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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Hey thanks for checking Carrie. I wasn't sure if maybe I had done something wrong lol. Getting old and with the new x's n checks and quote this or drag that I get confused LOL I appreciate you checking. It was probably because she was on her phone.......I know I can't see everything on my phone either but I had to immediately think I did something wrong lol
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Darn you have me worried lol......I know my settings have an on and off switch now you need to turn on if you want to see others links or signatures.  My link is when you click on Cheryls Miniatures & Art or something like that, I can't see it right now. Maybe someone else can pipe in and tell us if they can see it and does the link work. 
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Ok that one is right for ebay.  I will have to add my Etsy shop later when I get something up.  thanks all of you for letting me test this. I am so no computer savvy yet. Probably  never will be LOL
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    I guess this is as good a place as any to do this, I have been gone a long time and since I have used different places to share mini's I have made and are for sale, I am not sure how or what is showing on my signature so well  it is a long story, just bear with me here lol  
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    LOL  Holly, your mind is far from evil......being suspicious and cynical come because of experience and wisdom.........and riding this planet for a while LOL. 
  6. Selkie's Garfield House where to start?!?!

    Hi Mikayla, I haven't been very active lately but happened to log in and saw your post. I have a Garfield Dollhouse albums with 253 photos of constructing it. I don't know how much of your house is built already but maybe the photos can help you. Whatever you do, try to make lighting channels (if using wire ) , wallpaper and flooring first before putting the walls up. Some things you won't be able to do that way but most of the house I think. run your wiring on the roof for your lights up there before doing your shingles. Mine isn't done but if I could do it over I would do the wallpaper and floorings first for sure. The second floor bedroom on the right is a doozie back there by the closet and the kitchen doorway walk in side are very difficult to reach once the house is up.  I will try to post a link to the album below or if it doesn't work just go to my user ID in the upper right corner of this page, do the drop down and click on Profile and then click on Albums and then the 2nd album is the Garfield. you will want to start with the oldest photos on page 6, then 5, then 4 etc. Have fun! Cheryl  
  7. what size are the little cups the candles are sitting in?  I have found them online (don't know if they have a name), but I am unsure on sizing.  Could you tell me the sizing of the base the jump rings attach to, or the ring that surrounds the candle? Thanks Dona

  8. Chandelier question

    Yes we did took forever because our money would buy so much.  oh yes the big pink bubble gum cigars lol.  
  9. Chandelier question

    That's awesome! Too far to go though   but that is amazing.  I have been going back on this thread to see if I said my age whew!!  oh it is ok lol I am 68  and sometimes just go ahead and say 70ish.........I am old enough to forget movies so I get to watch them again haha
  10. How to weather wallpaper without warping/ruining it?

    coffee grounds is a good idea. They use them to age paper for junk journals. Holly you just reminded me of this    I just used a cup of coffee or two, poured it into a flat pan and placed the paper in it then took right out and layed it on some towels.  Yes it will crinkle a little but that just helps it look more aged and you can smooth it out when you glue it to the walls. I am going to start using double stick tape sometimes.  anyway,  I also took my fingers and splashed it again and smeared some coffee grounds here and there on it. works great!  Pastels work great also if the wallpaper is already up and you want to keep it dry. Or the distressing inks are actually pretty dry also.  I am hoping to do a real shabby house one day and think I will do the wallpaper in the coffee thing for mine.   
  11. How to weather wallpaper without warping/ruining it?

    Elsbeth, I haven't read this whole thread yet, so forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but when I age my junk journals (life size) I sand the paper and then use distressing inks like Tim Holtz  using the Old Photo one they make..  that is mostly on the edges of paper but you could do the same thing if you use a very light hand, on the flat paper. It is scary at first, but practice on scrap paper till you get the feel of how you want it  ..they  (Tim Holtz) also have one called Black Soot which would be Perfect! for around a stove pipe.   
  12. Chandelier question

    LOL thanks Holly.  Like I am going to find one now haha..........I miss Ben Franklin Stores. they were so cool.  We always called them Dime Stores  ...:)    oh and then there was the Penny Candy we use to buy.  no such thing now.  honestly we had candy that was a penny! .......we also use to buy  a lot of Candy Cigarettes  OMGosh! 
  13. HI,  Just sharing. I had closed my store for some time but opened it up again with a new name so it has a different url link.  Thanks for looking. I have tons of stuff I haven't listed yet.  There are fabrics but many are not miniature scale, but many are and work great for curtains, bedding, wallpaper etc.  all are 100% cotton.  Thanks for letting me share                                                  
  14. Chandelier question

    First,  a big {Hugs} back at you Holly.  and Congratulations on getting the Garfield! You will have a lot of fun.  Oh my .....of course.......omgosh I should have thought of that lol   from me to myself!  Perfect idea. I guess I was thinking they were purchased already in a curve.  but yes......string the wire before bending!