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  1. Pennethorne Manor ~ Remake

    Looks like a great start!
  2. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    How delightful!  Twig furniture has been made for doll houses for over a hundred years, maybe 200.  While I don't think yours is that old, it is a craft with a history.  The hollow legs and arms almost remind me of bamboo, which would certainly be flexible enough at the growing tips to make that chair back.  I couldn't be certain from a photo.     
  3. Making molds and casting minis

    Similar product, but no.   They are on Facebook as "Jon the Builder".  I have PMd you. 
  4. Making molds and casting minis

    Sorry this took so long. These are the folks I was thinking of. I don't believe they have a web site.    
  5. Making molds and casting minis

    You might be able to get mini glass jars at dollar stores (or whatever they are called in New Zealand) or at places where nail art supplies are sold.  Look for something like this:    or like this:   You can dump the glitter out and paint the bottles white.  There is a vendor here in the US that sells very inexpensive pewter minis, including apothocary jars.  Ironically, I have a few I am painting to look like glass.  If I can find her info I will send it to you.     
  6. Georgian architecture/interiors etc

    Hello!  Try the search terms "Federal", "French Empire" and "Neoclassical". I think only the English called it the Georgian period. I know there are some Federal period room boxes that were very nicely done.  Your bachelor, if he wasn't getting meals at the pub would likely have a servant or local woman fetch in some basic foodstuff, bread and cheese, perhaps an apple, maybe a meat pie at lunch if he was working especially hard.  So if you wanted to place some miniature food in the apartment, there would be some options.   
  7. dollar store furniture kitbash

    I found these videos on youtube the other night.  She does several different makeovers using cheap unpainted wood furniture.    
  8. Pierce rehab

    Hi Linda, I also have a Pierce in progress. There are photos in my album.  I have my instruction sheets and would be willing to help you identify parts and find replacements. IMO the porch will turn out nicer with replacement parts from Hobby Builders Supply.  Mine was damaged in moving and I plan to use sturdier posts and rails to rebuild it.
  9. Kansas City Show

    I'm taking the doll class again. Hopefully this year I can finish it during class.  Anyone else coming?       
  10. Bill Robertson Ted X Talk Kansas City, MO

    I was at the Masterworks event last year. There was so much amazing talent on display it made my head spin. 
  11. Kansas City Show

    Anyone coming in for this?      
  12. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Biscuits and scones are very similar, the US biscuit tends to be savory, while scones tend to be sweetened.  Biscuits can have herbs, cheese, jalapeno peppers, green onion and other things added to them.  When made plain and served at breakfast they can be eaten with butter, jam or honey, much like a scone.  Split and topped with hot cream gravy and black pepper they become the classic country dish "biscuits and gravy", which is something of an art form in the south.    
  13. childhood dollhouse remodel

    Apologies if this is old news.  I found this blog and wanted to share. I just love looking at dollhouses people have decorated, and seeing how they made stuff.  This woman was inspired by a home remodel challenge and decided to remodel her childhood house.  The before and after are amazing.  Start here: I'm really impressed by how she took some old crappy furniture, bits and scraps, and made it look like it came out of a modern home magazine.     
  14. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Found these craft letters on clearance in Michael's today.  I thought they were wood but they are compressed paper.  I think they will take paint or stain well.  I see several small tables, a bench and some plant stands in my future dollhouses.     
  15. House of Miniatures (Kitbashing Stories??)

    I love kitbashing, and I love what you guys have done with the kits.  I went a little bit nuts on ebay a few years ago and have duplicates of most of them.  Here's a cabinet or dry sink that was missing pieces that got turned into a child's desk:  This is what I did with the hepplewhite side table and chairs.    Some of my extra candle stands will become plant stands in my victorian house, eventually.  What I need is a good bash for the colonial nightstand, which is nearly as common as the chest on chest that you got for $1 as your introductory piece.