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  1. Joining in from Michigan

    I like the windows from hobby lobby. They go on sale for 40% off a few times a year. has everything you can imagine and the Greenleaf store here also has fabulous items.  Frankenmuth has a mini store in the basement of Raus. There is a store on little mack and 10 mile.  Take your time, read the tutorials, look at the pictures. It's fun and addicting.  
  2. I am sad to tell you ...

    I am so sorry to hear this. Take care, I wish there was something I could do.
  3. Joining in from Michigan

    Hi Gloria! I live to the east of you. Let me know if you need to know where to find stuff.
  4. Halloween swap!

    Today is the big day! I can't wait for everyone to see what they got. I will explain it when you open the boxes.
  5. Halloween swap!

    Well now. Here's a situation. Something unexpected has come up and I will be remaking my item. I can't wait for everyone to see the items that have been made - they are awesome!!!
  6. Halloween swap!

    Just popping in for a quick update! All is well, I have all the items now, but Halloween is a big production here (I thought it would all be in and out sooner) and my time is booked. There were a couple of delays with family and long distance shipping. I will get everything out as soon as I  catch a breath. 
  7. Halloween swap!

    Playscale? Like dollhouse size? 
  8. Halloween swap!

    I'm very excited for anything Halloween this year. I've been hustling to put away all things fairy so I can bring out all things scary! Skeletons are big this year and I greatly expanded my collection this year including the horse from home depot.  
  9. Halloween swap!

    I read everything from my email. I forget it doesn't show up here I've read it. Lol. I got all my stuff, just need to assemble it now. 
  10. Halloween swap!

    Ok, it's a GO! I won't start a new thread, we will just continue here. So far we have Anna, Kathie B, Katluck125, and Me. 4 people. Should be easy. I don't think I need to post rules or a time frame. Just knock them out and send them to me. Make anything you want. Scale is 1:12.
  11. Halloween swap!

    It will be 1:12 scale. Unless everyone wanting to join wants 1:24....
  12. Halloween swap!

    I wasn't watching the time. Who is in for a Halloween swap? I will wait until Monday the 19th for people to sign up. Then it will only be 3 weeks to get your item to me (October 10) - not the usual longer time. Anything goes as long as it's Halloween or haunted or scary. 
  13. IMG_20160330_192407843 (360x640).jpg

    Yes, that is one of the kitties. They were very interested in all the things I had kept hidden from them.
  14. 2Urn2734.jpg

    I have this identical urn. I still use mine. 
  15. Whatcha gettin' for April Fools?

    Nutti, I had my catalog and what I wanted picked out friday night and fell asleep with the catalog in my lap. I was very surprised saturday when I checked my email and found they extended it to saturday night! Sorry you missed it. :(