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  1. about the flags

    Thank you all--these are helpful suggestions!
  2. about the flags

    Thank you FOV.......I notice you don't have a flag. Is that because you are a moderator?
  3. Speed shingles

    Shingling is the WORST part of making a dollhouse!
  4. about the flags

    Good idea CheckMouse. I do hope thay can remove them though.
  5. about the flags

    I enjoy reading the forum (I am new) but I have a seizure disorder and the waving flags are a no-no for me. I have to move the screen around so they are not visible, which can be a challenge. Is there a way to just put up a country flag that doesn't move? There maybe others with this concern also. thank you
  6. don't know how to do this--but "hello"