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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuu!!!!! May you day be filled with joy and happiness!!!
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Chilly raining day here at home. Good day to stay inside and mini. Not sure when the house will arrive. My son told me he would let me know when he ordered it. I sent him a link to a place where he can't get it for less $$. I feel guilty about him spending so much.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    I will try not to keep you guys waiting. I can tell you of the conversation I had with my son, however and let you draw your own conclusions. Here we go... Mom: Hey Andrew, I am thinking about building another Orchid and making it a bunny house. What do you think? Andrew: Nice. How about a dollhouse with the Addams Family theme? Mom: Oooohhh that would be cool. I could do that. Andrew: Well, just so you know, I am ordering you a house to build and use the Addams Family theme. (He begins to rattle off ideas, which are staying a secret The kid had some good ones too!) Mom: Which house? Andrew: Well I am not gonna tell ya that MOM! I will say that it is the house that is recommended for that theme. Mom: (Opening a second tab and googling Addams Family dollhouse...jaw dropping to the floor...beginning to hyperventilate...gathering composure) <very calmly saying> Oh, ok. I will let it be a surprise. Andrew: Well I gotta go..... So ya'll, do what I did and google it. You may already know which house it is.
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    RL work is the first thing on the agenda for today. I have to work late so I most likely wont get any mini-ing done today. Maybe I can squeeze some time in after dinner tonight. I have a couple little things I can try and finish up. Sorry I can't give any details on the projects, but the house they are being made for is not here yet and I don't want to jinx myself by going into too much detail about it. Let me tell ya though, the minute I recover from the shock of actually having the kit in my hands, I will be here to give you all an update!!!
  5. Hi from New Jersey

    Hi and Welcome. I love the Beacon Hill. It is a beautiful house. Looking forward to watching your progress!
  6. Just for laughs

    I love these!!!
  7. Hi from Massachusetts

    Hi and welcome! Looking forward to waiting your progress with the Lilly.

    Hi Christine and welcome!
  9. Greetings from the sunny south

    Welcome Gloria! Your display is just beautiful. Yep, I love those walls too. They immediately gave me some thoughts. Thanks for the inspiration and the info on how you did it.
  10. Hello from Upstate SC

    Hi Cindy! I am right smack dab in the middle of you and Gayle here in the town of Greer. The Orchid was also my first build. Having this forum to come to helps soooo much when building any dollhouse. It is a sweet little house and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much, I have two more Orchids waiting in their boxes. Looking forward to watching your progress. Taylor will love her little house.
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    Work---Check After work coffee---Check Get caught up on dollhouse forum---In progress Have dinner----Eventually Get kitten out of dollhouses---Constantly Work on some minis---Must do!!!
  12. The Winter Doldrums

    I grab all those seed catalogs and begin to dream. I love planning my little flower gardens and this year I am planning on expanding one of them. I can't wait. Today would have been a fab day here in SC to get an early start, but I had to work. Hmmm...perhaps I should check the forecast for tomorrow.
  13. Happy Birthday Anna!

    Sending warm birthday wishes to you on this special day.
  14. TV or no TV?

    (setting down the remote to respond) I gotta have my TV. Hubby and I battle often over it. he wants it off, I want it on. I need to noise. Too dang quiet without the TV on. I hear every little sound outside and in the house. Sick of hearing the neighbors noisy car drowning out my TV. Hate the loud car commercials, but that is what the mute button is for. I just gotta have my NCIS and Dealiest Catch.
  15. Coast Guard?

    Sharon please tell your step-daughter I wish her well with her future. We need all the great people we can get. My son is in intel also (really boggles my mind too). He listens to phone calls and monitors emails from various bases, looking for any classified info that might slip out. He really enjoys it. That is all he can tell me though. No juicy AF gossip...LOL.