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  1. IMG_4348.jpg

    Thank you and yes it did.
  2. IMG-4052.jpg

    That's my Mountfield Dollhouse.
  3. IMG-4052.jpg

    From the album Jocelyn's Painted Lady Dollhouse

    This was my mockup with parts I had on hand at the time. I later added and omitted some things.

    © JocelynRedmond2015

  4. IMG-4232-2.JPG

  5. IMG-4230.jpg

  6. IMG-4238.jpg

    From the album Jocelyn's Painted Lady Dollhouse

    The semi-finished exterior 

    © JocelynRedmond2015

  7. IMG 3135

    I used paper on the post and spray paint, acrylic paint and color pencils for the porch
  8. IMG 3403

    Thanks, it's embossed stone paper
  9. IMG 3135

  10. IMG 3403