far, is not too good but I do not have any idea how to fix her mistakes. I am going to give it a try, I do not have any instruction sheet to go on. Good luck to you and wish me luck on this one. Mary
  2. Yours is so beautiful, congratulations. I just bought one at a church yard sale and I have no instructions, partially built and a bag of beams etc. Any ideas where I can get copy of what I am supposed to do with the bag of doors, windows, and beams? Help, I am trying to rescue it to teach kids how to save older toys and make them treasures, but I have never built one from scratch, that is why.