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  1. Ashamed that I haven't checked in here in so LONG.   :-(

  2. Ooohhh!!! So much new EYE CANDY! :-)

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    2. Digithead

      Trying to send a PM, but seems to be a problem with the site today.

    3. Minsanity

      it has been down for some time

    4. pdlnpeabody

      Yeah, that's why I posted here. Have you had time to work on your house?

  3. Garfield in need of new home

    Oh I SO want it! Had the last two weeks not killed my budget (and providing you haven't sold it already)... I'd offer to mail out a check for what ever you are asking for it plus any and all shipping costs... I've got the perfect place for it...
  4. Excellent. Got another good backup at the office and through-put speeds are back to normal again. Looks like I got all the details taken care of. Today… try a replacement bank of memory in the Project server thanks to Garron over at G Squared Computing who just happened to have it. Nobody else seemed to be able to locate RAM that would work in that old server.

  5. Ok… back to the grind this morning. Pretty toasted around the edges from yesterday’s ride out to Palm Springs and back. Spent the evening just catching up on the DVR and then the season finale of “Game of Thrones”. Awesome show… but the season seemed a bit short. Get to spend the day trying to catch up at the office now.

    1. LindaC

      you are so busy. love to read about your 'doings'

  6. Another beautiful day yesterday… Todd and I took Laren for a scoot out to Desert Tower and back while Deb, Cindy and Cathy took Tina down to Seaport Village. They’re headed back home today after what seemed to be an exceptionally short week. I’ll be taking them out the back way to get them on highway 62 and from there they’ll shoot right on home. Sure hope they had at least half as much fun as we did.

  7. Awesome! Finally got Backup Exec and the new Arcvault tape library playing nice together again. Swapping out a robotic tape library can be a bit of a pain in the pooper. So much for my “vacation” though, the price of being a “one man band” can really suck sometimes. Since today is Saturday… hopefully I can get through the day today without being bombarded by e-mail like yesterday (most of which could have waited until next week). *sigh*

  8. Friday morning and it looks like my vacation is almost over. Was hoping to get Monday off as well but no word from the boss about that yet. Got the tape library swapped out yesterday and thought I had everything adjusted but had to make a minor change to last night’s backup jobs to get them to launch this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed for a GOOD and USEFUL backup today. We’ll likely be going up to Old Town Temecula today with Laren and Tina… maybe we can “escort...

  9. Thursday morning and I need to head into the office for a little while. Have to swap out the tape library today with a replacement. Had a really nice time touring the beach towns with Laren and Tina yesterday. Took them up to Mt. Palomar on Tuesday along with Todd… another fantastic ride. Just working on (HOPEFULLY) correcting some issues with the chapter web server right now. I just hope it doesn’t destroy it. Not really happy with Joomla! anymore because they still have no u...

  10. Wow! Hell of a ride yesterday! 487 mile round trip to Amboy and back. The Stratoliner averaged about 39 miles to the gallon, not too bad at all considering a head wind part of the way out there. Today we need to dig into Laren’s headlights and see what’s going on with them. When we got rolling out of Amboy I noticed his headlights were dead. Likely a short in the passing lamps bar. Hopefully we can correct the problem today.

  11. Sunday morning and “Amboy Ride” day! Headed out in just a couple of hours. Going to be a COLD ride out through the hills. Cindy made it in last night and she and Deb decided to sit this one out at the house and talk smack about me while I’m out. :-) Todd and Cathy will be down later in this morning and they’ll all start getting things ready for our dinner when we get back into town. I have no clue if anyone will be meeting me at the Ramona Chevron this morning or n...

  12. Morning routine is done now so it’s time to get the day started. A few detail things to take care of today before our dear friend Cindy shows up and in preparation for tomorrow’s Amboy ride. Overcast and sprinkling here this morning even though the forecast was for clear skies. Hope it’s better tomorrow morning.

  13. Bummer… had a really nice day yesterday, got to sleep ‘on time’ last night… but woke up late this morning. Going to be feeling that “Oh HURRY UP!” feeling all day now… Oh well… at least it’s Friday.

  14. Morning routine complete both locally and remotely. Got a few Unix machines to recompile though… sort of hate to have to do that but they’ve got to be kept up to date. Taking today off to get in some ‘visit time’ with the family before they have to head back home, should be a lot of fun but not looking forward to them having to leave.

    1. chapchap73

      Have a great time!

  15. Wow!!! Catching up on some of the EYE CANDY in here right now since things calmed down at the office. :-)